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for the

A student comes to a
young professor's
office hours. She
glances down the
hall, closes his door
and kneels
pleadingly. “i would
do anything to pass
this exam." She leans
closer to him. flips
back her hair, and
gazes meaningfully
into his eyes. “I
mean," she whispers.
"I would do anything

He returns her gaze,


His voice softens.

"Anything," she repeats

His voice turns to a
whisper. “Would you

Tommy had reached
school age. His
mother managed with
a blast of propaganda
to make him
enthusiastic about
the idea. She bought
him lots of new
clothes, told him of
the new friends he'd
meet and so on. The
first day, he eagerly
went off and came
back home with a lot
of glowing reports
about school. The
next morning when
she woke him up. he
asked "What for?"
She told him it was
time to get ready for
school. "What,
again?" he asked.

A letter
from school:

Dear Dad,

School is really great. 1
am making lotS of
friendS and Studying
hard. With all my
Stuff, 1 Simply can't
think of anything I
need, So if you like,
you can juSt Send me
a card. aS I would
love to hear from

Your Son

A week
a letter
from ‘home'

Dear Son,

1 kNOw that astroNOmy,
ecoNOmics and
oceaNOgraghy are
eNOugh to keep even
an hoNDr student
busy. Do Not forget
that the pursuit of
kNOwledge is a NODle
task and you can
never study eNOugh.


- Source:

- compiled by
Samantha Essid/
Ron Norton


4.7 3.2

Partly cloudy, cold
and yucky. Can you tell
it's December yet?

Kent on L3H.

Ker m3;

VOL. 38105 lSSUE #68

News; tips’

Call: 257-1915 or write:








WTO saga continues



Cheri Honkala is arrested by Seattle Police officers after she tried to break throu
State Trade and Convention Center, Monday, in Seattle.




gh police lines outside the Washington
Activists turned up the heat Monday on the World Trade Organiza-

tion, taking their message to the streets and announcing plans for mass acts of civil disobedience when the ministerial con-

ference begins Tuesday in Seattle.



fired red pepper gas yes

terday as thousands of

protesters took to the
streets iii a successful ef-
fort to disrupt the open
ing ceremonies of tiie 1:13
nation World ’l‘rade ()r

The (‘linton adininis
tration had hoped the
event. the largest trade
gathering ever held iii
the llnited States. would

sitowcase the benefits of

free trade. ihit demon
strators loudly protested
the Geneva-based organi
zation. which they con
tend has a lack of con
cern for environmental
and worker rights issues.
Police said they fired
rounds of red pepper gas
ittto groups ofdenioitstra
tors who had cltained
themselves together and
were lying in the streets
iii an attempt to prevent
tleiegates from making it
to the opeitiitg sessions.
W'l‘() officials. who
spoke oit
anonymity. said the
opeitiitg ceremonies were
delayed because UN. See
retaryttletteral Kof'i An-
natt was uttabie to get to
where the starting ses-
sions were being held.
“We're basically
putting a human face on

condition of

worker rights along with
trade.” 'l‘eamsters urtioit
President James Hoffa
said. speaking at the or
ganizing point for the
ittarcli. a football stadium
near the Seattle Space
Needle. 1p and down the
West (‘oasf dock workers
began shutting down car-
go movement iii solidari
ty‘ with the anti W'l‘()

.luiia Harrington of
San it‘rancisco. wlto was
walking with her Tryear-
old son aitd pusitiiig her
ley'eztt‘-tii(i datigltter iii a
stroller. said site was
marching "to protect the
environment and to
protect other children in
the world from tiiifair ia-
iior practices."

in Washington. i’resi»
dent ('iinton said he was
"very sy‘tttpatitetie' with
the concerns raised by or
gantxed labor and envi-


A protester tries to hand flowers to a Seattle police officer


during a demonstration at a downtown Seattle McDonald's.

rorimental groups
(‘iintoii said y'i-stet‘»
day he wants the Seattle
talks to chart a path for
slashing trade tariffs anti
keeping barriers away

from illlt‘rtii‘i commerce.
strongly lielieye that We
should open the process

"i also

tip to all those people who
are now demonstrating
on the outside." lie said.
”They. ought to be a part
of it. And 1 think we
should strengthen the
role and the llilt'l‘t‘sl ofia-
liter and environment itt
our trade negotiations."


