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~ ' LESBIAN ._. ..z, ' .
SERVICE “is-,2:
”:5 Lexington, J
Kentucky mm 2005
A publication of the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Service Organization
Volume 20 Number 1
militia" ongfe Bluegrass Fairness Annual Meeting
SWSW Concert JmZZ Monday, January 24 7:00 pm
SisterSound, Lexington _8 Women S The Bluegrass Chapter of the Kentucky
Chorus, proudly announces Its upcoming Fairness Alliance will be having its annual
concert, The Rhythm of Life on Saturday, meeting on Monday, Jan. 24th at 7pm at
January 22nd, at 8 pm. at UK Singletary the downtown Public Library, Conference
Center. The performance will feature a Room A. Light refreshments will be
variety of diverse musical styles. We will served. The meeting is open to anyone
rock the house Wif‘h medlleys The Best Of who is interested in the activities of the
Doo-Wop and ["390 Divas ' Tomorrow Bluegrass Chapter and is supportive of its
Shall Be My Dancing Day .eV0keS the mission to and discrimination against mem-
grace and elegance of ClaSSIC ballet. ln bers of the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and
addition, the chorus will reprise the Leanne transgender community.
Womack hit I Hope You Dance ' We will be holding elections for several
SisterSound will swing and samba and seats on our Steering Committee.
perform a number of other familiar tunes Individuals interested in running for a seat
With ourlown unique interpretatlon- _ should call 806—4114. We will also be taking
Playing on the theme Of MUS'C’ nominations from the floor.
Rhythm, and Dance, SisterSound Will host This meeting is an excellent time for you
a number of Special Guest Performers to meet the current members of the
who will be showcasing their dancing tal- Steering Committee and to express your
ents. Among others, the line-up includes views as to what we should focus on in the
cloggers andibelly dancers. You never upcoming year. It is also an opportunity for
know who might take the stage at “T's you to learn what you can do, including lob-
upbeat, mu5lca| exploration of life and its bying the General Assembly. Please join
many rhythms. us on the ...continued on the next page
The concert promises to take
‘ SisterSounds joy in singing to a whole
new level, so please come and enjoy this BLUEGRASS CHAPTER
celebration. The event will be Festival KENTUCKY FAIRNESS
Seating with ticket prices of $15 for regular
admission, $10 for seniors/students, and
$5 for children. Tickets are available from V ' '
any SisterSound member or from the
Singletary Center Box Office @ 859-257- ALLIANCE
4929. For info., please visit us in cyber—
space at: www.geocities.com/sistersound. see pages 5914916

 fairness COHt- lower level of the downtown public
W. '_.._.-§ GAY“ library. For more information call 859-806-4114;
gag ORGANIZATION Volunteers Needed
‘5" Lexington, Kentucky
' GLSO is looking for help with this newsletter. We
would love to have some contributing writers. In the
past, individuals have written humorous, historical
TGLSQ NEWS and personal essays. If you think you might have
Volume 20 Issue 1 something to say, give it a try. .
, We would also like to have another editor, some-
publlshed monthly by . . .
. one who would help get Information or articles from
The Lexmgton Gay the community, help with layout, design a new sec-
Lesbian Service tion, or other tasks. Please call the office and spek to
. . Bill or Mary 253-3233. You can also call mary at
Organzzatwn home at 266-5904.
389 Waller Ave. We need volunteers to help keep the Pride Center
Editors Open on some weekday afternoon into early evening
and on Saturdays. If you could be here for a few
Mary Crone hours a week please give us a call at 253-3233.
Jackie Cobern
Thomas Collins, President Please join us and our Mistress of Ceremonies,
Sarah Martin, Vice-Pres. Cathleen Collins, for an evening of New Orleans-style
Ben 5313*”, 59f- revelry at our annual Mardi Gras Ball. This Ball is in
Mary Crone, Editor Memory of our long-time supporter and Master of
Joan Branon . . .
, Ceremonies, Brian Collins.
Tom Collins D 7 S 29
John Cornett oors open at pm on at, January , at the
Terry Mullins Sheraton Swtes, 2601 Richmond Rd. Opening
Jen Sayer Ceremonies will be at 8 PM. There will be dancing, a
' Cajun dinner buffet, a costume contest, and tarot card
Bl" Chandler, readings. There will casino gaming including roulette,
Office Manager blackjack and Texas hold-em poker. We will raffle two
GLSO Annual Dues & tickets to the UK/Auburn Basketball Game.
Newsletter $20 Attirelfor the evening Will be Formal or Fabulous
(Black Tie, Masquerade or Mardi Gras Costume).
Spinions igpressidthi” 1*: GL3? Tickets are $50 per person, VIP Tables of 8 for $500
ews are 086 0 e au OFS an
don't necessarily represent those of and VIP Tables of 4 for $250. Get a group together for
the GLSO Board. Submissions are a VIP Table and join the decorating contest.
welcome and staff reserves the right . . . . .
to edit submissions and advemse_ Sheraton SUItees is offering a speCIal Mardi Gras
ments as well as the right to reject Ball Room Rate of $84 for a SUite on Jan. 29th. For
SmeISSions 0r advemsements- information or tickets contact AVOL at (859) 225-3000 .or
~ . ’ .. " ‘If. . , '
. Pick up the P Ink P a £65 2005 at the Pride Center
GLSO. Page. 2; . i h

