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SCOLHS Honor l??? Documentahon Prmeci BCQIHS
Boy Scouts of America (BSA)Iis In response to a lack of
stirring up controversy nationWide data on discrimination against
' . B - .
duiio its ban on homosexuals y lesbians, gays and bisexuals,
po le, the BSA prohibits openly GLSO' t t' D t t'
lesbigay scouts, troop leaders or den . ls S ar lng a ocumen a, lon
mothers. Critics charge that PrOJect Vla the GLSO Phoneline.
exclusion by the BSA only adds to the If You our Someone. YOU, kI_IOW has
social ostracism felt by gay youth been a Victim of discrimination
already affectedbyanti—gay churches, in Kentucky, please call and
schools and often families. register this bias. Outside of
ConSlderlng that gay Youth are ?—3 Louisville, Kentucky does not
times as likely to attempt su1c1de have a Hate Crimes law, and
and that 40: Of illhlesfiigfy Yogth Who there are increasing complaints
come out be ore ig SC 00 gra uation .
are forced out of their parents’ SpOUt. thet'docgmegiatlfog OE
homes, the BSA only further harms lscrlmlna lon \y , e e era
vulnerable gay youth. On the other government When it concerns
hand, the exclusion leaves many lesbigaYS- ' If YOU have been
lesbian and gay parents with children fired for being gay, assaulted,
in a predicament. Although at least insulted, denied motel rooms or
one openly lesbian couple served as housing, etC., call and report
Cub Scout den mothers in 1987, this it_ These forms have no legal
recent policy would currently exclude binding but are entirely for
them“ The basis for this policy is an monitoring of discrimination in
interesting twist of gay slang. The flu}; State'. Nirth carOllna htas
BSA are using the words “morally a 51, 31ml, ar grassroo S
straight” in the BSA oath to exclude reporting progect er many Years -
gays: “straight” originally beinga I'D part_ due to thlS excellent
code word for heterosexuals in the monitoring, North Carolina tops
gay subculture. the nation annuall in hate
I I I y n
The BSA states that the crimes against lesbigays. It is
organization strives to train boys time to take the pulse of
for leadership roles and instill the homophobia in Kentucky so that
proverbial Scouts honor. Yet, when .
the GLSO News called the Lexington 1t cagobiesgirépii' incident Of
BSA to ask about this policy, Program d' . . E. . K t k ll
Director George Young repeatedly lscrlmlna 10“?“ en uc y! ca
hung up on the reporter, a former Boy the GLSO Gayllne at 231—0335
Scout ironically. Thus, the GLSO from 8pm~llpm, wedneSdaYS/
(CONTINUED ON PAGE 11) Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.

 w (W V to Esmere oa 5 Par our to t e t o
£23k) grgoavg 5 ‘fl July marchers budded and broke away
" \~ ~ when strong enough to stand alone.
Published Monthly by the True, the GLSO News at times does not
effectively cover parts of our diverse
[Exmfito’l gaff/fulfil” ngwws gayfolk such as the Imperial Court or
0 . at’ the less institutionalized women's
19‘1an Lon groups . But, GLSO is largely the work
PO. Box 11471, Lexington, KY 40575 of less than 20 volunteers who use
Editors: their sparse spare time to sell ads,
Jeff Jones and Kristin Smith collect information, run the Gayline,
etc. If LeXington has not had its
GLSO Annual DUCS- $1000 needs fully met yet, then I would
Dues for Couples - $15.00 challenge Lexington to let GLSO know
what it wants. So Lexington, what do
w. you want and what do you need? If GLSO
:1:;:.::.°:*:::.":.::1:::::‘1;:.;::.:::°.:::: 31:31:23.1: needs some changes, can you help?
of Directors. Submissions are welcome. All submissions become In answer to the last question,
EC:”35:37if.c:::&":.121‘v§."°liia§$1333.”.Tismiiiiiisaii the answer is 3165- One change GLSO
ads to meet. publishing requirements, as well as the right to needs is in the financial category.
1:3:°:.:1’ 1::‘211232‘. :1111: °:.::::‘:1:11:.1:.1“e .115: The organization is pursuing possible
businesa'eustomer preference. grants and other fund—raisers, but
£\R lip re 17,}, that will take time. This issue of
\.’\ 2/ GLSO News carries the group’ 3 financial
v i ’ report. The cost of providing GLSO
we re Hae’ we relmea" we re News, running the Gayline and
GLSO- organizing Pride Week does not come
—an editorial by Jeff Jones close to covering expenses. Thanks
Many people ask just what to the generous support of our many
GLSO, the Gay and Lesbian Service new advertisers, the News now pays
Organization, is. People just for itself. Hopefully, we can
coming out sense some vague, vast maintain and expand this revenue.
organization in the Lexington area . But, GLSO needs help: financial
Others express disdain for the help. As a tax exempt, non—profit
organization because of reasons organization, GLSO donations are tax
ranging from GLSO’s purported deductible. Even small amounts help
apolitical stance to the lack of like the couple who brought in a cup
contacts with many groups within of pennies to a recent forum. If a
our subculture such as the lesbian young college couple can give $10 in
softball gang, racial minorities change, how much can our community
and the “bar crowd." Yet, the GLSO raise from loose change in our
is simply a group intent on helping collective pockets? Our goal is to
our community. As with any rather raise $2000 at least to cover last
small group of people, GLSO runs the year’ 5 losses. In honor of this
risk of becoming a clique if new couple's pennies, GLSO is asking
blood doesn’t come forward to infuse people to donate for the Spare Change
it with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Project. Even if it is a nickel or
The Lexington community simply a GLSO membership or
perhaps does not clearly see the subscription of $10 or $5 respectively,
work that GLSO, the oldest continuous it will help our community’s leading
lesbigay organization in Kentucky, resource. GLSO may be the crusty 01’
has accomplished in its on—going 18 grandmother of our community’s many
year history. Under the GLSO current groups, but at least she is
umbrella, groups ranging from AVOL OUR GLSO.

