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 slightly moist. Bowels moved 3 times yesterday
Tenderness in left Iliac region about the same
with severe smarting after mioturation Upon
examination 3 or 4 superficial ulcers were
found upon the Labia Majora. Urine very
turbid with heavy deposits. Treatment con-
tinued. Ulcers to be touched lightly with Ar-
gent. Nitr. (stick).
May 6th, 66. Pulse 128 - pain somewhat less - slept some
last night and seems a little better with
a desire to eat. No irritability of stomache-
bowels moved twice yesterday, passed water
frequently during night, still turbid and
giving much pain. Treatment continued
save Bismuth Mixture. - During the latter
part of the afternoon there seemed to
be a great change for the worse. Stimulants
were given freely, producing no effect.
She died at 8 1/2 o'clock P.M.
The following is the result of the Post
(Omentum greatly thickened. Walls of abdo-
men studded with tubercular deposits.)
Autopsy: 15 hours after death.
Rigor mortis well marked. Body well nour-
ished. Adipose tissue abundant in abdo-
minal walls and omentum
(1) Cavity of pelvis and iliac fossae contained
8 or 10 ounces of purulent serum with
shreds of lymph. Lymph deposited in large
amount on surface of pelvic viscera, o-
mentum and lower bowels, agglutinating
those parts at all points of contact. A
circular perforation 3 lines in diameter

 existed in the sigmoid flexure of the colon;
but in consequence of the extensive and
complete adhesion all around, not admitt-
ing of the escape of the intestinal con-
tents into the abdominal cavity. Whole
extent of peritoneum, both parietal and
visceral studded with tubercular deposit.
The right broad ligament of the uterus
much thickened and excavated into the
ragged, irregular cavity of an abscess,
which also extended into the substance
of the ovary of that side. The left ovary
contained 2 or 3 small, circumscribed, pur-
ulent deposits. -

 May 15th, 66 Joseph Murdy. Age 25 - by birth Irish.
Occupation: Gas-fitter. Admitted May 15/66
Patient states that 3 days since he was trou-
bled with sore throat, followed the next day
by some fever - but had no chill. For two
days had pain in the small of the back
and thinks his sickness was brought on by
exposure to night-air etc. Has taken some
Dover-Powder and Hyd. C. Creta.
Present condition: Considerable Febrile [Action?]
with Constipation of bowels. Ordered tepid
bath and two Comp. Cath. Pills at bedtime
" 16th " Slept tolerably well last night - took Oleum
Ricini [illegible notations] early this morning. Pain in back
diminished. Soreness in throat better. Bowels
freely moved by cathartic. On examination
found redness of fauces - tongue covered
by a light fur. Some improvement of ap-
petite. Puls 85 full. Skin moist with slug-
gishness of capillary circulation.
Rx Liq Amm. Acetal [illegible notations] Sig. Dessert-spoon-
ful every 4 hours. Add Syrup Ipecac if ne-
"17th" Improving
Recovered & discharged

 May 25th 66 Mrs. Nancy Bramman, age 40, married
Occupation: Nurse. Admitted May 25th '66.
Says that five weeks since she was attacked
with chills and fever, but continued to work
up to within a week at which time she
was troubled with a cough and a severe
pain in her left side. She took some cough
mixture which seemed to relieve the seve-
rity of the pain, but there remained some
pain through her breast and besides this
she was troubled with shortness of breath
Appetite very poor. She states that her pa-
rents and two children died with Lung -
trouble and that she had Pneumonia in 
right lung 5 years ago. Says she is some
better now, than some time back and
rests very well at night when not troubled
too much with cough. She has been taking
Cod liver oil and Whiskey.
Present Condition: Somewhat emaciated and
from her appearance and history think her
pulmonic. Tongue slightly coated - bowels
did not move to day.
Rx One Pil. Cath. Comp. at bed time and 
cough mixture to be taken when necessary
during the night and day.
"26" Patient feels quite well with good appetite
Oleum Morrhuae and Spt. Frumenti renewed
to be taken 3 times a day.
"27th" Rested well last night. Tongue and pulse nor-
mal. Does not make any special complaint
Recovered sufficient to return to her
usual vocations.

