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 Kentucky Basketball Statastics
Overall: C-CS
Winston 20-17 BENNETT (C512-12
James 20-16 BLACKMON(C)12-12
Ed	21-	4
davender(C)12-		0
Brec	21-	21
BEARUP	(C)12-	12
Richard	18-	0
madison	(O10-	0
Roger	20-	20
Troy	18-	0
Mckinley	cc) 11	-0
Paul	13-	i
ANDREWS	(c)6-	0
Robert	18-	4
lock	(c)9-	0
Cedrlc	14-	0
jenkins	(C)8-	0
Todd	7-	0
2IEGLER	(C>2-	0
Leroy	7-	0
BYRD	(C)4-	0
Kentucky	21	
Opponents 21		
blocked	SHOTS	
13-8 Home:	9-2 Neutral	: 1-C		Away:	3-6		SEC: 8-4	
Field Coals	free Throws	Rebounds		PF-D	A	TO	Points	High
168-307-54.7	149-197-75.6	214-10	2	56-0	26	34	485-23.1	36-KAN
102-175-58.3	87-118-73.7	127-10.	6	35-0	15	24	291-24.3	33-OM
53-128-41.4	37- 54-68.5	1 10- 5	5	68-6	1 1	38	143- 7.2	14-L0U
28- 67-41.8	20- 29-69.0	6 7-5.	6	4 3-4	6	19	76- 6.3	12-AUB
60-141-42.6	19- 31-61.3	30- 1.	5	40-1	56	29	139- 7.0	17-TOL
32- 81-39.5	7- 13-53.8	19- I .	6	25-1	32	16	69- 5.8	16-GA
49-123-39.8	41- 55-74.5'	20- 1.	0	39-1	49	47	139- 6.6	27-ETS
25- 65-38.5	17- 27-63.0	15-1.	3' 	22-0	29	29	67- 5.6	16-VAN
46-118-39.0	29- 41-70.7	126- 6	0	59-3	21	29	121- 5.8	13-ETS
22- 51-43.1	19- 27-70.4	72- 6.	0	33-2	11	15	63- 5.3	8-5GMS
39- 99-39.4	22- 26-84.6	61- 3	4	26-1	13	25	100- 5.6	16-IND
14- 42-33.3	14- 16-87.5	22- 2.	2	9-0	6	10	42- 4.2	14-AL'B
40-105-38.1	11- 14-78.6	26- 1	3	38-0	84	33	91- 4.6	12-LOU
23- 64-35.9	8- 10-80.0	13- 1	1	24-0	46	18	54- 4.5	12-VAN
35- 55-63.6	8- 8-100.0	19- 1	1	11-0	16	7	78- 4.3	14-OM
26- 41-63.4	4- 4-100.0	10- 0	9	10-0	11	5	56- 5. 1	14-OM
is- :::-..<.. i	3- 1-00.0	6- 0	.5	18-0	9	7	30- 2.3	8-SMU
4- 11-36.4	0- 1-00.0	1- 0	 2	6-0	6	0	8-1.3	4-OM
10- 35-28.6	2- 6-33.3	36- 2	.0	32-1	4	10	22- 1.2	8-TENN
5- 12-41.7	0- 0-00.0	13- 1	.4	8-0		6	10- 1.1	8-TENN
1- 7-14.3	4- 7-57.1	19- 1	.4	6-0	0	6	6- 0.4	3-VAN
1- 1-100.0	4- 6-66.7	12- 1	.5	5-0	0	5	6- 0.8	3-VAN
1- 4-25.0	0-   4-00.0	3- 0	.4	0-0	0	0	2- 0.3	2-VAN
1- 3-33.3	0- 3-00.0	2- 1	0	0-0	0	0	2-1.0	2-VAN
0- 1-00.0	0- 1-00.0	1- 0	1	5-0	3	3	0- 0.0	--
0- 1-00.0	0- 0-00.0	1- 0	3	2-0	2	->	0- 0.0	
		35				3		
517-1155-44.8	322-445-72.4	706-33	6	398-13	292	271	1356-64.6	92-KAN
283-614-46.1	180-252-71.4	394-32	8	221- 7	166	149	746-62.2	75-VAN
522-1139-45.8	258-373-69.2	674-32.1		427-13	318	285	1302-62.0	89-KAN
289-651-44.4	136-200-68.0	381-31	8	241- 9	169	139	714-59.5	81-GA.
