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A » I  A   I   You ve got to have a plan!
  In this issue of the Kentucky Alumni magazine you will see a list of the University of Kentucky’s
C " recent outstanding accomplishments, national rankings that help measure the university’s
progress toward top-20 status. Recognition of the excellent work of our faculty and students by
their peers and other professionals continues to occur with regularity
All of this buzz continues despite a total of $31 million in budget cuts from the state over the
last three years. Our recently adopted Strategic Plan: The Dream and the Challenge, which will
guide the university during the next three years, was created by a committee that seriously ac-
cepted my challenge to make a concise plan of action for one of the country’s foremost univer-
· sities.
l Reorganization of the university to the provost administrative model of higher education
and merger of the medical and Lexington campuses into one administrative unit have given
the university the flexibility to withstand the budget cuts by reallocatirrg our available resottrces
to focus on the targeted objectives outlined in the plan. In coming months, you will hear more
about the UK Strategic Plan as we continue to implement our goals and objectives, You can
read the UK 2003-2006 Strategic Plan at www.uky.edu/Home/2003—06StrategicPlan/
Finally, I have to say how energized I am about the upcoming academic year. The beginning
of a new school term is always filled with excitement and great expectations. We’re expecting a
record number of students, the most academically talented freshman class ever enrolled at UK.
Once again, the chants of "Go Big Blue!" will permeate throughout the Commonwealth. Our
athletic venues will be filled with the sounds of friendly competition in intramural as well as in-
tercollegiate contests.
Patsy and I invite you to return to campus whenever you can to share in the wealth of activ-
ity at your alma mater. Visit the UK Art Museum at the Singletary Center for the Arts or the
UK William S. Webb Museum of Anthropology. Watch UK students display their exceptional
talents in the performing arts. See the William 'IZ Young Library for yourself. Stop by the
Visitor’s Center and take a campus tour. For those of you who were here in the mid—l960s,
renovation of the Main Building, formerly called the Administration Building, will bring to
mind memories of the graffiti wall that surrounded nearly the same area during the construc-
tion of the Patterson Office Tower.
There’s a lot going on. Come by and see it for yourself.
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President Lee T Todd Jr.   _