xt75qf8jh583 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt75qf8jh583/data/mets.xml Kentucky Kentucky Press Association Kentucky Press Service University of Kentucky. School of Journalism 2002 Call Number: PN4700.K37 Issues not published 1935 Aug - 1937 Oct, 1937 Jul - 1937 Aug, 1939 Oct - Dec, 1940 Jan - Mar, 1951 Aug - 1956 Sep. Includes Supplementary Material:  2005/2006, Kentucky High School Journalism Association contest 2004-2005, Advertising excellence in Kentucky newspapers 2003-2005, Excellence in Kentucky newspapers newsletters  English Lexington, KY.: School of Journalism, University of Kentucky Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Kentucky Press Press -- Kentucky -- Periodicals The Kentucky Press, February 2002 Vol.73 No.2 text The Kentucky Press, February 2002 Vol.73 No.2 2002 2019 true xt75qf8jh583 section xt75qf8jh583 9'» i} 2% {4/} . :2 ' ”=9 ‘v ‘i’ I ‘2 ‘ti‘1"'vfr;€2=-.— EX 405 DS I
' " ‘1 2 “refines? gt“ 9/ " . e22 ' 35% F (NTRAL SER‘ALS RARY 2 . ,
. 'v ‘ a a a fl; 2% % “a Wfl g? 2 ”a -' .222 ‘ K ‘ V 2* ’ CE QARET \ WNG UBBRAR‘ES ‘
’ ’ 1 $12 fine/5a Wen/2,2222%” ”a” e": _ X \NGTON KY ' l
’ '2’ "" ai ” Ma” ' 2 " LEX :2». .,
, ’ " ,2 , “k a 2 2 ~ * a . ’-
- " n at 1%: ”t ”at”: .2 r '7 '
633% A ' Jfi JFL irririém It". 322w: ‘ .
Volume 73, Number 2 - February, 2002— Published by Kentucky Press Association/Kentucky Press Service :
Dave Eldridge takes office as 2002 KPA President; Smith, Greene honored
convention attracts 500 to Lex'ngton ’
Some 500 newspaper profes- meets the qualifications specified in gible an individual must have pre- Kentucky series, was honored by the ' "
sionals, college journalism students the Bylaws. The Board next meets on viously served as an elected mem— Lexington Herald-Leader with the f
and Associates Division members March 28 and is not expected to elect ber of the KPA/ KPS Board of Di rec— presentation of the Lewis E. Owens
turned out for the 2002 Kentucky the Vice President until then. tors or have served three consecutive Community Service Award. Tim ;
Press Association Winter Conven— Anyone interestedinserving as years as a State At-Large Board Kelly, publisher of the Herald— .
tion and Trade Show, Janua 24-25 Vice President should contactDavid member or be an elected Board Leader, noted that the award i- 1
13’ WP ,
at the Marriott Resort in Lexington. Eldridge at (859) 885—5381, or David member on the current KPA Board. cally is given for service to a specific l
2 Although the crowd did not T. Thompson, KPA/ KPS Executive Al Smith, host of Kentucky Edu— community but in Smith’s case, that .
match the previous two Writer Con- Director at (800) 264-5721. To be eli- cational Television’s Comment on f
vention attendance levels of 595, it , (Continued on Page 12) -'
was the third largest convention in a , ’
mastery. 3’ ; Greer, Revlett ;
Sessions focused on readership, " «5; o o ' a
what drives single copy sales, adver— wk ’0'“ KPA Staff; ' '
tising, elements required to make a *5 ’7‘ .
good story better, digital photogra— g. * _. -. . carnahal‘l takes ,

,~ phy, PhotoShop, Quark, InDesign, ff” ' 3, f . j
revenue ideas for community news- 3;“ , " ”7““ 2‘ -_ state PR 10" ,
papers, ethics and credibility, layout ‘ '1- ' ’5". , , _
and design of pictures, how the , am .' . Lisa Carnahan, Member Ser— :
events of September 11 and since 5‘ “C95 Director and Kentucky High 2 ' _
then have affected various busi- ‘“-..2 % SChQOI Journalism ASSOC‘ahO" j’ fly .
messes, the importance of the state’s S 'jyi, ' ,3“ admmstrator, has resrgned those PC" ,
Bucks for Brains program to Ken- _ _ . 2 . . , 2 smons to accept a job w1th the Ken— .