Walker 770-36.7, Bennett 566-28.3, Bearup 560-26.7, Blackmon 527-26.4, Harden 516-25.8, Davender 402-19.1. Madison 319-17.7, McKlnley 218-12.1, Andrews 130-10.0, Lock 142-7.9. Jenkins 54-3.9, Byrd 11-1.6, Ziegler U-1.6
Walker 24, Bearup 12, Lock 7, Bennett 5, Madison 3, Jenkins 2, Davender 2 (UK 56, Opp. 37)
STEALS: Blackmon 22, Walker 21, Bennett 21, Harden 18, Davender 16,  Bearup 9,
Madison 6. McKlnlev 3, Lock 2, Andrews 2, Jenkins 2, Byrd 1. (UK 123, Opp. 116)
DEAD BALL REBOUNDS:    Kentucky 45, Opponents 47
Team	SEC	All
Georgia	8-4	16-5
Florida	8-4	15-5
Kentucky	8-4	13-8
LSU	8-5	14-7
Miss. Slate	7-5	11-10
Alabama	6-6	14-7
Auburn	6-6	14-7
Tennessee	6-6	15-9
Mississippi	3-10	9-12
Vanderbilt	1-11	8-13
Toledo (H, Nov. 27) Purdue (A, Dec. 1) SMU (H, Dec. 4) Indiana (A, Dec. 8) Louisville (A, Dec. 15) East Tenn.  (UKIT. Dec. 21) Cincinnati (UKIT, Dec. 22) Kansas (Louisville, Dec. 31 Auburn (H, Jan. 2) North Carolina St.  (H, Jan. Vanderbilc (H, Jan. 7) Mississippi (A, Jan. 9) Alabama (A, Jan. 12) Mississippi State (H, Jan. Florida (H, Jan. 19) Georgia (A, Jan. 23) Tennessee (A, Jan. 27) LSU (H, Jan. 31) Auburn (A, Feb. 2) Vanderbilt (A, Feb 7) Mississippi (H, Feb. 9) Alabama (H, Feb 13, 7:30 p.m. EST) Mississippi State (A, Feb. 16 Florida (A, Feb. 20. 8:05 p.m
UK-Opp	Attend	High Scorer			High Rebounder	
63-54	23,129	Walker,	Blackmon	17	Walker	9
56-66	14,123	Walker,	Blackmon	16	Walker	9
54-56	22,846	Walker	19		Walker	7
68-81	17,214	Walker,	Madison	16	Bearup	11
64-71	19,487	Walker	32		Walker	15
69-54	21,300	Davender 27			Walker	9
66-55	23.102	Walker	18		Walker	9
) 92-89	18,920	Walker	36		Walker	19
68-61	22,847	Walker	24		Walker	13
5) 78-62	23,775	Walker	28		Walker	8
75-58	23,432	Walker	22		Walker	10
57-45	5.479	Walker	28		Walker	12
58-60	15,043	Walker	25		Walker	14
16) 58-57	23,628	Walker	15		Walker	8
55-67	23,325	Walker	26		Bennett 11	
73-81	10,163	Walker	28		Walker	17
65-81	12,700	Walker	23		Walker	9
53-4 3	22,135	Walker	21		Bearup	8
49-47 ot	10.672	Walker	15		Bennett 8	
68-62	15,626	Walker	31		Walker	15
67-52	23,232	Walker	33		Walker	13
8:30 p. EST)
n. EST)
Georgia (H, Feb. 24,  1:05 p.m. EST) Tennessee (H, Feb. 28, 8:05 p.m. EST) LSU (A, Mar. 2, 3:05 p.m. EST) SEC Tournament (Mar. 6-9) Birmingham
1984-85 Kentucky Basketball Superlatives
Fewest Points Field Goals Made Field Coals Att. Field Coal X Lowest FG Z Free Throws hade Free Throws Att. Free Throw X Rebounds Most Fouls Fewest Fouls Assists
Most Turnovers Fewest Turnovers
Field Coals Made Field Goals Att. Free Throws Made Free Throws Att. Rebounds Assists
Blocked Shots
34-N.C. State
37-N.C. State/Kansas
10-East Tenn. St.
