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s a e 1 1 ‘ ‘ ~ ’ ' ' sass f3” ;
Volume 74: Number 5 - May 2003 - Published by Kentucky Press Association/Kentucky Press Service .
o o e W “,3???” 4
’ w‘iflrbm’ig‘m’ '
KHSJ A Convention 18 a huge success Ma
By DAVID GREEK s Newsé’f ates ;
As winter slipped into spring this a r ‘ '.y:i;.fi’~/t;’ ‘V, :
year, there were concerns that state 3% is“; , :Advertlsngxcellence f
budget cuts in education and a flurry w , " “banquet-setter May 15 .'
of school snow days might cause v_ Awardsirifie 2003 Advertising 5
attendance at the 2003 Kentucky High V " -» 1: ’ Excellence ' in Kentucky ‘
School Journalism Association con- ' V~ ii. V /.: , Newspapers competition will be
vention to plummet. Fortunately, . 2"” ‘ $ 42%; announced Thursday, May 15, at :
those concerns melted away as the F 33%?” ' wk ”3: " , an awards banquet in Lexington. '
KHSJA convention approached and is .x a 3 V ’ a The banquet will be held at the ’V
registration soared to an all-time high 2 ,9 a; ' ', Holiday Inn North on Newtown A'
of 888 students, teachers and chaper- ‘3 3 '. ~ Pike. The hotel is located at exit L‘
ones. . , x ~, is .~ «'5 g ' .. , 115 offI-75, .
Held April 16 at the Hurstbourne S Letters were mailed in mid- -_
Hotel 8: Conference Center in ff ’2 fig April toadvertising managers at '1
Louisville, the same location as the ,7 is»; [25,; V5 newspapers winning a first, sec- 1
January KPA convention, the KHSJA . 7 . a .. sit '1 r. :V :5 .sa's " . 0nd or third place award. f
convention’s biggest problem was 2. ; \ifil l if“?! 2;wa , The VMississippi Press "
where to put all the people. Nearly ‘ “’“v P ‘ASS/Vo’gietionjudged the competis
every break—out session was standing 2‘, .- . . 'V; jig: V M ' , :‘tiVofi in'late Mé’rch: ‘ V ~ ' V , j . . 1 ,
room only with many students sitting ;- r2, "t“ V ;_ , A reception is scheduled at 15:30 ‘ ;
on the floor too. , ‘7‘ ‘ J 2 £2: . I ‘ , p.m.,with the banquet to begin’a’t'6 V ,-
This year's convention featured a . ' _ V M VV V H _ V‘ pm. The ,aWards presentation will I
couple of new events __ an on—site Pam-Flatt, public editor of the Courier-Journal, watches as'students discuss what news begin abmt 7 pm. ' . , , , _ -f
writing and reporting contest and a :ndfinfogmatilon should be included on the front page during her sesswn, Today, you ' , , » , , ~L , , ‘,
TV broadcasting show-and—tell ses- et ee ltor' USPS FOCUS Group to ‘
SiOh- Fifteen students competed in the press conference on an imaginary Enterprise in Elizabethtown and , ; , V . V. l _ L
on-site contest, the brainchild 0f the news event based on a real-life news KPA’s Dana Ehlschide take on the meet!“ LOITISVII e V E
University Of Kentucky’s Elizabeth event. Students heard journalists Tom roles of a fire chief, survivor and coro- , The Eastemand Capital Metro }
”Scoobie” Ryan. The contest was a Loftus of The Courier-Journal, Steve ner, respectively. Then students had Areas PeriodicalsiFocusGroup f
success and will return next year with Paul, formerly of The News- Will be meeting Tuesday, May 13; ‘
some refinements. It featured a mock See KHSJA on Page 7 ,at, the Hurstbourne Hotel in 2
. , Louisville. The hotel is located just ;
Hall Of Fame 3 V , . £5! off I-64 at Hurstbourne Lane (exit 3
I d t' C ; "‘ ; A , 15)- : - , - ' a , 1
II 11C 1011 eremony 1 GI & .12 f 5 .4 Q KPA members are invrted to, , ‘
i f; j i f A, 2 V w ff 1 attend the focus group discussion,‘ .
Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame gfi . -' v if 'VzV'? V ._"-' f particularly that morning when
recipients posed with UK dignitaries V V 65, 2’ i ‘ V ______. 1111f V3 . consultation centers Will be set up , 2
at the April 8 induction. Shown, from g" 2 M” {g VV ,fi V 32.! ,1“??- ~ ,I _- to hearabout delivery complaints :
left, are Andrew Oppman,, executive 7"" 1” g I .7 3 if): Vets ' j and issues, USPS experts and f
editor of The-Post-Crescent in ‘ 3‘ 72:11?" .7 W3 a .» 2 postal leadership managers will be /
§PP16t9nr W‘s" and head,“ the UK V‘ ' a, “ a i v available to discuss Service ques— :
]oumalism school alumni group; Carl . x ‘2 :1 ' l ‘ ti 0 ns an dis sues ,
West, editor of the Frankfurt State *W‘“ 2 E ’j ‘ ‘ 3" .. . ' . 1
Journal; members of recipient Ed 5. . " if ”1" 5‘ ‘ ,1 consultatlon centers W111 be .
Ryan’s family; Npr Morning Edition 235%“ i: 2, open from 9 ant. to 10am. That ;
host Bob Edwards; Ed Staats, retired as”? ~'- ‘3' afternoon, 1:45 pm. to 2:30 p.m.’, :
AP bureau chief; and Dick Wilson, 54?; Viv} . ‘: ; V ' the‘schedule includes ”All about ;
interim head of the UK School of » f; g; 2 . £1 Periodicalsgan overview from ,
Journalism and Broadcasting. Eggs“: ‘ - ' a SOupto nuts)," a, session designed .’
See story on Page 9 at: ,, . s. . a ; W , , ‘ ’3
QML A 1,. s v , See’NEWS on Page-922, ;

 Page 2 - The Kentucky Press,May 2003 ‘
Tolliver named editor of career with The KentuCkY Standard in Pike joins Trimble Banner monthly FOCUS SECfiODS- Son
th K t k St d d 1998 as a staff writer and photograph- dot McKinney, 20, has served as a cor- Son
e en 11C y an at er. In July 2000 she was named assis- as news e l 01‘ respondent for the News-Journal for high
Lisa Tolliver has been named editor tant editor. She has also worked at the Darren Pike is now the news editor the last year. to eth
Of The Kentucky Standard, a three- M.t Sterling Advocate in Mt. Sterling. for the Trimble Banner in BEdfOTd- She is sophomore journalism major Hig h 1
times-a-week P3P?" With a circulation She is a graduate of Nelson County He was‘ born and raised in at Campbellsville University and is in coEvei
0f 9/623 PUbllsh?d m Bardstown. . High School and Western Kentucky Campbellsvflle wherehe graduated her first semester as assistant editor of of mir
Her new duties were effective April University, holding a degree in print from Taylor County High School. He the university’s newspaper, ”Campus
. . . . . . . . . _ attend
14- She was PreV1OUS1Y aSSIStant €d1t0r journalism With a minor in computer attended Lindsey Wilson C011989 1“ Times.” She had been a staff writer next y‘
of the Standard. science. Columbia, where he graduated with and photographer for the student Wh
Tolliver began her newspaper an Associates of Arts degree in Mass newspaper for one semester before ventio
. , ,, _ j . Communication. becoming a531stant editor. ballrc
_ _ . The Kentuck - Press ,f K Pikekbrisfly attendid Westerg Her father, Stan McKinney, is an Lexint
, , ’ ' ‘ , . , ,, , . ;_ ’ . , , i l, “ , .1 i g entuc Y niversity, ut instea assistant professor of journalism at was
__ . .y ,. _ f , y i ’f ’ ENE—id t0 W'rlltinuzhlils education}? Campbellsville University and was the advise
M , 9 ‘ , ‘ '2 , ~ ‘ J " ,7 , 1n sey 1 5°“ 0 ege W ere e news editor of the Central Kentucky
Th K tu Pr NeOO23-0324 _ , ‘Districtil-Gl G ,M Chester, , . - - . Th‘
puglisigdgznflfleisbgsgm Kentuckyi’lrsess ,, Bumpnseenn trey; {an 1 , p _, gagguated With a B.A. in English in geizvcfésjoumal for more than two ventio
AssOciatioanentu Press/Service;ifiic§f ["ij :' " ,i’ i?" «i j ” * .' . . ' alread
Periodicals Classeoéizg’eispaidat DismctIZIeffNeaLSomerset prfglizsivi: alleggfiavgghatfigpfifg years
Frankfo KY.40601.Subscri flan“ nceisCommonwealfli Gama} A, . x a: - ' ' ' ‘
$8 Peryzznhsmasmsendpchmgeof , 5:11;: 4: _ before taking the editor’s position at GaI‘I‘tlSOIl flamed aSSlStant 11:22;
vaddiesstoThéKéfimquleSSrIOI. Dementomceudmemgton; theTrimble Banner. Spor 5 WII er
ConsumerLane,Frankfofi;KY4O601,(502)Herald-Ieader:j;,’:,f(;1;'i3‘f‘,§: He also previously worked at Tony Garrison has joined The attéfig.
