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W: W: E , 9 J m...
. ”9,9 99 r <9 9 . . 1,9,9 #9,, belong to U}: fraternities. sororities, and athletic teams.
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0n Perverts il’ages "6 11,7. "7"; i , -,,; ,1 .3.) :
Coaeumh‘d W’ l, -' VOL 38/ No.8 “*A‘PU‘blication oft el? 0 ,3 . 9‘ '
PM. 79"“ to "clean out" homo-2 .. ~ . - -‘ 3"?“ [9- ”'4 ' U

C r .
\‘ n - ChieC 3 Cm-‘S‘ophmf/l’adows
Editor'm' _ _ _Tuesda\/ C‘ ”
Editor/Advefi\5‘“g Editor-Barb SW“ All photos featured on the cover, page 3, and page l6 are
- “t y S . . . '
Asmm C0; Tuesday GMeadow now in the Faulkner-Morgan Pagan Babies Archive ,
' BauCY A1 Brow“
warm ' C‘msmp‘fr RSL Photog‘why - 83: nunuey
Phoiog DeS‘g“ . atof - 0““ Photos from the cover:
that Comm“
Cale“ ' s f l ft
. Seance (top row, ar e )
. , , “mum“, ‘ .
b with: “169”“ if” “WNW SerVWeS Evening Crowd at the Bungalow, l9805,
nth“! Y‘ pride 0“ . - 'dual. -
. wished mo umehe Whmdw‘ from the Collection of Tom Brown
LinQ ‘S p“ (1 00mm Aebm‘es ‘ .
O anizat'K)“ members an-ty mm accep‘S and ob m be (top row, m'ddle)
YE’ L um . (0“ c2 ' ‘
tionenvlsionsacomm Q qmomswdmfommJ okv org. CryStal Blue and Bradley Picklesrmer, New Year’s Eve 5 ’J
in "n ‘ ‘ , 33905 ' . . ‘
O‘ga“ A“ ngme Ediioi “mug l98l at the Bar Complex. Photograph by Patrick Mllls,
'fie . , _ . . .
WW“ -mmEditor/Amw‘SZfB from the Collectlon of Bill Chandler and Terry Mullins l _ ,1
'hthe ASS“ _ 59—2533 “ ' to row far ri ht ' ‘
“be Mfimged W“ SO pfide Center 8 ( P r. .8 ) 3 .- .
Advertisements ca omat\3i\erC d\eng“‘~ Two unidentified women, early I9005, J
' .. .OYB 3 an J
A“ “"9 adsgwcsow be edited {or come“ photograph from Kentucky 3
. ; « my
A\\5ub\mss\onb“ 0mm when“ (2nd row, far left)
those 0 . .
WessedinLinQ ”50‘2280 “HQ amine :2 Free admrssron to Johnny Angel’s, ‘ J
- ‘ “5 6X 3 the ' ' n l a '
A“ 09““? (6560‘ “‘0“ °f LmQ or my pormcar pm 0‘ ca "0‘” The Bar Complex
do “0‘39 ‘Suppoflm endoise‘ (2nd row, middle) I .
do n0 0 . . 3
u com/L'meB’VCS Leprdoptera,]ohn Ashley and Robert Morgan 3
'55“ - - .
d L'HQ online: www‘ . Q Magazine (2nd row, far right) l
, I n , . . ‘
Re“ csO .@L‘ Dlvme at Club Au Go Go, I982, 3.