 Studem Gmuns Spnne [n10 Fal GLSO Annual Buagé' 350” '99 "2
I . GLSO News subscriptions: 310.00
Last year saw the beginnings ad revenues collected: 565.90
or reorganization of several ad revenues due: 232.50
lesbigay student groups at various GLSO memberships: 1100.00
Kentucky universities. The new Donations: 305.00
Fall semester/quarter finds many Speakers honoraium: 80.00
of these groups coming off a Pegasus Travel rebate: 140.39
summer hiatus_ * TOTAL: 2733.79
UK Lambda hosts its first Expenses .
meeting at 7:30pm, Thursday, Sept. . PhonelP’le: 875-85
3 in Rm. 228 of the New Student Phoenix Phoneline: 466.39
Center. Over the summer Lambda GLSO News: , . _
has designed a slick new brochure/ Biliniigg: 149333
resource guide and got Lambdanet, Stamp: 145'00
a computer network, off and running. Mailing: 250'00
Lambda’s usual Tuesday Flambe Envelopes; 161:15
lunches, Womynsweave- potlucks/ Misc.: 203_54
socials and other actiVities are TOTAL: 3584.58
also starting UP afiter 1221:3533??? Income + Expenses: —850.79
break. Contact: An rea — .
or Jeff, (276-5383). Coileehouseechue . _
EKUIS new Gay and Lesbian The New Morning Coffeehouse invites
Student Service Organization theieSblgaycomunltytoPaFthlp?te
(GLSSO) is also reorganizing. Due in its SChgdUle. Of event? lnClUdlng
to a time delay from an its coordinating meetings every
. . , . Monday at 7pm. A meeting at 7:30pm
administrator 3. vacation, GIKSSO on Sept. 3 will be to coordinate
ls Stlll nOt OfflClally recognized activities for October, Indigenous
193/ EKU because several Of its 15 People’s Month, as an alternative to
llSted members needed for an Columbus Day celebrations. Contact
official group membership list pam Wood at 277—7611.
graduated. If you are attending . - 1
EKU and are willing to use your Hudm 10"ch
name for this list, please contact The September GLSO Forum will be at
Laurie at 623—3072. GLSSO also 7:30pm at Alfalfa’s Restaurant on
welcomes new members. Monday, September 14. This forum
Not stopping for a summer centers on starting arrangements for
break, U of L’s GLOBAL group the 1993 March on Washington on April
remains one of the most active 25th, 1993. Of course, all forums
organizations in Louisville. arealso a good“way to get BL“: and
GLOBAL meets every Wednesday at SOClallze Wlth the family-
7 m. Contact: David at (502)
6511—9642 . NIH Seeks volunteers
Other local groups: . . .
NKU: Alliance of Gays, Lesbians The National Institutes‘of Health is
and Friends- 572—5604 (Pat) seeking HIV— people with symptoms
WKU: WKU Lambda— (502) 777—1249 Similar to AIDS for a study of this
(Larry) new phenomenon. For further
Centre: B—GLAD— 623—3072 (Gary) information, call NIH at
Berea: ACE League 1‘800—243“7644-