 Community News
Rainbow Families of Lexington ited. Preference will be given to members
who wish to spend the entire weekend. A
Rainbow Families Of Lexington (RFOL) donation of $25 is requested,
is an organization for gay and lesbian par-
ents and their Children that reside in the 40+ WOMEN
greater Lexington area. RFOL looks to We have some great ideas for 2005
bring parents and children together to starting with a New Years Eve bash at Club
make friends and share experiences in a Liquid in Woodhill Shopping Center. This
friendly and accepting environment. is the new bar in town and they have
RFOL 5 mission is to show our children planned its Grand Opening for New Year 3
that there are other families like theirs. Eve. There will be a $15 cover charge. We
The group had their first social activity expect a night of great entertainment,
on Saturday, December 4th at Gattitown. dancing and surprises.
Approximately 30 parents and children On Saturday, Jan. 22, we will get
attended and fun was had by all. together for dinner and the SisterSound
RFOL '8 planning a January play date Concert, Rhythm of Life (see front page).
activity for kids of all ages. Details are still The concert will be at Singletary Center for
being worked out, but the date is set for the Arts Admission is $15, $10 students or
Saturday, January e. from 3'5.” The seniors. We will meet at Bangkok House, a
group '5 also organizmg a daytime pre- Thai restaurant across from Singletary for
Super Bowl gathering in February, details dinner at 6:30. Email
to come. |adyjaneky@yahoo.com to reserve a seat
We invite parents and those who are for dinner.
just starting theirjourney to parenthood to Sue and Bonita are organizing a spe-
join RFOL To become a member, call Jen Cial experience for us, witnessing the birth
at 53316260 email Jen_cheryl@yahoo.com of a thoroughbred. For complete informa-
or tom the Yahoo Group tion email Sue and Bonita at
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rfolky/. sighho@aol.com.
MACT KY The next 40+ Club meeting will be on
Jan. 9th, 2pm at the Pride Center, 389
Men Of A” COiOFS Together Kentucky is Waller Ave. Come with ideas for activities
a chapter of the National Association of you would like and plan to join us after the
Black and White Men Together. For infor— meeting for a meal at a local resturant.
mation contact mact.ky@aol.com. or see With this group, you dont have to go it
www.mactky.com.. alone.
We have planned a Slumber party and
sightseeing at Red River Gorge for the Lyons Levi /Leather Club
weekend of Jan 7 though 9. We have a
Cabin in the Woods that has indoor The Lexington Lyons meet every third
plumbing, heat, a kitchen, and beds. month at the Pride Center. The next meet-
Participants are asked to bring their own ing will be on February 14 at 8 pm. You
sleeping bag or bedroll (linens, blankets, are welcome to join us.
towels etc. are not provided) Space is lim- WWW/Med 0” ”9)“ page
GLSO page 3