21- Kansas
22- Purdue
7- East Tenn./Toledo/Vandy
INDIVIDUAL 36-Walker vs. Kansas 14-Walker vs. Louisville 25-Walker vs. Louisville 13-Walker vs. Vandy/Ole Miss 20-Walker vs. Kansas 19-Walker vs. Kansas
8- Harden vs. NCS/Aub Dsvender vs. Kansas
4-Walker vs. Cincinnati
41- Purdue
100.0-East Tennessee St.
42- Alabama, Florida 28-N.C. State/Kansas 13-Louisville 27-Kansas
25-N.C. State 2-Vanderbilt
34-Brooks (Tennessee) 14-Brooks (Tennessee) 22-Laird (Ole Miss)
13- Cadis (Purdue)
14- Cadls (Purdue)
15- Koncak (SMU) U-Webb (N.C. State)
4-Koncak (SMU)
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Cats' Journey To Starkville A Must
Like we said a week ago, this Southeastern Conference race is as wild and unpredictable as any in recent memory and it probably won't be decided until the final day of the season.
After this Saturday's games, there should be some reasonable future for the first division, but it will only be a token picture.
Pending the outcome of Wednesday's game with Alabama at Rupp Arena, UK could be on the verge of falling out of the race or on the verge of establishing itself as the front-runner.
Either way, the Kentucky-Mississippi State confrontation has to rank up there as one of the league's top games of the year.
In fact most figured the game would be selected as the SEC Game of the Week as a wildcard game by Lorimar Sports Network. Instead, viewers throughout the conference area will instead watch Florida and Georgia go at it at 4 p.m.
Of course, that could be good for Mississippi State which will probably benefit from a packed house in Starkville instead of many Bulldog fans staying home watching it on television.
State has been the surprise of the South this season and has proven it is not fluke by going undefeated at home to date. Coach Bob Boyd has his club playing to near perfection and almost pulled off a big upset in Lexington last month.
The Bulldogs will be a favorite in the meeting this Saturday, probably in the neighborhood of four or five points. With road games remaining at Florida and LSU, the Wildcats road won't be any easier the rest of the way. For that matter, home dates with Georgia and Tennessee don't provide any relief.
On the positive side, Kentucky won't wander into Starkville with their heads in the sky. It certainly won't be a time for over-confidence, not with a team which has beaten Alabama in Tuscaloosa and LSU and everyone else in Starkville.
For Kentucky to win, it will have to endure the game of patience and play much like the Wildcats did against LSU and Auburn. And it must hit better than forty percent from the field.
A win over State would put UK back in the race, even if the Cats suffered a home court loss to Alabama. If UK should beat State on the heels of a win over Alabama, then Joe B. Hall's Cats could be on the verge of shocking everyone by successfully defending their 1984 title, a feat most thought was impossible.
You can bet that Bob Boyd will have something special designed to stop Kenny Walker, but it says here that someone is going to break loose for a big night in Starkville.
Walker will still turn in his great job and probably 18 to 20 points, but don't be surprised if either Ed Davender turns loose again. He has been gaining some valuable experience along the way and in recent games, Ed has begin playing like a real veteran. He may soon make fans forget the star guards of a year ago in the SEC.