 A , lg: GLSO Adonis Highway
‘(i 9 I v 9 t "fla-
. 8 5i :1 . . .
Q jg Ufa/2m 0 11“!“ GLSO recently adopted a 2 1/2 mile
___——-—_—_———___—— Stretch of route 1969 (coincidentally
the year of the Stonewall riots) off
911730 d/Vtzwa. P1011414} 0/7514 a fur. 25 won! Versailles Rd- as part Of trhe
mt a%[ (Ll' M04 , . Adopt—A—Highway program. The Sign
W°Wm "l[ 05 ”‘0’“ m””“‘”“‘ on this section will read: “Gay and
é‘mdyom. (IL/amation. to 91730 dwarf/3.0.8“ Lesbian Services” and is the first
”47,, 1310361140575. in the area to specifically refer to
gays and lesbians. The Bluegrass
COLTS, however, also have adopted a
BEfatF-J 04nnouncam£n£i(q/£’zy £5fat561!) section of Old Frankfort Pike . Under
Banal, f [audsmflaafl and 176541902 B the terms of this program, GLSO is
H ' ' required to clean this area twice a
Ami”; was bind to £19;ng in aL/of rUnion year. Volunteers will be needed in
l ‘9 H the future so look for notices of
on fiscungsm 15H; 1990 at £55 (Unitarian GLSO Cleanup Day. Former GLSO
«unmuafmg/guwj; ofjgxmgfom Boardmember Bill Loggins said that
GLSO had no trouble in adopting the
section unlike the Southern
041’“ 23.. am! 95mg; a4. aiafimta two AggiéifhéanALisbilirll amigay alliafic:
in s eVi e, , w ic a
wonderful: ”10515101549 monogamoua 55a” to take the Dept. of Transportation
to court before having its full name
“5515551 oné‘spt.8. successfully put on its stretch of
(”41‘!’ A7777,
,ggA y. r? , Pm,” ‘
A as HEP?! dMe‘flS
‘ ' " .. I’ [e F00
-‘ g . . ' 1 Who out
1: > g 4 . Delectab e 01’ Take-
, . . -. . Eat—1"
A ; a no to
. -419 -' llfm -KY
. ~ 51' LE?“
: «:3» Am
‘ v . . I . ' > , F GOOD .
A “‘35“, J 18-5‘09
)“Nb . 60(02
“HAN“ ‘ .\ \:\‘\\0N“‘(
4.39 50“ " ‘l‘ '

 ““5 think this through Without judgement .
You alone know your strengths and
limitations. I decided it was
important for me to experience
pregnancy, childbirth and my son’s

Esma'dda S Panour infancy. I also hope that some day

The Decision- by Laura Jones I.will be ready to. bring a child with

different needs into my life.

Congratulations! You’ve Pinally, i,f your decision is
reached your decision! If you have donor insemination ml)’ 3,70” must
decided not to have/adopt children, deClde who Wlll carry the Chlle‘ 'For
you know what a difficult and many couples there 1.3 no deClSlon.
courageous decision this is. It One partner knows without a doubt
seems like oncewe considerparenting, that she Wlll never be pregnant.
it becomes almost impossible to ‘go Fortunately’ that usually leaves
back.’ Our Baby Group friends who another volunteer. If both partners
decided not to parent did so after are considering pregnancy, weigh

several unsuccessful inseminations your options: , , ,

and struggled with their decision —Are you eoniidering haVing

formonths. They eventually concluded more than‘one Cheld' If one

that children of friends and family partner is headingltowards 40 she

could better fulfill their desire to ShOUld inseF‘mate fir“-

share children’ s lives _ —Do either of you have careers

If you have decided to parent, that cannot lbe_interrupted? ,,

then your next step is to list _Who 18 in better health. ,

personal priorities. How important . —Are. there any genetic

is it that this child is your own disorders in your family? ,

“flesh and blood?” Would you prefer TAre you the generation due

to avoid the pregnancy experience? for thns? ,

What are your limits? Are you ready more? _Wthh salary WOUld be missed

for late night feedings and dirty '

diapers or do you have more to offer , —Who has the best health

to an older child? Do you have those insurance?‘ Prenatal care and the

special strengths for a sibling delivery COSt HEY Pamper and
group, a handicapped child or a HIV+ me $2500 and our hospital bill
baby? In making this decision I for less than a 24 hr. stay
found myself in a judgement trap: and normall delivery was $3500'

