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U. K.






KY. MARCH 23, 1928







Local Boy Outsteps University
Stars at Annual Indoor
Relay Carnival




University TnTiegins Shoot- - THIS

Minstrel Presented by Teachers
Proves Them Not to lie tsuch
"Old Fogies" As Students Are
Prone to Believe.

ing in National
Which Ends April 16; Each
Play Two Consecutive Games
Squad Fires 1,200 Shots.
Here; Kentucky Expects
Stiff Opposition
Ths University rifle team began

The faculty of the University
played, sang and danced their way
to an enthusiastic reception of their
minstrel and one-apresented before a large audience in
the Men's gymnasium last night.
From the opening chorus of the min-

firing, March 18, in the National rifle
match, which is sponsored by the na- OPPONENTS WESTERN
tional board for the promotion of rifle
practice. The team is under the
of James L. Keasler, first Brief Practice of 'Cats Likely
Is Kentucky's Outstanding Canlieutenant in the United States Into Prove Detrimental in
didate for Olympic Team;
fantry and instructor in military tacToday's Game
Practices With Ferver
tics in the military department of the
strel, the "Doubting Thomases" in
facul(By John W. Dundon. Jr.)
the audience who believed the
(Dy Wayman Thomasson)
The match will consist of four
Coach Fred Major has been seriousstages and each stage must be comThe great Illinois armory was ty members to be "old fogies," began
suspect that after all, maybe tha
pleted on a fixed date. Each stage ly handicapped in his efforts to get
aglow with lights and colors last Sat- to
is fired in two positions. The first the Blue and White baseball nine in
urday night when the greatest chap- professors could act, sing, and dance
stage is fired in the prone and sitting first class trim for the initial camter of the greatest indoor meet the Before the closing laugh in the com
'Ristocrats," they
positions, the second in the prone and paign of the season this week end.
nation has to offer was about to be edy, "Coonville
kneeling positions, the third in the Due to the unprecedented cold weathvritten by the joint effort of 800 were "sure of new, hotter'n hot," the
prone and standing positions, and the er, most of the practices have been
athletes, representing 81 schools and
fourth in the prone and prone posi- held indoors. However, in the past
colleges from 14 states. It was the students in the audience soon had out
few days, the weather-ma- n
has retions.
Eleventh Annual Illinois Indoor Re- their notebooks, trying to catoh end
Each man fires twenty shots in lented somewhat, and the daily seslay Carnival, which event was found- words of the latest songs. The
each stage. He is also allowed four sions have been held in the open, on
ed by Harry L. Gill, the grand old men in the minstrel, Capt.
practice shots in each stage, but Stoll field.
man of Illini, in 1927. The white- Maurie Crutcher, Holmes Martin, and
Ohio State, one of the most formid-- ,
no laugh unthese do not count toward the score
washed lines of the track gleamed V. R. Portmann, left
made. There are fifteen men on the able teams in the Big Ten, will jourbright against the dark background sprung in their inimitable performteam and each man fires twenty ney to Lexington for a
of cinders, rolled solid, during weeks ance.
It would be unfair to single out the
shots which make a total score of stand, playing the Wildcats on Friday
of preparation, to hasten on the
and Saturday afternoons. The north300 shots fired in each stage.
fleeting steps of the phantom harriers best performers, since every member
of both casts filled his or her charThe different stages must be com- ern boys are reputed to have one of
chasing after records.
acterization in a manner that left The University
band as the above pieture will show, has at last made its appearance.
This group of pleted on the dates indicated. The the best aggregations in years this
How It Happened
nothing to be desired. The ladies
girls, clad in their brand new uniforms have the distinction of being the only university
first stage March 23, the second season, and if this is true, the Blue
all happened something like this: of the faculty played no small part
Besides that, we think they are also the best looking.