@L'meyP from the Collection ofWiIliam Goodman ‘ 1 '
® (3rd row, far left) 3 I
Henry Faulkner in drag, early I94OS l '
3rd row middle ‘
sERmcF-S no“ ( ’ ) :
PRlDE oRGAN‘ZA Sue Mundy, |8605 1
coMMUm“ I; 3. (3rd row, far right)
:5 H. - 0 ,«IW
w . vetbel‘ves - - ' ' ' girl
. £0“ worksio‘“‘9m_ ,QrCenm‘ The Gay Times, publlshed by the Unrversrty . “Trig:
~ Services Orgaml’s“ “Ewe Commumn mm of Kentucky Gay Liberation Front, I972, fig
The Pride commungl-momy and gentle:D :1: empowe‘mg ”filmmmw from the Collection of Peter Taylor " g
. xua . \rflsl ’ - Sal
peopxemrhefmcky by enhanS‘f’ boutissues'xmpacmg (bottom row. far left) .
-\ e b lCa . n «J t»
andgastefl “d educai‘“%‘he V“ “Local Police Crack Down On Perverts, ‘ _,
r833 - tOYS . "
membe dgoard OHM-‘9c Lexrngton LeadenAugust 22, |96| . ,_
Comminee 3“ - I‘
pCSO Executive m Presidem (bottom row, middle) 3
CmistopherR-BaPreS‘de‘X‘ William Cataldo and his partnerVic Davis,
\I'ce . '.
PauJBrow: T:easmfl before Vic’s death from AIDS, early |990$ 3.
racob BOYB loge: Secretary (bottom row, far right) '. 3
. c 0 ’ {mg ' , ,
V‘meSSZfl, Abremv‘ogmmfi The Pagan Babies, late |9705 ‘ 3
ber ( ‘
Romy Hattel‘a Web I ”:4 .
A‘ social Med” . - Ph 3 - .
“3 Lee, dvemsmg otos on page (opposrte page).
De d (gtxdeado‘MS’A h (t )
t A 36 O
Tues “V SEK—Oa‘manpufle P
ToddR‘ifi Bob Morgan, taken by Peter Taylor at Cafe LMNOP,
PCSO 8: “cue? Office Manage‘ 04 early |980$
d ‘1 ’ 05
0:0 Pride Ce“tet (00 Lexing‘om KY 4 (bettom)
C ite ’ , .
P 389 Wa\\er “mfg; wwwpcsow-O‘g Unknown Woman, photograph from Kentucky,
359.25H MS. early |900s
.Ce 0 . V
Ofi‘Monday 8K 5'3““de
U am - 59"“ Special thanks to Jonathan Coleman and Robert Morgan
Tuesday 3F“da:‘ ‘ for organizing and providing photos from the archive
. 5 p- -
1 pm-
CJosed 5““
2 LinQ // AUGUST 2016 .

 ‘ ,
I - ' AU G
‘ ' I
\ \ /
\ ,~ / TransKy ADVOCATE
, t 4/, \ ____._s_________________.__i__m_J
l \ _/“:K ‘ !
1 ‘ \ ~ .. “.33 \ N ‘ Tuesday G Meadows writes about the speech
I in 4.1 :1 5'qu - : “kl: L. $3" 5 she never gave but wished she had.
'v . ",',":'. '-'»,‘_ 1-, .13“. "it-“95:91."‘fl‘pt..““'i+.”,”r?3; "'e , .
.. ’ '5’”‘ irWE’rv-Es "
l... . , , ,. 1-: "; v BLOOD IN THE STREETS
i'l . ' i.,-T.L“i7—3*‘:ffi§7f§»' '4, _- l V 3.55m i
a V* 9‘ . , Wally ~ ‘ , . , ., ,, , , . .,
..i,'.". {Erflfrsh‘fitii‘ _ g x 3
l .233. 2‘47-131334, "’ J‘ V5,: 3 I CarolTaylor-Shim describes what it is like to be black right
‘ ,r’wi -' S:
1 ' :r'fj1ijll'.;!xijfifԤ:l.,_Ԥ 9% I) s_ .321: ' , < , _ ,7 l now in America. She wonders wh the su ort for the
.. .V ,. . . Y PP
~ ‘ ail}. 5’0 '; 334:} 9' ,, I . . . . .
