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the textmtee 93 end teem eewteee Mm
LETTER TO A D J are also ridiculed and assaulted by family 915—0 ONLINE:
contributed by Mary Crone members. If home isn’t safe, where is? The Peter: pjtayl00@ukcc.uky.edu
One evening near the beginning of suicide rate for lesbian and gayyouth is higher Elizabeth: bee@mis.net
December, I was driving home from the then that for adolescents in general, some Tammy: sappho@mis.net
grocery store listening to a radio station studies indicate that one third of suicidal teens
chosen by one of my children, when I heard are in despair because they think they are or HELP UPDATE Us 1:011 THE
Chris Goodman respond to a caller in a might be gay, We are also overrepresented in NEW YE AR
homophobic manner. I composed an angry young people who are living on the streets, If you know of any updated names or phone
letter in my mind, not an infrequent runaways or throw—aways. Falling grades, low numbers for the Directory listing on the back
occurrence But this time I have actually put self esteem, drug and alcoholabuse are all page, please contact Elizabeth at the above e-
fingers to computer and sent him the results of the homophobia Within our culture. mail address, or at 277—3644,®
following letter. I may not get a response but Is it any wonder that many of us stay in denial?
I’ll share my thoughts this with all of you in On the other hand, coming out can be The GLSO is now taking signups for “5
hopes that if any one else hears this D] being liberating, joyful, and the blossoming of the remaining sponsorships for 1997- ll You or
homophobic, you might add your voice to ability to love oneself and others Support your organization has an interest, contact
mine or let me know what you hear. helps young people to move away from despair Mary at 2665904-
towards self-acceptance. The negative
Dear IlhiGsliliillrignto you in hopes that your reactions listed above give way to the W a l'erlPEéET'f‘I-ZRS NEEDED [-
co mm e nts on the air last Thes day evening realization that gays and lesbians live happy the' re :1le 0: ng Oha types: er 000“ 22:6
(Dec. 10) were meant to be humorous rather productive lives. ls th )1??? d it 1:th thas we e
than cruel and that if I eXplain to you how they In the gay/ lesbian community we often types: er?“ A: .0 a mil 1 d \S'rth fie years, we
might have been hurtful, you willbe less likely find humor in the coming out process and age; .il-pl y demghpie hl (“~00 [ll/gm]
to repeat this form of humor. within our lives. However, I did not find your 0 I?“ 1025' :1 are 3"ng a ar Ime g1 Ing
Ayoung man called to ask if he could ask comments humorous but an attempt to our "Ilse or he communtity. t - t ki
a girl to go out with him over the air. You ridicule. You could have easily stimulated fear tt' you fiver? ”1 ere; t“: a fig over
expressed surprise that this young man wanted and humiliation in the young caller. Was this typese Ing, CO“ ac ary or e 6 ~ ©
to ask a girl out and you kept repeating your your Intent? I hOPe not. ,DO you mean to be
skepticism that he would want to date a harassmg callers 0n the air, do you want to be
female. You assumed by his voice that this cruel? Againhl hope “Ot' the til—52 '
young man was gay. He may be gay, but he 'Ifyou WISh to respond to my concern you Sponsor of the Month
obviously isn't out, perhaps not even to can fmdanaddress and phone number above. .
himself. Please do not respond on the air as this could .