223:8821 , ‘ * ' V , I *e ;_’_,U,. Kentucky Finance as an assistant man— News-Enterprise as an assistant sports e
Officers 7 , s :3 heg~Dist11ct14eTemSG§11ters,BereaC1tizm ager and with WVLC-FM in writer. $2: (
. ~ . Q ‘ " 1; g! '- " {g Campbellsville as a sales representa— Garrison is originally from ‘
KentuCkyms _ CASS? , 93 “to" ,5 figgwmfimwdcymel tive, and with Amazon.com. Massachusetts, butrclaims Eastern 322%]
Pmdmtmiumhele TonMeedoeMadeonvaeseeger . Kentucky as his home He is presently t e
Wmeeee emgeigeetegmmegee MeKmney becomes news :3 we: atthwjftig: Kentuiky £731}
HmdwtmeeleimNeeoe dePafime‘Pt “515““ . to see In his spare time Garrison: a £1139?
Newsedmealeereemreiaed the Central Kentucky News Journal’s coach for EYSA. = g ene
VicePreSIdentwnavidThomberry,RiclunondReglster assistant in the news department. He also substitute teaches for the and s
SomersetCommonwealflmloumat 557' 77.3??? {i if; / She’s interning through the Kentucky Hardin County Public Schools. h0t¢11
Treasurer CharlrePortmamy " éggfifiggiggkg‘mm’ Journalism Foundation/Kentucky L He
~‘ , ,. ,, ,::;~p -- . exm;
. Frmgammg , _ , , , , . _. V j _ :_‘:f:';:5 ,_ , ;_,, _ PreficAsSOZIStxinfi have several respon Lebanon raises $600 for Bu.
. I ' . , _ ’, " ‘4 ‘Cir'culationDivisione/Kri‘ss 011115011, , Km“ ‘ . . . .
«PastPresideut-Da‘ve Eldridge, ’ ' " L'eiéifiéton'fieraldelieaderzié’l “ sibilities in news at the News-Journal- Blg Brothers-Big Sisters walk]
e/Iessa'mineIoumal ‘ _ 1 3' 1 ’ ,{j 7/ [5.3. : Besides gathering information for pub- The Lebanon Enterprise staff and Hurst
‘Q,’ ‘ _ f‘ , “ v :‘j j j, Aswaatestsion-vCliffFeitl-iamj , lic record, McKinney also will compile their families participated in the Big decor
[EnlardOiDgid031 __ M : Led d KentuCkyUtilitiee 9*? :3"? :V the Answers column that runs on Page Brothers-Big Sisters Bowl-a-thon on NHL“
fhict- '- ,‘ee use WY I semi;357,,”.i:;‘5!;’;;~:kiwi;if»?t,x:3_,,;_:,::i;:;?;x,af152:?» 2A of Thursday’sissues. Sunday, March 23, at Phillips Lanes in eac -
Tunes '. / ,' '3‘! GmMW-Jonmsm’mmi i Also compiling the Pet of the Week Campbellsville. peopl
, t , _ , ,y 5 , ,, GreenerDmsmoretsz/ShthLouisville ,1 , . . Th
Districtz-IedDillmgl 311 DawsonSprm _ , ,2; ;: ; w: feature that runs on Monday 5 Rural Split into two teams, one of the .
Progress _' " , ,_ gs KanhICkyPressAsmauonsmff ['1 i Living Page, McKinney will be respon- teams accepted a challenge from the pizza
9 » _ _ d , DawdTThompsomeecutiveDirector ' y’ Q, sible for compiling information for the local TV and radio station to see who numb
District 3—DonnWimmer, Hancock _ -_ BonnieHowardflantroller/ig KT: 33 " Calendar Pages and for Monday’s could finish with the best score. The awarc
Clarion _ ‘ “ ’ ‘TeresafievlétttDirEdoroffiaiwi/i ”,"rfjjgi, 11;} Area Digest. In addition, McKinney Lebanon Enterprise team of Greg for I
, - , ‘ , , 5 , y I DavidcmiMembélfiserViceeDiréCtor; ”a will also be writing news and feature S PEOPLE P 12 to tal.
