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Kentucky gymnast Aronda Primault is put- A M V  ’ X 1 i   
Attendance Race ting an exclamation point on an already out-  Q,. ,..s»\ .     I   
Kentucky is looking at the trifecta in the standing career in her senior season under  _·  l A   V “’ V
j ¤“¢¤d¤¤¢¢ f¤¢€ f01’ football and ¤¤€¤’$ the direction of first—year head coach Mo ,  _      i
and women’s basketball for 2003-04, Muhammad   ie  ee   .  _ ,
§¤¤2¢kv» ¤*·>··g mth T<=¤¤¤€¤·=¤· ··Annnan is e phenomenal all—around   =  _ n. _i I: =+ t
clugan Slam and WiS°°nsm’ are the gymnast " Muhammed said "She is ex- JL A '  
only schools in the nation that have a t I ’ fd t d h ` k th. th t
nip 25 ranking in nuenannce in all three .“’m€ Y °°“ ‘ Cn an . as H WF" 6 ‘° 3 . _,       , ,
sports: _ is second—to—none. I think she is one of the   ·»—: e.,e_·j       · 1 j  
. For the Efth consecutive season best- gymnasts in the NCAA and this year — ‘     ‘   sft    
since Commonwealth Stadium was Shi? is out to PYOV€ it-”
expanded, UK has been in the Since her inaugural season at Kentucky, Primault has consistently per-
running; this year in 24th place with formed at a high level. As a freshman she won the all—around title in a
454,457 in wml ¤W¢¤d¤¤¢¢ for the head-to—head competition against national power Alabama, scoring
Seven Mme games- 39.125 points. She finished seventh at the Central Regional Champion-
° F°r °ight °°'“°°“tlv° S°”S°“S UK ships missing the cut for the NCAA Championships by 0.100.
m°n,s baskctbau has b°°" uw In’2002 Primault had one of the best seasons in Kentucky gymnastics
national attendance champ with the h. t h I d th t . H_ d It b d H
20024,3 Season mum effans is ory as s e e e eam in a aroun ,_vau , eam an oor averages
reaching 315,203 01, 21,014 average and garnered f1rst—team All—SEC recognition. At the NCAA Southeast
Pe, game . Regional Championship she scored an all—around 39.225 and qualified for J
• This Season UK w0mgn’s baskegban the national championships where she scored a 9.875 on vault and earned i
is out of the gate averaging 5,19*7 second—team All—America honors, the third UK gymnast to do so.  
fans per game, lirst in increased In 2003 this Canton, Ohio, native led the team in beam, vault and all- _
¤Y¥¢¤d¤¤¢•= and 16th in the nation around averages for the second consecutive season. She scored 9.950 on 5
f°" th° SEC 200;*04 S°”S°“¤ vault which is the third highest score on that apparatus in Kentucky his-
according to tigures compiled by the tory.
University °f Wismnsin media In this season’s first three meets Primault led the Wildcats in the all-
relations office. (The NCAA does , . ’
not eempile emeiel attendance around and has the team s highest vault (9.85), uneven bars (9.767) and
A Egures until the end of the season) beam (9.617) averages: She scored a season—h1gh 39.200 in the all—around
· against Arkansas despite battling a sore ankle. The Wildcats scored a sea-
son—high 195.200 team score and nine Kentucky routines tied or set new
individual career-highs in the meet against the Razorbacks.
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. 4  _   Women s Basketball: .
M he  Hot Shot Sara Potts l
/ r \ Sara Potts knows how to connect. Many began calling her a "point-scor—  
ee (£,lll`U£`K}· ing machine" after she knocked down a school record 74 three—pointers p
3   `5 last season.The junior from Rochester Hills, Mich., will leave Kentucky  
3*     _. as one of the best pure shooters the program has ever seen. But, this  
  F l ` " year Potts has added other dimensions to her arsenal. Not only is she ,
_./ ‘ shooting from beyond the arc, but also fans see her slashing through the ·
` lane. running the floor in transition, grabbing rebounds and steals. 1
_ ' A "l want to continue to bring my three-point ability to games," Potts l
TQ said as the season was beginning; then added her goals are "to improve .
A ·' f` defensively and do better rebounding.1 have confidence in this team .
·   and this program. I want to step up my game and become more of a  i
· ' if Wi ‘ threat besides just shooting? i
· ` Potts has done just that. Nearing season’s end. Potts is closing in on  
se Stacey Reed’s 176 threes, and already has the top accuracy percentage j
JV of .388 percent. She is averaging 14.4 points and 6.4 rebounds per game. g
Q Potts season high game came against High Point when she scored 23 ?
`   points. including a school record seven three—pointers. She earned her
first career double—double in the victory over Louisville with 14 points i
(three trevs) and 1l rebounds. j