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. University of Kentucky---C0llege of Agriculture
THOMAS P. COOPER, Dean and Director
, l’ul»lis!t·»l in <·¤»uru·t·tlun with the :iuri<·uItiir.tl ·\i··ti~.··rt w»·»rl< r·:i:*rit··I
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` tit` tit·- wt·rl< t·r¤»\1rl¤rl ttir in the .·\<·l of l`<»i1:¤·->> ~·t .\l.tjv \ li·ll_
Clean Cream Production
l{t‘lltll~‘l{_\` tarrrters protluee si1l`tit·ie11t ··r·~a1n tw make Bj mil-
litut peutttls nt` ereamer_v hutter 2IIlIllI2Ill_\'. lltteh tit this litttter
sertrcs >T p·»irtt< instead of SI2 points l···»·att~·· the eream from
wltielt it is matle is seemttl;rra1·lt»xx·e1·.·ltt·-tt» i1rtprt»pe1· hatt·ll-
i11g‘ eu the farm. Naturally this eream tl··t;< tl<·t l»ri1igtt»pp1‘i·'·e,
ll(‘L‘2lll$t‘ the ltutter sells for live to sevett vvllls a potttitl less than
97 paints luitter ltrirtgs on the market. time eatt <·vert··»t1te this
less hy lreepittg eream sweet and clean arttl tl·‘ll\`t.‘l`lll§ l`l`t?lttl€1Iil}'
l0 lllC L‘l'OJllllt‘l‘j'.
I·`irs{-yynalw eream shall etmsist ol` ereaitt that is eleati.
Sllllllltlt. ltee l.I`(>lIl all urttlesirahle otlors. eleati tn the tatstQ ztlltl
sweet or only slightly sour.
A ·$<<‘Ui14l»{/l‘<1r]e t·rea.m shall etmsist nl` ereattt that is t<·tt WNY
lll Qratle as lirst, that emttairts IIII(l(‘SlI’2ll1lt‘ tlawrs or rulers in a l
tuutlerate degree, that is foamy, yeasty or tilt` in flavor or that is
tttu old to pass as first-grade eream.
]t’<‘_ieeI¢tl-errant shall eortsist. ul` (‘I't‘2llll that is x·er_v ttltl.
raueitl, tueultly, dirty, curcly or otlretwvise titrwltnlesome and such
vreaitt sltettltl not he accepted hy the ereameries.
I The fnllrlwittgz; stiggestioris may help in the ]Il`tl(lIIt‘llt\ll of it
l11{1`llt*t‘ grade of cream. _

 ._i i
2 1{rulur/ry Circular N0. .1-I-1
(1) Keep the milk-cows clean. V
(2) Use covered milk·pai1s.
(3) Milk with dry hands.
(4) lieinore the milk from the barn immediately and separate the
cream while it is warm.
· (5) Separate a H5 or 40 per cent cream. j
(6) Wash the separator after skimming is completed. A dirty ::11— (
chine contaminates the cream.
(7) Cool the cream immediately. (`onstruct a cooling tank so   (
cool water on its way from the pump to the stock tank will 
thru the cream cooling tank. Or place the can of cream in the
spring-house inim<·diatcly :it`\·~r separating:. Spring water ;s .i·- 2
ages around Qt) degrees l·`. in summer aml therefore, ice can ie
used advantageously if procurable.
(8) D0 not mix warm cream with cool cream. Cool the cream liefme
adding it to the stock on hand. `
(9) Do not allow the cream to freeze in winter.
(10) Stir the cream twice a day to keep it smooth and free from liiztips.
Use a metal stirrer as it is cleaner than a porous wooden patldle.
(11) Keep the cows off pastures infected with onions or other sxich p
weeds. Passing the cream over a cooler helps to drive off such
flavors. but will not entirely eliminate them.
(12) I)eliv»·r t‘l`t,’2llll to liuycr at least twice a week in winter and tlzrté
times a week in summer.
(13) Sour cream will not test as high I1 percentage of butter tat 35
sweet cream. '1`he increase of lactic acid during souring':*·`* . » .   ~   .1é
if ` , " * 1:  `V ?If   .1..
1· ·· »:*·"§3·&· **:‘·». 1 ` ’*€*~·‘#`-·.:.'
Mw 1 :· » ¢     
"1" f   F-L`;»_1¥I 
puddle. = 7 ‘ ' -qggk-{gg;. :F‘:>v,{_
‘   sg'?
. ·   _*·  
1er such ~ _ 
`· ———--_ , ,2* #7 .4: 7 Té
01`f suCh _·  \__ 1`  ‘f"Z§§5_:*
  -3;* A qri:} ·  V;;,2u’v ·—   _ Cj  .
  -9; »‘l#`;,?;,- ; _ ‘ ` » ..»·'?.—;$%
in `-5“‘_’*1¢·7·· i§;~·& -1. ‘* .   "~i“?§i·*
1<1 tl1T£·€t @$5 PUul H is "`h`l°‘l {1* 41 ;Wg=__  ; M, \
§ ·—• *$1" ··¢ _-s§
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