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One of the most remarkable traits of this which GLSO has received during the past
year's presidential campaign has not been several months, primarily from various gay
reported by the national or local media. For organizations urging gay men and lesbians to
the first time in American political history, a vote for Dukakis. GLSO has received nothing
presidential nominee from one of the major from the Bush/Quayle ticket.
political parties is actively courting the Also reproduced in this issue is an
country's gay and lesbian vote. article from Jean O'Leary, Executive Director

GLSO has received a letter from of National Gay Rights Advocates. O'Leary's
presidential candidate Michael Dukakis. The article succinctly compares Dukakis' and
letter is reproduced on page 3. This is the Bush's views on gay, lesbian, and AIDS
first communication any Central Kentucky gay issues. A letter from Randy Miller,
organization has ever received from a lesbian/gay liaison for the Dukakis Campaign,
candidate's national office. It is only one of is also included.
many letters concerning this year's election


When casting their votes, many gay and for homosexuals is not as valid an issue as
lesbian voters tend to disregard issues dealing other factors, one would ask, "When will 'the
with homosexual civil rights. Various more urgent national matters‘ be less
rationales are cited for this approach, which important, so that civil rights injustices can
even main stream politicians, media and be corrected?" The ultimate issue underlying
voters find perplexing. Possibly only those these questions is, "Why must we wait for our
who experience society's homophobia from the rights, when the many other minorities in the
inside, America's lesbians and gay men, can country have not; why are we allowing
understand this contradictory attitude. ourselves to be discriminated against by all

One of the most widely stated reasons levels of government, and even Presidents and
for disregarding a candidate's views on equal presidential candidates?"
homosexuals rights is the more pressing Regardless of reasons which homosexual
nature of matters such as the economy, voters use in deciding not to consider a
national defense, and foreign relations. More candidate's views on lesbian and gay rights,
politically inclined gay men and lesbians, the great tragedy of the struggle for
however, see this reasoning as a hidden, homosexual equality is the fact that we are
closeted attitude implying gay rights are not responsible for our own situation. Any
deserving of attention by the government. reasoning which belittles gay and lesbian civil
Certainly no one would argue matters of rights discriminates against us. Even when
defense, the economy, and other such issues we are doing it to ourselves. We allow
should be disregarded. But neither should discrimination, and we discriminate against
civil rights be ignored, especially by a future ourselves.
leader of one of the world's most powerful In many matters, this year's presidential
nations. Additionally, a more just society election is more crucial than that of any
carries with it implications for a stronger preceding year. Great strides have been made
economy, more widespread participation in throughout the country in the arena of
government, and a more educated populace. homosexual rights. Several state-level

For those lesbians and gay men who organizations formed. Discriminatory legislation
consistently hold that civil rights protection (continued on page 2)

(Editorial, continued from page 1)
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issue of GLSO News and information in federal and state government has been
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Antigay violence has become an issue for the
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Name: decide that gay rights are currently less
important than other issues, consideration of
gay and lesbian concerns will dignify your own
Address: lifestyle and that of the 25 million American
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some small measure to future improvements.
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2 GLSO November