Dimid'4'Ch3fiie Porhnann, Franklin . 7 , Dana WdetNeWSBWCQWOI‘ 577357559 stories for the newspaper and for the ee on age the”
Favorite * ' -,: David-Spencegmewmedjaoir’éctofi
, , 1 , y s stream it Booldeeep thingeeeistane’ .
yDistrictS-Ron F‘ll . ,Kentucky Standard , RébaLeWiSV/g: Research [Marketing , 2:; / , j, , Deat] S lcefiycee 1for several months as he battled
District 6- ArthurB. Post, Louis ville , gsgrdmatoidgA ahveAssmam /, Bornin Muhlenberg County in
Courier-Journal Rachel M cC Adindryertis", fAsstant .33: * . 1946, Henson attended Greenv1lle M,
,, '. arty, v 3‘38 is ~ , * Leader-News staff writer Elementa School and Beechwood 3:115:
W k»
DistricW-Kelle Warnide GallafinCounty Hwy wmard'mANgumss Clerk ’ ‘ - Hi hSchool in Fort Mitchell
News y ‘ TamiHensley,TearsheetClerk , _’ ' Henson dies gHensonstudied .Oum 1; t th A
“ j ’ , ’ ,1 ». , f , " Tom Henson, 56, a staff writer at University of Kentudk Aaftlesrnaitatlendej
DistrictS—Ken Metz, Bath Coun News I , , , , ' ' ~ , l ' the Leader—News in Central Ci died . y’ . ”’“e
ty , . ty mg UK Henson worked in the news .-
Outlook 7 ' ' , l I “ zundayifbipril 6’ at his home in business in Carmel, Calif. He then
~ . . ' ~ reenVi e. .
District9 _ Mark Maynard, Ashland Daily , Staff members, Officers .md Directors may Henson has worked at the moved to Florida where he 'worked as P“
Independent. , be readied by email usmgthe mlelduaiS M uhl b C . a sports editor and copy editor for the (Tl
firSt initial, fulilast name@kypress.com. 0 be“ fggo lounC’Ey newspapelr Since Bradenton Herald News in Bradenton,
District IO-Edmund Shelby, Beattyville There isno space or punctuationintheee C30 er H’ fin d ting genera dneinlls Fla. for 15 years before returning to
Enterprise , ,mail address. an sports. e a een on me 1ca Greenville.
, . f

 I .
The Kentucky Press, May 2003 - Page 3 g
3 KHSJ A doesn’t seem like such a ‘wild idea’ now
Some day. Some way. ever done anything like this —- house serves as its administrator, in addition 5,-
'r' Some day, we’re going to get 1,000 On Second .‘ and operate a high school association. to his duties as KPA Member Services
or high school journalism students The three pages of notes were com- Director and lobbyist. "'
together at one time for the Kentucky Thought ”5 bined with a memo, entitled ”Weird” The hardest part in the whole :
or High School Journalism Association’s _— ‘ fig/if or ”Wild Idea.” I don't remember KHSJA project was naming it. We 1'
m convention. That’s long been a dream “3% which. But I sent the memo and out- started with the Kentucky High 73 '
0f of mine and with the ever-increasing IféttDavid TtThompson 65% line to David Hawpe, Tim Kelly and School Press Association. But we j
is attendance, it’s going to happen. If not AExecutwe Dmcw’ W 2 Judy Clabes. I remember telling them found that more high schools have '
er ' next year, probably the year after. ' that this was one of the craziest things radio and TV classes than have stu- j’ I
“t When we did the first KHSJA con— dance for three hours. If you can call I had ever done and if they agreed, dent newspapers. With the radio and
re vention in 1998, we didn’t imagine the their gyrations, dancing. And my then simply throw the notes and idea TV outnumbering student publica- 3'
ballroom at the Radisson Plaza in grandmother thought ”The Twist” in a trash can. If they thought it was a tions, we needed the Kentucky "
m Lexington could ever be filled. But it was obscene. good idea, then let me know. Broadcasters Association’s support — V;
at was, with some 750 students and But I wonder today where high I never heard a word for any of the financially and in operating it. But the 5
1e advisers. school journalism would be had we three so that verified my fear it was a ”press” name would not get that sup- "
CY The next year, we moved the con- not gone 15 years without a statewide ”weird or wild idea.” port.