(Courtesy Lexington Leader) stage April 1, the third stage April 8, and White will have plenty of comin the world.
Once a man named Reinke, blown by in the success of the presentation,
petition to whet its appetite for a
and the fourth stage April 15.
swift breezes off the Michigan lakes, which was given under the auspices
The members of the R. O. T. C. full and strenuous baseball program.
bade "Hurry Up" Yost adios and has- of the Woman's Club of the Univer
Two years ago, the Ohio State nine
units that compose the team are
tened over to the Illinois Relay Car- sity. All proceeds are to go to the
John O. Brennan, Howard F. Brown, was champion of the Western Connival in 1923 to establish a record hospital fund of the club.
year seems
-v Tom Buckner, Claude W. Daniel, Aus- ference, and the team this indications.
of 2 minutes, 19 5 second, in the
generally over
tin Henderson, James R. Hester, Vir- just as strong, from all
MfclM 1
run. Two years later, in looked in the handing of bouquets,
exact line-u- p
Miss Nina Crigler Comes to gil D. Johnson, Jess M. Laughlin, The known at the of the Ohio team is
1925, another knight of the cinder dispensed tuneful melodies through Famous Educator Will Talk t0
present moment.
Earl C. May, John R. Moore, Edward not
University For Conference
International Relations
trip- out the performance, under the able
path, Martin of Northwestern,
Line-u- p
F. Morris, Arthur C. Munyan, John
Class, April 12
With Officials
same course in the same direction of Elmer G. Selzer. The
ped over the
Coach Major has not made a definJ. Richardson, Jr., William D. Simptime. But these boys might just as personnel of the orchestra was comite selection for his starting line-u- p
Miss Nina Crigler, Dean of Home son and C. Smith.
Baron Heyking, of the University Drama League and Longmans,
well have gone out for an amiable posed entirely of students. Professor
as yet. However, a tentative list
Economics department of the Universtroll on Michigan boulevard for all R. E. Jarmin directed the vocal fea of Dorpat in Latvia, formerly Russia,
may be made from the field of candiGreen & Company Offer
sity of Nebraska, and chairman of BAND
will speak to the international rethe good they did the Illinois Relay tures of the program.
dates out and going through the
Three Prizes
He relations class, April 12.
the Home Economics survey for the
Carnival. In 1928, a thoroughbred
daily grind. Captain Bill Crouch will
colleges, visited the Unicently arrived in this country from
gentleman named Gess, who first put
hold down his position at third base.
versity March 20 and 21 in interest CLASSICS
Geneva where he was working as an
on running shoes down in old KenIrvine Jeffries, basketball star par
JUDGING BOARD of a,ll Home Economic subject matter,
official of the League of Nations.
tucky, the state where Man O'War
excellence, is displaying some keen
especially graduate, undergraduate,
The Carnegie endowment for inter
first sprang out from the barrier,
work at the shortstop position. Will
One-aUniversity Concert Musicians Ed Covington, football flash, is doing
national peace brought him to this Best
and research, and extension work.
stepped up to the starting line,
country and is paying his expenses.
Are Scheduled to Present Fa- creditable 'work at second, and should
his cleats, looked up askance at the
Tuesday morning Miss Crigler spent
Biblical Plays to Be Staged
Baron Heyking will meet with the
the pole position and
starter, took
mous Numbers at 3:30 In the get the call there. Johnny Cole, as
in conference with Dean Cooper of
and Published
worthy official had not a word Teams Will Meet Tonight at 8 international relations clubs of the
the Agricultural College, Ezra L.
usual, is cavorting at the initial sack,
Men's Gymnasium.
o'Clock in Courthouse; Will leading schools.
Bland-into say. That is the way bold 'William
registrar, and Miss Sarah
and displays all of his last year's vigIn an earnest attempt to. discover
got the pole position and the lead
Speak Over WLW Saturday
will be the new authors who can write clean
dean of women; in the afternoon
The baron's subject
The University Concert Band, under or and precision. Sid Goodwin seems
in the race when the starter fired his
