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A Publication of the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Sen/ices Organization Volume 33 Number 8
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 After Long Wait, S_ame- the country, where there are tough-
Sex Couple? Marryln New er legal and political obstaces. .
Several thousand people rallied i
in Midtown Manhattan to pro-
By Michael Barbaro test the new law, waving Signs
The New York Times that said “God cannot be mocked”
and calling for a public referen—
dum on same-sex marriage. Their
Published: July 24, 2011 cries were echoed by smaller I
crowds in a few cities upstate. I
Hundreds of gay and lesbian cou- “Today, we start the, war,”
ples, from retirees in Woodstock State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr.,
to college students in Manhattan, a Bronx Democrat, declared. I
rushed to tirfigl town halls and big
city clerks’o 'ces across New Yor Despite the demonstrations, long
to wed in the first hours of legal lines and bureaucratic glitches, a
same-sex marriage on Sunday, spirit of Jaatience and good humor
turning a slumbering summer day ervade . In Lower Manhattan,
into an emotiona celebration. Brides and grooms defiantéy opened i
dozens of rainbow—colore umbrel-
They arrived by subway cars and las to blockthe protesters from view.
stretch limousines, with chil- ‘
dren and with grandparents, _in There were scenes, too, of strik— -
matching sequined ties and pin— ing public embrace. Outside mar— |
striped suits, to utter words that riage bureaus, police officers
once seemed unimaginable: I do. offered unsolicited condqratula-
tions, passers-by honke their
Even those who had been to- horns and strangers tossed hand— I
gether for decades watching made confetti at the newlyweds.
same-sex marriage become le- (
gal in surrounding states but suf— Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo hosted a
er rejection in New York, said party for same-sex marriage advo-
there was something unexpect- cates in Manhattan, Mayor Michael
edly moving and_affirming about R. Bloomberg presided at a wed—
having their .unions recognized cling in the backyard of Gracie Man-
by the state In which they live. sion, and the City Council speaker, ‘
_ Christine C. Quinn, visite mar— [
“We feel a little more humantoday," riage bureaus in several boroughs.
Ray Durand, 68, said momentsafter
marrying his partner, Dale Shields, The bulk of the day’s marriages
79, whom he met 42 years ago by took place in New York City where l
a jukebox in a West Village bar. 659 couples picked up licenses
_ and 484 wed at city marriage bu- I
The start of same—sex marriage reaus: 293 in Manhattan, 66 in
in New York instantly doubled t e Queens, 66 in Brooklyn, 32 on
number of Americans who live in Staten Island and 27 in the Bronx.
states where gay and lesbian cou-
plescanwed. ay—rightsadvocates, Most were New York residents,
energized by their victory in New but 107 of those who mar- |‘
York —_ the sixth and largest state ried in the city had arrived from (
where it is allowed — are turnlndg other states, mostly those, like
their attention next to_Marylan , California and Alabama, where
but they face long odds in much of same-sex marriage is not legal.

 Issue 8 20 1 1 Feature, Story
New York legalizes
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NY legalizes marriage GSA Meeting
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 GLSO News Issue 8 201 1

. _ Dennis Wheatley, President
The GLSO NEWS '5 PUbIIShed Orvis Kean, Vice President
monthly by and for the Lexington Secretary, Vacant
Gay and Lesbian Services Organi— Glenn Blind, Treasurer
zation members and community.
The mission of the Lexington Gay
and Lesbian Services Organization Aaron 33k?” At Large
is to provide support and services #:3312523? r20: LAirEaerge
t th GLBT IA ' . '
0 e QQ community Mary Crone, GSA

- - - RJ Deacon Volunteers
The Vi5ion of the Lexmgton Gay ' ,
and Lesbian Services Organiza- Jess: Haward, Marketing/ Sales
tion is to empower the GLBTQQIA SIS; LizvgszltqlLétglearge
comm n' th 0 h o'ce. '