'0 vention to Louisville because we had association in Kentucky. From 1982, Late in 1996, Lisa Carnahan, our We tried Kentucky High School :
already outgrown Lexington. And two when UK decided to stop operating its News Bureau Director, was asking Media Association, but that name was I'
years later, it was on to downtown high school organization, until 1997, about other things she might be able already taken by school librarians.
Louisville, the Galt House East, where there was no statewide journalism to help out with at KPA. Her thoughts Next came, Kentucky High School i;
meeting space was plentiful. And group for high school students. were more along the line of setting up Communications Association. Again,
1e attendance surpassed 800. The KPA Board approved a recom— conventions or seminars. I searched the name was taken. ‘
ts This year, for KHSIA’s sixth spring mendation in 1991 that someone needs the file drawer and found a copy of ”Journalism” became the only iden- ,:
convention, we moved it again. More to get one started, preferably one of the memo and the outline and gave tifiable word we could use in the g
m than 900 came from across the state. the state universities. But nothing hap- her a brief background of how the name. And even though the ‘ _
'n . They took every available seat in the pened. idea came about. Broadcasters Association felt "journal- 5
'1 meeting rooms while others, wanting In 1995, 1 attended a workshop for I told Lisa that she was only the ism” still implied newspapers or the 2
,y to see or hear the session, stood atten- high school teachers at Kentucky fifth person to know that the paper- print media, the KBA Board voted to
r35, tively in the hallway. Educational Television. Near the end work existed. I’d had never mentioned give us financial support.
a Look across the road and see rows of the meeting, the facilitator hung it to any other staff member, any Their money, plus contributions
‘ of big yellow school buses. Then pads of large white sheets around the board member, or any one else other from member newspapers, founda- 'j
m glance through the hotel parking lot room. On them, the teachers had writ- than David H., Tim K, and Judy C. tions and Associate members, gath- . ..
1e : and see even more lined up where ten every need they had to help high But I gave it to her, told her to read ered us $50,000 in start up costs. 3
hotel guests usually park. school journalism. Without fail, and it over, think about it and we’d meet Two years ago, the Scripps .1
‘ Here comes two more buses from on most every one, the first thing writ- the next day to see what she thought. Foundation came on as a major spon- t ,
Lexington Catholic. ten was ”Statewide organization” or She liked the idea and with her sor, underwriting the KHSJA contest
But the impact wasn’t obvious until ”Statewide Association.” encouragement, we took the idea to and a summer teacher’s workshop.
walking into the Grand Hall at the If that’s what they needed, then the January 1997, board meeting. Now, six years later, the Kentucky i
1d Hurstbourne Hotel. There, tables were some group needed to do it, 1 thought. There were no specifics presented; we High School Journalism Association is r»:
ig decorated from one end to the other. I returned to the office that after- just wanted their OK to develop the a tremendous success. In that time,
)n Ninety-five tables, with 10 chairs at noon and started jotting down ideas. idea of a high school journalism asso- other state press associations have got- j
in each. Yes, when luncht1me came, 925 whatcould a high school journalism c1ation, to get supporttfor it from high ten involved in their state groups, and 1
people wandered in. association offer? How would it be schools and universmes and to come cou le e en f llowed our model and ;
ie The night before, attendance at a structured? How would it be funded? back to the March, 1997, board meet- p V. O ,
ie pizza party and dance approached the Is there any possible way a state press ing with a proposal. tOOk over Its operation. '
10 numbers we normally have for a KPA association could operate it? The board approved the request to It makes me wonder what KHSJA
1e awards banquet. More than 300 came I didn’t give those ideas much con— develop a proposal unanimously. COUId have been today If 1t had 97(15th
3g for ”Pizza with the Pros" —— a chance sideration as I wrote them down Interestingly, one of those board in those 15 years when Kentucky W33
to talk to practicing journalists about because this was a state press associa— members who supported the concept the only state without a high school
l2 ' their jobs, to gobble up pizza and to tion and no state press association had the most — David Greer — now journalism association.
l ~ ~ FOR SALE Publisher Job Opening
eng-ii .' , t I. . Muller Martini "Minute Tremendous opportunity for experienced newspaper profesmonal to lead Crayson ; ,.