This is plays from the American standpoint, she was" introduced to members of the the direction of Elmer G. Sulzer, will to have the call at the back-sto- p
"Protection of Minorities."
gun, more from surprise than
a subject in which he is especially the Drama League of America and faculty at a faculty meeting, and in present several
tion, with Ericson and Myers as remusithing else.
Northwestern University and the prepared as he is in charge of protec- the Play Department of Longmans, the evening she was guest of honor cal classics in their next concert, to serve catchers. In the pitching deUp sprang the 15 entrants in a University of Kentucky will debate tion of minorities for the League of Green & Company have announced at a dinner given by Miss Mariel be given in the Men's gymnasium partment, Major seems to be well
shower of cinders and whitewash. upon the question, "Resolved, that Nations in the new Baltic states.
that they will repeat three of the four Hopkins, head of the Home Economics Sunday, March 25, at 3:30 o'clock. supplied, and should have little trouOut sprang Gess to the front and the United States should refuse to
national contests in play writing department, at the Chimney Corner. Among the more outstanding selec- ble in this line. Charlie Wert, ace
they were off. There were four laps give military protection to any propwhich they conducted last year. These
"Overture of the staff last season, is again on
Miss Crigler came to the University tions to be played are:
play, from Washington, D. C, where she 1812," by Tschaikowsky; some gems hand, and showing up excellently.
to go and sweet William was leading erty situated upon foreign soil," this
will be for the best
by the length of a blonde hair. The evening at 8 o'clock in the courthouse
play and the best is located while in charge of this sur- taken from the comic opera, "Mile. Also, Coach Major has the twins,
the best one-aThe affirmative side of the quesback turn is reached. Who is that
Modiste;" a grand medley from the Raymond and Robert Rhodes, who are
13 Tomorrow biblical play.
Moody, tion will be upheld by the Kentucky
coming up on the outside?
opera, "Faust," and "Largo," by flinging the old pill across in a
Subject to the terms of the
Epstein, of Mis- team, composed of Raymond Auxier,
mighty pleasing manner. As yet, the
of Kansas State!
"Awards," the winning
Tau chapter of Eta Sigma Phi, hon play will be produced by the Civic
souri, is going like a whirlwind Richard Weaver and William
Other numbers to be given are a outfield is unchosen. Rufer, France-wa-y,
The sneakers on the North- orary Latin and Greek fraternity, Repertory Theater, of New York, the
turn. But young Gess
Layman, Mauser and Ropke are
waltz, "Tales from Italian Woods;"
around the
just shakes his auburn locks and western team have not been an- will hold its annual banquet tomorrow biblical play by the Pilgrim Players,
a baritone solo, "Mystery of Night," the leading candidates for garden
Books by Denni played by Mr. Hugh
Dean Evans, of the Uni- night at the Lafayette hotel at G:30 Evanston, 111., and the one-apositions.
ambles on. There are three laps to nounced.
The runners settle into their versity, will preside over the debate, o'clock, with Prof. T. T. Jones as by the
a serenade, "Dream of the ValProspects Are Bright
The banquet will be folAn announcement has been received ley,' and a descriptive number, "The
positions ready for the long grind which will be a
affair, to toastmaster.
Circuit and the American Academy of
Of course, the team will need plendjscus-sio- n lowed by formal initiation.
ahead. Gess is leading, Martin of be followed by an
Dramatic Arts. AH winning plays from the library stating that in the .Whistling Farmer Boy," by Filmore. ty of conditioning before the real
The following instructors in Latin will be published by Longmans, Green future no books may be renewed The program will open with a march, grind starts. This initial series with
in which the audience is invited
Purdue second, a stride to the rear,
throughout the state will be initiated & Company.
without first bringing them to the "Golden Friendships," by Filmore. a strong team seems much better
Moody of Kansas State and Epstein to participate.