was I selfish to want to birth my own So, think it through carefully. My

child while there were so many partner and I both parent Alex, and

“needy” children? The system will while .I know Ann struggled early on

also pressure you. In Georgia it was E0 fl,nd her N role as Alex’s

“easy” for gays and lesbians to non—biological mother“ it doesn t

foster HIV+ infants (which would be seem to matter now who birthed hlm‘

offeredback totheir natural families He loves us both and wants (read
if they converted to HIV—) ' Older demands) equal time and attention.
children, sibling groups of 3 or We doln’tlusually discuss which of us
more, and special needs children had him unless pressed: he 13
were a possibility for single parents truly OUR, son. Next monEhf Whe
who played “het,” but healthy children in town Will perform DI on single
under the age of 6—7 were reserved women,‘ what is it like and info on
for heterosexual, married couples of adoption and alternatives for
appropriate color. Let yourselves lesbians and gay males in LeXington.
. —Laura

 T0 Fund or NO! To Fund in the San Francisco area has already
cut funding to the BSA until policy

The Human Rights Campaign changes are made,
Fund, the largest lesbigay political Yet, this issue of a boycott
lobby and one Of the 25 best—funded is necessarily ticklish for many
ones in the U.S., is calling for a long—term lesbigay contributors to
boycott of any United Way (UW) the UW. The GLSO News spoke with
chapter that continues to support George Hearn, president of the UWB,
the Boy Scouts of America (BSA)- after readers sought advice on this
This boycott stems from the BSA’S issue. Hearn explained that each UW
exclusion of lesbigay trOOpS and chapter is largely autonomous with
leaders. UW chapters provide over 22 chapters existing in Kentucky
50% of some BSA councils’ funding. alone. UWB's policy is that it will
Locally, the United Way of the not fund an organization with a
Bluegrass (UWB) provides the BSA singleness of purpose or one that is
With $200,000 annually from an 8 deemed controversial by the UWB.
county area. Both the HRCF and Queer Thus, the UWB does fund 158 local
Nation oppose the use of lesbigay agencies including the Rape Crisis
contributions to the UWto financially Center, the Spouse Abuse Center, the
support a group that discriminates Child Abuse Center and MASH, a
against lesbigays. One UW chapter program for runaways. Unlike the

can call 24 hours a day.

Reachusround the clock, 7daysaweek @m) E

LEHINGTON, KY 40504 1]
(606)233-7486 ’"'


 KIPWHC Has Merdianalse Mason’s Works 10 Be Read
KIPWAC, the Kentuckiana People F' t' l k b B l' d M
With AIDS Coalition, is selling tic liotna WC: 8 ky :13: a téssmt’:
buttons ($2 ea.), T—shirts ($20 e a .e, ou spo en ac lVls

. from Whitesburg, KY, and co—founder
ea.), and stickers ($3—5 for roll ,

. . of KIPWAC, Will be read at a
of 100) to raise money. T—shirts t'tl d “I H O W d H
include “Silence=Death,” “RedCross progrim ls 9;: l; 'erthwn UISIOid
Pump Up the Budget” and Keith on a " ep ' ln e .

. , “ _ ,, Student Center Theater. Starting
Haring s Ignorance—Fear. Buttons , , . .

“ . ,, at 7pm, admiSSion is free Will
also read Silence=Death and d t' t d f KIPWAC
“Vote As If Your Life Depended On onalions accep e or '

H . . . “Belinda,” a documentary on Mrs.
It. Stickers read the ubiquitous .

. H “ Mason, Will also be shown. For
“Silence=Death , The government , f t' t t K t
has blood on its hands” and “The girek 11022281816211, con ac a e
AIDS crisis is not over.” To ac a '
order, call 1-800—676—5490.

Lexington Hosts firsILether Derby lMPOKTED . CLOTHINQ


Thoroughbred I: the lst Leather ; .-

Derby in Lexington Aug. 7—9. With “ 5

116 participants from 22 levi/ m

leather clubs, attendees included

men from Great Britain, Texas, \‘

Florida, Minnesota and the ’

Bluegrass COLTS brother chapter ‘

in Hartford, CT. Events centered

on Crossings and the Radisson

Hotel. Artsplace, however, was

the setting for “Personals," an

original play by member Russell H.

about a new Lexingtonian’ s odyssey

through various subcultures in

the gay community before finding COM VISIT

happiness with the leathermen.