Coming out is difficult and particularly further humiliate the young caller. Wi n d y
so for the young. Realizing that you might be Egfilémm -
ga can beatri er for despair and self-hatred. _ ‘ "
Bedause of inteiisge homophobia, young people President, .GI’SO 4 K n 0 Fa r m
perceived tobe gay are harassed and assaulted P0” 5.6"” The DJ called me and _
in school. A surprisingly high number of us apologzzedpersonally.®

 ‘ we REDISCOVERING OUR hundred brave individuals attended (way \
M HISTORY below the 1500 they were expecting). Herb “W
is” t” i ”U" judge, and Evandeer Smith were arrested when
99M 22* ’"MWMW‘" , , MW
w$?%§359 aw contributed by Mary Crone they asked two plain clothed officers to N
@5552 The beginning of the Gay (3ch Rights produce a warrant. In addition, Elliot
We??? Movement is often said to be the Stonewall Leighton and Nancy May, a minister’s wife,
mgtofhwt ‘ Resistance of 1969 in New York City. There were also arrested. bee
we?" ' 2 were, however, politically active gay, lesbian 0“ February 11, MUhiCiPfli C011“ Judge 27d
and bisexual people before that time and it is 1’30 Friedman acquitted all four and ordered Put
it appropriate for us to acknowledge their POiiCBiOtUih over Ph0i057 ihChidihg negatives, me‘
struggle and progress for we stand on their taken 0f other participants. This is one 0i 5:
shoulders. many steps taken by brave lesbigay people to i i
th e 95—9 N E WS In the fall of 1964, several gay secure the relative peace and freedom we have to 5
PUthhEd Monthly by the organizations in San Francisco came together today mfc
Lexington Gay/ Lesbian and planned a New Year,s Day dance, the 30, what was happening here ih eve
Services Organization Mardi Gras Ball. Some of these groups were Lexmgton thirty plus Y?“ 380? i know there ‘0“
P 0 Box 11471 the Daughters of Bilitis, the Mattachine were frequent police raids 0“ bars in the PEI-Si, L
.. ' Society, The Society for Individual Rights, the but we have no hFSi P€130h accounts written W35
Lexmgton, KY 40575 Tavern Guild, and the Coits. They also had the down anywhere. if we dOh’i start keeping ”30k mo:
support of gay friendly community groups Of our own hiSiOYYi who Wiii? if anyone this
Editor: such as the Council on Religion and the reading this would share memories of being d15<
Peter Taylor Homosexual. gay in Lexington in the 1950’s, 60’s or ‘70’s, W3"
Dance organizers met twice with police, please give ”5 3 call or write your piece 0i p12“
Layout Editor: hoping to avoid confrontation or harassment. hiSiOi'Y down and Shh‘i ii ih~ 1
Elizabeth A Gilliam-Stron The police agreed to ignore the party unless Now, wouldnt it be wonderful to have P a]
. g costumed party—goers spilled out onto the 500 people attend both the Pride PlCfllC and MO-
streets. the Pride Banquet in our celebrations next for
gli) Annual Dues and On the afternoon ofJanuary ist, however, June? COC
Newsletter: $15 fifty uniformed police officers showed up Some information taken from an article 266
Dues and Newsletter for before the start of the dance, arranging 1“ curve by Mary Ahh Sw1ssler® N;
themselves in front of the building .
Couples. $20 discouraging many from attending. Still, five Pm
Views or opinions expressed in the GLSO intc
News are those of the authors and don't necessarily 0t R ea d1. gro
represent those of the GLSO Board of Directors. (‘73 one. 2 5 eve
Submissions are welcome. All submissions J’ ene
become the property of GLSO and must indicate , . son
hill name and address of the author. The staff 0 O O Female‘orlented car (IS to ,
reserves the right to edit submissions and ads to O .
meet publishing requirements, as well as the right 0 M aI‘y SO] Gurnel‘ CT one ”:0,
to reject any submissions. - a ‘
Placement of advertising in GLSO News ' 266—5904
denotes neither a person’s sexual orientation nor a
business’ customer preference.
GLSO News Page 2 '—

 3:: -aa
a a1 ”a Ea E E2:. E we é :a ”3%?“
3 to NETWORKING: PRIDE MONTH well—attended reorganizing conversation at the Italian Oven.
511m PLANNING meeting near the end of Lots of fun! If you have yet to go
wife, A Networking meeting has November. A group of there. Go. It is a Gay 8: Kid
been set for Monday, January individuals have volunteered to Friendly kind of place. It
udge 27th at 7:00 at the downtown be a focus group, to evaluated appeared that everyone enjoyed
jered Public Library, fourth floor, what goals to pursue and to keep one another and the
tives, meeting room C. There is free up the tasks necessary to keep entertainment of two toddlers and
16 of parking available behind the the organization alive during the “the big boy" all of 6 years old.