. 5/ ‘5} fig": -‘ :I;;; ‘ I V 7 ‘ j; 1 black community IS so lacking In the LGBTQ community.
‘ car-2 ' : " « r: 5!;
r - 7? s .' if Two BOYS KISSING
1‘ ‘ w. ‘ if? Eduardo Ballestero presents his book review
. 1 about a coming of age story set in the I9805.
'fim "/Hr V Nil-3:» ‘ ‘f
‘ 3% raj; ~ . -.,,.;;x: *’ g;
jg"? A _ v? ‘ ;_ J.P.Johnson recalls Lexington’s rich LGBTQ historical past, some
,4 Qty"; ,. Mg : ,. “5‘3 stories and items of which will be presented at the Farish Theater on
lr ' . 5“”??? paw” ' 1:71
. i ‘ 35a,» , Jg. ’ " i“. August 28-
4 :g - -N : s
W L. x T ., no”
' A M V ”s: M #
~“ fi’ ' I 33% “i
' egg; . The PCSO and Americorps are teaming up to hire I 8
’ someone for the next year to help serve the PCSO’s
I ' . 7 - ‘ mission with a special emphasis on domestic
, violence and economic empowerment.
‘ AUGUST 2016 // LinQ 3

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community $-
rewards " " 3 MILLIO‘N
to local organizations
Use your Kroger Plus Card 8:
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Supporting our organization has never
been easier — just shop at Kroger and a; ".5.
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I. Visit wwwda‘ogarxomlcammunltyrewards L I m C‘ "
2. Sadldmmfmdyuurromionand cliqk'EnroEImw" ' ' " x
3- Sign in to 3mm oniine account. or create an accou nt "“7" r V EI Ii ‘
4. Find and selectourorganizafion. and click ”Save" , " if? V 7 s. _ f q f _ xv;
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Learn more at wwawo-gerxmlcomm unityrewards - -, j}
and thank you for your support. "A
War-ambit. you’llna-nl m Irma-i my Mush ‘

 Mat; W at I m
by Helena Handbasket s. Mr .
A 3.5.?! --
nd the award goes to... Helena person, to other people who equally you saw or heard of a PE. teacher
Handbasket! Oh wait... never mind... enjoy hearing the rants of the often that was female, you just knew she
I’m awake now. I haven’t won any bitter and jaded individuals that have had to be a lesbian (and often was...
awards. I haven’t been nominated for nothing better to do with their time. but that is beside the point). My RE.
any awards. Although I have a few Admittedly, one of my favorite lines teacher was the most amazing, best
titles, I don’t compete in pageants from the movie Steel Magnolias is, “If looking man of my school years and
anymore. I probably don’t run in the you don’t have anything nice to say OH how I wanted him to be gay! He
right circles to win awards and the about somebody, come sit by me.” was perceived as the most masculine,
work I do for the community is not And I laugh every time I hear it. But butch, straight person in the school.
always Visible... and I’m okay with is that really what I want? Not really. But no one knows what he was doing
that. I am also too outspoken and I Come sit by me and tell me about the when he got home behind closed
1 have probably pissed off the wrong person across the room that inspires doors.
1 people too many times. It is a good you to be your absolute best. Come sit Lastly, I’ll rest when we have,
1 thing that I don’t let awards define by me and share with me the story of in addition to Pride month, a widely
1 me and that getting my ego stroked the person that helped you when you recognized Gay History Month, or
1 publicly is not the goal for doing what were down or that made you laugh at least have Gay History become a I
I do. I’ll settle for just continuing to when you were feeling low during a major portion of what we celebrate C
. be Mamaw and all of the love and bad time of your life. during Pride Month. It is becoming g
respect that goes along with that. My reward will be when we more and more important that we a
1 My award/reward for all eliminate stereotypes and come to teach our gay youth where we have
1 I’ve done and what I continue to do the realization that we live and thrive come from so they can appreciate
1 will be when each one of my LGBT in every part of America. Anytime where we are and hopefully inspire
1 brothers and sisters love themselves and encourage them to take up the
completely and unconditionally, torch and continue the good fight to
without judgment. When each of . get us where we deserve to be... which .