by Jean O'Leary, Executive Director, National Gay Rights Advocates
On November 8, mIlllons of Gay men and commlt the resources necessary to prevent the
Lesbians will go to the polls and help elect the spread of the virus, find a cure, develop a
next president of the United States. This vaccine, and care for people with AIDS and
election will be the most crucial ever for our ARC. We will have a national strategic plan to
community - in our individual decisions we will guide us in the war on AIDS and we will have
be making a choice between better lives for a President leading the charge." In contrast
the 25 millions Gay men and Lesbians in the George Bush says, "Ultimately we must protect
United States or years more of stagnation and those who do not have the disease. Thus we
defeat. the choice is clear: Mike Dukakis is have made the decision that there must be
the best candidate Gay men and Lesbians have more testing." More than 140,000 people have
ever had; he understands our issues better died from AIDS in the United States during
than any other major party nominee, and we the eight years of Reagan-Bush inaction.
must elect him on November 8. *Mike Dukakis supports efforts to
Look at the record: eliminate discrimination against Gay men and
Lesbians in immigration laws. He believes that
* Michael Dukakis supports Gay and violence against Gay men and Lesbians should
Lesbian civil rights. He has said, "Every be treated as a civil rights violation. George
American should have the opportunity to live Bush opposes both.
his or her life fully and openly - and to *The Democratic Party supports an end
contribute and participate in the life of our to discrimination against Gay men and Lesbians
country - without fear or intimidation. Our while Republicans fail to speak out. Almost
civil rights laws acknowledge that 100 openly Gay men and Lesbians were
discrimination on the basis of factors such as delegates to the Democratic National
race, sex, religion, age, national origin or Convention in 1988. No Gay men or Lesbians
disability is fundamentally unfair. were Republican delegates. Four openly Gay
Discrimination against an individual because of people are members of the Democratic National
his or her sexual orientation is no less unfair Committee. The Dukakis campaign has three
. . . That is why. as President, I will fight openly Gay staff people at the national level;
for federal legislation to add a prohibition the Bush campaign has no openly gay staff
against discrimination base on sexual people.
orientation," federal legislation that expands *The president will make thousands of
the Civil Rights Act of 196a. George Bush appointments to judicial and health advisory
opposes Gay and Lesbian civil rights positions. Reagan-Bush appointments have
legislation, saying "We do not believe in included Robert Bork and William Rehnquist;
codification of laws relating to homosexuals," Bush appointments will include others from the
and "I don't think American society should be far right. We have seen the people that the
asked to accept that homosexuality is a Reagan-Bush administration included on their
standard which should be held up for team: 100 of them have been indicted. When
acceptance." we choose a president, we also choose the
*The Reagan-Bush Supreme Court has, thousands of people who will be making and
in Hardwick v. Bowers, denied the privacy implementing policies, confronting the AIDS
rights of gay people, and their nominee for public health emergency. and addressing
the Court, Robert Bork, denied the rights of human rights of concern to Gays and
gay people in the military. The next Lesbians. Dukakis appointments as governor
administration will choose at least two Supreme have included many Gay people, women and
Court Justices, who will in turn determine and others who will speak out for the concerns of
shape Gay and Lesbian human rights for the our community.
next fifty years. We must claim our rights
with our votes by choosing Mike Dukakis as *The choice is clear. Four or eight
President. years like the Reagan-Bush years will seal the
*Michael Dukakis recognizes that AIDS is fate of hundreds of thousands of people in our
a public health crisis of the first magnitude community. Many more will die, thousands will
and will work to eradicate the disease. He become ill, others will lose their jobs and
says, "AIDS is the most serious threat to the homes. We cannot sit at home November 8 -
public health we have faced in our lifetime. It we must vote, and when we vote, we must
must be conquered . . . As President, I will remember that we are deciding our fate and
provide leadership to meet this crisis. I will that of millions of others.

Dear Friends: were the first state to mail a clear, concise
I am writing to you regarding our and frank brochure in Spanish and English to
common desire to succeed in the struggle every home in the state. We sent the Surgeon
against HIV - the greatest health crisis of our General's report to thousands of community
lifetime. leaders. We have outreach teams working in

During this campaign, as I have for minority communities.
years in Massachusetts, l have met with health We fund at-home and other alternative
professionals, AIDS activists and people with health care programs and have established
AIDS. l have listened to their concerns and I residences for homeless people with AIDS.
want to assure you that I will be a President Outreach to IV drug users is a high
who will provide leadership in the war on priority, as is working to eliminate waiting
AIDS. lines for drug treatment.

We are now seven years into this We recognize that voluntary cooperation
epidemic. And our government still doesn't is critical to managing the epidemic. We fund
have a plan to guide us. alternative test sites where people can choose

After years of neglect, Admiral Watkins to test anonymously, and we protect people
and the HIV Commission presented the against breach of confidentiality.

President with a comprehensive and insightful Protection against discrimination is
set of recommendations. What did ho do with critical for successfully overcoming this
it? He sent the most crucial recommendations epidemic. Our nation cannot accept having
- recommendations for anti-discrimination families burnt out of their homes, children
protection and research funding - back for barred from school, people driven from their
more study by the same ideologues and budget jobs and homes, or denied medical care
analysts who have stonewalled the issue for because of irrational fear of contagion.

years. The President, the most visible figure in

We need a President who will proclaim the country, must take the lead in dispelling
that the projected deaths of hundreds of the fear of this disease that is generated by
thousands of our fellow citizens are ignorance and misinformation. The President
unacceptable. We must marshall our nation's must educate the public about both the myths
resources to overcome this enemy as we would and the facts of AIDS. As President, I will
any foreign invader. We need innovative sign an executive order and push for national
approaches to shorten the time it takes to legislation to prohibit discrimination against
make new drugs available at a fair price. people with HIV infection.