535‘: f ”2' m WM ., “A”, Man" Stitcher/Trimmer. County s leading newspaper. We seek .an indiv1dual With Significant experience in’the g
. ,, ., . . at . ”a . advertismg, busmess or news & editorial disc1plines of the newspaper industry to jOin ,
f‘fij' ‘ m - , ‘ m T55. ”W.” wwhf’ l’uts m two staples and our group of over 20 Kentucky newspapers. The News-Gazette has a great team in place, 9
%' -. V. g- x. .. ’ .. ‘ W— trims quarter-folded Pmd' a market that is passionate about its newspaper and the resources to help you succeed in f
i i 0 “Ct on three sides. Ideal for your position. If you have several years of newspaper experience, management back-
3 3% TV books, Fair Programs ground, a passion for community newspapering and an overwhelming desire to win '
' w» c; . and many other special sec- while doing great work we need to talk. ‘
_ tions. In good working con-
dition complete with com- ’ Please send your resume by May 10th to:
S pressor, conveyor, waste collection system and an extra set of trim knives. Kath W. Ponder Vlce PreSIdentf plylsmn Manager ,
3 (This equipment was replaced by a new on-line system) $7 500 complete Tennessee Valley Dmsmn :
:1 ‘ ’ ' CNHI .
’ . _ _ _ PO. Box 1179 ,' .
For more information or to see this equipment call Glasgow, Ky 42142
Tim Hayden at The Gleaner Or kwponder@cnhi.com
(Henderson, KY) (270) 831-8352 E.O.E. 3

 € Page 4 - The Kentucky Press,May 2003
What I’m busy working on at the KPA office (
§ Journalism Boot Camp ‘4 ‘ Journalism Association statewide con- KHSJA. The day is not far off in which A J]
Plans for the 2003 KPA Journalism Oh B The vention on April 16 in Louisville was we can claim convention attendance of falrar
I Boot Camp are well under way with ’ y the largest — and most successful — yet. 1,000 or more students. wa'
two Kentucky newspapers having Wa if»! It was particularly successful in light of Check out www.khsja.org. N e;
if already signed up staff members. ______y_ «s: . the concerns that state budget cuts in Kids Voting Kentucky ]
Inquiries have also been received from .. education and the effects of numerous Last fall, KPA and Kids Voting dei
{ nearly 30 individuals who have snow days on school districts might Kentucky, a nonprofit organization pro- n 8V
i‘ responded to the Boot Camp statewide By David Greer ’ , , hold attendance down at this year’s moting civic involvement through chil— anc'
classified ad. So far, we’ve had requests _ , convention. dren voting in mock elections, signed of s
for information from Kentucky, and share the“ experiences. Fortunately, that did not happen an agreement in which KPA provides ‘
_‘ Indiana, Tennessee and Florida resi- Whlle “9‘1 at Georgetown College and attendance soared to 888 registered administrative support to KVK. D ai
i: dents — for a program we have only has been £199 for the past two BOOt students, teachers and Chaperones. Yours truly then added the addition— b
advertised in Kentucky papers. Not Camps, thls year the (30119894 has More than 925 people attended the al job responsibility of KVK executive i/a
?‘ bad, huh? promised an upgrade 1“ the quality 0f awards luncheon. director in addition to being KPA mem- if
i: Registration for the Boot Camp will the lunches. What 5 that 01d saying Truthfully, the convention had the ber services director, lobbyist and in ‘
3 remain open through early July — about an army “1&1“th better on a full Hurstbourne Hotel’s conference center KHSJA administrator. I jokingly tell d e
unless all 24 slots are filled before then. stomach or something hke that? . bursting at the seams. It was standing people I wear so many hats it’s rubbed h 61]
For the first time we are offering a dis— If you have BOOt Camp questions, room only in nearly all of the breakout the hair off my head. If only that were -
count to those who register early. Three call me at (800) 2646721 or e-mail me at sessions. A good problem to have, true! the
weeks of Boot Camp instruction, com— W- If you know an many would say. That’s probably true In any event, KVK, part of a larger P ul
puter lab writing time, breakfast and 1nd1v1dual 1“ your community who but the KHSJA staff will still scout national organization called Kids net
L lunch each classroom day are offered WOUId make a good journalist _ per— around for alternate facilities to see if Voting USA, is a wonderful program. If as
L for just $645; and it’s just $595 for those haps you WOUId‘ 11.1“? to h”? them If they are large enough to host next any KPA member papers would like to Ga‘
registering before June 27. Those who they had some “m3 " con51der send- year’s convention while still holding write editorials in support of KVK, I ‘
stay in Georgetown during Boot Camp mg them to camp. The dates are July 14 down sleeping room rates for the can provide all the background infor- ha‘
.} must pay for their own lodging. to Aug. 1' Classes are from _9 am. to 4 schools. That latter item is a key to mation you need. KVK is active now in e“
:4 All Boot Camp information, includ- p.m. Monday through Friday. BOO" maintaining our good attendance seven Kentucky counties so there is yO‘.