:le to Library. We encourage all groups reorganization period. Since the Guess age is relative...
have to send a representative and bring Ky. Legislature does not meet in The January meeting will
information about upcoming 1997 it could be a good year to resume our regular schedule of
3 in events or projects. work on passing a Lexington City meetings on the third Tuesday of
there If you are new to the LGBT Fairness Ordinance. Another each month from 6:30—8:00 pm.
past, community or are looking for a meeting is planned for January January 21 is the date. We
ritten way to meet people and become 21st at the UK Student Center. All will meet back at the Unitarian
track more involved, please come to members of the community are Universalist Church on Clays Mill
iyone this gathering and join in the encouraged to attend. @ Road.
)eing discussion. Groups looking for Childcare is provided, so
705, new members, this may be one SUBSCRIBERS NEEDED please feel free to bring your
66 of place to find them! GLSO is 5U“ in need Of children. A donation is collected
This month we need to start SUbSCribCfs: We h8V€ 10 have a for childcare and for use of the
have planning and coordinating Pride minimum Of 200 mailed church. If your child is more
:and Month Activities. We are looking newsletters to be able [0 use our comfortable staying with you, that
next for a couple of individuals to bUIk mail permit, and 150 Of those is okay, too.
coordinate what has traditionally “66d [0 be in Lexington for US to No topic is planned for the
Hide been called the Pride Committee. get the IOWESI rates. YOU can January meeting. Discussion will
One possibility is for the r€C€iV€ 3 membership in GLSO be open 0 what and who we
Networking Groups to be the and a monthly newsletter for $13 want to schedule for future
Pride planning group. GLSO has Members can VOW in elections meetings. So, join us and tell us
some money set aside for Pride and 86[ 3 discount at some GLSO your request®
Month and has started looking events. If you are in financial
inro Picnic possibilities. Other need, lower COSt subscriptions are RELATIONSHIP SERIES T0 BEGIN
groups have started working on available. Use the subscription Lexington’s Metropolitan
events. If you have some ideas, form in this newsletter or call Community Church, 387 Waller
energy, or a willingness to take on Mary for more information. (266— Avenue will resume its regular -
, some responsibility, please come 5904) @ Wednesday evening StUdY
’ to the Networking Meeting. For programs at 7pm January 8th-
more information call Mary Crone PARENTING GROUP GOES TO The latest seven week
at 2665904 Q ITALIAN OVEN presentations is a video course
The December meeting of the on Gay and Lesbian Relationships
FAIRNESS REORGANIZES Lesbian & Gay Parenting Group prepared by Rev. Michael Piazza,
Fairness of Lexington had a was a social event; dinner and pastor of the fifteen hundred
__ continuedonpage 5
GLSO News Page 3

 THE CHURCH LADY themthflmomewas‘here- fro”
While Sisera hid, thinking he was safe “St“t‘ me
by Margaret Christopher Cartwright under Jael’s rug, jael took a tent peg and a tw‘c, ‘9 1h
. _ . . f‘
This month we will discuss Deborah. hammer and went softly to him while he slept k“ \3\\k‘“q f
, .. ,, and drove the tent peg through his temple and ' ; m . " " g j " or
Deborah was described as an unwomanly . . . ; 2 . \3 , . g :, .
into the ground. ObViously, he then died. \{QSq ~ . . . Wll
woman (truly awoman after my own heartl). , '_ f , . , u . , i; .