 [Typed header: The Confederate States in Account current; Quartermaster Confederate States, on account of the Quartermaster's Department at; Dr.]
May 26th '66. James McManus [name underlined], age 35, by birth Irish, Occupation: Common labourer. Admitted May 26/66. Says that about 4 months ago his eyes got sore which has continued up to the present time, sometimes better and then worse again and that he has been treating his eyes himself. Present condition:[both words underlined] General health very good, but eyes much inflamed with granulations of eye-lids both eyes being involved. Bowels rather constipated; appetite good. Rx Argenti Nit.[both words underlined]. gr [meaning grain]. XV[roman numerals for fifteen]. Aqua Destill [both words underlined]. [unica symbol, meaning ounce] [roman numeral I, meaning one]. injected in the eye every morning, followed by a mucilagenous solution [both words underlined]. Juli 3d ,, Eyes much improved. Treatment continued.

 [Typed header: With [blank space]; in the quarter ending on the [blank space] day of [blank space] 186[blank space] Cr.]
May 26th '66. Mrs. I. Thompson [name underlined], age 35, widow, English by birth, admitted May 26th 1866. Says she was taken with fainting spells two weeks ago and felt very nervous. Thought she was bilious and took medicine for it. Has been suffering all the while with short-ness of breath, nervousness and a great ten-dency to vomit, with much pain in left side and head. She further states that she has not been regular for six months and since that time has suffered much with pain in her head and became much de-bilitated. She also has had displacement of womb causing discharge on lifting. States that her parents died of consumption and suffered much from short breathing on exertion. and adds that on every slight exertion her face flashed and eruptions ap-peared, also that she had hemorrhage from lungs last winter. In passing water she has suffered with pain and smarting and the urine was often lightly colored. Present Condition [phrase underlined]: Somewhat debilitated, breathing short, tongue normal, pulse in mo-tion but rather weak. Complains of tight-ness around the lower part of the chest. Bowels not moved to day and some trouble in micturation. Rx [2?] Pil. Cath. Comp. [underlined; Pill Catharticae Compositae] at bedtime, also Rx Fl. Ext. Buchu [underlined; fluid extract of buchu] Fl. Ext. Valerian [underlined; fluid extract of valerian] [symbol of two lowercase a's with a line across the top, meaning "of each"] [symbol looking like a cursive lowercase z, meaning "a dram"] ii [roman numerals for the number two]. Eth. Nit. Dul. [underlined; Dulcified Acid of Niter] [symbol looking like a cursive lowercase z, meaning "a dram"]  iii [roman numerals for the number three]. M [minimum]. Sig. Teaspoonful every three hours, until relieved. " [repeat symbol for May] 27th " [repeat symbol for '66] Rested well last night and says she feels rather better. One motion from the effects of

 [Typed header: The Confederate States in Account current; Quartermaster Confederate States, on account of the Quartermaster's Department at [blank space]; Dr. [blank space]]
of the Pills. Was suffering with head-aches in the evening and the following was given to her: Rx Soda et Potas. Tart [underlined; Tartrate of Potash and Soda] [medical symbol for ounce] [fs?] to be taken at bedtime. May 28th '66. The same treatment continued. Patient doing very well as could be expected, but quite nervous when the least excited, soon however recovered sufficient to resume her usual duties.

 [Typed header: with [blank space]; in the quarter ending [blank space]; day of [blank space]; 186 [blank space]; Cr.] 11. June 18th '66. Wm McCrodden [underlined], age 42, by birth Irish, unmarried, Occupation: Shoemaker. Admitted June 18th '66. Says some five months since he suffered much from diarrhoea. Was then residing in Nashville Tenn. and under medical treatment all the time, using Spanish nut-galls, which checked his bowels. Both parents dead. His mother died 20 years ago of some affection of the stomach with which she suffered for a considerable portion of her life. A brother and sister died in adult life, of acute diseases. Says he has been dyspeptic for ten years or more. 18 months ago he was compelled to give up work in consequence of failure of strength with aggravations of the dyspeptic symptoms, such as vomiting after eating, sourness of stomach etc. At this time he came under medical treatment. About one year ago contracted diarrhoea, which reduced his strength very much. This diarrhoea was checked as above stated. 18 months of 2 years ago he noticed a change in the color of his face and hands, which from being very fair, became of a dirty brownish yellow. Weight when in health 144lb. Condition of bowels latterly constipated. Rx Tinct. Cinch. Comp. [underlined] three ounces. Tinct. Colombo [underlined] et Tinct. Opii et Camph. [underlined] two ounces of each. Sig. Teaspoonful four times a day. Also: Rx Bismuth Sub. Nit. [underlined] [ifs?]. Morph. Sulph. [underlined] gr. ii. M. Ft. Ch. ix. Sig. One three times a day. 19th Not much change. Treatment continued. 20th Same as yesterday. 21st Looking and feeling some better. Appetite im-