U W r ug V I Anthony Smallwood, At Large
The Lexington GLSO is founded David Spencer, Technology
upon the core values of fun, in- Je55ica SUCIk Affiliate Grou s
clusion, respect, integrity, dignity,
sewice and competence. Samara Baker, Interim Adminis-
GLSO Pride Center trative A55istant
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 SisterSound Rehearsals LAL August
Start September 18 Calen ar
I SisterSound, the Lexington Wom- EXHIBITIONS:
en’s Chorus, will start rehears- LAL Presents: More is MOVE,
als for the 2011-2012 season on on view JUIY 22 * Septem—
Sunday, September 18, 2011, ber 11, LAL @ Loudoun House
6:00 pm at Centenary Methodist More is More examines a common
Church, 2800 Tates Creek Road, tendency towards multiples and rep-
Lexington. PLEASE NOTE THAT etition in contemporary art. Whether
THIS IS A CHANGE IN DATE. it's an influence from industry, tech-
nology, materialism or consumerism,
SisterSound is a non—audition cho— these serial acts have profound impli-
rus so if you are a woman age 18 or cations about the society that created
older, love to sing, can match pitch them. The exhibition was Curated
with those around you and like to by Melissa Vandenberg and features
have fun and work hard at the same works by 58 artists from 27 states.
time, please join the “Sisters” and More info at www.lexington—
their new director, Rob Vanover artleague.org or at 859-254-7024-
for the 16th season of good times
and good music. New and return- . EVENTS:
ing members are always welcome. American Found—
- ers Bank Woodland Art Fair
For more information call Pat- Saturday, August 20, 103 — 5p;
ti at (859) 806-0243 or check and Sunday, August 21, 103 — Sp
out www.5istersound,org Woodland Park, 601 East High
Street, Lexington, KY 40502
American Founders Bank Woodland
GLSO Art Fair, produced by LAL and LFUCG’s
Discussion Group Parks and Recreation and presented by
SC Johnson All-In-One Cleaning Sys-
tem, is Lexington’s largest, free, out-
The GLSO is proud to announce door cultural event with over 65,000
the contiuation of a GLSO tra- visitors coming to Woodland Park dur-
, dition—-the weekly Discussion ing the two-day event. In addition to
Group. Every Wednesday night 200 of the nation's finest jurled art-
at 7 pm. our Discussion Group iSts, the Fair offers free live entertain-
takes place at the GLSO Pride ment on the Gazebo Stage, hands-on
Center located in Suite 100 of 389 art activities for children and families
Waller Avenue here in Lexington, in the KidZone, free interactive dem-
onstrations, free shuttle transporta-
The Discussion Group is open to tion, a bike ChECk, great Kentucky
l‘ everyone and is a safe place where @061 and plenty. of opportunity to
members of or community can discover art. Adml55lon to Fair is free.
meet to discuss most any topic.
Topics include but are not limited AUQUSt26i5p—9PILAL@L0ud0unH0L_lse
to issues associated with coming A social networking event during
out, families, homelife, and much More Is More. Light appetizers and
more. And, of course, the meet— cash bar from DaRae & Friends Ca-
ings are completely confidential. tering. Also live music with The Stella
Vees. Supported by WUKY, Where
Everyone is welcome to stop NPR . ROCKS at 91.3 FM. Admis-
by and join the Discussion 5'0” [5 $7 (Free for. LAL Members).
I Group. Hope to see you there! Morelnfoatwww.lexmgtonartleague.
| _

I... Q ~—, JUlle voughn memorial
a}. .- Mmkhrm
__ \‘ h— f a; ‘t 'i 5
Q) LU O i Z: [$3,] 9’ %/
fl C) D
“7 \. up. you know you
\ LT_ 65-
\ wonl lo!
\__ O ,
.' 0:) ' wt.
' g3 .
lg. . t . ‘
. = R u ,
,, - okossiivas ,. - 0/?
_ . a tax/”g on

 The Imperial CQUI‘t 0f Ken' themselves into the opposite gender.

tUCky: In serVIQe to Her If you are interested in competing for

Community Closet Ball contact Empress XXX ShotZ

BY ShOtZ at www.shotzwithaz@|ive.com. Our fi—

' , contr'bUtor nal show for the month of August will

2g . be on the 3lst at Crossings Lexing-

fit; The Imperial. Court Of Kentucky has ton, "Forever Your Girl: Gotta Love the

i had an eXC'tan month! During JUlY 80‘s/90'sll". This will be a show con-

‘2? we produced: the first Lexington Pride ceptualized and organized by one of

To Brunch, Investitures XXX at Bogart's our female line members. Viscountess

:I Lounge, and the fREDSHOTZ Summer Christina Puse has imagined a night of

'; Heat show. We also represented the fundraising while partying down to mu—

. ‘ Imperial Court of Kentucky at several sic from the 80's and 90's. She has

non—ICK events including:' the 4th Of been working tirelessly on organizing

JUIY parade, the Mn Crossmgs contest -an event that will take us all back to

(from WhICh Crossmgs donated the the beginnings of Madonna, Paula Ab-

. net proceeds to the ICK), the Impe- dul, Janet Jackson and countless other

W Court of New York's show “Jersey Diva's of this double decade. We feel

Girls", and the M"- CI'OSSanS Leather. a rock power ballad coming onllll See

. our website (www.imperialcourtken-

The Imperial Court of Kentucky also tucky.org) or join our facebook group

Showed our community SUPPOI’t bY page for details on all of our events.

attending board meetings of AVOL, Thank you for your support. We

Moveable Feast, GLSO and Lexington tip our hats to our membership

Fairness. And With a unique collabora- and welcome anyone interested

. tion between ourselves and Summer— in becoming a member to inquire.
Fest, we were able to speak to, and

collect donations from, patrons after You may learn more about our organi-

the production Of The ROCKY Horror zation through our website at www.im-

ShOW at the arboretum on tWO differ— perialcourtkentuckyorg or by stopping

ent evenings. Thank you to everyone in at one of our shows and speaking

In attendance at these shows and with the Reigning Monarchs or a mem-

events. We COUId not be more proud her of the Board of Directors. (Hint: the

of our members and our community! person working the door of our shows

_ _ . is always a Director from the Board.)