. . . . . . Barak came, and saw that the leader of f ' , , V , g P g am
She was Mini and religious Judge, the . . . ~ = , ‘ 5' ‘. ' , . '- Wl
first «ind only woman ludoe mentioned in the this army was surely delivered into the hands D 11 ' I" V 'L I V: :y
B‘bl‘ s1 iris tli wt: or “woman” f ofawoman. . Dyan aveanythlngtosay p61
1 e. ‘ le ‘ ‘L . e l . O The song of celebration by Deborah (or fcr’yourself? ' . V ' 501
Lappidoth. She was a counselor, iudge, or as feminist theolonins bel'eve “the m g g , . ,, , , . Sm
lawyer (whichever occupation makes you ‘ ET,‘ ,‘ 1 , WO an. 2 You do? Wefl,2why not write: - r<
. . 1 account of the war ) is best read initidges 5, .f . a . 2. , ; W
more comtortziblel but she spoke for God. ,, , . ,, . . . . it down and send‘zt’in? wil
. .. The Song of Deborah. The text tor this » ' , ’ .
God told Deborah to go to war. The God incrediblcsto is (1,85 4 " , . ' , ~ , _ _ stn
of Israel commands you to take 10,000 Come 5:: Sluw: talk abo t tl . g lit The glso ls alwaysPleased t0 lI'lV
soldiers to meet Sisera which i will bring out this at church u ' u mg” l e i accept pieces by members 0f . rel:
and deliver to you." Barak, son of Abinoam ® gurgcgmmunity, 'Ifygu have .. en'
sbaidlto Deborah, “I’lltlhgotif yop’lIIDg: with mg, . Something..t0 say, 'telIiuv’s'! . prr
ut mno gOingWi on you." e oraisai, . -’ - . _, . . ' ‘ .. is<
“Sure I’ll go, for God will deliver Sisera into WANTED' TYPES ETTER' SEE Send V13 e‘mafi (hSted on P3331) .
the hands of awoman.” NOTICE 0N FRONT PAGE- 0r U45: mail: (1,38th engaged), ‘
Thousands of warriors went, with Barak Although we’dhkeiw knOWWhG Y0“;
and Deborah leading them. As they were about are,wcdonot havctoprmtyour g , rO(
to meet their opponents. God caused Sisera actuainame - .‘ fig.’;:' f1... 6tt
and his soldiers to panic and Sisera fled on [311
foot. All the rest of his army perished. Sisera WOM’, that ’5' C31
sought out an ally, Jael. the wife of Heber .
because there was peace between their houses mi“ ' f:
and he knew she would hide him from l J. {:3
Deborah and Barak. ‘ v -
Jael told him. Get under this rug and I m" g
Will hide you,” Because he W35 ”1le from confidential care for teens adults couples ‘ “ >
running, she gave him some milk to drink families seniors - specialtles In women’s health
‘ men's health - andrew schechterman phd - r“ ]
under the rug. Sisera told her to stand at the :cenlsecll clinlcalflpsyfihologist ~ woodford "
‘ v OSD ta ' VEFSE '
entrance to the tent and if anyone came to tell D 0cm" Shem 3,3191?) élgzgé 6, /
. ch;
. do
. . . - 1 " P; prt
. hu
_ A ‘ . sei
. . De
, by
‘ CALL MARY AT 266-5904 ~ Ba
- _
GLSO News Page 4

 frompage3 Barnes sued the Navy earlier the San Francisco Bay Area
member Cathedral Of Hope MCC this year for wrongful discharge Council of the Boy Scouts have
, in 1331135, Texas. and for violating her constitutional quietly adopted a “don’t ask, don’t
l. Each C1355 Will COhSiSt Of a rights. The Navy agreed to pay tell" policy towards gay scouts
forty-five minute video lecture Barnes an amount roughly and troop leaders.
With an Opportunity for questions equivalent to the GI. Bill While gay members and
V, and group diSCUSSiOhS afterwards. educational benefits to which she leaders have been expelled
Whether you’ve finally met the would have been entitled had she simply because of their sexual
say}. Person 0f your dreams, been With been allowed to complete her orientation nationally, the Bay
' someone for several years or are enlistment term. The Navy also Area Council will only call for
rite Still trying [0 figure outwhat went issued her a new discharge form expulsion if a person “engages in
' 2 wrong the last hme; thlS program removing all references to public homosexual conduct or
Will offer insights Oh the WW and “homosexual conduct." advocacy.” In 1992, the United
[to etmgglesi talents and handicaps Barnes had been discharged Way cut nearly $500,000 in annual
f thOlVed 1“ maintaining our following a witch hunt of women funding to seven Bay Area
9' relationships in 3 nonsupportive accused as lesbian on the USS councils because of the Scouts’
We environment. Like 3” MCC Simon Lake, a nuclear submarine, anti—gay policy.