'3 ing a registration form, can be found on Camp W111 conclude on Friday, Aug. 1 trends. room for growth — lots of growth. KVK p ‘
the www.kypress.com web site. Wlth a spec1al luncheon and speaker KPA and the Kentucky Broadcasters is also seeking financial contributions to —
Several of last year’s Boot Camp and the awarding 0f certificates. Association, as you read in David facilitate that growth.
'{ graduates who are now working as ngh SCh°°l journalism , Thompson’s column in this month’s You can read all about it on the web- .._. ‘
T“ journalists will speak to this year’ 3 class The 2003 Kentucky ngh SChOOl issue of The Press, jointly sponsor site, www.kidsvotingkentucky.org.
. ____________________________—________—__—_—————
A t P bl' E l ’ P 1F] 1 WI
_ ccess o u 1c mp oyees ersonne 1 es ..
7' By KIM GREENE must specifically identify the records public’s understanding of the public 1. Resume of [employee]; 2f“
4': KPA General Counsel 4;“ sought. The rationale for this was that events in which Ms. X is embroiled. qu;
Dinsmore 8: Shohl .444: “A.” much of the information contained in How do you find out what you 2. Job application of [employee];
From time to time, 3%.: y 25.; fi' personnel files is personal in nature need to know without getting rejected ser
virtually every news— $594.3 ” ,- and the disclosure of that information by a public agency for an open records 3. Any employee handbook sto
_ paper has requested 352.8! serves no public interest. request that is too broad? Recently, forms, including but not limited to, a 3
i the personnel file of a . a Of course, the exemptions in the we drafted a sample open records acknowledgment of receipt and/or Sh
'; public employee. . , 4:444 . Open Records Act are permissive request which iternizes every category notice of employer policies or proce— rec
:~ Stories are afloat that ' 3‘ I rather than mandatory. That means a of document which we could imagine dures; of
f he or she has done public agency could choose to respond being in a public employee’s personnel rec
something laudable or notorious and favorably to a request to examine and file. Here is the sample letter we 4. Any records of work assign-
4. you want the background to report on copy ”Ms. X’s personnel file.” Many, wrote. If you are aware of other cate— ments and/ or job duties of [employ- ph
g it. however, opt for the other choice: to gories of records which could be con— ee]; the
; Some of you have hit the brick wall hide behind the exemption. In some tained in a personnel file, let all of us Int
when you have made a written request cases, they explain their decisions as know. 5. Any performance evaluations Co
j to the employee’s public agency trying to protect themselves from a x- x- x- >(- a: x- :e x- x— x- x- x- x- x- x- and/or reviews and employee ph
employer which has asked simply for claim by Ms. X that their disclosure of [Name of Agency] responses, if any, to such evalua- €01
a copy of ”Ms. X’s personnel file.” her file invaded her privacy. [Address] tions/ reviews; on
Some public agenc1es have flat out . Sometimes a reporter knows pre- RE: Open Records Request .
1 denied requests phrased that way. 05er what document or documents in 6. Any records relating to an Pr:
3. The Attorney General has sanc— Ms. X's personnel file he wants to Dear . [employee’s] compensation, including Pri
} tioned such denials. For example, in examine. Other times, though, the _—_—‘—’ but not limited to, pay stubs and .