We also need innovation in the area of You and your organization have saved
health care financing. We must assure that countless lives and helped keep our health
this burden is fairly shared by patients, care system afloat, but you shouldn't be doing
insurance companies, health care workers, and this alone. You deserve a President and a
federal, state and local government. We federal government on your side. That's why
cannot accept a situation where anyone is I'm asking for your support. Together, we
denied care because of an inability to pay. I can make the government a partner in the the
am proud to be the first Governor to establish war on AIDS.

a program to guarantee basic health security I know that many of you are
for all the citizens of my state. non-partisan. I'm just asking you to consider

We must teach everyone how to protect the facts. Compare my record on AIDS with
themselves from infection. It is intolerable George Bush's. The choice is clear.
that anyone else should become infected The time for a change is long overdue.
because of ignorance. We must have the I'm asking you to use every opportunity you
means to alert everyone in our country, and a can between now and November 8 to reach out
massive national education campaign is long to your supporters, friends, and allies. Let
overdue. them know that in this election, people

In Massachusetts we have a concerned about AIDS will, quite literally, be
comprehensive education program to provide voting for their lives. Thanks for your help.
teaching guides to schools, air public service
announcements, fund hotlines, and provide Sincerely,
information to medical professional, corrections Michael Dukakis
officers and members of high risk groups. We
u GLSO November

Dear Friends: Dear Editor:

The November election is almost upon What's the deal? I submitted what |
us. I am writing to urge you to actively thought was a rather humorous poem to your
support the Democratic ticket "from the newsletter last month entitled "Summerscape."
courthouse to the White House." As a former At first I was pleased to see it printed, but
National March on Washington [for Gay and then I found the humorous part had been
Lesbian Rights, October 11, 1987] and the edited out. I realize it contained the word
national lesbian/gay liaison for the Jackson "sex," but I thought your readers could
Campaign, I had ample opportunity to see how handle it. Even Aunt Mary has used more
effectively our communities could organize controversial language than that!
when we saw the need. I don't think it is quite ethical to alter a

Much is at stake for lesbians and gay piece of artwork (OK, I use the term loosely)
men in the November election. We have just a without the permission of the person who
little time left to look carefully, beyond the created it. Is the GLSO newsletter becoming
rhetoric, at the issues and the facts facing us another Pravda? What gives?
in this election. For the first time in the
history of this country, we have the Vita Brevis
opportunity to elect a candidate from a major
party who has a solid record of ensuring Dear Vita:
accessibility and non-discrimination on the
basis of sexual orientation. Michael Dukakis is No, we're not afraid of the word "sex,"
that candidate. we just plain missed the point of the poem.

In the final analysis, as concerned You sent what we read as a perfectly serious
lesbians and gay men, it is we ourselves who poem, and the last line seemed out of context.
must rise to take responsibility for our future. By editing we could fit it in the space
We must consider seriously the cost of four available, and, by our understanding of the
more years of onslaughts on our civil rights, poem, make the content clearer. Sorry we
our medical well-being and our very ability to changed your intent.
live our lives as we choose. Publishing a non-profit paper is not as

If you agree with me that our community easy as it seems, especially with an all
can not afford a continuation of the volunteer staff. Each month we spend hours
Reagan-Bush legacy then I urge you to vote making the submissions fit the space available.
Democratic and to become involved in your Keep those articles, letters and poems coming,
state campaign to send Michael Dukakis to the but please be sure to read the guidelines
White House. We can no longer delay. which always appear near the bottom of column

Sincerely, one, page two.
Randy Miller Sincerely,
Campaign '88 Ars Longa, and the Editor
Democratic National Headquarters

I am subscriber to your newsletter and U.S. district judge Myron Cordon found
over the two years I have received it I have the U.S. Army in contempt of court Aug. 29
become more and more impressed by the for failing to reenlist lesbian drill sergeant
valuable service your paper is rendering to Mirian Ben-Shalom after he had ordered the
the Gay Community in Kentucky. I just hope army to do so.
other states have such a positive influence in The Army tried "to interpret this order
their midsts as we have in ours, especially when there is no room for interpretation," siad
since it is my experience as a former Canadian Robert Berigan, Ben-Shalom's attorney.
and former New Yorker that Kentuckians Judge Gordon said if the Army failed to offer
guard their privacy and tend to be much more the woman a new contract by Sept. 12, it
conservative than other state's populations. would be fined $500 per day until it did.