‘ . ~ - . . . - ' ' ‘ 5 tuck Justice Cabinet. Carnahan ,
tacky umversrtres, Newspapers in _ a, _ Y _ _. ‘ ,
Education, copy editing and maga— , who )Oined KPA in 1996 as News .
zine writing. _ : ., . ‘ H, Bureau Director, served as the first L
The convention marked the be- “We: ' ' KHS] A administrator after the KPA/ ‘
g. . g of the presidency of David 2w _ . - _ ’5 KPS Board created the association for I»
Eldridge, publisher of the Jessamine ”1’5: V ,. X hlgh $11001 communications pro- '
Journal. Eldridge received the f_ g 4? , 5‘? ' grams 1“. 1997- . {
President’s Gavel fromAppalachian ta Davrd Greer, publisher 0f the j .
News Express publisher Marty J K2 . _ Kelrlxgucky Stanléilgzd mFBsrdstoylvn, .2
un’n . I. ~ 1 e 0111' , e ru to '
Backus d g Friday 5 Changing Of Dave Eldridge, right, publisher of the Jessamine Journal in Nicholasvflle, W l J C mgh 9L]: k C aryh .
the Guard lumheon- th lfro 2001 P ‘d t M B cku bli h i th A mp ace am an‘ 1 8 ma ‘m’ 2 3
Other officers for 2002 include aiepltl: e If?“ E m Pik r3311 821M375, waill 5' pu :03; (1’31. 'ed pt- Greer will be Member Services Di- .' .,
' an ews ress, e e. e serve as car en . . » ,
Sharon Tuminski, elected vice presi— P ac XP 3 (Continued on Page 12) 1
. . dent during KPA’s annual business B d . d h . ' ’ '
meeting and treasurer David 031' consr EI'S C anges In contests .. 2 ‘
Thornberry, publisher of the Somer- .9 ,
set Commonwealth Journal. The Kentucky PressAssociation the committeeisreconunendingatO- Display Advertising. He said the j ,
Tuminski, general manager of the Board of Directors is in the process talof 26 categories. Only one present KPA Ad Contest already includes \ 1‘
Winchester Sun, became President ing of changing the Fall Newspaper Fall Newspaper Contest category Newspaper Promotion, Special Edi— f
Elect immediately after being elected and Better Newspaper contests. The will be affected and that comes in fions /Sections, Original Ad Idea and .
Vice President. The change came move comes with the board’s deci- combining Best Spot News Story and Best Display Advertising and remov— s; .
with the resignation of David Greer, sion to do away with summer con-_ Best Spot News Package into Best ing those would not affect newspa- "
publisher of the Kentucky Standard, ventionsbeginninginZOOB. Since the Spot News Coverage. Other Fall pets. 7 __

i to accept a position as Member Ser- Better Newspaper Contest is an.~ Newspaper Contest categories will Since the KPA Advertising Divi- : .
vices Director of the Kentucky Press nounced at summer conventions, the remain. sion Steering Committee is respon— ‘
Association. Board wanted to retain some of the Nelson said the committee felt sible for the KPA Ad Contest, the a

Greer, who served as Vice Presi- categories and incorporate those into some of the Better Newspaper Con- contest committee has focused its 9f. 1 3'
dent in 2001, was scheduled to be the Fall Newspaper Contest. test categories should be removed forts only on the Better Newspaper . >
President Elect in 2002. With thech Although final approval has not including Community Service, and Fall Newspaper contest. ' ', .
President’s position now Open, the yet been given to the realigned con- Newspaper Promotion, Freedom of ”We’re also. thinking about cre- .
KPA Bylaws stipulate that the Board test, chairman John Nelson told the "‘ ‘M'msition, Special Sections / Edi— ;
can now elect an individual who Board at itsJanuary 24 meeting that rginal Ad Idea and Best . - (Continued on Page 12)

_ \i“\7\/ 2 . r;

