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kentucky University, L.Iorrison College.

      Lexington, Kentucky, June 12th,1877.

:.eeti-nE of
June L2th
187 7

     The Board of Curators of Kentucky University met this day at
2 o'clock in annual session being opened with Prayer by Curator

     The Roll being called the following Curators answered to their

.L. M,1. Bishop President.
John B. bowman
Andrew Steele
D. S. C-oodloe
'W. L. Williams
A. C. Uicketts
John Shackel;: ord
J. P. w'arbitt
1r. '1.Isithers
Z. ... Shirley
Horace killer
Samuel G. Tlinnaird
A.. ir.e Cao
Oam'l Coleman
Geo. C. Castleman

Minutes of
June 1876.

  Seat of
Curator R.J.
White declared
  vacant .

name .


  N2otion to
  lay on the
table is lost.

Jno. G. Allen
Joseph A Jasson
G. W7. Givens
A. G. Herndon
3. B. uroom
i.ii. ;5mith
R. R. Sloan
Elnos Campbell
John Aug. Williams
7.. En. irogers
A. ill. barnes
J. A. J. Lee
"I jr  . ibbs
T- A. rieadley..

        Curator Sloan moved that the minutes of the June meeting 1876
be corrected so as to show that Curator Gano's excuse for non attend-
ance was presented to the board.

        The Chair declared the seat of Curator R. J. 4,hite vacant
under the Charter an appeal being taken from this decision was sus-

        Curator Steele moved that R. CG. White be now elected a Cura-
tor to fill his own vacancy as just declared.

        Curator Jno. A. 'illiams moved to refer the nomination of R.G.
White to the nominating Comzmittee, which motion was rejected.

        Curator Tibbs moved to add the names of Tho. kunnell, and J.S.
Swiney and also at the suggestion of Curator Jno. A. billies the
name of Jas. II. Graves.

        Curator Steele moved as an amendment the names of J. 1X. .Wallace,
Lafayette Crutcher and James Neale.

        Curator Sloan moved that the whole matter be laid on the table

        Curator 3owman called for the ayes and nays the vote being taken
stood 14 to 14.  Dotion lost.



    Curator Givens now moved that the board now elect ii. J. White
a Curator, amended on motion of Curator Tibbs to also elect Tho.
Lunnell, T. 3. Swiney and James Zl. Graves and the question being
taken they were elected Curators.

    Curator Bowman roved that the subjects of further elections be
referred to the Committee on nominations e

  I nstruction
  to Cormitte-
  on conination.

  .R-*eport of

to Regent ' s


of the

    Curator Ricketts moved that the said Commnittee on Nominations
also take into condideration the propriety of electing any other
Curators at this meeting or reducing the number of Curators maximum
number referred in the Charter the present number accepted by Cura-
tor Blowman and adopted.

    :-e*ent Bowmnan now commenced the reading of his report, when
Curator Steele objected to his proceedings on the ground that he
was no longer Regent, The Chair decided that the Regent was only
suspended until the meeting of the board of Curators and consequent-
ly had a right to read his report, from which decision Curator L-'.L.
illiams appealed the vote being taken the decision of the chair
was sustained, the vote 20 to 4 to sustain the decision.

    CGrator Jno. A.  dt'illiams moved that Cormittee of five be appoint-
ed to take into consideration the different items in the report of
Regent Bownan and report thereon which motion was adopted.

    The Chair appointed under the foregoing resolution to constitute
the Cormzittee.

     Curators   Sno. A. Willis
                Tho. Tiunnell
                R. R. Sloan
                X. A. J. Lee
                G. W. Givens

    Treasurer Goodloe now read his report.
    Curator Bowrman moved that the report of the Treasurer be the
Comimittee to which his report as Regent had been referred .
    . hich Twas accordingly done.
    Adjourned until tomorrow morning 9 o'clock.

Wednesday 13th, 1877.

report of the
Exec. Com.
read co~m.unica-
tions from
Professors .

    The Board met at 9 o'clock pursuant to adjournment President
Bishop in the chair. Twenty-one members being present prayer was
offered by Presid-nt Graham.  The Secretary then proceeded to read
,.e proceedings of7 the Executive Committee during which time a com-
Lunication was received from Professor R. Leter and also one from
Professor D. -eter and also one from Professor H.H. W-4hite, Jno. H.
Seville, A. I'd illigan, Robert Craham, and J. i. Lc~arvey, both
of Which were refered to the Committee appointed yesterday to take
into consideration the report of Regent Bowman.

mrThe minutes of the morning session were read and approved


r;iinutes read