A. M.
GLSO November 5

 TOTO, I'VE A FEELING that did shock me about Lexington--l never
WE'RE NOT IN OZ ANYMORE! thought it would be difficult to find a gay hair
by Brian Throckmorton stylist. (I just get the willies if a straight
— man touches my head.)
it's been a year since my paramour and --The freedom. I was never bold
I moved to Lexington from Washington, D.C. enough or politicized enough to hold hands
The job he came here to take has worked out with my partner while walking down the
well, and I'm thriving too--we've been lucky street, but l liked seeing other couples feel
to escape most or all of the possible pitfalls we free to be affectionate in public. Also, my
foresaw when we left one of the gayest cities pink triangle has disappeared from my lapel
in America to settle in a more conservative since I moved to Lexington.
place. Sure, there are some things I miss Now, some of the things Lexington can
about D.C., but there are other things I like be proud of:
better about gay life in Lexington. Here's my --The society. Despite the large
perspective. numbers of gay people in Washington, it seems
First, some things that Washington can most of them were much more interested in
brag about: partying and fashion than in responsible social
--The numbers. It seems like there's action. Since my arrival here--from my very
more gay people in Washington. Certainly first call to the Gay line--| have been
there are more visible, identifiable gays and impressed with the dedication of members of
lesbians there. Washington has enough of us this community. I feel proud to know even
to support many kinds of clubs and the small number of people I've met in this
organizations that don't exist here: Gay AA city, who have caused me to start being a
every night of the week, leather bars, "Girth "better" gay man.
and Mirth," a lesbian team in the city softball "The safety. Along with the higher
league, the "Different Drummers" marching level of freedom in Washington comes a higher
band, gay square dancing. I have a friend danger. From what I've been reading, the
here who was telling how busy his eyes were gay-bashing in D.C. has only been getting
during the weekend of the march last year, worse over the year since I left. It's just a
when he was scoping the guys at Dupont more violent place there. Even considering
Circle. Now, I grant that the quantity of gay the pleistocene attitudes of certain segments of
men was rather inflated that weekend, but I the population here, I feel safer in Lexington,
still think he would enjoy "standing on the on the whole.
corner, watching all the boys 90 by" on a --My church. The Unitarian
typical summer afternoon, when everybody is Universalist Church is where I've met most of
wearing shorts (not just the die-hards who my gay acquaintances here. lwas a Unitarian
wore them in forty-five degree weather last before I came to Lexington, but for
October). demographic reasons (I was much younger
--The bars. There are more of them in than the rest of my congregation), I never
Washington, too. Even though I love to adhered to my church in Washington. Here,
dance, I never even got around to visiting however, it is easy to be accepted and to join
several of the bars. Of course, even one or in a very good system of learning, work, and
two bars in a town can be all anyone needs in growth. (Let me note that it is not a "gay
the way of an entertainment and social center, church"--l wouldn‘t want to belong to a gay
but when there's more competition, it seems church, or a male church, or a white church.
that the bars do more in the way of "giving I don't miss the Metropolitan Community
back to the community." Many of the bars in Church at all.)
D.C. sponsor fund-raisers for appropriate --The mix. Maybe it's the specific
charities and import performers. And tell me, group of people I happen to know, but it
was there a Tammy Faye look-alike contest in seems to me that there is much, much more
Lexington? interaction between the lesbians and the gay
--Other businesses. With the business men here than there is in_ Washington. Having
of the locals and the gay tourists, the world's already established that I am no separatist, l
biggest all-gay bookstore, Lambda Rising, has can say that I feel good about my innumerable
been able to expand its quarters in the last opportunities in Lexington to understand more
decade and is now open (and busy) till about the life of lesbians. These are
midnight most days of the week. And there opportunities l never would have had in D.C.
are lots of gay and lesbian dentists, car unless I had ventured into a women's bar or
salesmen, house painters, masseurs, etc. that joined a women's hiking group. Or
you can patronize and support. One thing conversely, unless many more lesbians had
6 GLSO November