you embrace the idea of BEING is to be recognized as having a valid,
YOURSELF and not try to imitate important, equally respected voice in
what others are doing just to be the world conversations.
popular. My challenge to you all
My award/reward will be this month... focus on the positive
I when we all, as a community, love things about each other and be bold
1 and support each other - not because in sharing those things with them.
we have to (like back in the old days) 4 T Make August the month so full of
but because we want to and because fl “ hugs and smiles that we can begin to
we know that it is the right thing heal the pain that recent events have
to do. When we stop with all of the y created in our hearts. We will not be .
ridicule and catty, harmful, usually & silenced and we will not be broken.
unjustified and hurtful criticism 1: $§ We are here... we are queer... get used -
that we are often so quick to throw E to it! Until next month, ya’ll.
out there about each other - often, E 7 , a V
I must say, never saying it directly 3 ' k m Send comments or suggestions to .
to the person but only about the g ,, 5:... / HelenahandbasketKY@gmail.com '
lif‘;"_f,;[;_jfi;fi{f;‘f;32,;=5.1,; ' Z 5 T f f 7' ' L j' " . - ' .- - ' '_ ‘HUMOR‘ j.‘ Aucusrzmw/ LinQ '5 , ,

1 a I l
2, , -,. ,1 l”? l
_‘ ...' awfiik‘“ g ’ 7 *1 , . ' _. n mfl‘ "
' ‘ ' ~ - e4". "'3: ” '5’ 2, «wfigv V . v
. - «“2 2 tr" .. - a ’4’ ~ v
1,7, , , _7_W__,,,__.__~ £23221??? t ,;~_'x;i .. Lg: .. 25" A. _ ‘ m, V,___#fl_____*__i:‘ ,
2 M 0 RE H EA D \
1 k W,“ I l 4/ (y/\\\ ‘
h l—4 <\ 3 2 / 2 , '
join us for the inaugural Morehead Pride Festival - Saturday, August 27, 12 pm. on East First Street
near the Cora Wilson Moonlight School. We’ll have food, live music, guest speakers,
vendors and activities for the whole family from 12 - 5 pm.
m g, #1; :2 fl r - a s 2:. r»‘ r -
l . . . ~ 2'" i I ”.1;ka
‘21? ' ‘ l " ' ,, ~2- ' $134; ‘
MARK EBENHOCH (DIRECTOR OF THE SACRED CLOTH PROJECT) and marriage equality plaintiff TiiVl LOVE. l
Section #93 of the historical Sea to Sea rainbow flag will be on display during the festival. l
We will also be recognizing those who fought for marriage equality from across the nation. l 7
For more information about attending Morehead Pride or participating as a
vendor, performer, guest speaker, sponsor or volunteer, visit: ‘

ll I M PERIAL COU RT OF Imperial
! 3.3..”
l C15”; ourt l
3 by H.M.|.M. Empress XXXV of the Imperial Court of Kentucky.Aurora Cummings 4,333}, l
-‘ The Empress of Glitter, Glamour, and Gumption Kentucky 1
Sparkling Greeting from Reign 35 and shine in the parade. What an to School Show. Each year there
of the Imperial Court of Kentucky! amazing time greeting and seeing all are children who cannot afford
» What an amazing way to start Reign the people that braved the weather, everything that is needed for them
‘L . 35, Emperor Russell Drake andlsure just to make sure we represented to start school (backpacks, pencils,
‘ have hit the ground running. lune our community with style and grace. crayons, etc...) This Event, along
is always jam packed with events Special Thanks to Lexington Fairness with your donations, will ensure that
within our community and this was for organizing the Pride portion of these children will have the things
no exception. The Imperial Court the parade. It was a blast! needed to help them throughout the
was honored to take the stage for July is just gearing up for year. If you would like to donate to
3. a special performance at the 9th some amazing shows and events. this event, you can do so by going
5 a Annual Fairness Awards where we We hope to see as many of you . 33 .3 to ImperialCourtKentucky.