A second debate between the teams as regular members: Mable Pollitt,
of Missouri running neck and neck
One of Sousa's most popular marches than playing a set-uAll manuscripts must be mailed on library.
and thus getRichmond Nor- or before September 1, 1928. The
The new ruling is intended to elimThe Stars and Stripes Forever," will ting little or no real practice. At
in the rear. The rest of the field has will be given before the microphone professor of Latin,
do the of the radio station WLW, at Cin- mal; Lucy Higgins, Louisville Girls'
fallen slightly back. Thus
inate the present confusion and delay close the concert.
this time, the ' main question seems
flying figures hold their places for cinnati, tomorrow evening at 9 o'- High school; Elizabeth Colegrove,
The Concert Band ii selected from to be a matter of whether the team
caused by students renewing books
(Continued on Page Eight)
next two laps, past the last turn clock, central standard time. At this Bellevue High school; Lucille Har- the
either by telephone, or in person when among the best musicians in the
will function together, and whether
into the home stretch, with Gess nev- debate a decision will be reached by bold, Paris High school; Mary Wood
band of 95, Director Sulzer the Blue will have any degree of
they do not bring the books with
er being headed. Martin is Western means of ballots cast by the listeners, Brown, Lexington Senior High school;
punch behind the bat. These things
Conference champion and, rounding as was done in a similar debate in and Ruby Rush, Richmond State Norare only to be decided after the team
Student cooperation is urged now
the turn into the straightaway, he which the University team participat- mal.
is viewed in action against strong
that a public explanation of the
puts forth his last great effort to ed last year. At that time communicompetition, and such will be meted
Others to be initiated who are reg
cause of the ruling has been made.
spurt abreast the stalwart KentucK' cations regarding the debate were ular students of the University are
Dr. Frank L. McVey left Wednes out to the 'Cats today and SaturThe following are among the inter
ian. But down in Kentucky they received from a territory bounded by Elsie Bartley, Anna Conrad, Mabel
The prospects for a stellar
esting books on the display shelf of day morning for Florida where he day.
raise throroughbreds who give till it Minnesota on the north, Mississippi Marshall, Georgia Alexander, Virthe library this week: "D. L. Moody, will spend two week in an educational nine indeed seem very bright, and
down on on the south, Nebraska on the west, ginia Bradley, and Esther Gormley.
hurts. Thrusting his head
A Worker in Souls," an attractively survey of Florida schools under the Coach Major is putting his charges
his breast and summing up his last and New York on the east.
(By David Alexander)
The members of the active chapter
illustrated and interesting biography, auspices of the University of Florida. through some very hard practice sesenergy, Gess put off the
ounce of
"Justice," presented
are Edward Duvall, Anna Woodson
Dr. Robert James Leonard, dean of sions, lasting well up to duskievery
billion dollars Gaither, Nancy Mary Wilson, Gladys as the fourth play of the current by Gamaliel Bradford; "The ABC Teachers' College, Columbia Univer- afternoon. Surely with this excellent
Of the eighty-fou- r
and pulled ahead again, with
of Architecture," profusely illustrat
20 yards to go. Yet Fate tried to deposited in the banks of the world, Sharp, Lucille Short, Mary McFar-lanby the University en
Romany season
of material and good
ed, by Matlack Price; the novels, sity, New York City, is in charge of combination
of fifty-tw- o
take a hand in the game and Wil- - approximately
Dorothy Pennebaker and Louise gineering students, has proved so "Men Without Women," by Ernest the survey and asked Doctor McVey coaching, the Kentucky nine should
billions, are in the banks of the Kennedy.
be most formidable this season.
successful a production that it will Hemingway, and Booth Tarkington's to join him in the work.
United States.
(Continued on Page Eight)
continue performances through next 'Claire Ambler." Two other books