 [Typed header: The Confederate States in Account current; Quartermaster Confederate States, on account of the Quartermaster's Department at [blank space]; Dr. [blank space]] 12. improving. Rx Inf. Gent. Comp. [underlined] eight ounces. Soda Bicarb. [underlined] one-half dram. Tinct. Card. Comp. [underlined] three drams. Tinct. Colom. [underlined] four drams. - one ounce three times a day. This patient has been on the above treatment and a tonic course up to this date (Juli third) and somewhat improved. Prescription changed to-day. Rx Ferri et Quinia Citra. [underlined] one dram. Spt. Frumenti. [underlined] two ounces. Aqua [underlined] six ounces. Sig. Tablespoonful every three or four hours. July 6th '66. There seems but little improvement. Ordered Rx Tinct. Ferri Acct. [underlined] one ounce. Vini Catawbae [underlined] eight ounces. Sig . One ounce three times a day. July 12th '66. But little improvement if any discernible. Still presents a very swathy appearance. Rx Ferri Cyanid. Quin. [underlined] one dram. Ext. Gent [underlined] one and a half drams. M. Pil. XVIII [eighteen]. Sig. One three times a day. July 14th '66. The last medicine disagreed with stomach. Omitted. July 16th '66. The following prescription ordered: Rx Potas. chlor. [underlined] two drams. Quin [underlined] one-half scruple. Tinct. Ferri Chlor. [underlined] one half ounce. Simp. Syr. [underlined] four ounces. Aqua pur. [underlined] three and a half ounces. M. Sig. Tablespoonful every four hours. August 1st '66. But little improvement if any. Rx changed and has been taking Sub. Car. Iron [underlined] and Whiskey [underlined] since. Appetite generally moderate, but much of the time a tendency to gastric trouble. August 16th '66. Condition: Much emaciated. Wt. 89 ½ lbs. Skin of face and hands described. No discoloration elsewhere. Strength very much reduced. Pulse feeble and rather small. Extranea Anaemia. Sclerotic white and

 [Typed header: with [blank space]; in the quarter ending on the [blank space]; day of [blank space]; 186 [blank space] Cr.] 13. glistening. Bowels at present constipated. Appetite poor. Tongue pale and somewhat furred. Still has a disposition to vomit; but less than a few weeks ago. Says he feels stronger than he was a few weeks since. Urine acid. Since admission has been on vegetable bitters and Iron in its various forms, but without any effect. Had fever and ague when a boy, but only for a short time. Lived in Nashville, Tenn. for two years before coming to Cincinnati. About three weeks ago his skin became quite harsh and dry, but at present (August 16th) is much less so. Before that time he says it was natural.

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 June 26th, '66. Mrs. Catharine Pfenkuchen, age 33 - Irish
Occupation: domestic Admitted June 26th '66
Says, that last fall she caught a cold, which
continued for two or three months without
medication. Then commenced taking Cod-li-
ver-oil but only for a short time and still
continued to work up to within a week, gett-
ing weaker every [crossed out] all the time. Had a bad cough for 
about 3 weeks and bowels often running very
Present Condition: Very weak and much ema-
ciated with a bad cough. Pulse 110, weak &
quite irregular. Tongue slightly coated. Bow-
els in pretty good condition but rather loose.
Upon examination found a dullness of left
lung, from which she has suffered some-
Rx. Syr. Morph. [shorthand characters]. Syr. Senegal Syr. Squill.
[shorthand characters] Syr. Ipecac [shorthand characters] Sig. Tea-
spoonful 3 or 4 times a day
" 27th " Patient slept some last night. Cough continued.
Pulse 110. Treatment continued.
28th " No marked change in appearance. The
29th " Same medicine continued. Pulse remained
30th " about the same with bad cough and consi-
derable expectoration.
This case continued from time to time ab-
out the same, save getting weaker. Cough
followed by large quantities of expectoration.
About the 15th of July patient was very
weak with almost entire loss of appetite.
Used Wine and Egg-nogg freely.
Died July 19th 1866.