This benefit play helped raise WBLACK

money for the COLTS: Fayette MARKE ‘

County Health Department AIDS

medication fund. 7Z4§M41N SF. 255- oqbo


e tem er GLSO comma..—-—................231-0335
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1 2 3 4 5 Bluegrass C.O.L.T.S. (Mark)...233—7266
12:00pm Tues.Flnrnbc—UK La... 5:30pm Lesbian O.A. ' _ HIV/AIDS Sppt.Grp. 7:00pm Gay Men’s Spiritual 9;Ooam Frontrunners ICEE-Imperiai Court (Tom) - - 0 . - 255—2299
7:30pm Gay/Lesbian Al-Anon 7:00pm GLOBAL—Lomsvrlle 7:30pm Men's Chorus Rehea... Grp. 10'00am HIV/ AIDS Rainbow Bowling League. . . . . . . . 231—0335
7:30pm Partners of HIV+ Sp... 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA 7:30pm UK Lambda Mtg. 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA ‘ Tri—State Ga Rodeo
Sppt.Grp. y
(Terry & Cathy). . . . . . . . .23373403
Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me 11 Benefit Rhythm Fest-Look... NAMES Project KY (Katie) . . . . . .272—2588
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4:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA Labor Day 12:00pm TuesFlambe-UK 5:30pm Lesbian O_A_ HIV/AIDS Sppt.Grp. 800pm Gay/Lesbian 9303111 Frontrunners (BID-115p W, Th' F, Sun ' ) i ' ' ' 231—0335
4:00pm Tri-Stnte Rodeo Mtg. 5:30pm CAP (AVOL)M1g. Lambda Lunch 7.00 m GLOBAL— 6:55pm Bisexual Sppt- Grp. ' 10.00 HIV/AIDS Bluegrass Bl Network (Barbara) 2 68—8053
7:00pmlmperinl Court 7:00pm New Morning Coffee... 7:00pm Phoneline Mtg. .Lop‘ .11 7:00pm Wounn’s Chorus Mtg. AA ‘ am (Chris) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 268—1640
7:30pm Gay/Lesbian Al-Amn . “15‘” C . 7:30pm Men‘s Chorus SPPLGYP; Esmerelda’ s Parlour (Laura) . . .253—9374
Rhythm Fest-Lookout Mtn., TN 7:83;),pfinpamers of HIV+ SXgFm Gay/Lesbian Rehearsal 7§0pni Belinda Mason Front Runners Joggers (Heith) . 255-2945
- - eadmgs/VIdeo Lex. Men's Chorus (Shelby) . . . .231—0090
. L ‘ o t An 0A
13 14 15 16 17 1e 19 882522.232???..??¥i“?‘i?.f26;_3o.
4:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA 5:30pm CAP (AVOL) Mtg. 12:00pm TuesHembe-UK 5:30pm Lesbian O.A. HIV/AIDS spptgm GLSO News Deadline Gay /Lesbi an AA (Dave) 2 93—6 822
4; AVOLBoardM. 7:00 N M ‘ LambdaL ii 6: Ra C"c. . i .
1%: AVOL Gen.Mtgfg mails; LET 7:30pm Gay‘f'lisbim ALA!“ 32:3“ B120 "3‘3 tr 7.30pm Men s Chorus Rfm’mk‘? Vaue “1"”? R 9:00am1:mmm Gay/Lesbian Al-Anon (Robert) . . 293-0515
7:301,“1 GLSO Forum 7:30pm Farmers of 1m” 7:00pm GLOBALlpuisvme Rehearsal 7:001:111 Gay Men} Spmtual 10:00am HIV/AIDS s. . .G .. LesBiGay Parents Group (Jeff) . 276-5383
8:00pm KETz‘The Southern swoon). 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA 7:30pm UK Lambda “01"“ Gay/1‘3“” AA Womens Chorus (Connie) . . . . . . . .2 7 6—255 4
Sex' Mtg. Religious Groups
Dignity: Catholic (Don). . . . . . .299-4458
20 21 22 23 24 25 26 Gay Men’ 5 Spirit Grp. (Steve). .233—1782
muck: Vane), women.5 5:30pm CAP (AVOL) Autumn begins/Mabel) 5:30pm Lesbian O.A. HIV/AIDS s.. .G .. , Interweave: Unitarian (Craig) . 271-8477
Rea-eat 12100PmTtBB-Flflmbe'UK 7:00 m GLOBAL— . . 1 .- B’nai Shalom: Jewish. . . . . (502) 583—0528
Mt . P ,
. g Lambda Lunch . . , 6551"" Bisexual SW Gm St d t G
2:00pm Lesbian Potluck 7:00pm New Morning 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian Al-Amn LOUISVIUC 7:30pm Men 8 Chonxs 7:00pm Dignity Mass 9. F u en roups
4:00pm Gay/LesbianAA C ff h Mt 7:30pm pamrs of HIV+ 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian Rehearsal 8:00pm Gay/1355mm 10100; ‘1 m3: UK Lambda (Andrea) . . . . . . . . . . . . 253—0 955
7:00pmlmpennl Court 0 cc 01156 g' SPPt-GI'P- AA 9:00pm COLTS M‘S- ' am ppt.Grp. (Jeff). . . . . . . . . . . . . .276—5383
GLSSO: EKU (Laurie). . . . . . (606) 623—3072
27 28 29 30 B-GLAD: Centre c. (Gary). (606)236—4547
, . R h H shanah 12:00meues.nembe-UK In... szsomeeebienOA AGLF: NKU (Pat) . . . . . . . . . . (606)572—5604
£15501); CAP (AVOL) 6:30pm GLSO News Fold & 6:00pm Rape Crisis Ctr. WKU Lambda (LaIIY) - ~ . . - - - (502) 777-1249
Festival ‘Mtg Ziggmgay/bsbiffi-Amn 7133:11fitl3ingo d GLOBAL: U. of L. (David). (502)634—9642
, ' : m armerso + Sp... : mGLSO Boar Mtg. ' '
4100Pm Gay/Lesblan 7:00pm New Morning 7:00pm GLOBAL-Louisville AIDS Infonnation/SerVices
AA C ff h M 8.00pmGa IRSMMAA Kentucky AIDS Hotline. . . . .800 645-2437
° 66 0““ ‘g- ' ’ AIDS Vol. of Lex. (AVOL)......254-2865
HIV+/AIDS Support Group. . . . . . .254-2865
August October Anonymous Aids Testing
S M T W T F S S M T W T F S Lexington—Fayette County. . . . . .288-2 437
1 1 2 3 Madison County................623—7312
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 4 5 6 7 8 9 1O Jessamine County..............885~4l49
9 1o 11 12 13 14 15 2 Woodford County...............837-4541
16 17 18 19 20 21 22 11 1 13 14 15 16 17 NationalGay/Lesbian Crisisline
23 24 25 26 27 28 29 ‘8 ‘9 2° 21 22 23 24 (800)247—4283
30 31 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 National HateCrimes Hotline
SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS FOR SUPPORTING YOU! 8/20/ 1992 Teenage Gay & Lesbian Support
' (800) 347—TEEN