not on the display shelf but of interCommittee Denies
The cordial reception that has been est are: "Heredity and Human Af
Thirty-Fiv- e
rendered the play by the public is fairs," by Edward M. East and Hen
entirely deserved. The production is ry F. Osborn's "Man Rises to Par
Lack of Funds Necessitates well set, well acted and excellently nassus," critical epochs in the pre
directed, there being no lapse in the history of man.
Control of Student Loan
tense dramatic movement throughout
Fund by Board
four long acts.
(By Kady EIvovc)
gium Hungary Sicily, Tripoli, and
Miss Jeannette Lampert, who has Y. W. C. A.
Prof. W. S. Webb, chairman of the the only female part in the play,
of doors; if so, where in the name of
(By M. L. Napier)
lot of
of which were
Circus Tomorrow things. Worldgave us changed apictures Saxony all by Mr. Portmann,procured
student loan committee, has written Reynold Ackerman, and Parham Baways of the world an aborn- heavens did they find a place big
in France
the following to Dr. W. D.
enough that was level enough to play
interpret the three principal roles,
ing up Carr" Ann Cobb.
of a countess washing dishes, a duke as souvenirs of the meeting of the
dean of the graduate school ker
I know my Carr
and each gives a most noteworthy All Proverbial Characters Will serving spaghetti, a princess dancing nations of the world on the battleOut from the hills of Knott, down basketball on?
'At a recent meeting of the Stu
Be Present to Entertain
the Black Bottom, a kaiser in exile fields of France. It must be that all
the valley of Carr there came hur- Creek, and to save me I can't re- dent Loan Committee, the funds hav performance. The minor parts, and
strange pictures of royalty in rags. of these various coins really circulrying to meet the train five beams member a single place level enough ing been exhausted by the large de- they are numerous, are all
Moonto play mumble peg on, let alone
by a commendable attention to
And with the fall of European nobil ated among the soldiers and citizen
from the mountain fastness of
spirits that basketball. The playing of basketball mand for loans, the following action the details of characterization.
The proverbial "fat lady of the ity, fell another royal fellow, more of France as money, rather than as
shine land who reflected
was taken by the committee, with inThe play, in showing the inexorable circus," the "strong man," and the respected than most others. Amer curiosities.
were as unconquerable as the spirits also seems to be an inherited instinct structions to the chairman to notify
moonshine distilled with them, too. Three on the squad you
wild animal show" will be some of ican orators call him the "almighty
devastating course of "the
of that
Fortune, tired of battlegrounds and
of this action, which was embod- and
were brothers, and all were cousins.
fighting marines, favored the amateur
in these unpenetrable retreats.
of justice, is set in a the many features of the circus that
ied in the following motion:
'With lawyer's office, a court room, and a the University Y. W. C. A., in co dollar" but over there he is more
When those Carr Creek boys got According to that the vicinity of Carr
spoken of as the "worth coin collector and enabled him to sethe beginning of the fiscal year. July prison. The court room scene re- operation with the Girls' Reserve of less
on the floor with Ashland Saturday Creek should have a number of teams 1,
mark" or the "unfortunate ru cure several really rare pieces in ad1928, no loans will be extended to
quires massive settings, but they the City Y. W. C. A., will stage in ble."
night at 9 o'clock, there were few in a few years if these boys are any- graduate students.'
dition to his war collection.
who had the courage to hope out loud thing like their ancestors in the num
are so skillfully built that there is the Men's gymnasium tomorrow.
the American doughboys Roman coins made of copper, two of
"The Committee took this action no appearance of undue crowding to- There will be two performances, the were "over there," they soon picked them of the famous Vestal Virgin
that Ashland would even have a close ber of children in the family.
