Meeting of the Board of Trustees
                                     University of Kentucky
                                            1:00 P.M.
                                         October 21, 1997

Roll Call

Approval of Minutes


President's Report and Action Items

PR 1    President's Report to the Trustees
        A.  Carol Martin Gatton College of Business and Economics Report

PR 2    Personnel Actions

PR 3    Central Administration
        A.  Proposed Amendments to the Governing Regulations and Changes
                 in Administrative Regulations

PR 4    Community College System (No items to report)

PR 5    Lexington Campus
        A. Appointment to University of Kentucky Humanities Foundation
        B.  Change in Title of Degree Programs

PR 6    Medical Center (No items to report)

Finance Committee

1.    Acceptance of Interim Financial Report for the University of Kentucky for the Three Months
            Ended September 30, 1997
 2.    Acceptance of the Financial Statements of the University of Kentucky and Affiliated
            Corporations and Other Related Organizations for the Year Ended June 30, 1997
 3.    Report of Lease
 4.     1997-98 Budget Revisions
 5.    Patent and Copyright Assignments Report