UK N ews
Journalism school establishes David Duck fund
The UK School of ]ournalism and Telecommunications is estab- R . _ _
lishing a memorial fund honoring David Dick, former director of {   T       g
the school from 1987 to 1993 and long-time broadcast news re- j. I E
porter, who passed away last ]uly. The fund, called the David Dick n ‘   "‘   g
"What a Great Story” Storytelling Fund, will recognize one UK / E
student journalist and one Kentucky professional journalist each / A gn
year for outstanding journalistic storytelling. ` I V  
Dick held both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in English   _ §_
from UK. During his career, he reported for WHAS and CBS ,. E E
News, taught writing in UK’s journalism program and authored an " - I »—  
several books.   · ' " ee _   \   g
“Skill in storytelling needs to be championed and celebrated.   / T ee e V, , ,. - §
David Dick was a marvelous storyteller, which is why we chose l=e'l"’   ;i  if In •_,_ I lg.:  
this focus to honor him,” said Beth Barnes, director ofthe School   ’ {   $'        
of ]ournalism and Telecommunications.   * “°  T \ E
U K L   I on g Lea r n i n g Coldstream Research Campus fulhls a personal goal to utilize my
_ business and marketing skills and past experience to contribute to
Prog ra m   n |zed Kentucky’s future,” said George Ward.
Lexington is among the Hve best college towns in America to retire C0ld$U€3m R€$€3r€h C3mP¤$ is €uFF€¤FlY home F0 Some 55
to and expand your intellectual horizons, according to a recent arti- companies and more than 1,000 employees.
cle in Money magazine. The magazine cites UK’s strong roots in life- . •
long learning since 1964 with the Donovan Fellowship and now its B   g I n g fro m Bel rut
companion program, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) Six UK students spent Hve weeks alongside famed journalist Terry
ar the UK College efpnbne I-[esdtn Anderson conducting research and documenting their experiences in
The Donovan program was first offered, tuition-free, to local resi- 3 blog, WWWb€i¤gb€iYut·bl0g$P0t·€0m» dufing 3 UiP YO Beirut,
dents age 65 and e]det_ More than 100 Donovan Fellows ate now Lebanon, last sunmaer. As part of his doctoral research, UK Political
raking universiry Classes alongside younger undergraduare and gradu- Science   C€1I'IdTd€1[C   SCl'IOClll'I21T1'II1'ICIjOTI'ICd jOl1II'I€1l.TSHI
ate students. More than 50 students have earned degrees at all levels. majors Christopher Robbins, Katie Perkowski, Ashley Westerman,
Others audit classes without the demands of homework and exams. K€l$€Y Th0m3$ 3¤d NOI33 El M3F3ghi 013 the UiP·
OLL1 now offers almost 100 courses annually in Lexington, The group’s blog details life in the dorms and classrooms of Ameri-
Morehead and Somerset. Members plan, teach, and participate in €3¤ Univer sity of-Beirut 3Hd the Surrounding 3r€3· They Vi$ir€d
shorr eentses, Held ttipss Workshops) special inreresr groups) and Palestinian refugee camps, interviewed ofleicials and heard lectures
forums. The courses are varied, and include classes such as culture from top professors and experts. Eaeh student is Completing a jour-
and cuisine, health and wellness, history and government, and for- nalnsnn plrojeet b3$€d 013 IESQF hir r€$€£3r€hn d {
ei n ian ua es_ e is 21S CCH 21 ICHIBI 21 C C 3.HCC OI I CSC SILT CITES [O SCC PQIIT O
ior inire Tnforinarion) Conracr Teresa Hager ar   [TIC   East 21IId [O talk [O {TIC people who live ITICIC HDOLII {TIC
region’s problems and opportunities? Anderson said.
Ward I13mE(l EXECUTIVE (lIfECt0f First December Cgmmencement
of Coldstrea m Resea rch Ca m pus n UKlstudents vgho graduate in August andggcenbenwill nnnw
G€¤Ig€Wrd»Wh¤hrS rS    e.,, e“§§§,E§LZ§Z,t‘3,§Eil§i§€1?,€cT§§?§“°3Eg i7ZC2§,,§§§mr§f
(jemmeree Cabinet Secretary, has been     _ » d d d P] d yl ‘11b‘ h ld 3 lr
named the executive director ofthe UK   i   Hnesger S egflee eil? { Ectgra fm eng W1 fe fn if Pmnm
Coldstream Research Campus. I-Ie has 30   ter e e ence? e de e el mg Ctaiy neuter OI e e Iesj an A
years of executive experience in hotel and   e   eeefgepy OI Qheegeil uaeeilwl eg e P ace at e Pm m Meme'
real estate development, Hnance and business ` _ , ts;) f` Hen benseum edu? errata mee 1 Omfeeneemcm C€“*mO“Y )
Operations and government relations, HC   wi e ivestreame rom Memoria Co iseum on UKNow, UKs
also serves on the board of directors of Com- iv   . · news Website _
nnncn Lnninntnn and is n nnnnbcn nfthn     A student who graduates in August or December and does not
Brea Irss RcgmlpubhcP¤“¤YC¤¤¤¤l·   5iE§§§i’ifiElf,DE°§§£Z1iZZ1`§§F‘2§22EI§I§“§LS§E§§EQZEZZ
Serving as the executive director ofthe George Ward Y Y
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