There is one spirit in life's game, largely because of their belief that a gether of furniture and other stage afternoon at 3 o'clock and the evening up a new hobby which was the col issue dating back 1,600 years, are
game, owing to the indifferent
graduate student should be able to properties. Fine lighting effects are at 7 o'clock.
of the Carr Creek team and that spirit is the spirit of Carr
lecting of copies of this depreciated coins of which any numimatist might
The Y. W. has promised a "howlagainst its opponents in former Creek. Praises be to Carr Creek and finance his further education arid that used to make the drab prison scene
European money. It was amusing to boast. A Spanish piece issued in
deThe Kernel extends the loan fund, as at present consti
more of them.
ing" good time to all those who come buy a million marks for five cents 1603, when Spanish galleons sailed
games. But those boys put up a
seem appallingly realistic.
wishes on their trip to tuted, is primarily for the undergrad
unpenetrato them best
riders, in American coinage and to speculate the seas and searched for pirate gold,
The play is produced under the di to see the lions,
fense that was almost as
uate who is unable to help himself or rection of Ellsworth Perrin, an actor trapeze performers, and jugglers "do how wealthy one might have been.
ble as the mountain fastnesses from Chicago.
j occupies first place in Mr. Portmann's
they came, and as a result
There will be a box placed in the to earn any considerable sum because who has played in professional pro their stuff." The "Chamber of Hor
Victor Portmann, member of the; collection of old European coins, as
they "wrote their 'names in golden dean of men's office and all who wish of his lack of education."
"Justice," Miss Jeannette rors," "The Krazy House" and the journalism faculty of the University, also several old French coins of the
ductions of
Professor Webb hopes that it will Lampert and Carol M. Sax.
"Devil's Kitchen" are features of the took up the hobby and became so in- - 17th century.
letters on a page of Kentucky high to contribute to the boys going to
and to Chicago will please put their con be understood that the action was
show calculated to send chills of hor terested in it, that he soon enlarged
But peer of them all in the opinion
brought the name of Carr Creek from tribution in the box. Come one, Wild taken merely because of a lack of
ror down one's spine.
it includes of the
his collection until
of the last war, is
The Girls' Tumbling Team, who representative
obscurity to the position of a word of cats, let's boost those mountaineers, funds, and that no partiality is meant.
paper and metallic the Victory Medal, struck off by the
greeting in central Kentucky.
.are gaining quite a reputation on the money from thirty-fiv- e
At the same time let us not forget
countries, all ecstatic and exhubrant French people
Those boys were fighters; they for a moment the admirable spirit
The Kernel staff will hold its campus for their ability to perform, of which were collected during the of 1919 and' given to American solboys and
stayed in the playing until the last that moved the Ashland
stay of the American troops in Eur- diers in memory of the Allied victory
annual election of officers at a will put on an act. The
girls and their home town folk to a
Kappa Delta Pi honorary educaand the end of the war.
shot had been fired.
meeting today, at 11:50 o'clock in will be in charge of the members of ope.
Y. W. C. A. cabinet.
are some interesting things double victory. Ashland came with tion fraternity, will hold a meeting
Coins from Serbia, Japan,
What is the collection worth? Wjll,,
The Kernel office. All members
small squad of eight that a crack band, several hundred ardent this afternoon at 3 o'clock in Room
The price of admission will be 20
Argentina, Portugal, Greece, not so much as far as pecuniary value
about that
of the staff are requested to be
to trip to Lexington. In the rooters, and showed to the limit the 202 of the Education building. All
cents for children and 35 cents for Russia Mexico Canada, India, Swemade
members are urged to be present.
(Continued on Page Eight)
den, Morocco, Algeria, Holland, Bel
first place, it is said they played out metal that is in them.