And Kenny Walker. Ah, yes, the man with a plan. Everyone in the country knows if you can stop Kenny Walker, you'll probably stop Kentucky. Yet, no one has been able to stop this great athlete.
What separates Kentucky from previous Kentucky Ail-Americans is that he is a complete one, on both ends of the forward. He's as dangerous on defense as he is on offense. And, man, does he control the boards.
As the saying goes, the sky is the limit.
The basketball world suffered a couple terrific jolts last week and both of them have touched home.
The University of Kentucky lost a long and true friend in Harry C. Lancaster, the former athletics director who was the right hand of Adolph F. Rupp for so many years.
Harry was a man of total dedication to the UK program. He turned down numerous head jobs to stay at Kentucky. He had been instrumental in the highly successful Wildcat sports program and no one was a bigger cheerleader than he was, even during his final months when he was fighting cancer.
A few weeks before his death, I asked Harry if he had the opportunity to change anything in his life what it would have been. He responded, "I'd do nothing different. Oh, there were a few little things, but mainly I had a great life, loved all the people I'd made friends with and am just thankful for the good times I've had. It's been a lot of fun."
We'll all miss Harry, but I have a feeling he was given one last blessing. That was the opportunity to live a few extra months beyond what doctors predicted. It gave the ole warrior time to relive some of the great moments and gave his old friends time to write and call him and thank him for the many opportunities he gave them.
+ +
The second sad note of the week came when Auburn basketball coach
Sonny Smith announced his resignation at the end of the current season. It's sad because Sonny is truly one | of the nice coaches in the profession and one who is a very good coach. And it's also sad because it clearly illustrates the negative pressures brought upon outstanding men like Smith.
Like Smith said, there was no pressure on the part of the Auburn administration to force him to resign. But even Sonny admitted that the pressure has been tough, though it was self-imposed.
But it's also true that Auburn fans were not showing up for basketball games at Memorial Gymnasium. And it would have only been a while before that would have been a factor.
Sadly, we're reminded of a quote made to me often by the late Harry Lancaster. He was talking about the time John Ray wras not rehired to coach football at Kentucky. It was suggested that, perhaps, the athletics director was responsible for the firing of coaches.
"Athletics directors don't fire coaches," asserted Lancaster, "empty seats do. High ups really don't care that much about the won-loss records within reason, but when the fans stop buying tickets and you can't meet the bond payments, then heads are going to roll."
Sonny gave Auburn some great seasons. Oh, the Tigers weren't Final Four material, but they were always very competitive. Auburn may find out that Sonny Smith will be awfully tough to replace.
We'll miss you Sonny.
What Sonny Smith may have finally realized is that the state of Alabama is still football, coast to coast with the possible exception of Birmingham.
He may have finally accepted what CM. Newton had to accept a few years ago in Crimson Tide Country. And that is no matter how good a team you have, you're only going to fill the stands for arch rival Auburn (or Alabama in the other's case) and Kentucky.
Reports out of Birmingham last week say Smith's decision was finalized after only some 8,000 showed up for the Kentucky-Auburn game a couple weeks ago. The official stats sheet listed 10,000-plus but noted that Figure was the number of tickets sold and not the inhouse attendance.
That brings back memories of Newton's last year at Alabama when the Tide had just upset both Kentucky and LSU on""the road and returned home for a game with Georgia. At the time, both UK and LSU were ranked in
i the nation's top ten and Alabama was \ also up there. Less than 7,000 turned ! out for the return home and Newton
reportedly told friends, "if they (Bama ' fans) won't turn out for a team like this | one, then it can't be done."
The only exception to the rule has I been UAB where basketball is the only ! major  sport  on  campus.   Still, the
Blazers are averaging just over 8,000 : per game and with their sparkling : record, should be drawing more than
+  +   +     .S |
Ed Beck may have never been an Ail-American on the basketball court, but if there were such an honor for ministers, he would be a unanimous choice.