 ' Has plans to continue its work
M (bmmumty M of changingpublic perceptions,
JEII'IIIIIIII SpOthght IIIIIIIIIIIEAL but it will also be trying to
T I change university policy. A
By Tom Murphy provision protecting both
The gay, lesbian and bisexual students and employees from
students attending UK this fall discrimination based on sexual
will once again have the preference 18 the main, long
opportunity to join the group range goal of Lambda at present.
Lambda. Originally formed as a Wlth. lUCk' 1t may become a
revival of Gay and Lesbians reality. . ,
United in Education, the name Anyone _Wlth questions
was changed as a way of about, or adVice for Lambda can
signifying the desire to include contact Andrea at 253—0955/ or
students of all sexual Jeff 276-5383-
preferences, and their friends . Look 0L” 10f “18 ”191“!“ F851
Lambda now exists as a way of
giving these people a means'of The 3rd Annual Rhythm Fest of
representation, and a gathering Women’ 5 Music, Art and Politics
point for any type of political is scheduled for Labor Day
action Wthh might. be needed. weekend, Sept. 3—7, atop Lookout
One Of the progects Lambda Mtn. in Cloudland, GA. Prices
tOOk on last year .was an for the 5 days range from $125
education program deSigned to to $195 with reduced rates for
increase tolerance among children. For more information,
students. Posters explaining call (919) 419-1923_
the prevalence of homosexuality,
and the irrationality of SLSO ‘News Eegretsdjmy jailconvsni'ence tc;
- - . IOSSln S, 098 an or 0 er USinesses
dlSllklng a person based on individgals created by the "Dishin' with
ngual preference were Auntie Hedda" column. In publishing
dlStrlbUted across campus. this column and a recent letter to the
Lambda also supported the editor, GLSO News failed to follow
Southern Coalition , a network guidelines for submittals requiring
of gay student groups, by sending authOIS' nameS-
delegates to a meeting at
Vanderbilt, and by serving as , .
host at a later meeting. A rally [5,“)th al/(mfidlzowi 9°
opposing the school newspaper’ s , , , ,
position on the AIDS epidemic, (mfllgsgofcluzg auJLtLonA/oman
lectures from members Parents accompanist on omfia/oué‘sfismfim 73.
and Friends of Lesbians and g [r at' [1 aff
Gays, and AVOL were also ”mum Lon/15m“
presented through the efforts p n éfiamyatZBJ-OOQO. n
of Lambda members.
This comino ear Lambda