co-e- d



Baron Heyking
Speak to Students
Arm iriiimiTm!
KAti L












Gil-li- s,





Honorary Latin and
Greek Fraternity to



Library Makes
Ruling Concerning
Renewal of








Engineers Star
In Galsworthy's

Realistic Drama



Spotlight of Fame Casts Its
Glare On Heroes of Can Creek


Loans to Graduates

Nations in


Professor Portmann s Collection

to Stage

Funk-house- r,












* 17








Subscribe for





James Park, '15
Mrs. Rodes Estill, '21




L. Kirk, '24

Dr. George II. Wilson, '04
Dr. E. C. Elliott, '02
Wm. H. Townsend, 12

Walter Hillenmeyer, '11
Wayland Rhodes, '15
W. C. Wilson, '13


We are glad to announce that a few of our loyal Alumni
have responded to our plea of last week and week before and
have sent their checks for full payment of their pledges to the
Greater Kentucky Fund. They did this without any notification
save that which has appeared on this page. We want to thank
By doing this they not only saved us a
them in this manner.
great deal of time and trouble but they also save money for the
The cost of sending out the notices, while not great,
amounts to a considerable figure when they are sent out in
large numbers. When every cent that was pledged to this fund
is paid in, there will be none too much, and with each series of
notices a certain amount of money must be taken from the
fund. It would indeed be a great saving of time and money if
the rest of you would go and do likewise.

The fact that class reunions are things that Alumni of our
University do not attempt very often has just been brought to
Just how successful these have been in the past
our attention.
we cannot say, but we do know that there should be several
This year
classes in reunion each year during commencement.
the members of the class of 1908 are planning their twentieth
Several members of this class who are
anniversary reunion.
in Lexington already have begun to make arrangements for
this event and although they will not make public their program
we do know that several most interesting events are being
planned. According to all rules and regulations for reunions
there should be several other classes to hold reunions at the
same time. We would like to see any number of classes return
There is
this spring for the annual meeting and Alumni Day.
little work to be done in connection with anything of this sort
and if the officers or interested members of those classes would
communicate with this office we would be glad to do all in our
Why not plan somepower to notify all the other members.
thing for your class and get them together again.


Alumni Assn.


Special Rental Rates to Students


Inactive Alumni Club Will Be
Brought to Life by Younger
Graduates of University of



University of Kentucky Club of
Greater Cincinnati: Luncheon at
noon on first Saturday in each
month at Industrial
Club. Pike
Madison avenue, Covington, Ky.
Note Will the officers of pther
Alumni Clubs please send us the
dates and places of their regular


Active and interested Alumni living
in and near Ashland, Ky., have begun
work toward reorganization of the
Ashland Alumni Club of the "University. This club was organized several
years ago, but for the past few years
has not been functioning. The move
has just started and we are predicting great things for the club.
J. Sneed Yager, LL. B. 1924, and
Robert Davis, A. B. 1927, are among
those who are working toward the
reorganization of this club. The Ash
land Alumni Club of the University
of Kentucky has great possibilities
since almost the whole of Eastern
Kentucky is within the field from
which it has to draw. There are also
probably more young Alumni of the
University in Ashland than in any
other one town of its size.
Those who are most active in the
reorganization work are planning to
invite the "Strollers" to come to Ashland and present their play later in
the spring. They already ire trying
to arrange for a date with the University players. While the "Strollers" have made many trips to other
towns in Kentuiky they never yet
have been in the section of the state
in which Ashland is located. If this
move goes through it will be a great
source of good advertising for the
A list of Alumni living in the Ashland district is being made up and
will be forwarded to those most interested in the reorganization of the
club. They have asked that all Alumni
living in or near Ashland communi
cate with one of the
Alumni so that their names may be
placed on the list. Other activities
and social events will be arranged just
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Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Kirk are
welcoming a son who was born at
the Good Samaritan hospital' on Tues
day, March 13. The baby has been
L. Kirk, Jr. Mr.
named Raymond
Kirk is a member of the class of 1924
who formerly was
and Mrs. Kirk,
Miss Anne Shropshire, was a mem

ber of the class of

When you need a car for business
or social affairs

In the spring of '95, Henry Bush
'95 was manager of thu baseball
team. Frazier '97 did most of the
pitching. Geary was captain and dia
some of the pitching. On May 4 Center defeated S. C. 17 to 3. On the
same day K. U. defeated Kentucky
Wesleyan 2G to 13. The captain of
the track team was R. C. Stoll '95.
Intercollegiate Field Day was held
as usual on Decoration Day. C. U.
won with 43 points; S. C. was second