At the funeral services for former UK athletics director Harry Lancaster last Friday, Rev. Beck delivered one of
the most heart-warming eulogies I've ever heard.
As touching and moving as his words were, they didn't come as a complete surprise. Rev. Beck is the author of a book, "A Love To Live By" which is a true life story of a young couple struggling not only to grow up but also to fight the life-ending disease of cancer.
Beck was recruited by the late Adolph Rupp and Harry Lancaster out of Georgia. His story is of a young man who struggles to become a success despite a broken home. At the tender age of 15, he decides he wants to become a minister.
He falls in love with a young nurse who had befriended him when he was hospitalized for an illness while in high school. After he decides to attend UK, Ed learns his bride-to-be has terminal cancer.
The story goes from there, how a young couple refused to give up, how they became true partners in life and how she insisted that Ed not drop out of school and abandon his goal of becoming a minister.
It's one of the most heartwarming stories I've ever read and it's all true.
That's why Rev. Beck's message was especially sweet at Harry Lancaster's funeral. And after he remin-insces some old stories, he asked the mourners to join him in applauding Coach Lancaster's life. As he said, Harry would have appreciated it that way, and with a smile on each person's face.
Those attending Lancaster's funeral was like a Who's Who in UK history. Coach Joe B. Hall and assistants Lake Kelly, Jim Hatfield and Wayne Breeden were there. So were such [Continued On Page 26] Ed's Learning The Road Game
Kentucky guard Ed Davender has learned to accept Lexington as a second home even though he's hundreds of miles away from his old stomping grounds. You might say this Bluegrass city is his home away from home. Like his freshmen teammates, the product of Brooklyn, N.Y., has also had to adjust to another dimension during this rookie campaign at UK -- road games.
"This is all a new experience for me, even Lexington," said Davender. "Athens, Knoxville and places like that are all a new experience for me. I've never gotten an opportunity to see those places. I'm from the city and I'm used to seeing a lot of people and a lot of buildings and things like that."
So far Davender and the Wildcats have had unsuccessful encounters in places such as: West Lafayette (Purdue), Bloomington (Indiana), Louisville (U of L), Tuscaloosa (Alabama), Athens (Georgia) and always friendly Knoxville (Tennessee). Any of those road assignments alone are enough to scare a veteran player into bad performances, much less a young freshman. However, with the passage of each road game the 6-foot-2, first-year reserve seems to be adapting very well to the situation.
games or something like that. There's really not too much to do on the road because you don't know anyone, except when you're going to your hometown.
"But for me I don't think I'll ever get to see my hometown as far as going on the road.
Don't worry Ed, with two games remaining at Rupp, and over a dozen games annually in the next three years, Lexington is home sweet home.
Nick Nicholas
CdLs' Pause Columnist
"It's just something that you have to kind of block out from your mind," said Davender about playing on the road. "In order to be successful on the road you have to put the fans and all other distractions out of your mind. If you let'em effect you then I think it will effect your whole game at that present time.
"I think those four early road trips helped me out tremendously. We played some good teams and I think that helped me out so much. "I'm just more happier than I've ever been."
In UK's thrilling 49-47 overtime win at Auburn, Davender played a major role as a reserve. He scored four points, had three assists, two steals, and committed only two turnovers in 30 minutes of duty.
The win was only the 'Cats second on the road this season (UK defeated Ole Miss in Oxford 57-45). It was a triumph that Kentucky desperately needed as the Wildcats try to stay in the hunt for the SEC title.
"In the early part of the year we came so close to beating some of the top teams on the road," Davender said. "We came so close, but we always had a breakdown. But now, I don't think we're going to have anymore breakdowns. I'm not predicting, but it's about time for us to start jelling, if we're going to have a real successful season.
Learning from past road experiences is one method freshmen can benefit for future home games as well as away games. However, advice bestowed by players and coaches, who knows what lies ahead, may be just as vital.
According to Davender, Coach Joe Hall and Kenny Walker have had a special influence on the freshman's road philosophy.