 Page 2 - The Kentucky Press, February 2002
K t ky l ' h w
en UC [360]) e, papers "1 t e ne S
Lavonda Gilliam-Martin, a and editor of the Kentucky Standard nist. A Hopkinsville native, Wilson cer teams, Grider will be covering
1999 graduate 0f Morehead State in Bardstown. Noblitt joined the Reg- earned a bachelor's degree in com- basketball, baseball and softball for
University, has joined the advertis- ister staff last February as education munications from Austin Peay State the News Herald.
ing sales staff 0f the Grayson Jour- reporter. He has also been publica-r University in 1991, The announce- Allison Altizer, a recent gradu—
nal-Enquirer and Olive Hill Times. tions director at Cambridge Educa- ment was made by Kentucky New ate of Eastern Kentucky University,
The Richmond Register has PTO' tional Services. He was graduated Era editor David Riley, who also has joined the London Sentinel Echo
moted tWO staff members " Lisa magna cum alude from Loyola Uni- said that Scott Burnside has rejoined staff as a reporter. Altizer worked for
Homung was promoted to manag- versity-Chicago with a communica- the staff as sports writer. Burnside The Eastern Progress as assistant
ing editor and Jeff Noblitt has been tions degree. previously worked for the New Era feastures editor, copy editor and edi-
named assistant managing editor. Joe Wilson, assistant sports edi- for 17 years as sports writer, sports tor of the Progress Profiles page. She
. Hornung graduated from the Uhi- tor of the Kentucky New Era in editor and news reporter. Burnside is a 1997 graduate of South Laurel
versity of Georgia in 1996 with a Hopkinsville since 1994, has been has also been western Kentucky cor- High School.
bachelor's degree in journalism. She named sports editor of the newspa- respondent for The Tennesseean in Charles B. "Chuck" Camp, the
previously worked as photographer, per. Wilson served as sports editor Nashville and has worked for news- senior editor for business news at the
reporter and COPY editor at the Daily of the daily newspaper in 1996 be- papers in Stockton, IL_, Freeport IL, Dallas Morning News, will join the
Union in Junction City, KS., city edi— fore moving to the copy desk last Clarksville, TN,, and the Cadiz staff of the Lexington Herald Leader
tOI‘ 0f the Sandusky (OH) Register year as copy editor/ sports colum- Record. He is a graduate of South— as the newspaper's chief projects re-
1 ern Illinois University. porter Feb. 25. Camp, a former se—
Kendall Clinton, former nior editor at the Wall Street Journal
Th K tu k P Madisonville Messenger intern and WhO headed that paper's bureaus in
6 en C y re S S a 1995 graduate of Western Kentucky Detroit and Houston, will be joining
University, has been named city edi— a staff headed by one of his longtime
tor of the Dothan (AL) Eagle. collaborators at the Journal, Amanda
- The Kentucky Press (lSSN—0023—0324) is District ll - Glenn Gray, Manchester En- . Mindi Thompson, whose media Bennett. Bennett, former managing
published monthly by the Kentucky Press terprise ' experience goes back to 1995 when editor for projects at The Oregonian .
Association/Kentucky PI'CSS SCerCC, lnc. she worked for a Louisa 1'3le sta— in Portland, Ore” was named editor
Periodicals Class postage is paid at Frank- District 12 - David Thomberry, Somerset tion at age 15, has been names and senior Vice president of the
fort, KY. 40601. Subscription price is $8 Commonwealth Journal Lawrence Count bureau Chief for Pulitzer Prize-winning Lexington
per year. Postmaster: Send change of ad- - . y -
' dress to The Kentucky Press, 101 Consumer District 13 - Tom Caudill, Lexington Her- the Blg Sandy News. Thompson has newspaper in August. At the Herald-
Lane, Frankfort. KY. 40601, (502) 223— aid-Leader WOIkEd 1“ news: Promotlon and Leader, camP' 69/ W1“ remm to h‘S
8821. public service for radio stations in first love, reporting, bUt in this new
District 14 - John Nelson, Danville Advo- ' the area and was a writer for her high position for the paper Will also serve
Officers cate Messenger school newspaper at Johnson Cen- as a mentor and coach to the
Kentucky Press Association tral High School. newspaper's reporters and editors.
_ ' . . State At-Largc ‘ . Glyptis Ann Grider, a junior at "Camp is a national treasure,"
PreSident - DaVId Eldridge, Jessamine Jour- Keith Ponder, Glasgow Daily Times Owen County High School, has been Bennett said. "We’re eager for him to
nal Glen Greene, Mt. Sterling Advocate , . h start sharin his ex ertise with a new
. Kelly Robinson, Recorder Newspapers - named Sports writer for t e . g . P . .,
President-Elect - Sharon Tuminski, Win- Chris Poore, Kentucky Kernel . Owenton News Herald. A member generation ofjournallsts.
chester Sun of the OCHS girls basketball and soc-
Division Chairman . '
Treasurer — David Thornberry, Somerset News Editorial_Division - Jeff Moreland, ~ C II f ff -
Commonwealth Journal Citizen Voice & Times a lng ormer Sta ers .
PastPrcsident-Marty Backus,Appalachian Advertising Division - Kelly Robinson, ' Eastern Progress celebrates 80th year; plans reunion
News Express Recorder Newspapers
. . . . . . . Eastern Kentucky University's lington House in Richmond. The
Board of Directors Circulation DiViSion - Kriss Johnson, Lex- award-winning student newspaper, event will begin at 6 pm.
1DiirsntZiSCt l - Alice Rouse, Murray Ledger and mgton Herald-Leader Th e Eastern Progress, is celebrating For reservations and mpre infor-
Associates Division - CliffFeltham, Ken- Its 80th anniversary thls year. _ matlon about the re‘tmon' call
District 2 — Jed Dillingham, Dawson tucky Utilities A“ former Progress editors, Progress Adviser Dr. leby Fraas,
Springs pmgmsS staffers and advisers are invited to a 859-622-1880.
General Counsels - Jon Fleischaker, Kim reunion Saturday, FEb- 23 at the Ar—
District 3 - Donn Wimmer, Hancock Greene, Dinsmore& Shohl, Louisville
Clarion W
. Kentucky Press Association Staff . .
District 4 - Charlie Portmann, Franklin Fa- David T. Thompson, Executive Director 0 b l tu a [‘1 e S
vorite Bonnie Howard, Controller
Teresa Revlett, Director of Sales
District 5 - Teresa Rice, Lebanon Enterprise David Greer, Member Services Director I Kenton McCourt
David Spencer, New Media Director Terry Norfleet ‘
District 6 - Arthur B. Post, Louisville Cou- Buffy Sams, Bookkeeping Assistant . Kenton McCourt, 23, a circula-
ner-Joumal 5:: Laws, Research/Marketing Coordi- Terry Ponder Norfleet, 77, co- tion employee of The State Journal
District 7 - Kelley Wamick. Gallatin County Sue Cammack, Administrative Assistant founder 0‘ the Russell Springs Times m Frankfort, was kitted January 1 m
. News I Rachel McCarty, Advertising Assistant . Journal, died December 31 at Russell an automobile aCCIdent m 5C0”
Holly Willard. iNAN Business Clerk ‘ County Hospital. She was the widow County. Aresident of Georgetown at
District 8 - Ken Metz. Bath County News Jefi‘Stutcsman. [NAN Account Executive of Andrew J. Norfleet. Mrs. Norfleet the time Of his death, McCourt was
Outlook Mark Vandcrhoff. Legislative Reporter was a retired University of Kentucky an all-state soccer and alleconference
_ Patrick Avery. Legislation. Reporter Professor and was sewing as chair basketball player while attending ‘ ,
' Dim“ 9 ' Jew Pcm‘ingt‘m' “bland Daily of the Board of Directors of The Bank Frankfort High School.
Independent 3:"‘a‘:zzzéf$i"m::r 3::“3’: of Jamestown at the time of her The one-car accident occurred
District 10 - Deborah Collins, Beattyville ind’ividual's first initial, fullglast death. . near St' Francrs Catholic Church on
Enterprise name@kypress.com. There is no space She and her husband began the U'S' 460’ between Frankfort and
or punctuation in the e-mail address. Times Journal on August 13/ 1949- Georgetown.