Imperial Court Turnabout Show Diversitq in Gender Alliance ‘
Join the Imperial Court on January 26th
as they host their annual Emperor’s The Lexington Diversity in Gender
Turnabout show. This is one of the Court’s Alliance W” “0" meet in January. In
most anticipated shows. The drag queens February we Wi“ meet 0” the regular first
will have the night off, and the male line of Saturday evening 0f the month (Feb. 5th)
descent will be performing. The show will at a private location. Doors open at 7, the
be at 9:30 P-m- Wednesday, January 26th meeting starts at 7:30. Call Julia at 255-
at Club 141. Cover is $5. Get there early. It 7305 for information.
may not be pretty. We welcome all people who transcend
if you haven’t gotten your "Women on gender norms or who are questioning their
the Edge" 2005 calendar yet, they can still gender identity, including transsexuals.
be purchased online at http://www.imp- intersexuals, effeminate men, masculine
court.org/kentucky. Calendars can also be women, drag Kings, drag Queens, gender
purchased by calling 258-2997, or by visit- queers and more- Family and SUpportive
ing the participating merchants listed on the allies who would like to learn more are also
website. They are $12 each/ 10 for $100 welcomed. This is not a therapy QVOUP-
with proceeds going to Moveable Feast.
Finally, our most sincere thanks to those UK Support Group
members of the community who helped the
Court’s "A Bluesy Christmas“ show raise A new GLBTQ support Group is meet—
over $700 to support AVOL’s efforts to ing at UK. on Thrusdays, 12:30 to 1:45.
make sure that their clients’ children had a NOt a therapy group or social CIUb’ jUSt a
very merry Christmas. safe place to get support. We talk about
issues that can sometimes be difficult to
RAINBOW LEAGUE discuss including: coming out, flirting, sex-
. . . _ uality, spirituality, family, employment, rela—
The Rainbow League is sponsoring tionships, homophobia.
sOCIaI bowling every Wednesday at Collins This group is free and for UK/LCC stu-
Lanes on Southland Dr. starting at 9 pm. dents only. Facilitators: Colby Cohen-
There IS no obligation to come every Wed. Archer, PH.D and Sherry Rostosky, PH.D.
night. PartICipants Will pay the open bowl- Call 257—8701 or crcohe2@uky.edu
ing rate, roughly $10 for three games.
Shawn Fritz will maintain statistics for
those who want to participate in the .
International Gay Bowling Org. For info call More Commumm News
Shawn Fritz at 859- 271—89197 see pages 6 ,8
fiantrunners/fionmalkers Fairness News
Frontrunners/Frontwalkers meet every see pages 14 & 16
Saturday at 9 am at the the UK Arboretum
for running/walking and socializing. Join RELIGIOUS / SPIRITUAL
is {Sear ”1‘3 wetter-J"? TBS-.392? $33?“ “mums
ueror en aiea - - or
email Hal at haroldkutter@ao|.com. see pages 19 - 21
GLSO page 4

 Blue gras s Falrness

i KENTUCKY FAIRNESS Promoting equality for all

people regardless of their

1 , ' g , ~ sexual orientation or

T ALLIANCE gender identity in sixteen

'9: central Kentucky counties.

° Bluegrass Chapter Annual M eeting

, M onday, January 24, 7 pm

2 Public Library - Conference Room A

2 see page 1

.: Please join us to

" Lobby the State Legislature ,

in February
P.0. Box 22032 www.bluegrassfiamess.org
Lexington, Kentucky 40522 www.kentuokyfaimess.org
859 806-4114 info@bluegrassfaimess.org