Davender indicated that he's trying to keep cool when the opposing team's fans start booing and jeering the visiting 'Cats. He learned that from Coach Hall in their recent trip to Knoxville.
Said Davender "When we first came out and got in the huddle he (Hall) said 'These people really don't like me,' and I said, I can see that coach. He doesn't let that bother him and he said I shouldn't let it bother me."
And Walker is like a big brother to the freshman phenom. You see ''Sky'' is Davender's roommate at Wildcat Lodge. With nearly three years of college ball under his belt, the 6-9 junior has verbally acquainted Davender with what to expect while away from Rupp Arena.
"I can't say enough for Kenny," noted Davender. "He tells me everything I need to know. He's been there. . .Kenny knows all the bad things and the good things about the road. He's my roommate on the road too, and when ever I have any questions or I need to know anything I ask Kenny.
"He (Walker) tells me you can expect to win, but you just can't play sloppy and expect to win on the road. Teams get fired up in their home gym because they finally have a crack at Kentucky. Beating Kentucky makes a lot of team's whole season. That's the main thing he said. When you play on the road you have to give 120 percent instead of 100 percent."
The team usually leaves the day before to get in a couple of practices prior to the game itself. During the time between practice and the game, the players, especially the younger ones, are sweating the pregame jitters. Though, it's something Davender has learned to live with.
"We try to have a little fun on the road," said Davender, "but this is a serious business. We try to keep ourselves loose by playing cards or video
Learning To Handle The Pressure
Rupp Arena Is Ed's Home Away From Home Lack Of Support Baffles Little
By Nick Nicholas
Bulletin to Lexington and surrounding residents: Kentucky's gymnastics program has arrived.
Potentially speaking, the UK women's gymnastics' program has arrived. However, there's more to a college program than just arriving. In any college sport, to be a consistent Top Twenty caliber team the program must draw audience support as well as strong performances by the stars and the co-stars. So this year UK's ladies team, who recently knocked off one of the nation's top squads, has arrived, but their fans haven't.
It has taken 11 years of dedication for Coach Leah Little to produce such a talented team at UK. Though, Little doesn't understand why the crowds have not been increasing at Memorial Coliseum as of late.
"We didn't have a name and we came from nothing," said Little in a recent interview. "We had to build the program and had to make it respectable so we could attract the better kids -- the better recruits. We're finally able to do that now as we're known nationally.
"We're a solid Top Twenty Team."
The team may be known nationallv by other competing schools, but locally the fans' support is weak. "People say, 'Oh, it's basketball, it's all people think about," said Little with scorn. "I disagree. I don't think it's basketball, I  don't think it's basketball at all. This town has 250,000 people, and if there's not enough room in this town for more than one sport then people are totally ludicrous. The problem is not basketball, the problem is lack of promotion."
In Kentucky's first two home meets an average of about 20 people were in attendance at Memorial Coliseum. It's a problem that concerns the head coach. Said Little, "A lady called me up on the phone and said, ' When's the meet. I just ran into your kids who were putting posters up (on UK gymnastics). I didn't even know they had a gymnastics team."
"That's what I'm talking about, we can't get the people there if the people don't know we exist."
So far this season the UK women's squad has had their ups and downs, though what must be considered is their tough schedule. In the Purina Cat Classic at Columbia, Mo. (January 25), Coach Little's team finished fifth among the six-team field. Besides Kentucky, among the entries were national powers Penn State, Arizona, Missouri, LSU, and New Hampshire.
Kentucky upped its meet record to 2-1 with a 177.0 -165.5 victory over SEC rival Auburn. Freshman walk-on Kendall Lucas won the all-around competition with a score of 36.26, followed by Lady Rats' Colleen Lafferty (second) with a 35.5 mark and Michelle Remark (third) at 34.85.
Prior to their win over Auburn the Lady Kats defeated sixth-ranked West Virginia at Memorial Coliseum, while losing to host Ohio State in both teams' opening meet.
