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Six Washington Birthdays

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Gertrude Evans Is
Bulletin Editor

Within the next two weeks another news organ will appear upon
the university campus. At the meeting of the Home Economics club
Monday night, the members select- 'ert thn priifnHnl stnfr tnr tUa rw
Uttttttttffims j per Kettle." Gertrude Evans was
"named editor-in-chie- f;
Ellis, managing editor; Jane Dyer
ub seieciea ior Dusiness manager,
Wim uaronne Brown and Dorothy
oirumer as advertising assistants.
The "Copper Kettle" Is the an
nual bulletin of the Home Econ
omics club, and has In the past,
been mimeographed for the use of
'all Agricultural students. This year
It was definitely decided to improve
.the appearance of the 'Kettle' by
'having it printed at the Kernel
printing plant. The publishing ex
penses win De borne by advertise
ments which are to be sold by the
ciud memoers.
Copies of the 'Kettle' will be distributed to all Ag students, and
, probably to the alumni
and to other
Home Economics clubs throughout
the United States.
Anyone who
wishes to contribute articles of news,
may do so by getting In touch
with Gertrude Evans, edltor-l- n

Hospitality and Prompt Service makes
our patrons enjoy an atmosphere
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that School

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Blaine Stone and His Orchestra
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p. m.


"Bo" Mycr, varsity football
star, Is recovering from an operation for appendicitis. Mycr was
operated on a few days ago in
Mycr will possibly be
a candidate for quarterback this
fall. Believed, by many observers, the smartest player on the
team, friends of "Bo" will bo
glad to know that he is recovering and will be able to play next