. 389 Waller Ave. 859-253-3233 Mon-Sat 10 am. - 3 pm
Volunteers help us keep the Center open after 3. In January we will be
open until 7 on Mon., Wed., and Fri. Want to volunteer? call us.
Freedom TO Marry We have a winner in our raffle!
Freedom To Marryis an upbeat, humor— Congradulations to Ruthie Maslin for win-
ous, and moving documentary that will be ning the DVD: First Season of The L Word.
shown at the Pride Center on Saturday, 1
Jan. 8, and 2 pm. It documents the events ' ° a,
that took place in February, 2004 when LeSblan Movw Nloht
Mayor Gavin Newson began allowing gay Join us on Friday, Jan. 14, 7 pm at the
and lesbian couples to marry at the San Pride Center for the pilot episode of the
Francisco Court House. Showtime series The L Word. Jennifer
It includes interviews with long term gay Beals and Pam Grier star in this story of a
and lesbian couples who recount the joys group of Los Angeles lesbians, their
of their relationships and the pain of living friends, family and neighbors.
in a society that does not recognize their The second season of The L Word will
commitment. This documentary will renew be starting on Showtime in mid February.
you faith that eventually we will all gain the Everyone is invited to join us for Lesbian
right to marry. Everyone is invited to join Video night at the Pride Center. Bring a
us. If you like food while you watch, bring snack to Share and join us.
snack to share.
Pride Center Library Catalog
Discussion Group _
If you have been to the Pride Center
The dieCUSSiOn QFOUP meets every Library lately, you know that the collection
Wednesday night at 7 Pm at the Pride has gotten so big (over 2000 titles) that it
Center and is open to all. We strive to is hard to find books on the subjects you
make this a safe space where YOU can be want or by the authors you like. Well, we
yourself. if YOU enjoy lively diSCUSSionS. hope we have solved that problem by pro-
please join us. For more info contact Jane ducing a catalog to the collection.
at ladyjaneky@yahoo.com When you go to the library simply look
for the notebooks labeled “Catalog.” What
. "h . you will find are three alphabetical lists by
3:;ng Keep the love you find, titles, authors and subjects. 80 if you are
W 1 1 Get the iOVG YOU want looking for Loving Someone Gay just look
' " ' in the “Title Catalog.” If you want some-
Jes‘sica Boiiinge-r» LCSV/ thing by Rita Mae Brown or Truman
. . . Capote check the “Author Catalog.”
Certified imago Reiatlonsifllp The biggest challenge has been creat-
_ TheT’aP'S't ing the “Subject Catalog.” Topical head-
couples, family, individual ings have been assigned to most works.
imagoconnection.com 859-552-6533 YOU W‘“ find ...continued on page 8

h -
,e 31ster80und Presents
5131111 c9 E ,,
6’ . - . . . 136‘
1t11 be one 11ve1y concert!
I "new“ 7 H ’v . t 5 A - 1,.
$3”rfi-zt'ifiif-i‘rfiiétf a» ‘ ‘ ' “
EMF? 2* ‘~'
twffig 1%”:3 Efia‘i‘fi fi‘
‘ “-3 J. as, ‘2 - , 4- shay, . “z, a “2/, . .3
- WWW “‘“tfitfi it: fit
WW ifr‘awt ta: “wfifim s 5% “t “i «6' ‘
#Etséfiinfimfl - ' ' , ' ‘ fit”;
, a V _ ~51»
s3~Wfi§V sets~wmrt ms" .- 1 ”eat—EM . »rfi J f
a; 3x 4 '7» : w
" met if fiwvwfififiw If“ 4“"
. 7153‘s"? ‘W'Welé-zl A“. ‘
59:7; 35’1” ‘ "‘ 5%???- $1.. 3%,. ~L‘§L%£:‘%yflfi:‘ . . .
.. gig; . ks“ ‘ ,
i’é -' :‘F @3151. .
,9: 57;;
_ Samrday, January 22nd, 8:00 pm
UK Slngletary Center for the Arts
Ticket Prices: $ 1 5 regular admission.
$10 students and seniors. $5 children
Tickets are available from
the Singletary Center for the Arts Box Office, 257-4929
GLSO Page 7