 . ' The Kentucky Press, February 2002 - Page 3 1 ‘
o o o o o o I
NNA movmg to Missouri; seeks Franklin nominations ,
Arlington, VA - The National location to augment the Washington will be community leadership and award a winner and the national ,
Newspaper Association (NNA) has office was made in November. security. winner will be chosen from among .
announced its intention to locate a Rhoades said the decision resulted the state winners. The national win—
new headquarters in Columbia, MD, from the NNA Board's belief that a Franklin Nominations Sought ner will be chosen by NNA's Postal 7
Working with the Missouri School of lower cost operating market and a Committee, chaired by Max Heath,
Journalism to establish new partner— location closer to NNA's core mem- The National Newspaper Asso- and recognized at NNA‘s 4lst An— , '
ships for NNA programs. bership would strengthen the ciation (NNA) and the US. Postal nual Government Affairs Conference
Simultaneously, the NNA Board Association's offering of member ser— Service are partnering for the fourth held March 20-23, 2002. Entry infor-
of Directors announced an agree— vices. year to SOIiCit nominations for the mation will be distributed shortly to ,
ment with American PressWorks, "The NNA officers and Directors "Benjamin Franklin Community all current NNA members or may be 1:
Inc. (APW), Arlington, VA, to oper— put in many hours considering the Newspaper and Postal Partnership obtained by contacting the NN A of-
ate an office for NNA in the Wash- course of action for the expanding of Award of Excellence." fices or on the NNA Web site at .
ington, DC, area.APW will continue the National Newspaper Associa- "This has been an especially wwwnnaorg. Nominations are due
NNA's long tradition of providing a tion," Rhoades said. " The basic re- challenging year for the United by February 19, 2002, ',
voice in Washington for community sult is that the NNA will be able to States Postal Service and the nation. /
newspapers. do more with the members' dues We want to recognize those postal Publisher's Auxiliary Photo Contest .
The Missouri School of Journal- money than in the past. By moving employees that we work with on a .
ism is the oldest journalism school many of the functions to the Mid- daily basis, they are vital to our suc- Publishers‘ Auxiliary is calling
in the country. It presently provides west, yet keeping the Washington cess," said NNA president Kenneth for entries for its second quarterly :
management services for otherjour- DC. office for direct contact with Rhoades, president of Enterprise photo contest this year. It is open to ‘ ‘
nalism-related associations, includ- government officials, there can be Publishing Company, Blair, NE. "1 any photographer on the staff of an f
ing the Society of Business Editors many thousands of dollars saved to urge all NNA members to consider NNA member newspaper. '
and Writers and Investigative Re- enhance NNA member services." a nominee for this important na- Each photographer may submit Q
porters and Editors. The transition will begin in Feb- tional award. Each nominee is a win- one photo per contest. Submit a .;
American PressWorks, Inc. is an ruary. NNA expects to operate with ner simply by being named as an print, TIFF or JPEG file. "7
Arlington, VA, based association interim staff through summer, but to outstanding employee by their local Each entry must have: the name .

