KCEOC — Anti Poverty Arts and Crafts Shop
Owen Cottrell — Speech
"The Arts and Crafts Store. . . A Step In the Right Direction"
I think eyggy businessman and every professional men in Knox County
should support and contribute to this Anti Poverty Arts and Crafts
As we all know, over $5,000,000 has been brought into Knox County.
There hasn*t been a man, woman or child who hasn*t benefitted from
this money which has come into the county.
I would like to say that the donation I gave to the Arts and
Crafts Store was given only with the best intentions-—it was given
sincerely and from the heart to help the people of Knox County.
Knox County has been good to me———I*ve made a lot of friends--my
business has grown———and I owe it all to the people of Knox County.
Therefore, I wanted to show my appreciation to the people who have’
helped me by pledging my support to a project that will help all
Knox Countains.
Of course, we all know and realize that to combat poverty in
Knox County, we must have industry———industry which will give our _
peop le gainful employment and a payday to maintain their homes and
educate their children. ·
I want to also emphasize that we must never sell Knox County
or its people shortv We have the ability, the initiative and the
personal courage to be self-substaining and hold our heads up with