 Scou‘s cannnuedu.“ On the positive side, a Boy
News is unable to report if this Scouts troop' 1n _the Bay Area has
policy has been enforced in the stated that it Wlll not follow the
Bluegrass. BSA policy because although it does
Already facing legal battles not have any openly gay members, it
over excluding a young woman from Eigiidesis £5: p:r3-dlc¥.hteo 22:21:19“? Off}
becoming an Eagle Scout, the Boy Scoutin ’gs messa e ce 0
Scouts are facing other calls to end B com grison to gth-e BSA Mar B th
their discriminatory policies. The LZdt Sith the local Girl gcoits
Union of American Hebrew . . .
mm 22:32: ziizntziisnpitmz ”r1523:
governing body Of Reform Judaism, matter and not an issue for tIhe Girl
issued a strong letter condemning Scouts BO 5 and Girls Clubs also
the BSA anti-gaypolicy as conflicting do not. exclfiilde children and adult
¥;:h Egeigfifa: hxigerfiggffsioséfiiggfi volunteers due to sexual orientation.
has also called on the BSA to change
their biasedposition. Gay activists
demonstrated outside of Scouting Two "Jamar? Evans cum in
functions including a recent awards |r [ma
ceremony in Cincinnati . And on April
8' the United Way Of the Bay Area in The 12th Annual Roanoke Valley
San FranClSCf’ CUt $8fl9'000 1“ Women’s Retreat will be held Sept.
donations to sixBSAcounICils because 18-20 with camping, workshops,
Of their anti—gay policy. .LeVl_ dancing and entertainment. Cost is
Strauss Inc., the Bank of America and on a sliding scale from $65—$75.
Wells Fargo_Bank have also cm: 85“ Contact: RVWR, PO Box 3337, Roanoke,
funding as it conflicts With their VA 24015_
companies' anti—discrimination
policies. conservative groups, The 1992 Virginia Women’s Music
however, have condemned the companies Festival will also be held in Kent’ 5
and organizations for their pro- Store, VA, from Sept. 26-27 .
human rights stance. Louisville’ s own Yer Girlfriend will
Similarly, Eagle SCOUt James perform. Tickets are on a sliding
Dale is sung the BSA and the scale: $25_40 (one day), $40—80
MoanUthr NJ! BOY 500“ 031113011 for (both days). Contact: INTOUCH, Rt.
expelling him after he came out in 2, Box 1096, Kent’s Store, VA 23084.
a local article on the psychological
and health needs of lesbigay teens. _____________
The dismissal letter did not follow r \
BSAIs own internal procedures for a I 70 0/ I
fair hearing, and BSA admitted under 5
pressure that Dale’ 5 membership was I “(1’9 0 ”(ffwADZ/aww‘f/ I
revoked because he is gay. Dale is I \\\// I
suing under New Jersey’s new civil V 1.
rights law prohibiting discrimination I \ . I I
based on sexual orientation. Other I I
legal claims aim at the BSA’s denial
of a fair hearing to Dale under its I I
own procedures and misrepresentation I I
by BSA for advertising itself as non— I320 W. $860M 3‘3. ~ [£9(.,3("y40507l
discriminator bod 0 en to “all .
boys." Y Y F 3 (606) 254-7379 !