programs, the Relationship Series in the fall of 1995. “This is a “It looks good, but it’s a
1) is open to everyone. Q victory not just for Amy Barnes, double message,” said San
- but for all servicemembers Francisco Supervisor Tom
bu CLASSIFIED AD jeopardized by the military’s anti— Ammiano. “What do they mean
; LOOkmg for a female gay policy and the witch hunts by ‘as long as you don‘t advocate?’
roommate. North Broadway ‘ that can result from it," said Kirk What do they mean by ‘public
6th Street area. Rent is $175 Childress, Staff Attorney of homosexual conduct?’ It’s back to
plus utilities. For information Servicemembers Legal Defense the Anita Bryant days of staying in
call Nance at 281—6778. Network. @ the closet."®
fremawundtlwlfiamonSnWorid In what many lesbian and gay On December 11, a lawyer for
groups speculate is an attempt to Alla Pitcherskaia, a Russian
NAVY SETTLES ANTI-LESBIAN curry favor With the United Way, conlinuedonpage [0
I“ the ”SF SUCFESSM 5”” ‘0 Are you being discriminated against in
challenge Violations of the
current “don’t ask, don’t tell, Kentucky due to your sexual orientation?
don’t pursue” policy’s ,
prohibition on military witch
hunts of lesbian and gay Report It NOW.
servicemembers, the Call the GLSO Discrimination Project, and help to put our
Department Of JUSUCB and the discrimination on the books.
Navy settled a lawsuit brought
b former Seaman Am L.
BZrnes on December 12. Y 276-5383
— ——_——————W

 - 3 3 333 :33 33:33:33 333i 3*3 33.33333-3333;;3 3:333 . 33‘? 313.13 33:33.33 333333 3
6:00 pm. 7:00 pm. 7:30 pm. 9:00 am.
Frontrunners (Woodland Men‘s Chorus Practice Gay/Lesbian AA Frontrunners (Arboretum)
Park) (Central Baptist Church)
3 7:00 pm.
Met. Community Church
7:00 pm.
HIV/AIDS Support Group \ . g .3 ‘
3 8:00 pm. cu H . ’ .-._
Gay/Lesbian AA ‘ 3,. V; J (”‘6’ .
' ‘4 _I . I
3 3 3 3, .
11:30 am. 12 :00 noon 6:00 pm. 7:00 pm. 7:30 pm. 9:00 am.
Metropolitan Community Gay/Lesbian AA Frontrunners (Woodland Men’s Chorus Practice Gay/ Lesbian AA Frontrunners (Arboretum)
Church 7:30 pm. Park) (Central Baptist Church) R E S T A I I R A N T
7:00 pm. P-Flag (Chapel Hill 6:00 pm.
Di ni , (MCC Suite) Presb terian Church) HIV/AIDS Su ort (‘rou '
9 W 7330me 73003333,. pp ’ p 557 S. leestone
Gay/Lesbian AA MCC Relationships Study .
8:30 pm. 8:00 pm. _\ Lexmgtom KY
Rainbow Bowling League Gay/Lesbian AA 2 5 3 0 0 1 4
“333 "'23“3 “fill! '33 ‘3 33' ii 3 " "3.3 -‘ ~
33 3333 33 3.33 3 3 3 -. 3* 3 3 3 i f e a t u r] n g t h e
11:30 am. 7:15 pm. 12:00 noon 6:00 pm. 7:00 pm. 7:30 pm. 9:00 am, i
Metropolitan Community GLSO Board Meeting Gay/Lesbian AA Frontrunners (Woodland Men’s Chorus Practice Gay/Lesbian AA Frontrunners (Arboretum) i Fa m o u S 3 A I fa l fa
Church (MCC Suite) 6:30 pm. Park) (Central Baptist Church) !