Because of a sprained elbow, UK's No. 1 all-around participant, freshman Jocelyn Armstrong did not compete in the first three meets. Armstrong returned to action in the individual portion of the Purina Cat Classic. She was the top Kentucky performer in the uneven bars (8.80), vault (9.05) and floor exercises (9.10), while tying Lucas in the balance beem competition with a score of 9.05.
Even though Kentucky hasn't won all of its meets and is not nationally ranked, Coach Little feels that the program is making steady progress --which should be recognized. Now, with the addition of four first-year athletes, -- Armstrong, Lucas, Remark, and Robin Leggett -- UK's women's gymnastics is not to be taken lightly, like it has in the past.
"I have to be pleased," Little said about the '85 squad. "The team is about where I want them right now. I've finally got some real dedicated gymnist from excellent backgrounds. I'm finally coaching instead of teaching.
"When I first came here (1974) the kids tried, thev reallv tried. But it was
more a recreational thing and they just didn't have the ability. A lot of girls just want something to do, so they signed up for gymnastics. It (the program) was club level and then varsity. We didn't have scholarships in the beginning. . .it's just grown over the years.
Cindy Durr
"It's taken a long time to build it to this point."
Building a solid team is exactly what Little has done. Complimenting the four talented freshmen are veterans: Colleen Lafferty, last year's top all-around performer for UK; Cindy Durr, the school record holder in vaulting; and captain Tracy Ralph, the leader and only senior on Little's '85 squad.
[Continued On Page 19]
The Cats' Pause Crossword
By Dan Krueckeberg
SEC Basketball '84-85 (No. 4) ACROSS DOWN
1   Gator Hark
3   6'6" Vandy sophomore
6   Initials of an LSU import, Nebojsa
8 Initials of guard Crosby
9 Initials of the SEC's newest head coach
10 Wildcat freshman Lock
13 Mississippi State home: Humphrey
16 Big East state abbr.
17 Abbr. for an SEC school
18 Abbr. for a football position
19 Muscle twitch
20 Paddle
21 Mexican food item
23 Abbr. for a Big 8 school 25 Poems
28 Initials of Auburn freshman Moore
29 An SEC site
31 Initials of Bulldog Corhen
32 An SEC city
33 Kentucky's Bearup
34 Abbr. for city housing DePaul
36 Irritate
37 Fish
38 Winged folks
40 Bowling _____
41 Initials of Vandy center Burrow
42 Gator home: _ Center
43 Fishing gear
45 _        the court
46 Initials of Neal of the Tide
47 An SEC school
50 Can Auburn reduce its _ _ SEC
losses of last season? 52 See 4 Down
54 Initials of Ole Miss' Laird
55 Vol senior Kevin; #31
58 Finished 10th in SEC last season
61 Negative word
62 Farmer of the Crimson Tide
63 Maxwell, Montgomery or Sheldon
1 6'7" Vandy junior
2 Snow runner
3 A top Tiger; #45
4 Comparative suffix
5 Lisa
6 Big 8 state abbr.
7 Rebel forward Tranbarger is off team
8 Initials of Miss. State's Caveness
9 Hawaiian garland
11 A Vandy newcomer
12 Initials of Miss. State's Taylor
14 Pasture
15 Strong or portly 20 Not yours
22 Alabama sophomore Dudley 24 "He _ the free throw"
26 Vanderbilt guard Dulaney
27 Memorial Coliseum: two _ on
the SEC trail
28 Abbr. for collegiate class of Cat Walker
30 A top SEC guard; #00
35 Vol Jo_ Snodgrass
37 First name of 3 Across
39 Abbr. for "equal opportunity"
40 Rebel Laird
41 LSU's Dennis
44 Psychedelic drug
48 See 1 Across
49 Abbr. for school of Crum's Cardinals
51 Doctrine
52 Moose-like animal
53 By way of
56 Pre-game score
57 Slang for "overtime"
58 Abbr. for a Pac-10 state
59 Initials of Wimp's Gottfried
60 Initials of Vol freshman Thomas
					R111 C j S;	
mmmm			O	BBG1B		mm
a		?BBE3		mm	HQ	
BBBBB B						
?B	B	ii	AlEJL	B|R|0	0|K	m
s	L	A	 :'	m b		BB
I M	A	D	eIo	n|c|e;		
Ho	I		dujIn	i	W|A	mm
OBOE			13	BBBfO		m
	T		V|E|SBM|E			
 Mississippi vs. Kentucky
February 9,1985-Rupp Arena
Winston In Perfect Form
___.------o   .o.i    ,-,r RUPP AKtSA (Uslnlion)
1 VISITORS        nne. Firl) _,
.Waiker Sensational As UK Wins Fourth Straight
Kentucky went on a 15-5 spurt midway through the second half as the Wildcats broken open a close game to uphend Mississippi 67-52 at Rupp Arena last Saturday.
