Alumni are important
The keys to advancing the University       iis·  
of Kentucky rest with its alumni    ’y_ n
    , I
The University of Kentuclqr is a major part of my life. I UK alums also sup- \? »; ‘ »`\ `
love the university and deeply appreciate the impact our port the institution     TQ ’ '
land-grant institution provides through its academic, re- with their financial re- ~ . ,, M   ,
search and outreach programs. These programs contribute sources because they in _4 el 
greatly to the well-being in our state and beyond. realize the need for    
I have been a student and employee of UK for 41 years. Private giving has  
For the past 26 years, I have relished the joys, relationships HFVH been grcamn  E *v W
and challenges of fund—raising. My first career allowed me Since l97O’ the Pep l qww
the privilege to work in the student service areas of admis- Fcmage Of State Ahhh- li
sions, career placement, advising, financial aid, and with nu- mg {O UK has _ _ I I
merous student organizations in the College of Agriculture. ;Ihhhh¤;¤hIIv decreased D- ll/llcllael RlCh€Y 73, 79 AG
Throughout my career, I have had extensive engagement hhhlh Pircem {O a \/ice Prggidgnt fgr Dgvglgpmgnt
with alumni across Kentuclqr and the nation. Prom my ex- new OW O I2 Percemj _
neneneee rneee learned one undeniable thing about alumni: The heh ¤IFh¢ hhhghh h_ éhlhphhhd TIUIII hhhhv ghhhhhhd
      lZh1'Ough %1'1VZ£Z€ g1f[S, KUIUOH, g1'3.HlZS 3.Hd COHKYHCKS, 1HV€SIZ·
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If students are the heart of the university, then alumni men S all _O _€l SOUICES _
nnnee surely ne ne soul. rne enueenee wisdom, fond memo- Ahhhhh Ih¤IMAhhIIv and Chhphhhéh hh hdihhhhg the
ries, dedication and support from UK alums is an invaluable University Of Kcmuclq Fh“"EIgh their hhhhhl gift? and as
asset en Uk and e force enne een propel the university en UI< IFIIM hhhihgh hhihh ahhh Ahhh Chhhhhhhhh IS
unimaginable heights. In fact, HQ Single gfgup has the m€?iIIIIIgfUln has impact, and is helping to advance UKVCO1-
unique relationship, responsibility ann ennneny en advanee hgh and Ph¤ghhhh· AIUMNI ARE IMPORTANT-
our beloved institution more than alums. More than any _ _
other, theywant UK to be great. Annual QIVI Hg
And alumni are giving back to UK. They are leaders in Annual giving is something all alumni ofthe University of
the community, in business and in government who Kentuclqr are invited to do each year. Whether they give to
make a difference for UK. Alumni throughout the their college of graduation, to one of the university’s student
country, and the world, are roaring advocates for UK scholarship funds or to another area ofthe university, each
representing the excellence of their academic degree on a gift is important for multiple reasons.
daily basis. They are role models for future generations First, and mgst ObViOuS’ alumni SUPPOH helps Supply gift
Of UK Studenm revenues for annual budget relief And with each passing
A l l Individual Gifts FY 2009
S2,500,000,000 —¥
S1.500.000.000   ESu\aAppr¤prl¤\i¤n '/I
iTonlUKBudgot e` ,3 n,,`je:,_
s1,000,000,000   V  5j  .
T : 35I294gifts EAlUl’T`lI'll
S500,000,000   Y:T5`;f:;‘;€1T;  
so = a M All Other Individuals
State su   ort for UK has declined from 55% in 1970 to 12% today
12 winter 2010