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Read Editorial
On Sportsmanship;

Apply It Tonight







Athletic Books
Good Next


All students must hold on to
their ticket books for use next
quarter, the athletic department
announced this week.
Only new students will be issued new ticket books at the
start of the next quarter, and
remaining games will require
the use of the old books.

A i oiivMa(ioii Monday morning liihlij;liis l lie fourth annual
l iMiiidt i Day program v licdiikd for Sunday and Monday. Oilier
m liviiits iiuludc a broad a si over Radio Siaiion WHAS Saturday morning,
a Sunday- Afiiiiioon Musitalc followed bv




ion and lea.
Dr Raymond R. Paty. chancellor
of the University System of Georgia,
will be the convocation speaker. His
subject will be "Higher Education
Takes lock." President H. L. Donovan will preside at the convocation.
Dr. Leo M. Chamberlain, vice
president of the University, who is
in charge of the program said Feb.
22 is usually celebrated as Founders
Day. but that date falls on Sunprogram
day, making the two-da- y




Founders Day
Starts Sunday;
Paty To Speak

Slightly Cloudy,
Much Colder
High Of 27

Dr. Chamberlain said classes
would not be dismissed because of
tine convocation, but professors may
if they wish excuse students from
classes to attend the event.
I K Created 1865
On Feb. 22. 1865. the Kentucky
General Assembly accepted the provisions of the Morrill Act. thus creating the A. & M. College which is
how the University of Kentucky.
Other feature of the convocation include musical selections by
Aimo Kivinicmi, University faculty
member, and a trio composed of
Jean Bolton, Ann English, and Jo
Ann Range, students. .
Broadcast Scheduled
As first event scheduled for Sun
day will be a message to alumni
nnd friends of the University to
be broadcast through the facilities
of Radio Station WHAS at 10:30
The University Women's Glee
Club, directed by Miss Mildred
Lewis, will present a musicale at
4 p.m. Sunday in Memorial Hali.
Following the musicale, which will
be broadcast by WKLX. a reception
and tea will be held at 5 p.m. in the
Muic Room of the Student Union
Building. Students, faculty members, alumni, present and former
trustees, city and state officials,
and representatives of all campus
organizations are expected to at-




H. L. Donovan will leave

1 for a
stay in
Germany where he will study and
make recommendations for the re
building of the universities in Ger- -


two-mont- hs

He will report to the United States
Office of Military Government in
Washington on March 1, and expects to leave for Germany by plane
Dr. Donovan was selected for the
assignment by the Office of Military Government from among a
number of outstanding educators.
Working directly under the Office
of Military Government for Land
Hesse. Dr. Donovan will visit several universities there and will advise concerning extension of facilities offered, training of university
teachers, student activity programs,
student government, student life,
relationships between the universities and the public, student ex
change with foreign countries, and
other phases of higher education.
Dr. Leo M. Chamberlain,
of the University, will assume the president's duties during
his absence. Dr. Donovan will go
to Washington
Feb. 26 and will
spend three days worklni with a
committee concerning agricultural
extension services before reporting
for duty on his new assignment. He
will return May 1.
Dr. Donovan said that he would
go first to Berlin after his arrival
in Germany and thru to Frankfurt
am Main, .where his headquarters
will be located,
In 1936. Dr. Donovan ' toured
through Germany, Russia, and Poland as a member of Dr. Sherwood
r,d rty's beminar, and studied the
governments of those countries.

Student Fined
For Smoking
In Frazee Hall
I'cund guilty of smoking in Fratc hall, John ClarkvHi, Aits
and Sticiucs freshman fr:m Charleston, V. Va., was lined ihc
minimum of five dollars at a Student GoNcrnment Aw union
juditiaiy Committee, trial Tuesday.
Charges against Clarksun were brought by Dr. Thomas f).