 [Typed header: with [blank space]; in the quarter ending on the [blank space] day of [blank space] 186[blank space]; Cr.] 15. June 30th '66. J. J. Lombord, age 40. Occupation: Carpenter. Admitted on the 30th of June 1866. Says he had been suffering much form loss of appetite and languioness, also had some pains in the breast, shoulder and small of the back about two weeks since. Beside this had difficulty in passing water. Chills and fever troubled him also every afternoon for a week, accompanied by much sickness in stomach. Present Condition: Rather emaciated and quite weak. Patient had but little appetite and seemed to be suffering from gastric trouble. Was ordered the following by Dr. C. Rx Bismuth. Sub. Nit [symbols representing 'one dram']. Quinin Sulph. [two symbols representing 'one scruple']. Pubis Rhei & Puls. Podophyll.  [three symbols representing 'each at one dram'] M. Ft. Chart. xiv. Sig. One 3 times a day. Also: Rx Lig. Potas. [two symbols representing 'one dram'] Tinct. Hyosiyam. [two symbols representing 'four drams'] Spt. Eth. Nit. [two symbols representing 'four drams']. M. Sig. Teaspoonful night and morning. July 1st "; " 2d " [both dates with one large curly bracket on right side pointing to commentary] But little change discernible. Patient says he has eaten more than for some time before. - Same treatment continued. " 3d " Was very sick the latter part of the night and vomited up much bile. But little appetite this morning. Ordered the following: Rx Empl. Visicat. 3 by 4 inches upon Epigastric region. Also Rx Pilula Hydrarg. gr. xxx. Quinia sulph. gr. xv. Ext. Hyosiyam. gr. xx. M. Pil. x Sig. One 3 times a day. - Also Rx Chlor. Potassa [two symbols representing 'one dram'] Aqua [two symbols representing 'five ounces']. Syr. Simp. [two symbols representing 'one ounce']. M. One tablespoonful every four hours.

 [Typed header: The Confederate States in Account current; Quartermaster Confederate States, on account of the Quartermaster's Department at [blank space]; Dr.]
16. July 12th '66.  The above treatment continued with an addition of a few Quin. Pills [underlined] up to the present date; but he seems but little if any better. The following medicine ordered: Rx Inf. Gent. Comp. [two symbols representing 'eight ounces'] Acid. Nit. Dil. [two symbols representing 'five drams'] Syr. Zing. [two symbols representing 'one ounce'] M. Sig. One tablespoonful 3 times a day. The above treatment has been followed for several days, the patient slightly improving. " 28th " [July 28th '66.] Had had another chill and suffered very much during the fever with delirium of quite a violent nature. Ordered: Rx Pil. Hyd. gr. xx. Sulph. Quin gr. xii. Ext. Hyoscyam. gr. xii. M. Pil. xii. Sig. 2 three times a day. August 4th " [August 4th '66.] Patient feels considerable better. Last Rx repeated. Recovered. sufficiently to pursue a light business.

 [Typed header: With [blank space]; in the quarter ending on the [blank space] day of [blank space] 186; Cr.] 17. July 2nd '66. Rob. J. Murray. Age 21. Labourer. Admitted July 2d '66. Says he left Cairo, Ill. 15 days since on foot for this point and while passing through Indiana was seized with chills and fever coming on every day. Journey continued - patient reaching this city on 27th of last month with chills and fever still continued. Present Condition: [underlined] Full habits - pulse quick - high fever with great thirst. Was ordered tepid bath and put to bed. Felt quite comfortable for a short time, when he was troubled with chillness, followed by fever " 3d " [July 3d '66]. (6 o'clock A.M.). Ordered the following: Rx Quinin. Sulph. [two symbols representing 'one scruple']. Acid. Sulph. Aromt. [two symbols representing 'one dram'] Syr. Simpl. [two symbols representing 'four ounces'] M. Sig. Tablespoonful every 2 hours. Recovered.