Lesbian/Gay Parenting HIV/AIDS Support Group 8:00 pm. k d h
Group (Unitarian 7:00 pm. Bluegrass Colts GLSO NEWS 3 we e e n B l' U n C I
Church) MCC Relationships Study members DEADLI N E 3 .
“30 p'm' . 8:00 pm . 9:00 pm ALSO, PLEASE SUBMIi i SCTVI Hg blueberry
Gay/Lesbian AA Gay/Lesbian AA Bluegrass Colts UPDATES FOR 3
8:30 pm. nonmembers 7 3 3 :
Rainbow Bowling League FEBRUA2R7332§£gSLEWER 3 b u C k w h e a t p a n C a k e S!
‘ eggs benedict arnold
__ ____ w“.— __._ ____._ ___.___.______._3 I
* v 3 3 .
3. 3 3. * 3 s a ms h o m e l e tte s
11:30 am. 12 :00 noon and 7:30 pm. 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm 7:00 PM. (2:00 am
Metropolitan Community _ Gay/Lesbian AA Frontrunners (Woodland Men’s Chorus Practice Dignity Potluck. For more Frontrunners (Arboretum) g 0 u r m e t d e S S e r t s , a n d
Church /:00 pm. Park) (Central Baptist Church) information call 2094458
7:00 pm, Fairness Meeting 7:00 pm. 7:30 pm.
Dignity, (MCC Suite) UK Student Center MCC Relationships Study Gay/Lesbian AA m u C h m 0 r e ' ’ '
8:30 pm.
Rainbow Bowling League
3 All of our breads and
—— —‘ . ———— ———-———— desserts are baked daily In '
33‘ 333.3, ii" 333* -li' 3313.33' gr 233,313. 3‘: ‘3" :3' *31
333. 33.3.33 33... 33' 33:3, 333333 3.33 .2: 33.1" .3: ' ,
11:30 am. 7:00 pm. 12:00 noon and 7:30 pm. 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm. our kltChen’
Metropolitan Community Pride Month Networking Gay/Lesbian AA Frontrunners (Woodland Men’s Chorus Practice
Church Meeting. Public Library 8:30 pm. Park) (Central Baptist Church)
Rainbow Bowling League 7:00 pm. '
MCC Relationships Study

. COMMUNITY SINCE 1972 - . i
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Address ________________________________________w_________~_______ ' . ' -‘ ;
. l l .. , . City' . State’ . ZI.P“____~_‘_‘—.‘—‘—‘.__,__',__'-——,_’—.‘_“"“,"f—.__._.___T“-'._”"‘"T‘_—.‘__.‘__“.’“T‘_.—,_,.__ , ‘. .V: .3 . I}
,.___$ 2'0 Couple Mémlb'eifshiip and Newsletter a, ii
____I am (we are) including a donation of $3 or more. Please add the above , . . E: . .- f
_ name(s) to the OUT AND PROUD sponsorship page in October, 1997. . . g I; ‘ Z: , '
_____I do not wish for my name to be added‘to the Community Mailing List used ' ‘ '3
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<§ to support other community organizations V ' :
‘ <3) to provide speakers for various groups throughout central kentucky ; . . .-
. Q) to hold social events for our community. ' I .3 00
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METROPOLITAN COMMUNITY CHURCH ................................27‘I-I407
TED RICHARDSON, OD.......................................................278-4201
UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CHURCH ..................................223-1448
IMPERIAL FLOWERS AND GIFTS .........................................233-7486
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' ~ GLSO News Page 9

 ' from page5 the cirus there. Currently, 102 of the activists have brought a court
lesbian, pleaded with the 9th US. 2,400 prisoners have been challenge to the state’s anti—gay
Circuit Court of Appeals for diagnosed With the AIDS cirus, and sex laws, which include a prison
political asylum, saying the 65 have died. sentence of up to 25 years for gay
woman would be institutionalized Although same—sex marriage is sex.