‘ management and public affairs firm. hire a permanent executive director newspaper." ' of the photographer, newspaper i
Founded in 1997 by Tonda F. Rush in March who will build an opera- The award, named in honor of name (including city and state), date I
and Carol S. Pierce, former NNA tion with assistance from the school. founding father Benjamin Franklin, of publication and the cutline infor- ;
executives, APW has provided man- At the conclusion of the transition, who was both a postmaster and lo- mation. Deadline for the next contest f
agement and consulting services to NNA will have its own independent cal publisher, provides an opportu~ is March 13, 2002. The winner will ,j.
numerdus groups, in the communi- operation, but work closely with the nity for NNA members to nominate appear in the April 2002 issue. The :‘
cations and .nonprofit fields. school on various programs. a postal employee who has made sig— first place winner will receive an .1. '

NNA President Kenneth H. NNA's membership services nificant contributions to community NNA briefcase. Entries will not be
Rhoades, president of Enterprise and other operations will continue newspapers. The award was estab- returned. By entering, you agree that ,
Publishing Co. in Blair, NE, said the seamlessly during the transition. lished by NNA in 1999 to salute the Pub Aux has the right to publish the , 1’
selection of the Missouri school and N NA's well—known Government partnership between the local post photo. Mail entries to Pub Aux Photo j
APW had followed a weekend long Affairs Conference will begin March offices and community newspapers Contest, 1010 N, Glebe Rd, Suite 450, f
deliberation over the best future for 20 at the Hyatt Regency, Capitol Hill, across the nation. Arlington, VA 22201. TIFFs and 5
NNA, including its choice for a new with the usual cast of high profile Each nominee willbe recognized JPEGs should be e-mailed to 1’
NNA headquarters. speakers and focus on public policy for his or her efforts. Each state will pubaux@nna.org. ; _

The decision to seek out a new issues. The theme for this conference .

- Legal Defense Fund nearing $90,000 ;
In assrstance to Kentucky newspapers 0 0p .