 infiltrated the gay male dance floors--bringing —
the danger of disturbing the convincing
illusion that all the men in the bars were TEN YEARS AGO THIS MONTH
interested in being picked up by other men
but not interested in rapport with compatriot The Harvey Milk Remembrance Committee
women. (HMRC), an ad hoc group organized by the
--That certain joie de vivre. It's hard Gay Services Network of Kansas City and the
to make friends in Washington. Of course, National Gay and Lesbian Task force, has
it's not always easy for everybody to make declared Sunday, November 17 - the 10th
friends here, either, but I will testify that I anniversary of Harvey Milk's assassination - to
find Lexington far less intimidating and far be Harvey Milk Remembrance Day. The
more warm than Washington--and I LIKE D.C. Committee urges gay and lesbian groups across
The upshot is that I'm planning to stay the United States to hold events - such as
here well into the next century. Others may vigils and workshops - remembering Milk and
disagree with some of my perceptions, but I'm focusing attention on the growing problem of
happy with what I see here and I'm looking anti-gay violence.
forward to building a good home and Harvey Milk, a tireless and outspoken
community with the rest of you. advocate for the rights of gay people and
other oppressed groups, was elected to the
YALE LAW STUDENTS TAKE A STAND San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977,
[Christi Harlan, for the Wall Street Journal] one of the first openly gay elected officials in
the U.S. On November 27, 1978, Milk, along
Students at the Yale Law School are with San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, was
turning the tables on law firm interviewers assassinated by Dan White, another city
this fall and asking them some tough questions Supervisor. That night, more than 110,000
they do not usually hear. marchers converged on San Francisco's City
Recruits being wooed by some of the Hall to mourn the deaths of both men. Months
highest-paying law firms in the country are later, Dan White was acquitted by a jury of
asking about minority hiring, opportunities for first degree murder and convicted of
parental leaves, public service work and manslaughter, for which he served only five
attutides toward homosexuals. years in prison. The lenient sentence shocked
Students are also sporting an unusual and outraged many, sparking violent rioting at
addition to their pin-striped interview suits: San Francisco's City Hall.
pink triangular lapel pins that indicate Commented Scott Smith, Executor of the
opposition to discrimination against estate of Harvey Milk, "A national day of
homosexuals. At least 65% of the 250 students remembrance is appropriate because Harvey's
being interviewed are wearing the pins. The legacy extends beyond San Francisco to the
law firm interviewers have been asked to wear entire world. Ten years later, his example
them too and about one-third to one-half of continues to inspire and energize gay and
the 350 interviewers are doing so, according lesbian people everywhere.“
to the school's placement office. "The tenth anniversary of Harvey Milk's
The questions, which a student group assassination allows us to not only recall his
mailed in advance to students, were designed enormous contribution to our movement," said
"to put the firms on notice that these are some Kevin Berrill, Director of NGLTF'S
of the concerns of graduates," said Judith A. Anti-Violence Project, "but also to focus
Lhamon, director of career planning and attention on the violence that still plagues our
placement for the law school. community, still threatens our freedom to live
Unlike law students in the late 19605 and and love as we choose. It is my hope that
early 19705, whose interest was "solely social local observances will encourage all of us to
issues," current students want to fit their combat anti-gay violence and to demand equal
societal concerns into their lives at big law protection from the criminal justice system."
firms, said law school dean Guido Calabresi. Added Carl Hippensteel, organizer of the
"I think as a group at Yale, we're in a HMRC, "Within our community there are many
more powerful position because we're courted," who do not know about Harvey Milk's role in
said Charles King, a third-year student who is our history. Remembering him allows us an
active in the Lesbian and Gay Law Students opportunity to educate both gay and straight
Association. "We know we can get away with people who have never heard his story."
things during the interview season. In some
ways that gives us a special obligation to be —
as risky as we can."
GLSO November 7

 own way to find the balance that will bring
P those two voices into harmony. For some, a
j- “ little more taking care of self may be in order,
. , while for others, responding to the community
/.I smereICIa 5 Par) call in some small way might do the trick.
“ O r In past Esmerelda's Parlours, we've tried
1‘". to gently encourage you to get involved in
SI $o\ community activities. We've gotten some
“.4 V response, and we are grateful for it. But
‘ l“:/ greedy little devils that we are, we want (and
need) more. Esmerelda is a collective, as in
— "collective effort". The effort has to be
collective in order for the rewards to
ESMERELDA'S PARLOUR continue. Whether you do a little or you do a
lot Esmerelda will love you for it.
Thanks to all of you who helped Until next month--Debbie 8 Teresa
celebrate Esmerelda's first birthday last
month. What a nice potluck that was (aren't PASSION GROUP
they all, though) --there was even a birthday
cake! As usual, there were several new The Lesbian Passion Discussion Group
faces--we hope we made some new friends. continues to roll along at comfortable pace,
Transition seems to be a basic theme in the (after all, why rush these things?) It will
women's community, one that a lot of the time meet twice this month, as usual, on Thursday,
we'd rather not deal with. While new faces November 3 at 7:30 pm and Sunday, November
are always welcome. how we hate to have any 20 at 1:00 pm. We've had some wonderful
of our friends leave us, whatever the reason discussions at our meetings, and expect that
may be. We enjoy each other, care about each to continue this month when our topic will be
other, depend upon each other. And we hate "Passionate Friendships". If you haven't tried
saying goodbye. out the "Passion Group" yet, why not do it
You probably think that we are talking this month? Newcomers are always welcome,