Dob Kipping, varsity tackle, has
Immediately following the rcslg-- 1
the Wildcat fold. Kipnation of Dr. Elmer O. Campbell, returned to registered early In
to Attend
ping, who
(head of the department of botany, week, was reported lost to the squad
Mrs. Sarah B. Holmes, assistant from the faculty of Transylvania through failure to report for spring
dean of women, will represent the j College, comes the announcement football practice.
university at the 15th animal meet- that seven other Instructors arc to
"Kip" appeared on Stoll field
ing of the National Association of bo released at the completion of the Wednesday afternoon and particiDeans of Women to be held In present school year.
In scrimmage. Coach Gam-ag- e
Those who will sever their con- -, pated had decreed that no player
An instructor in Shanghai, China
Detroit next week. Mrs. Holmes will
leave Tuesday night and return to ncctlon with the school arc: Dr. would be eligible for the team, who reports in the Brown Herald that
C. A. Mancy, head of the depart- Lexington the following Sunday.
failed to report the first day of American novels and movies arc
giving Chinese students an unreal
Approximately 1,000 women at- mcnt of mathematics; Prof. L. R. spring gridiron work.
tend this meeting, which Is held Dingus, head of the department ' Kipping has been busy with out-- , and unwholesome portrayal of the
of Romance languages; Professor side duties and this detained him relations between men and women.
every year prior to the meeting of
tne National Educational Associa- (ftnd Mrs. Foster Krake, of the dc-- ! from football practice. "Kip" has There is much that they misintertion. Last year the gathering was partmcnt of music; George E. Pylc, ' been one of the backbones of the pret, and "It Is funny sometimes
In Atlantic City, and Mrs. Holmes athletic director and head football Kentucky line, along with "Babe" to hear students talk about wantwas Kentucky's delegate there. This coach; Prof. William Clay, and Wright, who left school this semes- ing "free love" when
what they
year the headquarters will be at . Prof. Norman Braden, son of Pres. ter.
mean Is freedom to choose their
the Hotel Statlcr In Detroit, and Arthur Braden.
The loss of these two men was life partners."
is fast
Dr. Mancy said that the dismissal
the convention will bo presided
almost the dcathkncll for the Big
over by Miss Thyrsa W. Amos, dean i came as a complete surprise to Clue hopes of a great line this becoming popular in the Orient.
of women at the University of most of the faculty members. Pre- fall. With Kipping back, it is rePittsburgh, president of the Asso- sident Braden told him that the ported from reliable sources that put on the offensive and tried some
action was taken as "a matter of i Captain Wright may make up his new plays, one of which was a
At the meeting on Saturday economy." Dr. Maney and Pro-- 1 work in the summer session aria clever lateral pass.
morning Mrs. Holmes will give an fessor Dingus have been connected be eligible for competition in Octo- address to the assembly on "High with the college for 11 years. Dur-- I bcr.
Points In State Organization Pro- lng the last five years Dr. Maney
Wright left the university a few
grams," drawing her examples from has performed the duties of regis days ago and It was believed that
trar nt the institution.
the Kentucky state organization.
to return to
he would not
Only a few days previous to the the university. be able
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
However, things
will be spent In Detroit, and on news of the action of Transylvania have changed for the best, and the
Saturday the convention will close the University of Louisville cut Its big blond from Carrollton, Kipping,
for athletics from win oc on tne nnng
with a visit to the University of appropriation
Michigan at Ann Arbor, where the $15,000 to $5,000. This reduction with Captain Wright. line
will virtually ruin all major sports,
delegates will be the guests of the
Spring practice continues on Stoll
according to Tom King, director of field every afternoon under the
university for the day.
athletics at the Louisville school.
direction of Coaches Carnage and
Shively. Wednesday afternoon, the
first and second varsity squads batShow
tled through a 20 minute defensive
A third team, composed of freshMcConnell
men of last year and a candidate
Y. M. C. A. Graduate
from an intramural team, spent
(By Exchange Service)
School is Speaker
an hour and a half battle rehearsBloomington, Ind. That dormi ing Alabama plays under the tutelJ. B. McConnel, from the Y. M. tories attract more girls at Indiana age of freshman Coach Pribble.
C. A. Graduate school in Nashville, university than any other type of
The plays failed miserably against
Tenn., was the speaker at a Joint residence, especialy first year girls, the varsity line. After the defenmeeting of the Freshman and Sen- Is revealed by figures showing' the sive scrimmage the Wildcats were
ior Y. M. C. A. cabinets Tuesday housing of freshman women for the
Issued by the office
night. He spoke in the interest of year