Let's keep thle amazmg energy movmg We can also be contacted via email

. right along WIth AUQUStt ThlS month at info@imperia|courtkentucky.org.

.. we WI” be producmg several shows The Imperial Court of Kentucky exists
. that will tantalize and delight you. Au—

gust 17 will bring us our annual "Diva's in service to the community, the en-

Ot Hazzard" show in WhiCh we plan tire community. Our members vote to

‘ to throw In a |Ittle "Hee Haw" tWISt- elect the leaders of the organization

Grab Yonr overalls and come on down therefore giving them a voice in "their"

to Crossrngs Lexmgton for a night to court. You can help your community

remember. The evening will be filled by becoming a member and getting

with country music, trailer trash and involved. We are always happy when

i don't forget the Vienna Sausage abbe‘ a member volunteers whether it be to

,j tizers! AdQUSt 21 at Crossrngs Lexmg- run a spotlight at a show, sell raffle tick-

;' ton we WI” present another Of our an- ets or even just making yourself avail-

é nual events, the "Julie Vaugn Memorial able to answer questions about our

5! Closet Ball." This is a contest in which organization to community members.
* performers who have never performed

.4 on stage for tips compete for the title We always have a niche that needs

., Miss/Mr. Closet Ball. Each contestant filled, It is our members and the

.1: will be presented on stage as their bio- needs of the community that drives

_ logical gender and will then have one us and you can be a part of that

" hour to go back stage and transform amazing and rewarding journey!

 My Heart Cries Out My heart cries out for all who have
By Rev. Karen Taylor been lead to believe anythingother
Contributor than that God loves them With-an
everlasting love. He deeply deSires
. . to walk in close communion with us.
I heard Gene Robinson suneak this _
past Saturday evening. 0U.m'9ht Do you feel an emptiness you can’t
recognize the hame- He '5. the seem to fill? It’s that God size hole
htSt openly gay Episcopal B'Sht’p in our heart that we all have, and
from LeXIngton. t w'5h every pas- nothing else will fill it. We try to .
W 'h Lexmaton could have heard fill it with relationships, love, work, SIS
him as wel as every GLBT indi- money ou name it. But noth- _
vidual who has been told they are in Wii’i it,” that hole but God Him- Di‘
gomg to hell, or that (see doesnt settf. Jesus calls out to us to come
ove them. Not °hIY was h's mes- to Him, give our hearts, concerns, .
sage enlightening bet he radiated fears, troubles to Him and He will Rll
the love of Christ. It was fantastic. iye us in return His spirit of com- 17
. . gort, strength, encouragement, &
one Of hls P9'nt5. was that YES the healing. It’s the Holy Spirit that Sh
B'h'e '5 the 'hsP'ted Word Of God leads us to God the Father, to His
hUt 't was written by humans who Son Jesus Christ, and to all truth.
were writing based on the time pe- KC
“Od- For example, a Shakespear- I’ve been crying out to God these
eah play; the terminology was very past several days to renew in me WV
different from the .termmolpgv 0f the zeal of the Lord. I want to
today, and w'thet‘t interpreting _us~ cry over thin s that make Jesus
ing_what we know about the “the cry, to yearn (tor things He yearns DE
period we arerit 90'.h9 to under- for, to rejoice over what He re- 15
stand what hes saying. its the joices over. My heart’s desire is
same when .we read .t e Btble we to go and make disciples of men/
must take into conSIderation the women as Jesus called us to.
time period from which they were Le
wr't'h9-. The concept 0t homosex- What is your heart crying out for? hti
hahh/ d'eht even eX'st dUhhg th's Take a little time today to explore
time period- tt wasnt “ht” more that question. If you come to the
modern times that we even had our same conclusion as I did that my
first concept of sexual orientation. heart cries out for more of! God, be-
. . gin today to do just that. Reach out
Th's leads me to the next pomt, to Him in prayer, scripture reading, MC
Wh'eh. Jesus said before He was calling someone you trust that also 47
crucmed that He would send us .a loves the Lord and would pray with
Helper, the HOIY Sp't'tr who w'” you, and help you in this journe .
lead us into all truth. We desper- My phone is always on and read] Ur
atelY need a he'Per to understand to receive calls. 1—502—545—635lé
scripture. When we earnestly My prayer for you today is that 35
pray for God to show us how'He God would show you the heights,
sees us, and what 't 's He deSIres depths, width of His love for you.
from us, He Will. God is concerned God bless you in your journey SC
about our heart. He eagerly waits ' ,
for us to come to Him as little chil- On another note Open Arms of 9“
dren to love Him and trust Him. We God Ministry is [starting a new
were created for that very purpose. Bible study time, Wednesdays Ga
The last question Bishop Robin- beginning AUQUSt 17th at .7‘00' Or
son left us with was this; “Do you There have been, people saying to
want to be an admirer of Jesus, or me that Sundays dont work for
a follow of Him?” He has enough them because of their Jobs and .
admirers. As for me, I want to asked if we had a mid-week ser— Le
fQIIQW Christ. I want to be a true vice. Well now we do. Call me to
diSCiple, a woman after Gods heart get the specifics 1-502-545—6355.
— I

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