‘ raised over $1,100.00 for the LGBT ,3;3g§‘aggf 3%. 3 org and clicking the donate
. Center in Orlando. What an . if” “‘95"- . _ 1" l I l button. There is no amount
amazing night to see so many ' ” .. ,3, L; V "'3'“ .3 ‘ too small to impact someone
people come together to __“ 3 ‘ éfi 33%:333w3 inabig way. 3 ‘3
honor so many individuals in (233 33 33.3 . “‘ ill-5155*? "I”? ‘ The Imperial Court .5
our community and help raise a}? ‘m ' ' ' ' “T s; 333333 of Kentucky is just getting :7
money for Lexington Fairness. 3—3:“ ' jg”: ' 33‘." 33‘. started on what is going
Reign 35 then took its i lie 3 3 3‘ ‘T to be a truly amazing year. l
place at abooth at the Annual ' 3.2:“: u it fig??? . If you are interested in l ‘
Lexington Pride Festival to ‘ ‘5‘ f' 3,3217 joining this organization,
introduce ourselves and make it" :3 I g V, 3 please take the time to 5
people aware of who we are if; é ' “3:33.33 [3:33:31 ' ”33$“ ‘ get with us at one of our ‘
and what our organization does L‘K Emperor and Emizriiiifgjfilmzkésuval 3 3‘ events/shows or you can
within our community. If YOU rc“mmi"gsauhe 20' ’ ' L V Visit our website at www.
missed any of the delectable as possible and make imperialcourtkentucky.org and just
3 treats so generously made and sure to let us know of any interest click the membership icon. Make
‘ donated for the ICK to hand out that that you have for events and shows. sure not to miss any news about
. day, you need not worry as there are Russell and I are always open to new the Imperial Court of Kentucky
plans for other events where these ideas and ways to get out community by liking us on Facebook. Every
treats will be enjoyed. involved to work together as one. event and fundraiser that we host
, Despite the horrible weather With August upon us, the will be announced on our Facebook
l on July 4, The Imperial Court of Imperial Court of Kentucky is page and on the Imperial Court of .
Kentucky made sure to sparkle gearing up for the Annual Back Kentucky website. V ‘
... ~4~ ‘ a. ' ' ' ~ - x-~ '
:1.-. «a - .. i. W -,
.‘ a - . .i .. . - . .
. 33333 . -. l 3337 3 - 333: 21,33 3 l 3 a . 3 , 33,
H.M.l.M.XXXV lmperiaICtmpf Kentucky Coronation3 ' 3‘ “‘5‘ ‘ ‘ 3 L 3 ’ al,“
. ‘ _.-' ',‘ /-‘_","‘, ,i ,2i’. ./3 ,

~» I
fi/ : I
by Tuesday G Meadows ‘ I '
@“fiNETWéfiW‘IMViswtwv“twm“Tr?“ . I
The Speech That I Never Gave
“What has happened to it all? Crazy someone say where is the life that I recognize? Gone away. But I won’t cry for yesterday
there’s an ordinary world somehow I have to find and as I try to make my way to the ordinary world I will learn to survive.”