The World Trade Organization
evolved in 1995 from the General

Agreement on Tariffs

(GATT) and now boasts more than 130
members. with 30 others currently ne-


and Trade

control 90"., of world trade and con-
l'rom goods aitd services to intellectu-
al property. development. policy and
dispute settlement.

with everything


gotiating membership. Representa»
lives of member governments gather
for the ultimate goal of helpirtg “trade
flow smoothly. freely, fairly and pre-
dictably." the organization says.
Member countries of the WTO

Their rules anti negotiations help
to ensure the trade goals they set
forth. The current complete set of
agreements fills up 30,000 pages.

(‘heck out the website at

the WTO. it has to considr
er human rights and


State hesitates in donation

By Amanda York

Renovations for Rupp Arena
arid the Civic (‘eitter could slow be-
cause of difficulties in receiving
funding front the state. Lexington
Mayor Pant Miller said yesterday.

Miller said the state might be re-
luctant to provide the $30 iiiiliiott re
quested because of the uncertainty
surrounding the 17K basketball
team's future at Rupp Arena. The
state. she said. is “going to want to
see some letter of intent." Miller

“We've tnade it clear to them
that we'd like the university to make
a long-term commitment (to playing
in Ruppl." she said.

(1M. Newton. athletic director at


UK. said he doesn‘t see lfK's involve-
ment with Rupp Arena affecting
plans for the renovation.

“i can't imagine that." Newton
said. "Either they are going to get
their $311 iniliion for the convention
center or not."

Newton said the athletic depart-
ment supports the renovations and
will continue to play at Rtipp urttil
fttrtiter decisions have been tnade.

”We are very supportive of what
they are trying to do and we are very
supportive of their plans to renovate
Rupp. bttt it isittst too early to make
any definite commitments." Newton

Newton said Mayor Miller plans
to ask the state for $30 million and
that this money would be used en-
tirely for renovations to the (‘ivic

h Stut esp at the Uneivrt

“The mayor wants $45 million
for the project. $311 million for the
convention center aitd $15 tniiiion
for the Rtipp renovation.“ Newton

Newton said that once the de»
parttrtettt determines the renova-
tions $15 million will buy. they will
negotiate another lease.

“Once that is determined then
we will go from there and see. what
kind of renovations you can get for
$i5 million." Newton said.

Newton said l'K has a lease for
five more years with Rupp Arena
and that the university would honor

“Depending on what happens
with the renovation of Rupp." New»
ton said. “we will see about extend-
ing it (the lease)."

or men


Plan ahead

The Kernel’s guide to


Frank X. Walker
book a success

Spring Break successl


' Y


Former alum and faculty member
creates new concepts with “Affrilachia.”

By John Wampler

i’rank X. Walker's
book of poetry sold .‘ioo
copies the first week of i1~-

For a book oi poetry.
that number is lllt'l‘v'tiliiit'.
said Gurney Norman. a l'l\'
iingiish professor. adding
that usually it would take a
year to sell that many

Walker. a l'i\' alumni
and former program coor
diiiator of thi- Martin
Luther King (‘uittn 'ti t‘eii
ter. has gained critical .it

claim with the l'l‘il‘ilsit oi’

".-\ffril.'tchia." his first an
tlioiogy' of poetry.

"it has electrified the
reading coiiiinttiiity.” .\'oc
man said "The book has
iniiiiciliaieiy struck a
neryc in Kentucky

i-‘ot' Walker. :\f
l'i'iiacltia is much more
titan a book titlc He said
”hat the term caiiic about
.is the result of an identity
issue. 'i‘li~- you its c\istettt‘e
sorted to define tliose writ
«it‘s who felt that they did
it t Ill comfortably into the
stereotype Hi .‘lll \ppai it‘ili
.iii writer

\\"nile walker inaiiye
o1 iianville, lyeiiiiicio. is


.\i'rican :\lllt'i‘ll'§llt. he said
that the definition of Ap
paiaciiian is connected
with the white population

Walker ust-d the term
.-\ffriiacitia in the title of
one ot his poems about sev
en years ago. and used the
word .\ftrii:tchian in that
same poem to refer to him

“i had no idea that i
was ci'miting something
that eteiyoiie would con-
nect with." he said.