Carpenter Named
Commerce Dean

Plans Tour
01 Germany

Dr. Cecil C. Carpenter, professor
of economics, has been appointed
dean of the College of Commerce
effective July 1. when Dean Edward
Wiest will be given a change of as
"At the end of this academic year.
Dean Edward Wiest, having reached
the age of 70, will be given a change
of work and a new assignment,"
President H. L. Donovan said.
Exhibits for the fourth annual 'Dean Wiest has done a magnificent
College of Com- Job Conference" set for Mar. 3 and i as dean ot
merce. He has built this college
4, will be placed in the men's readfrom a small one to one of the most
ing lounge of the Student Union important in the University. He
Building Thursday, Mrs. Dorothy
Evans, faculty advisor for. the con
ference, has announced.
Appoint-- 1
mcnts for interviews with firm rep- cacmauvca tuuy uc uiaue mar. a

Exhibits To Be
Held At SUB
Six of the seven men chosen from the University faculty for the distinguished professor award are pictured above. Top row, left to right. Dr. Louis A. Pardue, professor of physics; Grant C. Knight, professor of English, and Dr. Thomas D. Clark, head of the Department of History. Bottom row, left to
right, James W. Martin, professor of economics and director of the Bureau of Business Research, Dr.
Amry Vandenbosch, head of the Department of Political Science, and Dr. William D. Valleau, professor
f plant pathology in the Department of Agronomy and pathologist at the Agricultural Experiment Station. Not shown is Dr. Phillip It. Edwards, bacteriologist in the Department of Bacteriology at the Experiment Station.

Seven Professors
Named For Award


13 Men Pass




Clark as head of the histors dr- parlmcnl. after I lie Miulini u.i
found smoking by J. Y. Hopkins,
history instructor.
Mr. Hopkins said that he asked
Clarkson to put out his cigarette,
hut the Ftudent refused, and walk?U
down to the first floor of Fruzee
Hall, smoking the cigarette.
Pleads Ignorance
Clarkson said that as a
student he was unfamiliar with
SGA regulations, and that although
he saw the "no smoking" signs he
was unaware of any SGA pcnaltie;
for an offense. He pointed out that
smoking regulations were not en
forced rigidly by the faculty.
first-quur-t- er

Stating that "The last thing the
faculty wants to do is to discriminate against students." Dr. Clark
emphasized the danger of lire in
such ai




Chairman Harry Miller announced
the Judiciary Committee's verdict
of guilty, with, a recommendation of
punishment by the minimum fins
of five dollars "will be paid upon
approval of the dean of the college
and of. the president of the Uni-

