I. Exception to the Retirement Resolution (PR 5)

      Stating that the recommendation relative to exceptions to the Retirement
Resolution would authorize the University to honor certain contractual arrange-
ments made with individuals prior to the adoption of the Resolution, President
Singletary recommended approval.

      On motion by Mrs. Clark, seconded by Dr. Hull and passed, the
recommendation in PR 5 was adopted. This resolution authorizes the President
to grant exceptions to the deductions mandated for civil service benefits received
by retirees by the Retirement Plan as adopted on April 5, 1977, upon the
presentation of documented evidence that contractual commitments were made
between the institution and an employee prior to the effective date of the
Retirement Plan revision referred to above. (See PR 5 at the end of the Minutes.)

       J. Honorary Degree Recipients (PR 6)

       On the recommendation of President Singletary and on motion by
Mr. Homer Ramsey, seconded by Mrs. Clark and passed, approval was
granted to awarding the honorary degrees of Doctor of Laws to Mr. Robert T.
McCowan and Doctor of Letters to Mr. Thomson R. Bryant and Mr. James A.
King. (See PR 6 at the end of the Minutes.)

       K. University Research Professorships (PR 7)

       President Singletary reminded the Board that the first four one-year
University Research Professorships funded by the University of Kentucky
Research Foundation were awarded in 1977 and recommended that the following
individuals be approved as University Research Professors for 1978-79:
Professor Richard C. Birkebak, Department of Mechanical Engineering;
Professor Thomas Chapman, Department of Mathematics; Professor Malcolm
E. Jewell, Department of Political Science; and Professor Marcus T. McEllistrem,
Department of Physics and Astronomy. Following the introduction of the
recipients by President Singletary, Mr. Newberry moved approval. His motion
was seconded by Mr. Palmer and passed without objection. (See PR 7 at the end
of the Minutes.)

       L. Amendments to Governing Regulations (PR 8)

       At the December 13, 1977 meeting, the Board received and tabled certain
proposed amendments to the Governing Regulations. Noting that the required
month had passed, President Singietary recommended that the proposed
amendments to the Governing Regulations as presented in PR 8 be removed