(in the simplest level.
.\ftrilachi.in refers to those
ol .-\Il'lt‘tlll descent living in
Kentucky aiid .-\ppaiachia.
lint Walker said that the
term was ne\er meant to
be exclusiye. and its mean
in: has e\paitt|ed.

Norman cicpiained that
there is a deeper coitcept
that people around the
world who can relate to the
ideas explored by Af-
l'rtiacliian poets (family.
place. the stt‘ttglic for so-
cial justice. and identity)
can choose to identify
lit"lll.\i‘i\e\ as .\ftriiacliian
If they wiin

i’or \Valkt-r. the issue
of place is a wry important
out» iit' said that on sortie

See WALKER on A3

gateway to fame

New website may be useful tool for
students to publish writings.

By Samantha Pence

CONT? Riv' NU NV if“

Aspiring authors at
i‘ix‘ haye a new outlet for

Thanks to .itlslw'l'iiv
ten com. a website de-
signed to help writers gt-t
published. students who
want their talents discov-
ered might get the chance.

i'K iiitgiish professor

i;iirne\' Norman said get-
ting published today is
iiittcli harder than it was iii
the past. "it is harder to get
published today titan it

was to years ago.” Norman

Norman. enthusiastic
about print inertia. said he
encourages his students to


get published oniine.

.lustwritteni-oni offers
many features and services
for writers. such as a chat
room w lit-re authors cait
converse and give each otlt
er ady ice about writing.

Written iiiateriai of
any genre can make its
way oitto .lustwritten cotii.
The website publishes nov
eis. t‘ooiy‘iiooix‘s. screen
plays. pot-try and short sto

.lason Schorr. ait em
ployee of .itistwrittenconi.
said writers have literary
freedom because .ittstwrif
fettcom does not place re»
stt‘ictions on writing sty le
it does iudge the content of



Rupp Arena may undergo some changes. if funds allow.




 , all,”

3727] notably, DECEMBER 1. 1999 | KENTUCKY KENNEL:



. we ):.,-



Clinton: no 2nd thoughts on Panama i JUST

WASllth"l‘()N President (‘liiiton said . l

Yesterday the’lYiiited States has no seeoiid W“ Be PIIIIIISIIEII f



The Low-down

thoughts about relinquishing eontrol (it‘tlie l’ana
ma (‘anal and is eoiifident Panama's gtn't'l‘llllli‘lll


will do a good job ofoperating the waterway. 'l‘he Continued from page M HOW:
. 1978 Panama Canal treaties requires the United . , _ , Writers can attempt to be 3
Government 0K5 EXXOH'MObll merger States to surrender eontrol ol'the eanal and to re material] “ill"! “1‘” ””1 ““bl'jh published by sending their work i
v . . . . - move all US. troops b\' llee. :31, 1999. (‘liiiton ”1”““1‘ 1"” ‘5 ”W‘s"? 5' on diSk or through email to l
,A . u" '1; ‘ r i, a", : ‘ ‘ , . .-' '.. . .
v' , I\\\)Sllll\(.l(t)\ Mu:,(iiitlulalllllfi {ginghléfig’tlfiv Jal t twine won t attend the handover ceremony in mid—De ' ‘ 1 ””3"! _ . Justwrittencom. Writers also i
3331:”? fi‘. “1 "Pf ,1], .“fl; 1 H" .lmi‘th‘flfilll (.Wmn‘, a tuft" B o eeinber. He said the lfniied States would be rep ‘ 5‘1“"! Mild ”11‘1“!”le need to senda synopsis to
” "”1 n" ”‘H ” ‘\ “ I ‘ ‘ ' ‘ " an s ° e a resented in Panama by former President (‘arieix “”11““5 “Tl“‘l'p 1" "Mk“ Justwrittencom.