and subjected to electroshock not legal in Honduras, officials are In Romania, over the
therapy if returned home. actually performing weddings at the objection of European human

It is the first time a federal pnson. More than eight couples have rights groups, the Parliament
appeals court has heard a case exchanged marriage vows so far. Q voted 174-39 to rule that gay sex
using sexual orientation as a basis could be punishable by up to five
for political asylum. In the early RAINBOW FLAG FLOWN years in prison.
eighties, “she was repeatedly In commemorating Perth‘s 83y The government of Indonesia
threatened with forced psychiatric and lesbian pride festival, October Will not promote the use of
institutionalization solely because 28 through November 3, the condoms in AIDS prevention
she is a lesbian, and repeatedly municipality of Vincent became the because their use violates Muslim
detained for political actions on first in Western Australia to fly the values, medical officials announced
behalf of gay rights," said rainbow flag over ttS chambers. @ in November. ®
Pitcherskaia’s lawyer Suzanne
Goldberg of the Lambda Legal POSSIBLE AIDS BREAKTHROUGHS ersnum HEALTH CARE Lacxma
Defense and Education Fund Infection—fighting blood cells Health care for lesbians is of a
(LLDEF), can be boosted in AIDS patients, a poorer quality than that for

The justice Department team of doctors has found “ a heterosexual women, according
asserts that since the fall of the discovery that COUld prove to be a to early results from a survey in
Soviet Union laws banning major breakthrough in the Miami conducted by GYNA, a
homosexuality have changed, and treatment Of people With HIV‘ A lesbian health organization.
the psychiatric counseling recent study published in the New Questionnaires are still being
sessions Pitcherskaia was forced England journal or Medicine says collected, htlt the preliminary
to undergo by the state were a that injecting patients With the results duplicate those found on a
good_faith attempt to help her. A immune system protein interleukin— national scale.
decision is expected in anywhere 2 can help increase the number of “Women have generally been
from six weeks to a year. ® white bIOOd cells, the ones that fight excluded from medical research,”

off the AIDS virus. Usually it’s the GYNA Vice president Rosa Royo
SAME-SEX MARRIAGE PROMOTED gradual disappearance of CD4 cells told The Miami Herald “When it
IN HONDURAN PRISONS that indicates the onset Of a llf€- Comes to lesbians, that’s CV60

There actually is a place on threatening illness. This is the first more so.”
earth where same-sex marriage is time chemicals have been proved to GYNA has been holding
encouraged, but you have to go to help replace the precious hIOOd cells. house parties so that lesbians can
prison to get there. In the small @ discuss health issues. “We are
Central American country of TWO STEPS FORWARD, interested in having women
Hunduras, prison officials are urging II'WO STEPS BACK develop their own voices as a
gay inmates to get married in order In Buenos Aires, Argentina, group,” Royo says. “We have to
to promote monogamy behind bars, the StatUtorY convention get beyond the silence and help

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 ‘W' 61 K II
m Indoor Arena Lessons in
-—> Cross Country Course
w Stadium Jumping Course Dressage
-> Outdoor Sand Dressage Arena 677’ .