Six more companies and orzaniza- tions have been added to the list
of firms being represented. Mrs.
Evans said. They are Kaufman- Straus, a Louisville department
Thirteen men from the University store; American Tobacco Company;
were admitted to the YWCA; Girl Scouts; Equitable Life
College of Law
Society; and
Committee members In addition
bar last week by the Kentucky Assurance Ohio Railroads, Gulf. MoSeven University professors have"
a source
to Miller, arc Robert Hardin. RoseCourt of Appeals after passing their bile, and
been awarded the title of Distin
for hostess jobs. The list now totals
mary Dummit. J i m Brockenbor-oug- h.
guished Professor. The awards were search Foundation. Before econom- examinations given by the State 24.
Jameson Jones, and W. S.
Board of Bar Examiners in Deapproved by the Board of Trustees here he was a professor of
Campus bulletin boards and letWard, faculty adviser and
the Research cember.
Saturday upon the recommendation ics and chairman of University.
ters which professors will
Committee at Emory
of President H. L. Donovan.
John J. Yeagcr, Lexington, made their classes will announce read
Dr.. Donovan pointed out that a
tha highest general average of those ence features of specific interest.
Dr. Pardue, a native Kentuckian, taking the tests.
number of well known universities
Job opportunities will be offered
have created the position "to reward was appointed an instructor here
Other University students who at the
group of persons who have in 1924, received his bachelor and
for all types of
a small
were admitted to practice were John majors, conference to
distinguished themselves as scholars master degrees from the University
John Anggelis,
O. Atchison, Sidney Barnard, Robof the event. All coland his doctorate from Yale. Dur- ert E. Humphries. Doyle B.
and teachers."
The trustees approved the award- ing the war he was employed by the
Johnston, Russet leges can participate, he said, stressing of the title to the following government on the Manhattan Pro- C. Jon-;.s- J. Pelham Kinnatrd. Arnett ing the practical benefits afforded
John M.
ject which developed the atomic Mann. David P. Martin, Robert W. juniors and seniors.
Two numbers in tribute to the
Dr. Thomas D. Clark, head of the bomb.
Cecil C. Carpenter
University will be sung by the WoMeagher. William L. Sullivan, and
The conference is sponsored by
Department of History: Dr. Philip
Omlcron Delta Kappa, honorary has laid a splendid
Clyde Williams Jr.
foundation for men's Glee Club at the coincide
R. Edwards, bacteriologist. Depart
Author of many books on southern
and leadership society for junior his successor."
Afternoon Musicale. which
ment of Animal Pathology, Experi- history. Dr. Clark came here in 1931
of the
and senior men, and Mortar Board,
with the commemmoration
ment Station; Prof. Grant C. and wps named head of the Depart
"Stanley and Livingstone."
A member of the staff since 1936. University's founding 83 years ago.
senior women's honorary.
Knight, professor of English; Prof. ment of History in 1945. He is a
starring Spencer Tracy. Nancy
Dr. Carpenter is a native of
The Founders Day numbers,
Kelly, and Richard Greene, will
James W. Martin, professor of eco- native of Louisville, Miss., and re
and he holds degrees from
conclude the
nomics and director of the Bureau ceived his Ph.D. degree from Duke
bo the third feature attraction
the University and the University which will Kentucky. Almamusicale.
Business Research; Dr. Louis A. University.
in the series of movies sponof Illinois. Dr. Carpenter joined are "HaiL
Sidney Ncal, Owensboro, a fresh- of
by Lampert.
and "America. The
Pardue, professor of Physics; Dr.
Merl Baker has joined the staff
sored this Quarter by the activithe staff as an assistant professor.
man in the College of Commerce, W. D. Valleau, professor of Plant Dr.
Beautiful." by
advancing to associate professor in
ties committee of the Student
on leave to of the Engineering College as as
was elected president of the Vet- - Pathology. Department of AgronMiss Mildred Lewis will direct the
professor of mechanical en1937 and to professor
Union Board.
in 1941. A
teach at
be- :erans Club Monday. He is a member omy, and pathologist. Experiment served as aNorthwestern University, sistant
his B.S.
former professor of economics at i program, which is scheduled to
member' of the American gineering. Baker received
The picture will be shown at of Pi Kappa Alpha social fraternity.
Station; and Dr. Amry Vanden- Expeditionary Forces in the first here in 1945 and his M.S. in meMarshall College, he served as Dis gin at 4 o'clock.
7:30 p.m. Monday in the SUB
Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, bosch. head of the Department of
The first organization report on trict Price Executive of the OPA in
The piano soloist of the glec club
World War and with the Office of chanical engineering from Purdue
ballroom, according to Frances
and thi Young- Democratic Club.
contributions to World Student Ser- Lexington from 1943 to 1945.
is Barbara Akers, and the accomPolitical Science.
Strategic Services during the last University this year.
Win to, chairman. Admission is
Dr. Donovan said the total num- war. He came here in 1926 and was
Only one slate of candidates was
He is a member of the American panist is Adelle Gcnscmer Dailry.
While a student here. Baker was vice Fund came this week from