 [Typed header: The Confederate States in Account current; Quartermaster Confederate States, on account of the Quartermaster's Department at [blank space]; Dr.] 18. July 18th '66. Mrs. Ellen Sweeny - age 45 - Irish - washwoman - married. Admitted July 18th '66. Says, some ten months since two small pimples were seen on the outside of right knee, which continued to get worse. Some two months since it commenced a purulent discharge leaving several pits of considerable size. Four days since a fly blister was applied, removing the skin from that portion of the knee and causing quite free suppuration. Bowels costive. Rx. 4 Comp. Rhei. Pill at bed-time.  also Rx Potass. Sodid. [two symbols representing 'four drams'] Hyd. Bichl. gr. iii. Syr. Simpl. & Aqua. Mint. Prp. [three symbols representing 'both at five ounces'] M. Dessertspoonful twice a day. Ulcer dressed with Resin Cerate & [unknown symbol]

 [Typed header: with [blank space] in the quarter ending on the [blank space] day of [blank space] 186; Cr.] 19. July 24th '66. Joseph Brooks, age 25 - Englishman - Butcher. Admitted July 24th 1866. Says he left England on the 20th of June and suffered but little on the way. Fell sick one week since with diarrhoea, which caused much pain in the bowels and some pressing down. Tongue heavily coated and rather dry. Bowels running off very frequently. Rx Camphorated Doveri gr. xv Quin Sulph. gr. xv. Hyd. Chl. Mitis gr. v. M. Ft. Chart. v. Sig. One every 3 hours. July 26th The following medicine ordered: Rx Acet. Plumb. gr. xii. Pulv. Opii. gr. iii. " Camph. [Pulv. Camph] gr. vi. " Capsic. [Pulv. Capsic.] gr. iii. M. Pil. vi. one every three hours. Apply Must. Sinapism to Epigastrium and repeat if necessary. " 27th " [July 27th '66]. Rx. Pulv. Doveri. gr. xx. Quin. Sulph gr. ix.  M. Ft. Ch. iii. One at 4, another at 9 P.M. and one in the morning. " 28th " [July 28th '66]. Continue Pulv. as yesterday. Apply hop-poultice to abdomen. August 4th " ['66]. Rx of July 27th repeated. " 7th " [August 7th '66]. Rx. Morph. Sulph. gr. i. Ipecac. gr. i. Sacch. ALb. gr. xxv. M. Ft. Ch. iii. Sig. One every 4 hours. " 8th " [August 8th '66]. Rx Hyd. Chl. Mitis. gr. iii. Ipecac. Pulv. gr. ifs. Morph. Sulph. gr. i. Quin. Sulph. gr. vi. M. Ft. Chart. iii. Sig. One every 4 hours Rx Port Wine [two symbols representing 'four ounces'] Sig. Tablespoonful three

 [Typed header: The Confederate States in Account current; Quartermaster Confederate States, on account of the Quartermaster's Department at [blank space]; Dr.] 20. three times a day. August 9th '66. Rx. Sub. Nit. Bismuth gr. xxx. Aromt Powder gr. xv. Doveri P. gr. xii. M. Ft. Chart. iii. One every 4 hours.

 [printed page header]
with  [page number] 21.
in the quarter ending on the  day of  186   Cr.
Mrs. Eliza Fairborn, age 32 _ English_


 22.   [printed page header]  The Confederate States in Account current
Quartermaster Confederate States, on account of the Quartermaster's Department at