Blue Ridge, N. C, where the South- of the Dean of Women.
four freshmen will
ern Regional Y. M. C. A. conference
117 N. Limestone .Fhone 7834
live at Memorial and Residence
will be held In June.
We will cook you a steak
Mr. McConnell brought out with halls this year as compared to 96
that yjou will remember
emphasis the fact that there will In sorority houses and 89 in private
with pleasure.
be a section of the conference which homes. Forty women of the freshmen, man class from Bloomington will
will be held for fraternity
where the problems of the fratern- live In their own homes. Work for
room and board in private homes
ity will be discussed.
Mr. McConnell took his graduate has been chosen by 37 Indiana cowers
work at the University of North eds.
How Money Is Raised
Carolina, and taught in Porta Rico
The total amount of money which
before he became connected with
Nashville branch of the Y. M. C. will be. earned by girls In this form
He Is now visiting Kentucky schools, of work will be $10,656 a semester
Centre, Transylvania, Georgetown, estimating that each girl will be
Kentucky Wesleyan, and the uni- paid the equivalent of eight dollars
versity In the Interest of the Y. M. a week the report shows. Fifty-eig- ht
hundred dollars in scholarC. A. Graduate school and of Blue
"At the Sign of the Rose"
Ridga He spoke to the young ships will contribute toward the pay
people of the First Methodist ment of expenses of 83 girls for
417 E. MaxweU.
church last Sunday evening on the their first year. These are in the
Ph. Ash 1419
We Call Special Attention to:
form bf Trl Kappa and county
race question.
awards' for excellence in scholarship
during high school.
An unusually large number of "A"
students are beginning work in the
university this fall, 56 being listed in
the class of 1934. Five colored girls
In a recent survey held among are enrolled in the class.
the freshman women in Sycracuse
University by Dr. Eugenie Leonard,
acting Dean of Women, some interesting findings were disclosed. For
Plain and Fancy
per cent ad-o- f
example: twenty-eigBallroom Steps
being in love many times,
The overture to Massenet's
while only ten Der cent had been
constitutes the headline offer
in love but once. However, thirty- RED ROOM
one per cent insisted (they had ing by the University of Kentucky
Philharmonic orchestra from the
never been in love at all.
Phone 965
Sixty-tw- o
per cent said that their university studio of WHAS, at 6
mothers agree with them in their oclock Sunday night. Mrs. Mar
garet Foster Drummond, lyric so
attitude towards petting and neckper cent prano, will be the soloist on the
ing. And seventy-thre- e
think the college girl should know program, details of which follows:
Overture, "Phedre,"
sex. One reply was as folabout
orchestra; "The
lows: "I think that a mother should Philharmonic
Winds in the South"; In Luxem
tell her daughter everything about
life before she goes away to school, bourg Gardens," Margaret Foster
Instead of letting her find things Drummond; "Pomp and Circum
out for herself."
And another stancejj," No. 1, University Phil
wrote, "A girl should know how harmonic orchestra; "I'll not Com'
to take care of herself under all plain"; "Lantps of the Dusk," Mar
conditions. She should know how garet Foster Drummond; and "Go-pak- ,"
from the opera "The Fair at
to dress, how to smoke, how to
drink a little, how to pet so she Sorochlnsk; University Philharmon
ic orchestra.
won't be surprised into anything
how to keep her heart and not to
fall easily, and how to get along
with other girls. I believe that a
Captain Clyde Grady, of the mill
girl who has not been on her own
to some extent in her high school tary department of the university,
years should not be allowed to go gave a talk at the Engineering College convocation Wednesday morn
away to college."
ing in Memorial hall. He told of
his experience in Alaska where he
was stationed before he came to
The weekly meeting of the In-- 1 Kentucky.
ternatlonal Relations Club of the
University of Pittsburgh authoruniversity was held Tuesday evening in room 111 of McVey hall. ities have decided that the silk
Professor Vandcnbosch, of the poli- pants that the football team have
tical science department, was thel been wearing are too expensive,
This event mark
speaker, his subject being "Colonial since the cost last year was $600.
closing opportunity of the
Policy In the Dutch East Indies." . In .the 'future the athletes will
season to buy quality Foot
After the address, a general discus- nave to scamper arouna tne ueia
wear at such a wonderful
sion was held during which Mr. in more substantial attire.
Vandenbosch answered any ques- Castor oil yields grape flavoring,
tions which the members wished to
uccordlng to a chemistry lecturer
ask about the subject.
Just a few day
at McGtll University. No doubt
ami these
values will be
Some of our young people are the custor oil companies through
so versatile in conversation that i out the country wllL.be paying him
no more. In
they can say "Oh yeah" in four next tr deliver this message over
' a nation-wid- e
or five different ways.
I roups
alues up to $10