Ordinary World, Duran Duran
| Recently, I was stunned to be just the things people say to my face,I survived. I survived all of life’s trials
awarded the Jennifer Crossen “Out don’t even want to imagine what they and tribulations. I survived having
I For Fairness Award” at The Fairness say when I am not around.) These to hide my true identity my whole
Awards. Everyone else nominated are just labels that get attached to us life. I have survived no matter what
i with me in that category—Jacob and many times do not capture our has been thrown at me so far. The
Boyd, Timothea Branham, LeTonia essence. most important thing I survived was
Jones, and Reinette Jones—have But, I want to tell you about depression and suicidal thoughts my '
done great things for the LGBTQ one more label. In addition to all of whole life.
communityandhavebeen advocating those things, I am a survivor. When We owe it to ourselves to
for fairness for years. With that in I was 43, I had a quadruple heart survive. We owe those who love us to j
mind, I did not write a speech. When bypass. Both of my brothers had survive. We owe it to those who need
my name was called, I spoke from passed away young due to heart our help to survive. To me, running
my heart and not my head. With all disease, but I was fortunate to be a and surviving are the same thing. In
the division in the world, I just told runner, which, among many things, life, the running was a physical act,
everyone in attendance to stand up, probably helped to save my life. I but the real feat was surviving and .
hug one another, and tell someone am proud to be a runner, which not that took place in one of the most . .
that you love them. While many told many people can say at age 63. When demanding places, my head. If we Y
me that it was a wonderful moment, I say I am proud, it is not because I can survive, then we can change the i,
I have had a chance to think more am some great athlete, fast, or even world. So please survive for all of us. %
about other things that I should have competitive at all (because I am none Please keep on running. .
conveyed that night. The following is of those things.) But, no matter what, So that was the speech that I
the speech that I wished that I could I kept running. Bad times, good never gave. Maybe telling everyone
have given that night. times, happy days, sick days, and sad to stand up and hug each other was
Most of us get labeled days, I ran. I ran in the extreme cold better, but all of us can find our ‘
whether we like it or not. I know some and the extreme heat and everything reason to put one foot in front of the
people know me as an outspoken in between. There were weeks when I other and survive.
transgender woman, a hard working would work, run, and sleep and that
volunteer, someone who gets things was all. 0
clone, and, on occasion, even a nice Why am I telling you this? It
person. I have also heard people is not to promote running. It is not You may write me at
say that I am a loud mouth, get my to say that I am better than anyone tmeadows828@gmail.com or follow
feelings easily hurt, and that I am an who doesn’t or can’t run. What I am me on Twitter @trishgigi. Now
all around trouble—maker. (Those are saying is what I am proud of is that I Tuesday’s gone with the wind.
8 LinQ // AUGUST 2016 . ADVOCACY

 ~ '~1’i.;»' . .:. *"‘" .V'I‘Z‘é
“ -4, 5 -_ if? ,. “fiFIL 3/.
B Lo 0 D I N m
‘ . “33" 4.. i '
T H E ST R E ETS , ._  .
I... ‘J V' Pin f
by CarolTaylor—Shlm, MSW 2%, t a? r" ,« :.
‘ — 1;"; w ‘ " , 5"” '
S 0 here we sit again. No. Here I America with fewer repercussions gotten worse. Because I can still die
sit again. Lingering in the bloody than if you dropped a bag of puppies for being Black. And let me just tell
reminder that America is not mine off on the side of the road. This you, every part of my soul is tired.
and was never meant to be mine. In is not up for debate. Everyone is We are tired. But what I am the most
the trauma of being Black in America. SUPPOSED to be innocent until exhausted with are fugazi allies. The
Alton Sterling. Philando Castile. proven guilty by a court of law. Black hashtag allies. The Facebook banner
Dallas would have never happened people are guilty as soon as they take change allies. The allies that showed
if Black people were safe in America. their first breath. up and showed out for Orlando
That this beautifully melanated skin If you know anything about but conveniently failed to mention
me, you know that time after time after time that these
I am a proud Black were Brown and Black people who
u ' lesbian married toa were hunted. The allies who claim
Aules’ you have work to do. Hawaiian-Chinese allegiance and solidarity to my
YOU must center the impacted. woman. Every LGBTQ identity, but close up shop
That-s US not 0U part of my life is about my Blackness. You’re probably
’ y ' intersectional. And the worst of them all. You are the
, You must ”Ste" to AND so is my trauma. one that gives me the saddest looks
, , My life is at risk as if you are about to disintegrate '
'earn from those “V'ng on the daily. My into white tears when you see me.
