below these figures are the words
already quoted, "Pax Intrantibus." The
gate is kept closed and locked. A wire
hangs down from a hole high up in
the shut gate, with a small wooden
cross fastened to its end. Pull this

gently, and the silvery notes of a bell
are heard, quickly followed by the
shuffling of feet, and the door is
opened. Before you stands a brown-

cowled figure, who greets you with the
words "Deo Gratias," or "Benedicat."
You enter, and are shown to a wait-
ing room on the left, where mementoes
of the Abbey may be obtained at a
small price. Your business and your
      name are ascertained by the
      brother who admitted you, who
    t straightway seeks the Superior
      with this information. He re-
    0 turns very soon, and beckons
      you to follow.  Leaving the
    A waiting room, you come to two
      more gates, opening into the
      first court. A placard upon the
      brick walls bears this inscrip-
      tion, in bold letters: " Women
      are forbidden under pain of ex-
      communication to enter these
    \  This first court is practically
      a flower garden, with palms and
    t plants and shrubs artistically
    f arranged. At one side are two
      greenhouses, where the flowers
      are preserved in winter. In the
      center of the court is a shrine
      enclosing a life-size statue of the
      Virgin. In the trellis-work sur-
    rounding  this  shrine  these
      words are set, in large letters:
      SALVE."    Crossing the court
      you ascend eight large stone
  D   steps, and enter the monastery
    i proper.
        Once within the bare hallway
      a feeling of awe descends upon
    [ you, for it is evident that you
      are out of the world. The hal
    is devoid of ornament. On the
      walls are framed mottoes, taken
     from the Scriptures, and from
      the writings of the Saints. Here
      is one of the more prominent:
      "If you desire to enter here,
leave your body at the door. Here
is space only for your soul." The
room at the left is the reception room,
furnished with two tables and a