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1 2
The Umuméuty 05 Kehmchy Lib/Lcmieb $0155 OhgahLza.tL0h'z> »supp£emeht To
The Ghee.h°Beah Mahch 1983
Befween 45 and 50 people braved The snow on February 11Th To aTTend
The LS0 ValenTine's Day Tea. Special Thanks go To The Social CommiTTee,
chaired by Barbara Randolph, for doing such a Terrific job on such shorT
nofice. She was ably assisfed by The oTher members of The Social
Commiffee, Linda Raines, Teresa Sfarns, PaTTy Hornbeck, Mary Geyer,
Jeanne Trimble and Hank Harken, wiTh help from Phil Dare and Mary Welch.
Jean Robinson served as consulTanT and provided much needed Technical
assisfance when The coffee poT wenT on The blink. We were glad To see ‘
so many people. Thanks for coming and making The firsT evenf of 1983 a
l Many Thanks also To The folks who call To inform The LSO officers
of illnesses and deafhs ThaT affecf members of The library sfaff. We
are working on wriffen guidelines in order To respond To These
sifuafions. We will be draffing some procedures and disTribuTing copies
for discussion before anyfhing is decided.
Some people have been geTTing Togefher down aT STarThrower's Cafe
on The corner of Rose and Euclid afTer work on Fridays. MosT folks
arrive befween 4:30 and 5:30 p.m. or so and you can sTay as long as you
like. Why don'T you check iT ouT This Friday?
As you look over The 1982 LSO Treasurer's reporf, closely examine
The receipfs and expendifures. Dues covered only a porfion of expenses
lasf year. Fund—raising acfivifies involve The same people (or so iT
seems) nearly every Time. Some LS0 members have suggesfed ThaT dues be
increased,and fund—raising acTiviTies be decreased for 1984. (Dues will
remain af an unbelievably low $3 for 1983. You can pay The Treasurer,
Barbara Hale, GPD, King Soufh.) Do you remember when The Iasf increase
in dues occurred? (Answer nexT Time.)
The LSO officers decided To senT ouT a quesfionnaire To geT an idea
of whaT you all wanfed LS0 To do This year. Perry Brafcher prepared To

 The quesfions and Cecil Madison prinTed, addressed and disTribuTed The
quesfionnaire. We urge you To comp|eTe your copy and reTurn iT as soon
as possible To Perry Brafcher in SOLINET, King Norfh. This is YOUR
organizafion. LeT us know whaT you wanT To do or To parTicipaTe in.
LeT your voice be heard! (On The oTher hand, if you don'T wanT To do
anyThing, The officers will no doubT abscond The funds in The Treasury
and have a moderafely wild parTy some nighT aT STarThrower's.) _
. lf you I) complefe and reTurn your quesTionnaire,
2) pay your dues,
5) supporf The fund—raising acTiviTies of LSO,
4) make your views known on issues concerning LSO,
5) aTTend LSO evenTs and funcTions,
and, aT The end of The year, you feel ThaT LSO has done noThing for
you, THEN, you can complain —— and be an LSO officer nexT year!
Have you sTarTed your spring cleaning yeT? If so, have you
wondered whaT To do wiTh Those exTra magazines? Do you have zillions of
exTra cenTs off coupons you don'T need? Don'T Throw These Things away, »
’ donafe Them To The LSO for The firsT annual SPRING SALE! IT is a
combinafion Bake Sale/Coupon Exchange/Magazine Sale. Bake somefhing for
your family and a liTTIe exTra for LSO. Labeled boxes will be provided
for your coupons. If you wish, magazines may be senT To Jesse Adams in
Bindery for sforage (make sure she knows whaT Thay are for) or jusf
bring Them over early The day of The sale. Don'T forgeT — March 29
_ -iO:OO — STaff Lounge — Be There — Aloha!
BESS CLOTFELTER, head of Monographic Cafaloging SecTion of The U.K.
Library, refires This summer afTer 53 years of service. The daughfer of
a minisfer, Bess graduafed from Paris High School in I935. She received
her M.A. (Hisfory) in i955 and her M.S.L.S. in l957, boTh degrees from
U.K. She TaughT high school for 8 years before coming To U.K.
Bess sTrongly believes ThaT educaTion is a process which goes on
Throughouf life and ThaT everyone should conTinue To improve Themselves.
As a maTTer of facf, she has had classes in four languages (French,
LaTin, German, and Ifalian) and plans To conTinue her educaTion afTer
reTiring by becoming a Donovan Scholar, Taking courses in elemenfary
educaTion. She is doing so in order To become a TuTor of The LexingTon
Public Library's "Operafion Read" program. She is also acTive in a
program aT her church which sponsors Viefnamese refugees.
Since being aT U.K. many Things have changed in The library. Bess
believes ThaT The educafional qualiTy of The sTaff is higher Today Than
iT has ever been. She also believes ThaT Technical Training in The use
of machiges will become more imporTanT in The library's fufure. Bess
will refire buf nof disappear from The library compleTely. On any given
day one will "jusT find me aT The card cafalog".
Perry Brafcher
A GET WELL wish To JOYCE TAYLOR (Acquisifions DeparTmenT). We hope To
see you back soon.