' ’ trans sisters of As if your discomfort in having a
In the OPPfeSSIOH. . . color are lucky to CONVERSATION aboutmystruggle
0U must ' ever age your pr l VI Iege. survive day to day. to survive in America is in any way,
. Seventeen ears old sha e, or form the same as a sim 1e
L Afld you cannOt take UP Space. is not suppfosed to congersation. That is even mgre
l The floor is not yours." be middle-aged for painful sometimes, because then I’m
, anyone. Tragically expected to pat you on the back and
i it is for trans tell you, “It’s ok; you’re one of the
i women of color. good ones”. The height of privilege.
offers more protection from the rays There is Black blood running through This is my last piece of advice
of the sun than it does from the bullet the streets. They left Mike Brown in to you all. Allies, you have work to
of a state sanctioned law enforcement the middle of a street for 4 summer do. You must center the impacted.
oflicial. That the mere sight of a Black hours after he was murdered. Blood That’s us, not you. You must listen
or Brown bodyis justifiable homicide. in the streets, literally. When are to AND learn from those living in
Not by any standard of the American white LGBTQ folx going to work the oppression. You must leverage
“legal” system, of course. No bias in as hard to end the state sanctioned your privilege. And you cannot take
that system. My existence is a crime murders of Black and Brown LGBTQ up space. The floor is not yours. My
that requires no judgement, no case folx as hard as they did for marriage challenge is survival in America.
law, no consequences, no concern, equality? Was that THE struggle for Yours cannot be any greater than
and no justice. Just a badge and a gun. ALL of us? that.
But the truth is the truth. You can gun I feel like this a repeat piece, 9
down an innocent person of color in because it is. Because things have Follow me @ctshz'm71

 reviewed by Ashley Householder
I written by Becky Albertalli
I‘ t is definitely annoying that Simon is perhaps the sweetest ,2”. r-I':-jII':..'. IIIII ‘ , . y
l straight (and white, for that matter) is fictional character I have ever ‘ -. , 7- . 'I ' I l? f,
I the default, and that the only people comeacross,andIlovedfollowing - - I -‘.-'I‘.Ig-6. » I‘ " i .{j’I
who have to think about their identity his journey throughout this ‘ i 0N ‘ . I f (i
are the ones who don’t fit that mold. novel. The novel hints at Blue’s x 5. I ' VS‘ ME I If
i Straight people really should have to identity several times as the _ g- ~ .. HOMO 5A I [I
l come out, and the more awkward it story progresses, making it a _ .I. _' . .-'-‘3'.I'I A _ p/E {i
ll is, the better. Awkwardness should fun mystery to solve. While .‘1 . GE I. 1 , 6. l
‘ be a requirement. I guess this is sort I’m proud to say that I was f -..II:I‘2II’_I.1.II'I” I ' I , _ . N DA.
l of our version of the Homosexual able to figure it out before v" I.-.. _ -.I.‘ l
Agenda?” I’d even reached the halfway ‘J -‘ . I_ i I. . . ' l
l “The Homosexual Agenda? I point, this did not deter me . C .'_. .iI I ' I‘ 1
don’t know. I think it’s more like the from enjoying the story; on 1:1: , . " i , _ , § . fl
Homo Sapiens Agenda. That's really the contrary, I loved that, g _ ~ § _- - H.