Aust 23 ' 66  Wiliam Smith, age 24 _ unmarried_
Occupation: hatter. Admitted Aug. 23 '66.  
Says he has been sick with chills and 
fever four weeks while living in St. Louis. 
Arrived in this city from the former place 
two days since. Has not been subject to 
anything like the above sickness before 
but continues very healthy up to the pre-
sent trouble.
Present Condition: Not much emaciated but
looking quite feeble with skin very much 
jaundiced, also the eye presenting the same 
appearance._ Pulse 100, rather weak. _ 
Tongue quite normal _ bowels rather loose.  
Large abscess upon right_ mammary gland, 
also one on left thumb. Says he is sub-
ject to boils. 
Rx  [Quininia?] Sulph. gr. [ (granum or grana) grain or grains] X V. _ Pulvis [a powder]  [Doveri?]
 gr. [ (granum or grana) grain or grains] XXX. Pip. Nigr. gr. [ (granum or grana) grain or grains] V. _ M. Ft. Chart. V. 
Sig. [ (signetur)  let it be directed] One every three hours._ [printed text] with
[handwritten] 23.
[printed text] in the quarter ending on the      day of    186
August 18th 66 Mrs. Eliza Scovil, age 26. _ formerly from 
Georgia. Admitted August 18th 1866.
Says while on her way from the South some
two years since she had contracted a severe cold
from which she has been suffering more or
less ever since, but from necessity was com-
pelled to work. Says she is very nervous and
has great misery in her stomach and head.
Complains also of pains in the back and side.
Some two and a half weeks since at her
usual time of menstruation she was com-
pelled to work very hard. At the hour of 
retiring bathed her feet in hot water and 
passed to her room with feet uncovered,
which caused her violent pain from which
she suffered for several days, receiving no-
thing but domestic treatment.
[Underlined] Present Condition:  Somewhat emaciated with
great pain in back and bowels. Menstrua-
tion are attended with great pain and ge-
nerally lost for 5 or 6 days causing very
much exhaustion. Bowels constipated, which 
as she says, have never moved of late un-
less from the efforts of medicine.  Tongue
and pulse norma. Patient feels very weak
and nervous and sleeps but little being
very restless.
Ordered the following
Rx  Pil. [ (pilula) a pill]  Cath Comp. [ (compositus) a compound]  No. 2 to be taken
at bedtime.
August 19th, Bowels moved rather freely from the use
of the pills, but gave some relief.
Ordered the following:
Rx  Quin. Sulph. gr. [ (granum or grana) grain or grains] XX 125
Case History of Patients at Saint Luke's Hospital, Cincinnati, 1866.  kept on Confederate Quartermaster Account Book
- see front & back
St. Luke's Hospital
Association of the Protestant Episcopal Church,
Corner of Broadway and Franklin Sts.
Money on  deposit for patients
Cincinnati, _______186
Andrew [McLin?} 4600
Frank Burger 87.35
W. [Parrnow?] 20.00
Mrs [Staff?] 20.00
Heny [Polker?] 25.00
A. C. Day 2000
Mr. E Deadman 6500
[Elezchall?]  Maryon 25.00
L [Chettrich?] 1200
Nikolas Smith. 12.00
Money on Deposit for [Attendent?]
Mr. Richards 16,00
" Carr  [Wanak?] 8,00
Mrs De La Hoy 700
[name?] 1400
[name?] 1000

[printed header]
The Confederate States in Account current
Quartermaster Confederate States, on account of the Quartermaster's Department at
[handwritten text]
Acid Sulph.  Aromt. Z [(drachma) a dram] Y
Finet. Opu et Camph Z [(uncia) an ounce] j
Syrup Lingiberi Z [(uncia) an ounce] vïy
M. [(miscus) mix} Sig. [(signetur) let it be directed] Teaspoonful 4 times a day.
August 20th '66
" 21st " Treatment continued with the  addition
" 22d " of 2 cathartic pills. -
"23d "

 [Typed header: with [blank space] in the quarter ending on the [blank space] day of [blank space] 186 [blank space] Cr.]
Mar. 4 [Jhn?] H. [NEt.?] 28. Admitted Feb 21st 1867. By birth an Englishman. Says he attended school in England untill he was 14 years of age when he came to this country, he then preformed farming labor for three years and subsequently taught school for four years and afterwards entered college and clubbing with others while at the Inst. lived on plain but nutritious food,- kept regular hours and did not study late at night. At the age of fifteen he commenced having s.e. - they occurred about three of four times per week. Nearly the same time he first observed small floating bodies in the field of vision of the left eye; these objects became larger and like clouds and finally rendered that eye almost useless. These agravated symptoms came on at the age of 17. They then began to improve gradually and came to a stand point and there remained untill the middle of last January where a dimness came over both eyes and has steadily increased up to the present time. This increase in the symptoms seemed to intermit at times and has been accompanied by more or less pain

 [Typed header: The Confederate States in Account current Quartermaster Confederate States, on account of the Quartermaster's Department at [blank space] Dr.] in the back part of the ball, of a neuralgic character. Incontinence of urine was noticed at an early age and became quite annoying after the age of puberty, and has continued up to within the last six months during which time the desire to urinate comes on suddenly and cannot be restrained. Has experienced pain in the region of the kidneys during the last ten days, and has also pain or pressure near the second lumbar vertebrae. During the summer of 1865 he was attacked with severe pain in the calves of his legs which extended from this over the whole body. This attack lasted about ten weeks when he thinks he was relieved by the use of strychnia. He thinks this attack was brought on by over exercise and exposure. About ten days ago he was again attact by this severe pain in the calves of his legs and has suffered severely from inability to move his lower extremities. Mr. H. states that his father died of Inflamatory rheumatism complicated by pulmonary disease Since He has been in the House there has been a loss of