 CONDOLENCES To JOYCE TAYLOR on The recenT loss of her moTher-in—law, {
MarTha Taylor. On behalf of The sTaff LSO senT a pIanT. E
(DirecTor' Office) on The recenT loss of R0n‘s faTher Jesse Lloyd. On J
behalf of The sTaff LSO senT a donaTion To The Council on Aging for The f
STudy of AITzhelmer's Disease. I
I wanT To Thank all of you who aTTended my farewell recepTion. I T
cannof begin To Tell you how much I appreciaTed your many kindnesses and
words of encouragemenf. Leaving UK was one of The mosT difficu|T
decisions I've ever had To make, mainly because I didn'T wanT To leave
my friends. Youlre in my Thoughfs and I carry wiTh me many fond ·
imemories. I hope our paThs will cross in The fuTure. I only regref I
ThaT I did noT have more Time To Talk wiTh each of you individually.
Sincerely ·
Barbara A. Galik
Thank you for The donafion To The American DiabeTes FoundaTion in
memory of my fafher. Your ThoughTfulness is appreciaTed by my family
and by me.
Sandra Muenks A
I am sorry To be so IaTe in wriTlng To Tell you how very much I I
enjoyed The ChrisTmas Luncheon of The Sfaff OrganizaTlon. IT is always
a pleasure To come back To The library —— To see old friends and To meeT {
new members of The sTaff. IT is kind of you To remember The reTired
Thank you again for a de|ighTful parTy and besT wishes To each of
you for l983.
Very sincerely,
CaTherine L. KaTTerjohn
OOPS —— In The IasT issue of The WAX BEAN There were Two unsigned Thank y
yous (acTually The signaTure was There buT iT was Too lighT To
I duplicafe). To seT The record sTraighT The Thank yous were from Frances
Williams in The Educafion Library. Sorry Frances.
Did you like The picTure in The lasT WAX BEAN? Thanks go To Cecil
Madison who worked ouT The duplicafion of iT. Thank you Cecil for doing
such a nice job.
More To come on The nexT page ——

 5 FROM LSO 1982
U I. Officers and Committees
4 LSO was governed during the year 1982 by the following Board:
L Karlheinz Boewe, President
Cathy Hunt, Vice‘·President
Janet Sutherland, Secretary
Gwen Curtis, Treasurer
5 Jim Birchfield, Ombudsperson
Duties were assumed on February 5, 1982; we were fortunate to
be composed of a quite congenial group with a good sense of
Departmental Representatives of LSO were:
Acquisitions Alan Schaplowsky
B & E Info Center Paul Thompson
Cataloging Christine Robinson
Circulation Roxanna Jones
" Collection Devlpt. Ruth Vaughan
D.O./Admin. Services John Bryant `
Government Publ. Kathy Holden
I.L.L. Vivian MacQuown
Reference Norma Jean Gibson
Special Collections Emily Lihani
Microfilm Center Lil Blackburn
Period./Newspapers Bill Richardson
Agriculture Diane Brunn
Law Cathy Penberthy
_ Medical Center Barb Lucas
` Math/Eng/BioSc/Geo. Karen Croneis
Education Francis Williams
Art/Arch/ChemPh/Mus. Cathy Hunt
These members have been very helpful in the recruitment of new
members, passing around picture albums, collecting money for the
Christmas hospital gift fund, disseminating information to the
general membership, etc. _
. The Staff Lounge Committee was informally but very effectively
organized and maintained by Alan Schaplowsky, with many unnamed
souls pitching in to keep the vermin out.