Go to Convention




12 Noon-- 2 p. m.

Friday, February 13, 1931


troit; Approximately 1,000


A Bottle of

Is a Bottle of

Don't Forget Our Sunday Dinner

m- -



of the University of Kentucky are employed to
fjive you service at the


Professors May Be
ASSISTANT DEAN 'Transylvania, U. L.
Reduce Faculty
Inferior to Students
Eight Transy Professors Plan
Dr. Irlmn Kennedy Criticizes
to Sever Connections
Teachers' Attitude ToMrs. Sarah B. Holmes Will

ward their Work
George Washington wns permitted , by the French nlllcs under Count
The date 6f this
to cclcbrntc but few of his birthdays Itochambeau.
In an address before a science
In the peaceful quiet of his beloved commemoration was February 12,
home at Mount Vernon, especially It having been postponed a day in group at the University of British
during the latter years of his life, the hopes that the man for whom Columbia, Dr. Irlma Kennedy ex
He lived nt a time when this coun- It was given might be able to get pressed this startling though: "The
try was In the throes of Its birth, there. February 11 had been select- professor must remember tnai inc
and fate had decreed that he ed for the fete, for the French student's mind is often 10 times
should take an active part In Its soldiers seemed to prefer following better than his own." Dr. Kennedy
Another further stated that "the professor
creation. His services were needed the old style calendar.
and he was not the one to shirk Important event happened that year Is commonly critlzed for being abwhen duty called him Into leader- for on February 22, the date of stracted, absorbed, theoretical, Imship of the armies of the Nation. Washington's birth according to the practical, selfish, careless, conceitDuring the Revolutionary War, Gcorgorlan calendar adopted In ed, Intolerant and unsympathetic."
"Women and men think different1752, the Marquis dc Lafayette left
Kennedy said. "In the
of the American armies, and ,for Virginia on the campaign which ly," Dr. room,
a women sometimes
ended the war at Yorktown. A lecture
In this capacity he faced the remakes a remark which Is quite
sponsibility of defeating his coun- noteworthy coincidence.
Original, but which Is four or five
try's enemies. That this was no
After the surrender of Cornwallls
small Job he fully realized. On his at Yorktown, It was generally be- realms ahead of the professors
shoulders rested the task of recruit- lieved that the war was virtually limit of thought."
"Technical learning Is often detri
ing and maintaining an army com- finished, but Washington did not
posed of men who were untrained propose to disband the Army or mental to a woman's nature," con
tinues Dr. Kennedy, "because It
in wnrfare, and who only too often relax Into n state of carelessness
were without the courage and In- as long as a definitive peace had adds a fourth side to her Intellect,
spiration which animated the great not been signed. He, therefore, re namely, Inquisitive Intellect. IntuiGeneral, according to the Division tained command of the troops and tion Is the main side of a woman's
of Information and Publication of urged upon his countrymen the ne- mind."
In concluding her address, Dr.
cessity for continued preparedness
the George Washington Bicentennial Commission.
until peace was concluded at Paris Kennedy remarked that British
In 1782 he was in Phlla civilization Is on the decline, and
From the bflctnnlm? nf thn nnv-H- n
that It will be necessary to look to
olutlon in 1775 until Its close in delphla actively engaged in mnin- - the Orient for new culture.
talnlng the American Army at as
1783 when final articles of peace
were signed, George Washington nearly Its full strength as was poscommanded the American troops. sible.
During this period he had eight
The last birthday which Washbirthdays, all of which, except the ington spent In the Army found
last two, were spent in winter quar- him at Newburgh In 1783.
ters but a short distance from the troops, especially the officers, were
British lines and at times when he almost in a state of revolt which
was in the midst of plans for spring culminated in the famous New- "State Officers and Their Du
burgh Resolutions. The affair was
ties" Is General Topic for
ended, however, in March
The first of Washington's birth- favorably Commander-in-ChiFifteen Addresses Begincalldays which found him at the head when the
ning February 16
of the Army was In 1776, and the ed the dissatisfied officers together
General was directing: the American and with an eloquent appeal to
A new series of 15 radio talks
their patriotism, averted the im
operations at the siege of Boston.
Of- A trying time it was, for his soldiers pending trouble. The following De on the general subject "State
from the University of
while the amy under commiss,on to the Congress at
studios of WHAS, the week
Howe was formidable to napolls and retired to Mount Ver-tucnon ior omy a lew years rest irom ,ui reuruury 10. mui min. win uc
every respect. The following year
Washington was In winter quarters public cares before being called to devoted to a distinct state office
and as
with the Army at Morrlstown, and fill the office of first President of lor commission officers far as possible
of the state
the various
from his correspondence of that the United States.
of Kentucky will come to tne Jbex
time the distressing condition of
ington studios to tell about their
the troops may be realized. The
respective offices.
Commander-in-Chiwas forced
The complete radio program from
constantly to ask for supplies which
the university the week of Februwere not always forthcoming.
ary 16 is as follows:
(Continued on Page Six)
Despite the terrible hardships of
Monday, February 16;
the following year at Valley Forge, sity stop here April 10 and 11 for 12:45 to 1:00 p. m., "Kentucky agriWashington's birthday did not pass a doubleheader on their southern cultural outlook for 1931," by T. R.
unnoticed. The band from Proctor's jaunt.
Bryant, assistant director of agriWisconsin always places a good cultural extension division; "The
Artillery celebrated the event by
serenading their chief in front of team on the field and they are gen- Business Situation and Kentucky
his quarters, and the compliment erally In the first division of West- Agriculture," by Dr. H. B. Price,
was graciously received as is in ern Conference teams. On the 14 professor of agricultural economics.
dicated by an item In Washington's of April, the third Western ConTuesday, February 17:
expense book for that date. The ference foe, Michigan, encounters 12:45 p. m., "Chats on Salesman
band, members of which were listed the "Cats here.
ship, No. 3 Types of Customers,"
as musicians, drummers and filers,
It has been some years since the by R. D. Mclntyre, professor of
was rewarded with a gift of one Wolverines played here and the marketing and salesmanship; 1:00
pound ten shillings in hard money. fracas should be an Interesting one. p. m., Blaine Stone and his orches
This was the first known public The locals play a return game with tra; 1:15 p. m., "How do you procelebration of the event.
Miami April 23, there, and then nounce it, No. 6," by L. L. Dantz-le- r,
In. 1779, General Washington was depart for the Southlands, where
head of the English departor Middlebrook on his they engage Vanderbilt and Ala- ment.
at Pluckamln
birthday, and the year following he bama, the 29 and 30, playing each
Wednesday, February 18:
was again in winter quarters at team twice.
From Alabama, the 12:45 to 1:00 p. m., "The 1931 marMorrlstown. The year 1781 found Kentuckians go to the Miss. A. & ket for Kentucky livestock," by C.
him at New Windsor unable to at- M. camp for a two game series D. Phillips, assistant in marketing;
tend the celebration of his natal on May 1 and 2.
"The tobacco outlook for 1931," by
day which was held at Newport
Returning home, the Wildcat ag- O. M. Farrington, assistant In margregation takes on the Commodores keting.
of Vanderbilt University in a double
Thursday, February 19:
header on May 8 and 9. The Big 12:45 p. m., "State officers and their
Blue closes the season. May 16 duties, No. 1 The Governor," by
with St. Xavier at Cincinnati.
Judge Lyman Chalkley, professor
Law; 1:00 p. m., "Violin Roman- Watch Your Watch
Sig They tell me that they have cos ; mo p. m.. "rcniemporary
good silver service up at the Alpha Drama, No. 6," by Frank C. Fowler,
Sig house.
director of the university Little
S. A. E. Yeah, they all eat off Theatre,
the community place. Ohio State
Friday, February 20:
Sun Dial.
12:45 to 1:00 p. m., "What farm
'folks are asking," by L. C. Brewer,
Work Called For and Delivered
And then there was the person College of Agriculture,
who was as low as the ring around
Sunday, February 22:
157 S. LIME
a Scotchman's bathtub.
PHONE 7638
University 6:00 to 6:30 p. m., University Phil-o- f
West Virginia.
harmonic Orchestra, and Helen
btarK, pianist.





315 North Limestone
Phones 575 2135


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