the point, right?” while Blue’s identity was I . I ~ ,. . ,_ : . "l
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens a mystery, the secret was ~ - . ' I z I. a. I_.,I I /
Agenda is the first novel by author not meant to be the focus I > /
Becky Albertalli, and the winner of of the novel. I think the ‘ , _~I , 5 :-I I
the William C. Morris Debut Award. point of the mystery was I f I ' ' ".I . ~ SI
Thisbookfollowsthe storyofsixteen- to help evolve Simon ~‘ 2 . I; . ‘ ‘;I
year-old Simon Spier, a boy who is as a character as he "T ' ,. I“ lI
grappling with the decision to come projected Blue onto . - ’ I . ’ .3 i
out to his friends and family. For the people in his everyday . ' _ i- . ‘ T‘ l) .
past few months, he’s been e-mailing life. At the same time, ,_ __ ~ ‘ ._ ' Begk J'I My,
back and forth with someone known it developed Blue A 1 I / 5' ,l the
to him only as “Blue,” another boy as someone who 1 I Minds/A. j‘I . v
who goes to his school. The two have was comfortable in his own II c, _ f i
a strong, almost instant connection, skin, but morbidly afraid to show connection I I .x‘I -‘
and help one another to navigate the others his true nature. This, in turn, between the tWO - V
tumultuous waters of high school. presents coming out as a personal Characters than it did a physical <
When one ofSimon’s e—mails to Blue journey, and a decision that only relationship. 30 many Young adult . l
is accidentally discovered by Martin the individual should be allowed to novels tend to Skip this part Of a I
(a classmate with a reputation for make. While I am not a member of relationship, hUt I think it’3 the most ' I
being the class clown), Simon is the LGBT community, I can easily important part for trulylearning hOW :
black-mailed into helping him land a see how this might comfort a young to understand someone on a Personal
date with Abby, one of Simon’s best reader struggling with the idea of level. I also love that this novel did
friends. What follows is a story about coming out to his or her family and not stereotype any Of the characters,
friendship, love, family, and the trials friends. and this applies to more than just the
and tribulations of high school. I also love that this novel LGBT characters in the bOOk- Martin,
I absolutely loved this book! focused much more on the emotional for example, COUId have easily been

 a one-note bully, but he actually everything: their religion, their between gay and lesbian teens; seeing
forms a friendship with Simon as the sexuality, and even their identity themselves portrayed respectfully
novel progresses, eventually feeling as a whole. Books like this are in literature is a monumental step
extremely guilty about choosing to instrumental in helping them to see towards normalizing their sexuality,
blackmail him. that the struggles they are facing are something that is exceedingly
Thisnovelnotonlycompletely entirely normal, and nothing to be importantintoday’ssociety. In aworld
normalized LGBT relationships ashamed or embarrassed about. in which gay and lesbian individuals
for a young adult audience, but While it might not have been are persecuted, discriminated
normalized interracial relationships extremely realistic in conservative against, and abused (both verbally
as well. I hate to say this in our day Georgia (where the novel takes and physically), this book shines a ray
1 and age, but interracial relationships place), I’m glad that Albertalli gave of light on a frequently marginalized
' 1.5.. ,1 are far less common in literature than both Simon and Blue (who I will not and misjudged community. This book
. 1.11,:1/ Iwould like. This book has absolutely reveal here for the sake of having portrays a wonderful message about
i I / no problems tackling “taboo” a spoiler-free review) supportive having the courage to be yourself, and
'1/ subjects, and I appreciate the author’s parents. I think it’s incredibly it does so with both wit and humor. I
131'] willingness to portray these issues important for teens questioning loved every second of this book, andI
/ honestly and without a filter. While their sexuality to know that there definitely recommend it to fans of YA
i some parents might take offense are supportive adults out there, and literature everywhere!
it to the fact that there are things like many places for them to turn if their
ll cussing, alcohol, masturbation, and parents are not supportive. Just like V
discussions about sex in this book, I with heterosexual relationships, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda
found it all to be entirely normal and it’s also important for LGBT teens is located in the Young Adult
realistic. High school is a time period to see representation in the form Fiction section of the PCSO
) when many teens are questioning of positive, healthy relationships Library under YA FIC A
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