KPA'S Legal Defense FUDd is Defense Fund has approved appli- in
hovering at $90,000 in financial as— cations for financial assistance to 25 . 9 ?
sistance to newspaper after the LDF newspapers submitting 31 requests. Looking for an employee. Check out the latest resumes on I _
Committee took action of four re— The Legal Defense Fund is KPA's www.kypress.com or post available pos1tions at your newspaper. ,
quests on January 25. largest participatory program with Just choose "Resumes" or "Help Wanted" on the home page. ;

The committee considered two 95 neWSpapers. Newspapers must i '
requests from the Frankfort State agree to supply a minimum of one- 1‘ ,
Journal, both involving Kentucky quarterpage of advertising each year Reporter . _ , _ i
State University, and one request with the proceeds directed to the Need to cut yourjoumalistic teeth? An award-Winning Sixvday-a-week newspa- .
each from the Kentucky Standard in Legal Defense Fund. Only those per in south central Indiana needs talented reporters who can handle a wrde vari— l ’
Bardstown and the Kentucky Kernel newspapers agreeing to the adver- ety of topics. Community journalism is our strength and we want reporters who '-
at the University of Kentucky. tising request are permitted to re- can cover the hard stuffas well as understand how important community news 18 i '

The committee awarded finan- ceive funds from KPA. to our readers. lfyou're interested, please send resume and clips to Job Search, :
cial assistance in three of the four The 95 newspapers combine for The Tribune, 1215 E. Tipton St., Seymour, IN. 47274, or apply by logging onto ,
requests, delaying action on one of 5100 inches of advertising space each our web site -- www.tribtown.com -- and click on Tribune Jobs. {
the Frankfort State Journal's applica- year with the proceeds directed to :
tions to a future date. the Legal Defense Fund. Assistant editor/reporter _

In all, the three awards from the Committee members include The Jacksonville (111.) Joumal—Courier is looking for an assistant editor/reporter. ‘ \ .
Legal Defense Fund, totalled Tom Caudill, chairman; Steve Aus— Duties are about half and half, with responsibility for putting the paper to bed ’
$18,689.74, bringing the total assis— tin, David Hawpe, John Nelson and several times a week. This is a perfectjob for an excellent writer-and aggressive
tance given to Kentucky newspapers David Eldridge. The LDF policies reporter to try editing. To be eligible to work in our award-winning paper (wm- , '
to $89,612.30. The KPA Legal De- stipulate that three Past Presidents ner of numerous SND, AP edltor’s and state awards), a candidate must pay me- . i

. fense Fund was started in August, and two current Board members ticulous attention to detail, haverimpeccable grammar and language skills, and __ j 5.
.1 1996, as a way to encourage news- comprise the committee. Caudill, possess solid reporting experience to help train young reporters. Salary com— , t
papers to continue efforts in legal Hawpe and Austin are Past Presi- mensurate with ability. To apply, send a letter, resume and examples of work to: A. .,
situations where the final outcome dents while Nelson and Eldridge are Ted Roth, editor, Jacksonville Joumal-Courier, P.O. Box 1048, Jacksonv111e, IL f. ,-
could affect the industry as a whole. current members of the KPA /KPS 62650. For questions, call 217-245-6121 and ask for Ted Roth. .j
Since its beginning, the Legal Board of Directors.

 Page 4 - The Kentucky Press Febrn tr} .' bl i ’9 t . . , m a
~ <—-——————.——-~————~——-—————-—-—~———i C ips, q u l ps, q uo res e e lees
E o : a i 4 ' ,. ; pm ruin a 2*”: <1“ 2 £4”- . ‘
preSSIng Issues t to stimu ate you; it mg

i l By Ken BMW" Lt'm .131 .1.» ' a free at ‘ .: it? in.

' l—————*_________._l Butterfly Publications ‘We figured an ape * a .1: 2r? 35:"? . ;: its

i ' Der SAU Q l t} cow In" ’Cl‘ f"."‘»,3l~

Employee turnover hltS newspapers it you and 1 exchange a done... hated by r. ». ,1
then each of us will have one dollar. In other words a {a}; f it m

By Randy Hines, University of help employees deal with constant But it you and [exchange an idea, publication W?“ J ‘ .
- ' change In the industry then each otuswul have twmdea» 10,000 would na\ 3 a mo .1.