 Pride Library ..continued from page 6 SOquDTCB Lexington
tOPiCS like “Gay COUPieS,” “Lesbian par- SoulForce Lexington continues to meet
ents," “Bible and homosexuality," and on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month.
“Drag — History.” Search by for biogra- We follow the principles of non—violence
phies by name (ex. lang. k.d. — practiced and taught by Ghandi and Martin
Biography; Warhol, Andy - Biography). Luther King Jr. to confront “spiritual vio-
You can even look up your favorite char— lence" against GLBT people.
acters in fiction series (ex. Lawless, Jane We believe that to create meaningfu“
(Fictional character); Rios, Henry change, GLBT people and their allies neded
(Fictional character). Gay and lesbian to directly confront the religious organiza-
fiCtiOh are divided and classified under tions and individuals that are using the Bible
sub-headings such at Mystery stories, to preach against us.
EFOtiC stories, Love stories... One technique we use is to ask churches
The catalog Will make the collection to have conversations with us on an ongoing
more accessible and much easier to use. basis so that member of the congregation
We hope that You Will come in and try it- and members of SoulForce can get to know
The Pride Center Library is open each other. Our goal is to reduce the fear
Monday-Friday form 10'3- There is often and increase knowledge within conser-
a volunteer keeping the Center open at vatinge congregations. For information call
other times, C3” the Pride Center at 859' Jamie at 859 230-5625 and see web page
253-3233 to check if we are open. at www.SoulforceLexington.org,
, . r Real Estate Semce W1tl1
,. » ,, RESULTS m
, DEDICATION ....... m
t izr'c
Scott Ackerman ENTHUSIASM
Mobile: 859-338-8483
Voice Mail: 859-294-2055 Servmg Iéexmgton
Office: 859-269-7331
. All of Central Kentuck
E-MaII: SAcker4224@aol.com V
Call me thh all your Real Estate Needs
GLSO Page 8

 t GLSO Rainbow Sponsor

. Innpcrial Court of Kcntucky........252-301 4

i A Charity Organization

.. 2006 Pride Manta Sponsors


- ScottAckerman. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (voice) 294-2055

3 For all your real estate needs. . (mobile) 338-8483


g GLSO News Sponsors 2005

X Faimess: Bluegrass Chapter .......................85.9-806-4114

ll Promoting equality for all people

9 EmestoScomone. 254-5766

Attorney at law
Diverse music for all women
1757 Alexandria Dr., Gardenside
Seeking a Diverse Congregation
224 East Main Street
1513 Nicholasville Road
I'VindyKnollFann ......................299-7410
Riding Lessons, Trail Riding, Boarding 7
LauraVng‘leswoflhGl-Ifi'anancid ..................264-9926
Long Term Care Insurance Specialist. 1-866-5 82-2426 ext. 4212
—' GLSO page 9