 [Typed header: with [blank space] in the quarter ending on the [blank space] day of [blank space] 186[blank space] Cr.] appetite, loss of sleep and extreme restlessness both day and night Has been troubled with Billiousness and Dispepsia for the last three years. Mar 5 Present Condition. Pulse 100. Fluttering of the heart with a decided increase in the impulse and intensity of the first sound Urine. S.p. 1010. Yields albumen abundantly on the application of heat, also by [metric?]. acid. Acid in its reaction. Treatment. Has been taking Bromide of Potassium and was ordered a [Sedililz?] powder this morning. Consultation by staff of Phys + surgeons at this date [right-hand margin, written sideways: Also Hypentrophy of the heart + abnormal sounds are heard indicated by mitral insufficiency. Prognosis Unfavorable] Mar. 6 to 10. Has been no marked change. Has been ordered Ferri Phosph Elixir of Cal. Bark. Bowels have been moved by means of Oleum Ricin and Turpentine. Mar 11 This morning the extremities are covered with red and purple spots (purpura) of greater of less extent, supposed to be caused by effusion of blood into the subcutaneous areolar tissue by reason of the weekness of the capillaries. Ordered following Rx Inf. Roses [two symbols representing 'five ounces'] Quin. Sulph. [two symbols representing 'one scruple'] Acid. Sulph. Aromat. [two symbols representing 'three drams'] Syr. [Zingit?] [two symbols representing 'one ounce'] M. Sig. 1 tablespoonful every 4 hours. Complains of great flatulency. Also the abdomen is swollen + there is considerable tympanitis. to correct this ordered the following

 [Typed header: The Confederate States in Account current Quartermaster Confederate States, on account of the Quartermaster's Department at [blank space] Dr.] Rx. Gum. Assafotidae. [two symbols representing 'one scruple'] Opii Puls. [two symbols representing 'two grams'] Capsici " [Capsici Puls.] [ two symbols representing 'two grams'] M. ft. Pil. No. 4 One to be taken every night. pain relieved by turpentine stupe. Pulse 120. Mar 13. Spots have faded considerably though they still remain to some extent Bowels constipated, for this ordered Emulsions as follows. Rx Plei [Biciui?] [two symbols representing 'two ounces'] Spt. [Terebinthniae?] [two symbols representing 
two drams'] Pulv. Gmu. Arb. [two symbols representing 'half of a dram'] Sach. Alb. [two symbols representing 'three drams'] Aqua Cinnamini [two symbols representing 'one ounce'] Tr. Opii [two symbols representing 'one dram'] " Card. Co. [Tr. Card. Co.] [two symbols representing 'one and a half drams'] M. SIg. tablespoonful as needed. at intervals of two hours. Tongue dry + brown in center. Pulse 120. Mar 15. Condition has changed very little has very little sleep, considerable pain in lower part of abdomen which is controled by the turpentine stupe with Tr Opii. Tongue as before dry + coated in center by brown fur. the above Emulsion repeated using Tr Opii et Camp instead of Tr Opii. For nourishment uses beef tea. & as stimulant port wine. Mar 30 The purpura Haemmorhagica has entirely entirely disappeared though since last date he has had oedema of the eye lids which extended over the whole face but is now disappearing have kept the face covered with a cloth wet in a solution of sulphate of iron

 [Typed header: with [blank space] in the quarter ending on the [blank space] day of [blank space] 186 [blank space] Cr.] April 10 Since last date the aedema of face has passed away but he is now suffering with aedema and partial paralysis of the lower extremities pits on pressure. This can be controlled by bandaging which is done every morning; is becoming very much emaciated uses beef essence beef steak eggs wine + wine whey as dict [directed] Apr 20 In much the same condition the disease seems to be steadily progressing; this morning the Aut Temporal Art. was found very much congested as large as a crow quill + strongly pulsating The pulse ranges from 100 to 120 per min. Tongue dry + red is still taking the emulsion which at times seems to improve the condition of the tongue is inclined to sleep somewhat comatose Apr 25 About 3 o'clock P.M. (yesterday) haemorhage of the bowels came on has had about 10 stools during the last 20 hours mucus + pus is more or less mixed with the blood, ordered Ferri Per Sulph. gr iv every 3 hours. This was discontinued and a the Camp, Opiii, Pill substituted but the Per Sulphat was resumed in the treatment this morning. The color of the skin is now of a dirty yellow + there has been considerable suffusion of the eyes with a considerable discharge of mucus mixed with the natural secretion of the glands Meidomian + Lachrymal Apr 27 The congested condition of the Temporal Art is improved and is now of its natural size Haemo