OAG 91-203, the Kentucky State Police re orter doesn’t know. And shouldn’t , notices of raises and/ or bonuses;
. denied a request to inspect the person— bepexpected to. There could be docu- ins .1 lease copy or produce for 2:01
. . . , . pection and copying the followmg . . a
= nel file of James Stephens, a former ments in a public employee 5 file records as defined b the K t k 7. Any written notices and/or Sa
T‘ KSP em 10 ee. Ba in its decii n n wh‘ h l t t that erson’s conduct . y . en uc y rec rd of disci lina actions and/ or -
z p y S g S O 0 1C .re a e 0 p . 0 en Records Act including but not 0. S p ry M1
1 a 1981 Kentucky Court of Appeals (or misconduct) on the ]0b that the l'rlfi'ted to letters [facsimilesle- .1 reprimands of [employee];
~» case, the Attorney General opined that reporter knows nothing about. You 1 1 ’ ’ ’ mai 3, -
_ . . . . . . . correspondence, memoranda, or any . rm
1nd1v1duals seeking to inspect person— would never know to request It spec1f— _ 8. Any grlevances and/ or com- fin
’0 nel files under the 0 en Records Law icall but it would certainl add to the other documents.
5 p y, y See ACCESS on Page 11
k |

 The Kentucky Press, May 2003 - Page 5 }
Gaines celebrates 65 ears at th D 'l N
John B. Gaines on Frida , who work at the a er and 7% ‘ w - ~,,gf ,. . . ‘
April 25 became the third in his those who don’t.” P P . ' g2] . Zéj’wflgf ,_ V m
family to have his picture on the He said that each generation . ‘C—N 3"" i M; - , » , , 2
wall in the lobby of the Daily that has produced the paper has i ' 1,, [V . g , :WLgQ‘,‘ 5.. ‘
NEWS- tried to make it better than the if f . . 7 . 4'; f" {3’ L
In a ceremony for the presi- last. , J. ' ”w i a” ‘ _. _
dent of the Bowling Green ”I don’t think there’s any rém 7 ;, I, Maggi}, fr, ’ x -'
newspaper, employees, family doubt that we’ve done that,” he L 17/..." 'y . :r‘w’ .1 i.
and friends marked his 65 years said. fr , u , 311M e
of service. The fifth generation of the , .5 77 I J / ' , L‘WW g3;,,,.;;., .35: 3,; '}
Gaines started work at the Gaines family is now involved , It?" ‘7‘-:::;"’ l M"; :
Daily News, which was founded in the newspaper. ; , , "f. f a :‘f ‘g~§x-‘}?~i 1
by his grandfather, shortly after As the president of one of a . . a ’ ,i’y’g‘ 4;”. jff :71 , ,1. i
graduating from the University handful of family-owned news- 7' 5‘4 5" ~ , flgijfzfggi; :
of Alabama in 1938. He worked papers left in Kentucky, John B. ' 1’ , , , , j «3.35% ' _ . /‘7r':.ygt,% -’
in the news and advertising Gaines has served as a director ' . ' . . , , ;, :1} ‘7 ~ Lgfl,§i3§:-§g§;f§;§:§f J
departments until 1947, when and president of the Kentucky ' , 2,, , . " g _, ”ié’fggg( 3
he became the publisher. Press Association and a board » iii ...,2 . - if? If”: 3‘3, , ,
Fifty years later, he became member of the Southern . EVE; '. ,' " a“??? f
' ' ' . ,/ ' .~ ~‘ 22 ‘4, Graft?“ ,ttt ist‘a- . swarm; .
the presrdent of News Newspaper Publlshers _ I! ‘~~_.~,- ' I 1
Publishing LLC, publisher of the Association. He is also a past , 2,, *ww‘,~«~~ .54 gig: j
as publisher by his son Pipes Templin Memorial Award, ? 5, eggagagtz“”w,~ :5”: “at J.
Gaines. which reco nizes outstand'n ‘ ”rifajfi%§ré"r ’J i Fé’g}: i
g 1 g . strai/tjflrwwi‘ 2 -l- ”-fi'fié-e'fii" {
”The Daily News couldn’t community service by a ,3 gigantm’” 5‘ ‘3? mm ’
. I" Wm- ”t’k- 7’2fli-itfiiwaiitté’. :"':i.“.” Hféfivn-“ii,”“5.1:;.‘n’l-‘u‘a'iviw ’{ ' ' 'i’ .1. £1,912 . '5‘...’ L.%T?$gi“ -
have made through these 65 Kentucky newspaper publlsher. _ _ ' . _ _ é
years without the strong sup- ”There have been a lot of John B. Gaines, left, and his son Pipes Games have a discusswn in front of John’s photo-which will ’
port of my family, both those highlights," John B. Gaines said. zzxpgiagpier; the lobby of the Daily News in Bowllng Green honoring his 50 years of serv1ce to the j
M .'
KU EKU h (1 'th ° 1' d '1
.1. W , onore W1 Journa lSIIl awar