 The Social Committee, the very backbone of LSO, consisted of E
Roxanna Jones Co-Chairperson E
,_ Pam Sogge Co-Chairperson f
Barb Randolph {
Joyce Welch f
Jean Robinson Q
Ruby Herald j
Cecil Madison 4
Andrea Bryant
y Robin Barnard _
‘ Libby Potts L
i Janet Sutherland ex-officio F
3 The major events would not have been possible and would not 2
T have been what they were without the hard work and imagination J
Q of this great group. f
Q II. Major LSO Events ?
i ° 4/6/82 Brown—bag lunch program on gardening i
{ 4/20/82 Spring-Fling Q
V 4/22/82 Booksale g
_ 6/ll/82 Summer picnic j
f i ll/30/82 Christmas bazaar §
. l2/l7/82 Christmas luncheon d
i III. Special Thanks I
- to Jean Robinson, Loraine Bates, and Joyce Welch for collecting ]
funds and foods for a needy family on Thanksgiving. j
- to Cathy Hunt, Perry Bratcher, and Andrea Bryant for organizing 3
the Christmas bazaar. »h
— to Gwen Curtis and all departmental representatives for arranging {
the special collection of funds for the hospital patients on Q
Christmas. R
*' ,
- to Paul Willis for his warm support of the organization. E
- to all members and friends of LSO for their concern and support. f ``i·
- to Toni Powell and Gerry Webb for editing LSO announcements in i
the Green Bean and the Wax Bean. {

 ° IV. Narrative Report
Il Membership month for LSO was March; 96 members signed up. On
‘ balance, we had a good year with the 'standard' events occurring
‘ at intervals which kept the organization in view and sustained
the membership's feeling of having joined a worthy group.
s In view of the employment situation of 1982, the focus of the
spring event was not concentrated primarily upon the welcoming
of newcomers to the library sytem. It was a chance for recog-
nizing deserving individuals as well as for informal interacting
of the staff in the various departments of King, the branches
and associate libraries.
The choice of location for this year's picnic was most auspicious
and well—timed-—before Kentucky's summer flies had reached their
population peak. The scenery was pleasant, the food delicious,
the beverages well—tempered, and the participants quite jolly.
The Christmas luncheon was again the highlight of the year. We
hope that more participants will consider joining LSO in l983.
, The food, served in surroundings of festive atmosphere, could not
‘ be topped. We were happy to entertain as guests a few retirees
~! of the library system.
_l Unfinished business is the purchase of a volley—ball set and the
‘ question whether LSO should sponsor the purchase of a microwave
oven for the staff lounge.
- On behalf of the l982 Officers, wishing the newly elected Board
respectfully submitted,
fl ,/   ,,_   ._  
  5/?'(.LC (0L/{
Jan. 20, l983 Karlheinz W. Boewe

 % c 
JANUARY 1985  
Balance brought forward, 1982 3530.65 {
Receipts B
Membership dues $291.00
Non-members fees 22.00 p
Booksale 66.19 ·
Cookbooks 9.00 ,
2 Pictures M9.50 R
Q Christmas Bazaar 80.65 Q
§l8.§h _
$@+8.99 .
Expenditures ._Ii
Membership cards printed 18.17 I
Spring Fling MO.N2 ·»nv i
Film, processing, albums 75.77 f
Picnic l8Q.5h 5
Lounge _ 18.86 7
Gifts, memorials, cards 158.1Q P
Christmas party 15N.55 N
Bank charges 21.00 ~
662.L+Q Q E
Balance 3179. 56 I
Respectfully submitted, C
f = oi -2L-Q
  éjgf/L ¢4.J p
Gwendolyn Curtis
January 20, 1983 C