 GLSO Newsletter Calendar To schedule events at the Pride Center, call 13111 at 253—3233 W,
Visit us on the web at: wwwwebspawner.com/users/glsoqimet \. "
January 2005
sunda Manda Tuesda Wednesda Thursda Frida Saturday \
More information about many'of the events are in this newsletter. Fron’rrunners/walkers
You may want to call or email the group to confirm the date and “am N" var! Arboreturn WOO”, ”WI”:
time, see the directory on back page. 7230 p - Diversity in
Pride Center may be abbreviated PC . y Gender [Canceled] Mondays:
Call for Place maybe. abbreviated"! can ’ ' ' ' ‘ . 8pm - AA Step Study [Call for
l — g. ._ . - W . .. . . W , W Tuesdays:
, ~ . ‘ ‘ 7pm - GSA [Gay Straight
9:3 3034 lgTOALAJU $10300 8p AA Step STUdV 7p GSA [call for 22:: Center open “I :ride Center open til Zgantrunnersf/walkers Alli an o e]
I C . YC Ci . [CON for place} _ pm ocumen ary :
4p 'megmy@ 57- M'Choeis ' place 266 5904] 7p GLSO Discussion 7p Lesbian Movie Freedom to Marry Wednesdays .
7p LMC Pride Center open Group PC Night to be shown an) 17-" 7pm - GLSO DISCUSSIOD
til 6pm , . .-. " V L Grou
. 1 , . . - , .. - . - 3-5 RFOL Pla Date 9
9p Rainbow 7'30 p Gay/Lesbian callpJen for mire info 8pm ' GGV/ Lesbian AA [CG/l
Bowling League AA [00” for 91006] @ 533_6260 for Location]
WN—«—————WWWWW_W-WWWW____~W_________ 9pm - Rainbow Bowling
‘ i - I ' --“ League Southland Lanes
9: l 5 8‘ l 1“ UU Chum“ , 7p GSA [call for . . Pride Center open til “0"" “I" Fridays:
gg-tooinmihg,,b_r P.”de ceme' Open place 266-5904] 2?: Gem ope“ m 6pm _ 9"“'“” 8pm - Gay/Lesbian AA
4p Integrity@ St. Michael's “I 6pm 7 GLSO D‘ - 7130 p Gay/Lesbian a [Call for Location]
6p imperior Court Mrg,-:- 1 8p AA Step Study p ‘SCUSS'On AA (call for place) Frontrunners/walkers S t d .
7p LMC [col] for place) . Group-PC: Arboretum (I III‘ (IVS.
SoulForce [call Jamie 230- 8p AA Step Study [call] 90m ' FlonllunnelS/WOIKGTS @
5625] . UK Arboretum
m -W,,_,W,_W._W.—___W-_.__,W __#W A __#_ MW ____________________ Sundays: -
l ‘9 :9:i5&iiom-UUChurch
9:15 a 1 la UU Church Pride Center open 7p GSA [call for 7p GLSO Discussion Pride Center Open m 8p SisterSound Worship Services.
i030 a St. Mvchol's til 6pm lace 266—5904) Group-PC 6 Concert @ Singleiarv 1 0:30 - Mass, St. Mychal The
4p integrity @ St. Michael's 7.30 p m m“ p 8p Gay/Lesbian AA 753% p Gay/Lesbian Martyr
<5 ser 3 d ' - _ -
7: Lime; cm ”'i' PC .9 - (CON for place) AA [call for place} 4pm- Integrity @ St. Michael's
7R MACT'“: 8p AA-Step Study 99 Rainbow , 6pm — SisterSound Rehearsal
[00“ for DIOCG) y ~ Bowling League @ Landsdowne Presby.
_ Southland Lanes Church.
' . 7pm - LMC Rehearsal @ Si.
9:15 & 1 10 UU ChUl'Ch 7p GSA [CON for [call 7:30 p Fairness-PC: 7p GLSO DlSCUSSlOl'i Pride Center open 1'” MiChoel'S EpICOpOI ChurCh'
6666696699,; ,, ,, ,
9 , ’ ‘. 819 AA 199 Studvl 0") 8 Ga /Lesbian AA 730 Ga /Lesbian -
4p lntegnty @ St. Michaels . p Y - p Y ,
op imperial Court Mtg—311.” if: center Open m 9p Rainbow AA [call for place] SP7}; The $31723; 332L150
79L , . Bowling Southland 0U rce ' '
Egggfrce [CON J0me 230‘ 9:30 lCK Turn—About 5625
Club 141
Monthly Activities: .
Mondays: Tuesdays: Wednesdays: Thursdays: Fridays: Saturdays: Sundays:
7pm - GLSO Board Mtg. [3rd Mon.) 7pm — Fairness [4th Tues) 7pm - Lesbian Movie Night 8pm— Diversity in Gender 2pm -Women 40+[2nd. Sun.)
[2nd Fri.) (131‘. Sat.) 7pm -/\/IACT [3rd, Sun.)
GLSO Page 10 GLSO Page 13

 GLSO Pride Center FREE Referral Service
As the office manager of the Pride Center, Bill Chandler quite often
receives calls requesting referrals for a wide variety of services with an
emphasis on the business being GLBT or GLBT supportive.
Calls have come in for Doctors (General Practitioners), Dentists,
Attorneys, Plumbers, Electrician's, Auto Mechanics, Realtors, Accounts,
Cleaning Services, Therapists and others. People have also called for sug-
gestion for places to dine, live, work and play. .
Many of these requests are easy to answer but others are not. Therefore,
in addition to the Pink Pages, we are creating a list of gay and gay—friendly
businesses and service providers.
If you would like to be added to our Referral List, please fill out the form
below and mail it to GLSO Referral Service, PO. Box 1172, Lexington,
KY 40588 or email your information to us at lexingtonglso@yahoo.com.
Please put Referral Service in the subject line.
Call the Pride Center with any questions: 253—3233. We are open from 10
to 3 Monday through Friday
| Name (Business) |
I Contact Person___—____I
I Add I
| Phone I
I EmaiL__—____________ I
I W b St I
C ' 1 €______—______—_—__
IIf there is more information you would like to include I
Iplease feel free to do so. Mail to GLSO PO. Box 1172, I
Lex. KY 40588 or email us at lexingtonglso@yahoo.com.
IPut Referral Service in the subject line. I