the world‘s largest non uoreriiiiient petroleum Millionaire' into 1“,.“- M'l'llllp book length rm.

whose administration negotiated the treaties.






company. The Federal 'l‘rade (‘oiiiniission re a permanent ”will.” “h“ want to pup,
quired as part oi the deal that the two oil giants series in ehase and read “Him“ What' 4
sell more than Lloo si'l‘\ iee stations iiiosih in January - and , . l’iiblishers ean bu\' mum - i
the Northeast. (‘aliioriiia and ’l‘e\:is to ensure re- that's the net- Ramseys sue Star over accusation rial hm" the authors in. m”, Any literary genre can be ‘-
tail eoiiipetitioii where the two eoiiipaiiies hare work's final ,, 3 ‘ [”(itintr mp website, The “u. published on juslwritten.com j
large. ti\'i‘l'l.’tl)lllll§.1 llli'll'lxv'l shares. (io\'erniiieiit answer. Primed {“1”va ”‘0 Wm“ M JUHBHM Ram 1 thor ll7lll$l grant the website including "OVEIS. COOltbOOkS. ,
approval had been espei ted aiid‘elears the wax to pick up its :‘Pl‘ilh‘ltll('ll‘l\u'l;l"9‘5"?('li‘l‘l(l‘gllu‘ufiit11:;‘l7lllll)l‘l:lllllrim?"l permission to sell the work. screenplavskpqetrv 30d short ;
tor han torn. and Mobil (orp. who an first sweeps a ‘01!” .l‘ ‘; (311! «331” .3‘..~“. pill .,I .- 7. .. and the “MN“. [‘(it‘tIth‘S to sories. I
nouiieed their intention to merger last lleeenr crown in five pltlilfidfi ms t) e ~tinisi isi soti‘luazd’ ”in“. flip “WW,” ol'the proeeeds. 3
her. to eomplete the deal. probabh in the routing: ears ABC will I)! (i ”1 JUllBt n‘et s'lllllll er I it" . tat 'tllt'l ie Si-horr said
“upke- V ' , traeted the stories. l‘he suit. seeking: 82.) million I , , . 'k .. |. ., g
’ announce thls . . 3 . . . . . 3 . . . . ‘ ‘. l “SllAl llth.(Ulll til [‘5 (, \ll‘ ”)9 t
_ iii attual and punitne damages. said ilie stoi ies. - . _, l l _ , ‘k ;
week its long- .3 _ ' 3 t), , . .1 . . pittautions witi tit wot s 3 .
publishtd May .0 and June 1. \\t it lalsi and ol‘the “rm“ 'lllll readers to . ‘ 3 ‘ 3 . - i
- - term plans '0' del‘amatori'. and subjected l‘zw'ear-old Burke , , . - l H, I (l 1. f‘ " . 1 he mm?! owns the FOP)- “ '
le sought for 100 tn Mexrcan graves the hot "in... Ram“, 13, "public hmm, -(.(,,m,,m,[ and ‘ (mug «rial mm (tail-s1. H 1 rights to published material on i .,
. - . . ‘ - .. ,, . ' . eaters mus l ou eta -' . i . . . i
. . . .. . , time ill"! show ridieule. lhe byearvoltl .lonlienei was found 1 f _ . .. ,1 , l ,. .'l] ‘2, the “IL interested readers "a!" i i
( ll I),\l) .ll ARlu/h .\lii\lt‘ll .\loie than too hosted by Reqis [it“llt‘ll ‘lll(l ‘31.,”le Dee 26 19% in the ”ML ; (illlllls [sailing t1?) wtl not use download books that Justwrn_ . :i