M Acreage for Trail Riding Jumping
Jennifer Crossen
3263 Cleveland Rd. North 2 9 9 - 74 1 0 Rose Thiedich
Lexington, KY 40516 Instructors-Trainers

 the g1_5_q COMMUNITY
G150 Board (Mary)2665904 Bluegrass COLTS (Mark) 2337266
G180 Discrimination Project (Jeff) 2765585 Cumberland CaresS6l6765
GISO: News (Peter)...1...1......,....i.,..i”1.,“...i11..”.11............1,..1275-5845 E—Male (81102549812
Advertisements (Sue) 2554864 Fairness of Lexington HOTIIINEMHW........11..“....i,...........,V275—7812
Calendar (Peter)”.11.,,.m1..,......4111W.“.M..ii...,..i,.ii275~5845 Fairness ofLouisville1....,,1...,_i.111.1.1..“1.,.i,,....,,..,,....“...(502)895—0788
Folding (Mary) 2665904 Front Runners (Keith) 2546850
Layout (Elizabeth) 2775644 G/L AA (Charlie) 2244067
GLSO PRIDE COMMITTEE (Mike).............1...1.11.i.m..m..,1.m.,225—1828 G/L Defense Fund(502) 589-2896
6180 Speakers Bureau (Mary)is..m...,..,i.........,..........i,......,..266-5904 [GBO(Steve)2765058
6150 Support Group (Mary).1..1“....,...i.....,,..i...i..,..1.....i.i,...,..266—5904 Kentucky Legislature
Bill Status Line(800) 382-2455
STUDENT GROUPS Legislator lfi‘lessage LineESOO) 272-181
Meeting [n 0 Line 800) 35-9 50
ACE L uezBerea (Ed) 6257512
AfiflzegliU (Pat) 572-5604 KentuCky Wranglers (Terry)...,......41.....1..11..1....111255-5469
B-GLAD: C tr C ll M k l 2 8- 2
GUESS: EK‘II‘WZIDO. egfi’:( V0) . 1. 63252336 The Lesbian & Gay Parenting Group (Laura) .1...1,1.1...n..“276-2685
Lexington Youth Support Group (Kenneth) 1..1..M.ii,i..m..222—1919 Lexington Men’s Chorus (Shelby)i...,.,.i..1,....1............_.i..,..1.i251-0090
Morehead State (Angela) 785-2950 Louisv111e Youth Group....4.1....1m..,...1.....1..nn.,..w.m.i.(502)894—9787
UK Lambda (pager) 2243344 Names Project, Lexington (Katie)...”1.............1.....1...m..,w.,272—2588
Newcomers Group (Joe) 2554452
. _ Perry 0 8590035
Jessamine-County.,.Hummus.“..i...1.i..,..,.4.,....,.4".1.....1...1.....1.1i.885_4149 Pegasus Trave12551644
Lexrngton Fayette County288 2457 . ,
Madison County 725_7512 Rainbow Bowling League (Shawn) 2557379
Woodford County875—4541 RISC of KY(Paul)225—5151
(Steve) 255—46564
The Women’s Chorus (Connie)..i.1..1..1.“...1..1............i...,.i.1...1,.276—2554
AIDS Volunteers ofLexingtonmw..i............,.i.,...........i.....1.278—7494 Dignity [Catholic] (Don)2994458
AVOL Legal Advocacy Program 2787494 Episcopal Diocese AIDS Ministry (Steve) ,...i......,.1.....u.r,,..253-1782
Health Department HIV Support Programs Honesty [Southern Baptist] (Eddie) (502) 637-7609
EPatty)d)288—237Z (Dorothy) (502) 453-5592
Aman 3 288237 Interweave [Unitarian] (Davina)..i...........i.....1.....1..i.,...1..1...271-6174
HIV/AIDS Lfgal Pr°1€ct(502) 584-1254 MCC-Elizabethtown (Cathy)......,..n.,...1..............,.i....,...(502) 459—6075
"IV-Education Youth 0’0“!)-~----~~~~-~~-~~~-~~-‘--~~---~---~~~-~-‘-‘278'7494 MCC-Lexington (Rex) 2711407
HIV Support 60mme0gglg: MCC-Louisville..n.....................................i....,......i...........(502) 775—6636
Kentucky AIDS HOTLINE(800) 840—2865 MCC-Paducah(502) 441-2507
Thursday HIV+IAIDS Support Group Pagan Forum (Pat)2681640
(Hospice of the Bluegrass) 2765544 RainboWind [Pagan] (Sarah) 2527675
IY G L E s B I G AY Y0 u TH H or LI N E T°wa°MWWhWVMW
8 0 0 - 3 4 7 -T E E N zliitadfim
7 p - mi d n i g h t Th u rs. & Fri. ”WWW”
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