 , Today, 1 in 250 Americans is E
infected with HIV, the virus ZE
which causes AIDS. Z
If you think your behaviors E
might have put you at risk for E;
contracting HIV, consider E5
taking the HIV antibody test. 111;
For more information on this E
free, anonymous/ confidential EE
test, call your local health E
department or the ii

 'is'ih. NEWS SHORTS -i5_'_'._ n erna iona IlSp ay w1 oe
W W the largest unfolding ever with
Lo‘uisville— The Cit'y‘ of panels from 17 countries. If
Louisville and the Board of interested in helping set the
Quilt u in DC call Katie at
Aldermen donated $10,000 from 272_258§ '
their 1992—3 budget to KIPWAC '
(Kentuckiana People With AIDS _
Coalition) for outreach, support 32"???) wsi‘iinéi Laigrerlloietférgggié
and education. (1909) and considered. Swedenf 8
Columbus OH— On June 8 the greatest female writer, .ls
ColumbusICit Council added b pictured on a new Swedish
- y y currency note This mone is
unanimous vote to add “.sexual believed t b th f. ty t
orientation” to the list of carry a lgsbiean (gen aLrSpapeg
glilsficsrsiemsinagirgn;eigedprifvraig currency note. Lagerloef’s
l P b1' 1 love for fellow writer Sophie
anti-bgias grdinances alread when historians discovered 6,000
- - - y love letters exchanged between
lgglUded sexual gorientation. the two and ordered sealed for
E ective July it is now
illegal in Columbus tolfire or i0 yleflrsflafteiilher death by
not hire someone for being gay, age oe s Wl '
Iligt-ifrloasrexualbiseguaslimilglr Hampton Roads, VA— The Hampton
ordinance failed in 1984 Roads Lesbian and Gay Pride
' Coalition has adopted a stretch
gortlandh, D§E_ Portland, Maine, ggndahmlegiktgffst Pgt Rgbgggsongg
teacameextc een dategti‘AIinericraingchigg Christian Broadcasting Network
' ' ' I
protections on the basis of EgriEAgPH. h Virginia 5
sexual orientation. As with op lg way program.
Louisville’ s as yet unsuccessful .

- - - Washin ton DC— The Lea ue of
Fairness campaign, this new law Women V%ters amended its “gsocial
firOhlbltS bias lg employgeint, policy” on June 19 to explicitly
agcuoilmgdgationsan pu 1C oppose discrimination based on

' sexual orientation.
Chicago— The Chicago Transit
Authoritly now features a pogter Pegasus TraVEI Inc.
by the I linois Gay and Les ian “m {zém _ dame: _ Mm
Task Force to help lesbigay ’4 7 7
youth. The award—winning poster ;__ ;
shows a series of lockers with _‘ é 151; E T:
“Die Queer" on one of them. 5— :. :53}? ;_ E“:- 55:54.;
Below readsz “Don’ t Get Scared, féiiéf 15:23: = fr- '21:?“ :- Iéfiiéfi —E tiaaézaséséasfi
Get Help.” For more information, " ~' ' "132-5“
call IGLTF at (312) 975—0707. 2040 Idle Hour Cenfer
. . Richmond Road Lexing’ron 1040502
Washington DC— The entire AIDS ’ ’
Memorial Qluilt of the NAMES 800 228”4337 (706 268_Q337
Project will be shown Oct . 9—11 . .
in Washington, DC - This GLSO Donation With Each Purchase!

 Unlied way conlmuedm
UW chapter in Charlotte, NC, that has Get It I
come out strongly with financial '
support for AIDS prevention and care V A years subscription to the
services, the UWB’ s funding for AIDS GLSO NEWS for only $5.00.
programs has been through the Red ‘ .
Cross’ AIDS Education Program and V Avotmg membershlptothe
initial funding for the Fayette CO- GLSO which includes the
Health Department’s AIDS education
packet . More frontline care services GLSO NEWS. $10.00/yl‘ for
such as AIDS Volunteers of Lexington individuals or $15.00/yl‘
(AVOL) have not been funded up to this
point. Vickie Lamb with AVOL says for couples. _
that AVOL recently received an V Give It! A tax deductible
application for the UWB but have “Qt gift to support GLSO.
yet decided if they will apply due to
fund—raising restrictions placed on NAME(S);
recipient agencies by the UW. When ADDRESS:
Mr. Hearn was asked if AVOL would be CITY: “
funded if it ShOUld apply, Mr. Hearn STATE————_
responded that it was uncertain but ZIP' __—“‘
probably unlikely because AVOL might -————_%
be “detrimental to fund—raising as it MAIL THIS AD ALONG WITH YOUR CHECK TO:
f it 3 int 0 t he CategO ry O f NEWSLETTER, P.O. BOX 11471 LEXINGTON, KY 40575
controversial or single purpose
organization, not because it is a gay
or lesbian organization." Considering donations along