' i . ‘ - ’ «r '"t- .. " '1 ; ~~ - ' . '1 - ‘ f ‘ ‘ h. ’ '. ‘ " ‘ . “ )ll ) is iet wor as tieir own - «» -. - . ;.
I thlnk ”Wm“ 1'“ “Mm" “‘ All" ' If m"‘ ”t 1" hf H (I m Philhln- ment of her parents home In Boulder. (,olo. ’ , ,7 , .. , , ten""{¥]],h“b published, Schorr . 5
have beeii killed by a Mexiean (ll‘llL’ eaiiel and , betoie the3 (an bu} matetial 531d We do not worry about 3
that, uh, buried on two liltlll'lll‘slli'tll‘ this border (‘11). 3 toread. legal problems,“ he said. ,3
- Mextt'aii authorities said )‘i‘slet'tlafi'. l .5. and l i
VOtmg Mexieaii agents resumed a seareh \‘esterdai' i'or ,, ‘
bodies. There has been no iiidii'aiioii am ot'the 7 7 7 7
prefer bodies had been exhumed and ol‘lieials were tin» 3
" 1': "l low lll:tll\' bodies Illi'\ expert to - - ;
ences (f itaiii i _\ ltl .\. l 3 3 , .
hnd. At Mi‘Xlt’ii s request. the 1‘ HI sent agents and ”m l‘ 3-.
Should i‘oreiisie experts to help reenter and identify" the around 5
remains. believed to be of both [28. and Mexu'an .3
be kept eiiixeiis. the Mexieaii attorney uenei'al's of‘f‘ire 2
private.” tsaid ill] a jtateiiit‘iiitTlorlieali s ( liudattl 2:“an has “WHY. 2
it i n li .it iiiiai it is lit llt .iiaii / i .ii i _ “0"“. man works diligently to 5
Brendan Fraser, fix a broken water main ,
7 Monica whose pipe in front of the 1”
Lewinsky, . .
New Yo... Computer tracks quns used in crimes Htollili‘wrd mil: hail daissmolm
resident, , 3 . , 3 3 , 5 0° 95 n9 eavnqa arge
on whether \\ ,\.\HI.\(; l‘( )I\ A iiat ionwide ('otiiptitet' soared in the dent in the campus 3
or not system that aims to traee uiiiis used in ei‘itnes wake of the scenery. i
she’ll be gives law eiii‘oi'eeineiii ol‘lit’ials a new weapon in summer smash
voting for the war against eriine. The s) stein. ealled ()nline ‘The Mummy,’
Hillary Rodham Lead. is administered b\ the 'l'reasury llepart- Wm be paid a mcxmugcfl l mung“;
Clinton nient‘s lltireati of .\l( ohol. 'l obaeeo and Firearms dazzling $10
in next year's and has been operating on a limited trial basis million to star
US. Senate si’n‘e‘e‘l‘k-liriiart. The system is in use at all It‘ll in a Fox remake 3
race, to A It held oiht‘es. “\l.[..}".””':h polite :tlltlltilllt‘l‘ local of the I967 11 4
Barbara Walters. law enioreenient oilieials eaii i tap illl‘t‘(‘ll_\' into Dudley Moore .
the M'tsli‘lll on their own. the_\ ean :ieeess the sys-
~ .. . comedy
ll'lll [hl‘llllull .\ l I‘. ‘Bedalzled r ,4
Fraser received 4
a reported $4 '


