I E" 7' "I'm; ‘73.». n.
. ‘ 2“”
I A faculty committee administers this program and serves as the student’s adviser . jj E E3
and the until the Special Committee is appointed by the Dean of the Graduate School. ‘= q EE
'al, om} A doctoral candidate may apply for the degree of Doctor of Education or the _ 1- Eh"
he exam. I degree Doctor of Philosophy. In either case the candidate must complete the .‘ E1 I:
d by the I Graduate School requirements for his intended degree. For information con— 3 I :E
of grad. I ceming admission to the program, course requirements, and the like, write .; ‘1’
in of the to the Dean, College of Education, or to the Head, Department of Psychology. _. ‘ E5 E
’5~) The Z I ‘1 .3
Immittee. :1 ' V .‘
graduate The degree of Specialist in Education is conferred upon a candidate who . E I E
exfimrna. satisfactorily completes a sixth-year planned program in Education under the . E '
'6 ensrve E general requirements of the Graduate School (pp. 15-18) and the following . I E
r the de- E specral requirements. ; _ E I
require. Admission I I E E
E1 0 th The student, prior to admission to the program, (1) must have a EE
1) n e master’s degree, (2) have a standing of 3.4 or higher on his graduate work, . E E
E except in special cases, (3) meet the requirements for a teaching certificate . I; ‘I
I or have credentials appropriate to his field of specialization, and (4) have I ~' E
. , completed at least 30 semester hours of courses in education (undergraduate EI‘ I
andidate I and graduate) ' I I
e degree E A student must file an application with the Dean of the College of Educa— I I E E
de rees ‘ tion. The application will be considered by an admissions committee of the E . I
g I College of Education and each student must be recommended to the Graduate E E
' School by the division or department in which he plans to major. _ E . E
f $25.00 Program : E _ E
The student must earn a minimum of 24 semester hours of graduate work E ' 2
‘ beyond the master’s degree (of which at least 12 semester hours must be in ' E _ E
. 200 level courses or above) with a limit of 12 semester hours per semester LE E
I for a full-time student, 6 semester hours per summer session, and 8 semester E I
same as i hours for a three-week intensive course. 5; ' E
:eptions: 1 The division or department in which the student majors shall be re— E .
I sponsible for assisting the student plan a program to meet his needs. The ‘ E E
bird and program should contribute to specialization in a field but should not neglect . :_, ‘
)llege of E the broader development of the individual. The total disciplinary resources i I
. of the University of Kentucky will be recognized in planning a program to meet E E
_ i the student’s needs. I . ;
[32:31)? E An independent research problem (equal to 8 but not to exceed 6 56- I I 1
a1 Com: 1 mester hours) must be done by the student and a satisfactory written report i i I
. prepared, a copy of the report to be filed with the division or department I
srde the directing the research. E
ion and E With the approval of the Graduate Dean and of the division or depart- E
transfer ment in which he is to major, the student may transfer a maximum of 6 IE I
I accet I Semester hours of residence credit earned beyond the master’s degree from ‘
p E an Institution which is approved to offer work above the master’s level. E E
Final Examination I
ELING A final examination shall be required of all candidates. ' E E
. An examining committee, consisting of at least three qualified members, . I ,E
th E is recommended by the adviser and director of graduate study and appointed I
ugh e I by the Dean of the Graduate School. ‘ I
chology. E E
. . s