Kenny Walker was his usual sensational self scoring a game-high 33 points, which 26 of those were tallied in the second stanza.
The win improved UK's record to 13-8 overall, and 8-4 in the Southeastern Conference. The'Cats are now tied with Georgia and Florida for the SEC lead. Mississippi to 3-10 in the conference and 9-12 overall.
With Kentucky holding on to a 32-28 lead the 6-foot-8 junior sparked the home team with an explosive and intimidating play. While skying for an offensive rebound, Walker took the ball and punished it through the hoop, which lit the fuse enabling UK's 15-5 explosion. Walker paced the 'Cats during the particular second-half run contributing 10 points.
"Kenny Walker is a special player," said Rebel coach Lee Hunt, who prior to coming to Ole Miss was an assistant to Gene Bartow for 11 years. "I think he is the premier forward in America. Lots of times we had four men sagging in on him and still he was able to create an offensive move. He goes up and gets the ball as well as anyone I've ever seen and has an uncanny knack of making shots off-balance."
Senior Troy McKinley connected for a career-high 14 points. His previous high was 12 against Kansas early this season.
Mississippi's Eric Laird kept the Rebels close with an excellent shooting night from the field. The 6-4 senior hit on 13 of 22 shots for 26 points.
Waiker injured In Second Haif, Though Remains In Game
Coach Joe Hall and troops had to be worried when "the franchise" went down because of a Don Royster finger in the eye at the 10:39 mark in the second half. Hall came out on the court to check on his star forward. Though Walker was able to get back on his feet and go to the charity line for a 1 an 1 opportunity. His shooting eye was not effected as he sank both attempts. Walker stayed in the contest until the final 1:24.
After the game Walker's injury was diagnosed as a corneal abrasion in his left eye according to team doctor, Dr.Rob Davenport, but the injury was not thought to be serious. Walker was later taken to Good Samaritan Hospital for observation.
Ziegler Driving
Andrews Looking Kenny Walker
(About the game) In the first half, Ole Miss really packed it in defensively and made it hard for me to get the shots. In the second half, Troy McKinley got some shots to open things up inside. Then, they went man-to-man and that made it a lot easier to isolate my man and get some shots. My teammates did a good job of getting me the ball and setting picks. It takes a team effort to win and we had that tonight.
(About the rest of the season) We're definitely on a roll right now and we have to keep our confidence up because we have some tough games coming up. I caught a finger in my left eye and it's pretty sore. But I'm sure I'll be ready for practice Monday.
Troy McKinley
(About getting a lot of playing time in your final year at Kentucky)
I think I'm playing pretty good right now. I think everybody is playing well, and we know what we have to do. We've seen every team in the conference . . . and we know what they're going to do. I just think that we're playing good ball now. Hopefully, things will work out good for us.
(About UK's poor first-half performance)
I don't know what was the problem. We just came out slow and missed a couple of shots. We weren't hitting our shots, and they were hitting theirs in the beginning. I think we came out in the second half ready to play.
(About what Coach Hall said at halftime)