DOW up 82 million for 'The
. . . . . , , Mummy,‘ which
,\l,\\ \(lltk Just before I pin. lubl. the has seen its
Dow} industrials were up'tlzttti‘io ll.ll.:iti.illi, lleelin» worldwide gross
lllf.’ issues on the New \oi‘k Stoek luxehanue led near $400 mil-
adx'aiii‘ers 1.11;.2 I.;;;i 'l‘he Nilsllilll was down lion‘asequel is

.33.”) ll) ‘i'i‘l‘Hll. in the works






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v‘wnsv- s. “A. -

...-..s §gimg ,, a...»

an -.;A,\:..a.'_¢, . “v









French teens are supplied pill

French government hands out morning-after
pill in schools, parents and officials divided.


PARIS 'I'ho l‘lcllcll goy
ornmont's docisioii to iiiako tho
iiioi‘iiiiigai'tor pill ay'ailahlo to
tooii ago girls at schools has llll
loashod a l‘iorco doliato in this
prodomiiiaiitly Roman (‘atholic

I’aronts and lioalth oi‘iicials
aro diyitlod oyor wliothor tho
action will ushor in a dangor
ously iionchalant attitudo to
ward iinprotoctod sox or pro
\‘ltlo toonagors with tho sup»
port soliio cotltonti is missing at

lloputy lCducation .\Iinistor
Sogolono Royal. a Socialist. said
toon ago prognancios woro not
Just a family mattor hilt a pull
lic health prohlom that Ill‘lt‘(‘l\
Iti.tliltl girls tlntloi' lit oach war.

"I want to rospond to this
distross‘. to this urgoncy. hy-
asking adolescents to go though
a school nurse" should thoy
foar an unwanted prognancy.

Royal said in announcing tho
action o\or tlio wookond.

(liico tho moasuro takos of
loc'l. in a low wooks. tho morn
ing attor pill. Norla-yo. will ho
ayailaliio through school mirs
os. ’l‘ho troatmont consists oi
two pills. ono takon within 73
hours ai'tor soxual intorcourso
:ttltl lllt‘ si‘t‘olttl ii) to ‘11 hours

'l‘hoy work in proyonting
tho implantation oi‘a t'ot'tili/od
ogg in tho utortis which op
polli'tlts t'oiilollil amounts to
(tlltll'illlll liy hiocking doyoiop-
mont oi'a yiahlo oiiiliryo.

In tho l'iiitod Statos. two
forms oi Illiil'llllltlst’ll‘il‘l' pills aro
£l\':lll:lllli'. ltttt whilo toons can
got tlioiii at most hoalth or lami-
ly planning clinics. tlioy iiood a
prosoription. .\ny attompt to
distriliuto thom in schools
would most cortainly taco
strong opposition.

'l‘ho .\'orl.o\'o pill has hooii

ayailahlo without prosci'ipiion
in l‘ltlllt't' sinco .iuno. lilil sup
portors of distributing ii iii
schools arguo that young tilt is
may lio loalii to ask for it lit

‘s‘omo I’ronch tooii .‘lLtt‘l‘s
\\i‘li‘lillll‘tl ilii' titii'lsioti to dis
trilit.lo tho pills at schools. .xi
mg it hypassos tho homo and
tho moral dohato sui'roiiiiditi;.:
llli' l>\llt'.

“You can‘t talk to with pa:
outs about thoso things. (toms,
to tho school nurso will lvo lilo
ta king to somoono .inonx
mills.” said (‘harlotti- l\|l‘lllt‘il. .i
l-rM‘Ill‘iilll student at tho |.\coi
(ariiot iii wostorn l’aris

"I‘m not adyising \tillll-’
this to go out and hayo so\ and
thon tako tho pill. ltut ii~ tlio'.
if“ going to mako a llll~l£ll\'.
thon it's hottor that thou can l!\
it.” said Laure S:tii\';ij.tiiai'gtii-s. i
Iltyoarold university sitidi 't‘ii.

Vatiossa I)oil‘orgo. to point
od to tho traditional inoios iii
li‘i‘anco. where two third» of tilt
population idontii‘y thoiiisciyo»
as Roman

(‘atholtt ”l'lti-
Ii‘ronch aro \ory roprossi-d' sh.»


l'iitio‘ said tho moasuro
amounts to all admission ofi'ail
ui‘o liy oducalion and hoallli all»

It makos tis i'oar that tho

pill will lli‘ ll‘l\‘ltlll/t'tl by a
t'ioaior mimlior oi' childron."
~iid tlio I‘odoratioti oi' l‘aronts
it I'upiis iii l’uhlic Schools.
2‘ lot ll upposos llio action

to a igi-rs thomsolyos said

tit“ totoitio/o tho risk of

'I lli‘iilly' tho docisioii is a

_ ,. lltlll on tho oiio hand.
Ma ,u-ortw ;;otsiii't :oi alt-us
ton ,-.l t» :i I think souio girls
wt i not it-i :oi .ll‘illll t oiitl‘acopr
iiw rot-ti . I‘» iih. ll doosii’t that
lot . I . iii ; oo- tho iiiorningaflor
I‘ll, .' .iitl.lii:illl1 i .\tda:i. 1.3

ltut dospito this risk. girls
tio.tlioi'ii:ili\o ahortioii
is wot’so. Moro than now
so!» iiiiiioi tho .igo of lit hayo