 belong to us. And if you have some of
VIDEOS/DVDS LIBRARY your own that you are no longer watching,
One of the most popular parts of our please consider donating them to us.
Pride Library is our collection of videos Thank you.
and DVDs. We have older releases such Missing Videos /DVDs
as Desert Hearts and Torch Song Trilogy Beautiful Thing Tootsie
and newer ones such as The Laramie Bound _
. . Llanna
Proiect. Some of the feature films, such Bo , D ’t C _
. .. VS on ry Siren
as Big Eden and The TWIIIght of the B L'f 3 , , ,
. . OYS ' e Vlele Shaw Live
Golds, are not easny found In rental Cabaret
stores. We also have concert videos Claire of the Moon
including The lndigo Girls Live at the Fire
Uptown Lounge, documentaries such as Forbidden Love
The Celluloid Closet, and collections of Gay! Gay! Hollywood
short films. Get Bruce
We have had over 100 Videos and Looking For Langston
DVDs in our library, but sadly many are Paragraph 175
checked out and never returned. We love Party Monster
that the collection is being used, but we Stonewall
want to be able to continue to offer these If These Walls Could Talk ll
to borrowers In the future. Please check She Must Be Seeing Things
the corners of your llvmg room to see if The Lost Language of Cranes
you have any Videos or DVDs that The Times of Harvey Milk
IGLSO needs your financial support to maintain the Pride Center I
Iand to support our other projects that include: I
I Gay Straight Alliance for Youth Pride Month Activites I
Discussion Group Diversity in Gender Alliance
I Pink Pages 40+ Women Pride Gallery ActOut I
I Speakers Bureau Pride Library Social Events I
IName Phone # I
IAddress I
lCity, State, Zip I
I__$15 Membership and newsletter I
I $20 Couple membership and newsletter I
I I would like the newsletter at this reduced rate I
I Additional contribution I
Mail to GLSO News PO Box 1172 Lexington, KY 40588
GLSO Page 12 V

 , _ _ them. We heard how important it is to cul-
GMHQ Closure t0 the campaign tivate relationships with allies BEFORE
by Charlotte Wood we need their help-
We heard that when people give
Bluegrass Fairness held a community money to a campaign, they need to know T
meeting December 13 to debrief from the what it's going for. We heard that people ‘
NO on the Amendment campaign. There were frustrated by multiple phone calls f
were about 20 people in attendance, some due to a faulty database and poorly coor- .
of whom had been very involved in the cam- dinated efforts between callers in
paign, and others not at all. Entitled, "What Lexington and Louisville.
Happened? What’s Next?" our goal was to Everyone seemed to understand how
ensure that everyone was heard, and the difficult it was to develop a statewide
meeting was structured accordingly. campaign in just a few months, but their
We broke up into small groups and con- pain was real all the same.
sidered the following questions: On a more subtle note, we heard that
1. Inclusion (groups & individuals) people would rather be called "members"
*Who was included in the campaign? than "volunteers." The campaign slipped
*Who should have been involved that into the habit of calling people “volun-
appeared net to be? teers," but KFA is a member—run organi-
2. Methods (voter ID, media, e—mail, press, zation.
bumper stickers, use of Staff, etc.) Andrea Hildebran, KFA’s Executive
*What methods appeared to work well? Director, reported that when she started
*What methods seemed not to work well? in 2002: We had 4.000 names on our
3' Other positives and negatives mailing list. We are now mailing to 20,000
*What impressed you or excited you about supporters. At the beginning Of the cam-
the campaign? paign, we had 600 people on our e-mail
*What bugged you or discouraged you list. We'now have 6,500. One of our chal-
about the campaign? lenges in the year ahead Will be bringing
these folks into KFA as fully partICIpating
4. Lessons Learned
* , , members.
What should we keep dorng and bu1ld on? The Bluegrass Chapter is already
*What should we avord domg In the future? . .
planning an event to help do just that. On
This was an important exercise in listen- Thursday, January 13’ we will have a light
ing. We heard that people heeded to see dinner and introduce folks to the various
tangible signs 0f the campaign, and they ways they can get involved in Fairness.
needed a sense of hope and solidarity. The Please join us! Place to be announced.
rally at Triangle Park helped, but they WOUId Contact Charlotte Wood for more details: I
have liked to have more town hall-type charlottewoodky@yahoo.com or 259- .
events. We heard that people wanted to 0854. I
help, but were only told of one or two things More Faimess News on page 16
they could do-—voter lD walks and phone
banks. Surely there were other ways they
could have helped. For Rent: Close to Elsmere Pk. n
We heard that people appreciated the 1 bedroom, high ceilings, newly
families who were out there telling their sto- renovated $435 inClUdBS Utilities
rise in the media, but needed to see more of 225-4425
WM —

