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  Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Stauon
 ‘ Foa THE YEAR 1905
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  The Station is divided into the following divisions: _
  _ Division of Chemistry. g _
 ·· Division of Entomology and Botany.
  Division of Agriculture.
  Division of Horticulture.
  Division of Animal Husbandry.
  Division of Fertilizer Control Work.
  ` Division of Food Control Work.
  Station Sta#kThere have been a number of changes in the V
    Station Staff during the year. On July 1, Mr. J. N. Harper, Agri-
  culturist, resigned to accept the position of Director of the Agri-
  cultural Department in Clemson College and Director of the South
LQ  Carolina Ex eriment Station. His osition has been filled b `
.  $3., P P Y
T    the selection of Mr. W. H. Scheriiius as Agronomist of the Station
 _.  . and head of the Agricultural Division. Mr. G. N. Keller resigned
  . as Assistant Entomologist and Botanist September 1, to accept the
  position of Tobacco Expert of the Irish Government. Mr. H. W.
  _ Taylor has been selected to iill the vacancy made by the resignation '
  of Mr. Keller.
  The loss of men who have become acquainted with the work
 §‘  of the Station is not conducive to the best work of the Station and
F  it brings up the question whether more decided action is not [