".\iiortioi; is :oi'y radical
\\ .tii tho pill. \t'li ha\o tho ilii
lit'v'ssiiill that you aro taking a
iii-«lit-ioo.” sulii Sauyagllar





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instancos when he has yis~
itod pooplo outside of tho
stato. pooplo hay‘o hooii
surprisod to find that
thoro aro African :\Itll'l‘l-
cans liying in Kontucky.

“Part of my job as an
.~\l‘fril:ichian poet is to lot
pooplo know that we are
horo." Walker said.

()no of tho only frus-
trations Walker has as a
poet is trying to got down
tho idoas running around
in his hoad. and hope that
thoy don‘t come whilo ho
is heading down [iii in
Louisville whoro ho cur-
rontly works as director
for tho (loyel‘noi’s School
for tho Arts.

“l gayo up trying to
write and driyo at tho
samo timo." Walker jokod.

Most of Walker‘s poot-
ry comes to him as tho r...
stilt of an emotional ro-
sponso to an outside stim-
ulus. whether it is happy.

ing. ho said.

"\i hon l writo. I try to

tako a picturo." Walk

or said.

\Valkor said that for

many writors. it is

sai‘ost to wrlto ahout
what they know. so ho has
mado many “picturos" oi"
numhors of his family

Whon Walkor was
growing up. though his
family didn‘t l‘oall\ one
courago his artistic tal-
onts. While ho loyod writ-
ing. whonoyor ho brought
it up as a caroor option. ho
said that oyoryono told
him that ho would staryo.

’art oftho roason why
his writing impulso was
so foreign to his family
was tho lack of a siitgio
writer or artist of color in
hometown llany illo,

Sillco ho was a good
student oyoi'all. \Valkor
was oncouragod to pursui-
a "roalisiic" jllll. So Iio on
iorod I‘K as ati ongiiioor-
ing major. hut soon his
plans changed.

Walker loft school the
following year. thon roe

ism major. thon studio art.
and finally I‘lnglish. it was
in Norman‘s croatiyo in. I‘ll
iiig class that ho hogan to
gain confidonco as a
writor. ho said.

Whatoyor somoono
caros ahout. thoy will
probably end up dour; ill
tho ond. Walkor said

"\i'hatoyor \‘oti'ro pis
sionato ahoiit. iinmorso
yoursoli in it.” was tho
mossago Walkor said ho
would giyo to stiidonls

Whilo Walkor is com
ing to l'lx' today to road
somo of his pooins in front
oi‘an audioiico. ho is aciii
ally a rathor shy porson
hy naturo. Yot for Walkor
pootry is a therapy of
sorts. proy tiling an oppor
tiinity to oyorcomo his

“If I‘m at tho micro
phone. and I'm supposed
to ho roadiiig. thon l hayo
to road.“ ho said

in a way. this roading
will ho a homocoming of
sorts for Walker,

"I'm coming back to
road. and to soo old
i‘i‘ionds.” ho said.


angry. or some othor fool. turnod. first as a journal-








Madden really says
during football 1.
and why ‘



Or, let’s let Frank be Robin
Williams. Jerry Seinfeld,
and a lot more. A master of
impressions. Frank Caliendo
will have you rolling in the
aisles with his hilarious
comedy skits. Find out what
Chris Farley’s last movie
should have been. What John,




Experience Frank
Wednesday, Dec. 1

Tickets $3 each

Show begins at 8 p.m.
Call 257-TICS or visit
_ www.ticketmaster.com

Show begins at 8 p.m.
An SAB event







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Maittn 5a hoot and tie
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they ilesciilie the lrouetits
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administration and health



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