 Wednesday, January 26th

Club I41

Daar 6:3! PM;

W Show @ 5:30 PM.

i $5 Cover

, .2,namegtme as
:onEn WI I

 Fairness, Bluegrass Chapter Legislative Committee
Volullteel- Oppormllities Lobbying in Frankfort. ln-district lobbying in
Lexington. Write letters to your representa-
There are many ways that YOU can get tives. Survey candidates for elected office. ha‘
involved in Fairness. We have six com- Contact Jennifer Crossen (299-7410) ’ the
'tt es that l and develo ' t .
m.' e pan . p 9””? 8 DP Benefits Committee mc.
With the goal of passmg LGBT legislation _ , , TrI,
. . . Work to get domestic partnership benefits
and promoting equality for all people. Its , _ , , , , he:
_ . . in variety of JOb Situations. Contact DaVId
easy. pick one and get involved! Sn
_ Cupps (396-9691)
Outreach Committee V l t r C m 'tt
Latino outreach project, Youth outreach _O U" 66 0 ml 69
. . . . Help us burld a stronger, more diverse vol-
proiect, Serve as a liaison to allied _ say
unteer base to do all of these fabulous proi- ,
groups, Staff a table at events, Outreach mtg
. . . ects! Contact Charlotte Wood (259-0854)
to surrounding counties. Contact DaVid he
Cupps (396—9691) Fundraising Committee “9
. . . Makes all of our other work possible. Auto u<
Communications Committee . . . q
. . . . donor prolect. Bowling for Fairness. Annual Ion
Phone tree, mailings, webSIte and list- ,
. . Bluegrass Dinner. Host a house party for sh”
servs. Write letters to the editor. For . . . ‘
. Fairness, Annual membership drive. ma
phone tree, Jennifer Crossen (299-7410). Contact Jim Dickinson (252-5801)
For website, David Cupps (396-9691). For dur
media relations, Charlotte WOOd (259- Website: http://www.bluegrassfairnessorg
, up
There ’s No Place Like Home, TW‘
. her
There’s. No Place lee Eome, » ad,
. There ’s No Place Like Home, . .Dorothy 3:"
First Time Homebuyer Consultants ! V, " ~_
Residential Home Sales W f“ :‘OY
. ~511;._i?f‘:i”:-"-“-‘j""" 11's]; Ul'li
Property Marketing 3’ ("E be
Buyers Agent ,1 ’ ' ,. par
Relocation a witl
. . - _ larl:
Bluegrasslistmg.com . , _. A -
. . . wa
RWM Kristin Smith “or?
[B and Abby sex
ALL STAR REALTY «w @’ Realtor cep
Just 3 clicks of your heels and a bull
phone call away from your next home. Ab,
GLSO Page 16 "'

 Abraham Lincoln: Gay? month by Free Press, Mr. C. A. Tripp exam- .

ines the evidence and concludes that

Because several articles / expected Lincoln, one of our greatest presidents and
have not arrived, / am printing this article an icon of the Republican party, was a gay
that I had started working on for next man.
month concerning a new b00k by C. A- Mr. Tripp, who died last year, two weeks
Tripp Because Of the rush, I have relied after finishing the book, subjected almost
heavily onarecentartic/e written by Dinitia every word ever written by and about
Smith for the New York times. Lincoln to minute analysis. Tripp, a psy-

Mary Crone, ed. chologist and former sex researcher for Dr.

When I heard a Log Cabin Republican Alfred C. Kinsey, was an influential gay
say that Abraham Lincoln was gay in a TV writer during his career.
interview almost a decade ago, I thought lh his book, Tripp examines earlier biog-
he was drawing a conclusion from very lit- raphers 0f Lincoln, including Carl
tle evidence. The primary evidence he Sandburg. lh the preface to Sandburg’s
quoted at that time was