North camlma' Pemmee 11 “In the last SIX months, I don't know who said this first, o5 cents X 10 = $550 a,” 1 w-ee
someone has talked to me about my bUt it‘s my favorite quote and it 3P" circulation publication [VD :r by car—

' A recent column talked abOUt progress.” Even informal chats can plies perfectly to community news— ries an open rate of 65 ova- s x .20 =

. reporters not getting timely feedback help writers see how they stand and papers. We're in a wonderful bu si- $13

‘ about their work. That is but one where they can improve ness fueled by ideas that are shared Our very unscientiilc and bi’PO‘

- reason why employee turnover is 12 “This last year, I have had openly and enthusiastically, thetical formula does not aDPi‘v to

becoming a major concern through- opportunities to learn and grow,» Which brings to mind another paid Circulation neweepigego

* out Kentucky newspapers. JOb sat- LOtS 0f other taCfiCS can be USEd quote from the late Earl Nightingme

isfaction has been defined as the dlt- by Kentucky newspapers to increase "Harpoon that idea With a pen?“ Ad Income Guideline _ While

- ference in the amountOf rewards em" jOb satisfaction and reduce turnover. In other words; reel in the idea as we're dealing in formulas, here 15 an

‘ ployees receive and the amount they One MidWESt company started 500“ as you see it or hear it excellent one that I gleaned from the

think they SbOUld receive. a well—pay program rather than the OtherWise, it may swim Off and book "The Shopper" by .lOb‘J ‘3‘be

‘ For some seasoned news-edito- traditional Sick—pay. It Pald a bonus spawn in other waters. Harpoon it of Bolitho-Cribb (Sr Assooates Ural

~ rial peOple, the greener pastures (or to employees who had no absences with a pen, sc1ssors or the office copy advertismg revenue tor a snopoer

. higher salaries) in pUth TEIatlonS for the previous month. It also machine,and Store it In an organized including display, classified ant; lil-

« work can be tempting. AdvertlSlng implemented a policy that covers filing system for future reference. serts ideally should equal the equiva-

‘ sales reps likewise can be lured to sick pay only after the first day of an Every few months, go through your lent of one dollar per household per .

‘ higher-paying positions elsewhere. absence. Guess what? Absenteeism idea cache for inspiration week in the market. That's a good

. Butsalary is not the only reward that shrank dramatically. Productiv1ty I'm going to dig into my cache to solid figure for a shopper or What”
determines lOb satisfaction. and employee satisfaction soared. throw out a selection of random newspaper with very little competi—

An article in November’s ”HR Continental Airlines has offered a quips, clips, quotes and notes to non

_ Fact Finder” listed a dozen state- lottery for employees who have not stimulate your thinking in 2002 Let’s say that there are 5,000
merits thatindicate whether employ- missed a day of work in the previ— homes in the primary market area
ees may be thinking Of a change in ous Six months. Eight sport utility Take Notice _ Just how many re- that the newspaper serves. There~

. employers. A Gallup Organization vehicles per period were distributed newal notices should a paid news- fore, weekly ad revenue should
in-depth study looked at ways man— to such lucky employees paper send out before giving up on come to $5,000 per week, or $260,000
agement COUId retain employees. Training, Of course, is “59d ex- a subscriber? Here are some guide- per year.

' Newspapers easily COUId apply tensively by newspapers and state lines from Ron Anderson, one of the
these principles to their own news- press associations. In fact, the latest country‘s leading circulation experts. Financial Fundamentals _ One of

x roomS- figures show that $60 blllion was "Every newspaper, from the larg— the finest peoplelhave known in this

1 ”I know what is expected Of spent by U'S' corporations With 100 3“ daily to the smallest weekly, business is Bob Tribble who owns a
me.” Gallup VP Marcus or more employees IaSt year for needs t0 work hard to maximize large group of smaller community
Buckingham said employees are sat- training purposes. Workshops can subscription renewals. Hopefully, newspapers in the South. Bob .

‘ iSfiEd when they know what’s ex- be informal and scheduled to fit your retention program includes a launched his career in 1968 when he

. pected Of them and are allowed to around most lOb assignments. Jim good marketing oriented renewal bought three tiny, unprofitable

, decide how to accomplish the tasks. Stasiowski for writing, John Foust notice about five weeks prior to ex- weeklies in Georgia. Between them

2 ”I have the materials and for advertising and Ed Henninger piration, followgd by a second 110— they grossed $70,000 He bought

_ equipment I need to do my work for design are three of the best con- tice four weeks later, and a four - them for $40,000 and quickly turned

right. " sultants around. loumalism profs— week grace period after expiration in each into a money maker
3 ”At work, I have the oppor— who’ve actually WOFkEd for newspa- which you continue service at your Eventually, his operation grew

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