entered for the eight offices in the ber of Distinguished Professors in named head of the Department of president of the YMCA, ASME, Zeta Tau Alpha with the state Economic Association, the Kentucky former University staff member.
club prior to the deadline, and since an institution the size of this Uni- Political Science in 1934. He has and SGA; editor of the Kentucky ment from ZTA President OJlie Academy of Social Sciences, and the Jean Kesler will sing the part of
write-i- n
candidates are prohibited versity should never exceed twelve written a number of books on the Engineer, managing editor of the Hayes that their sorority has al (Southern Economic Association, and Venus in the Venusburg scene Other
by the club constitution, the elec- or fifteen at the most. He recompeoples and politics of the Far East. Kentuckian, and a member of Pha- ready pledged $40.00, with more to has written numerous articles for solo parts will be sung by Marion
mended that the number authortion was merely a formality.
publications in the field of econom- Stafford. Martha Lee Neff. Jo Ana
lanx and BSU.
Speakers for Operation Univer- ics.
Talley. and Jo Ann Range. M;ry
Dr. Edwards has
Other officers elected were ized at present be ten. title be es- research here since been engaged re
recommending the
sity, the WSSF drive, are appearing
1925 and is
Dean Wiest said he plans to write Ann Faulkner and Mary Carolyn
Charles Boggs, executive vice presat meetings of all major campus an economic history rf Kentucky Carver will play the violin obligaio
cognized internationally as a lcad- ident, Clayton Roland, public rela- tablished, he said:
"To attain this ran one must
organizations to urge their full sup- and a history of the teaching of to Elgar's "The Snow."
(Continued on Page Three)
tions vice president, Elbert A. Check,
port of the student-to-studeredemonstrate beyond any shadow of
The Women's Glee Club is
economics and business administraturn were initiated last week business vice president. George Sa- a doubt by his teaching, writing,
65 music
lief. To the fraternal group or hous- tion alter his retirement from active
of approximately
into Phi Eta Sigma, freshman men's lt on a. treasurer. Thomas Prathcr, and research that he is an indiing unit making the highest per duty.
majors and other young women
scholarship honorary, R y b u r n recording secretary, and William P. vidual possessing creative ability
Subscriptions for
capita contribution will go a bronze
in singing. It was first esDean of the College of Commerce
Weakley, president, has announced. Jones, corresponding secretary.
will be available beginland scholarship. Those promoted to
plaque inscribed "I'K World Stu- since its organization in 1925. Dean tablished on the campus in 1925 aivl
They were Jack Bell. Gina Carli.
ning Monday at the Kentuckian
only the
this rank are awarded not
dent Service Fund. To name of Wiest came here in 1918 as profes- -l has been under the direction of
Allison Caudill. Walter Cooper, Elof
office in the
distinction that comes with the
group) Far Highest Contribution
Miss Lewis since 1931.
Continued on Page Three)
lis Foster. William Hays, Arthur
McVey Hall. This drive will end
also salaries somewhat
title but
Maddox. Joseph Schoepf. Sherman
Friday, unless the supply is sold
higher than the schedule paid full
Student Week March 6
Seven University ROTC seniors
Warner, and John W. White.
before that time, according to
Irofessors by the institution."
have been designated by a board of
Requirements for membership in
Four of these plaques will be
Amy Price, business manager.
Sonic 20 chemistry students will
as Distinguished Military
the society are a 3.0 standing for
awarded during Student World
Prof. Knight, who came here in officers
Persons who have made two
one quarter, a 2.7 for two quar- got a first hand view of industrial 1921. is author of a number of books Students for the school year.
Week. March
when final results
dollar deposits are urged to pay
They are Ben I. BiggerstafI Jr.,
ters, or a 2.5 nvrrase for three quar- chemistry processes when they visit j including James Lane Allen and the
of the entire campaign arc anthe remainder of the deposit at
ters during the freshman year.
- Dalton B. Caldwell. Leonard L.
nounced at the basketball game to
three Ljuisville industries next Fri- - Genteel Tradition, wnicn was tav- Preston, James S. Tucker, William
this time.
be played as a WSSF benefit by the
by publications
orably reviewed
A yellowed envelope bearing nota- 'aay.
WAA "Glamor-Cats.- "
world. A native of N. Cornett, William A. Toombs, and
Date of the tions by Abraham Lincoln and sec- duction to the president. "In tha
throughout the
E. Walden II.
game has not been set. One plaque retary Edwin M. Stanton was found
The trip, which is sponsored by Pennsylvania, he taught English at John
first place, this morning in company
will go to a fraternity, others to by archivists at the University
the Student Affiliate Chapter of Gettysburg College before coming
!t.hc American Chemical Society, will here. He served as an infantry coroutstanding sorority, women's resiLincoln's with Mr. Joshua Speed of Louisvillo
two days before
tour of Seagram and Sons, poral for 18 months during the first
dence unit and men's dorm. Harold birthday.
I took up the line of march for the
the Nat.onal Carbide Corporation, World War.
Friedly. chairman of the drive, emWhite House. We arrived about 9'j
The note, dated March 19. 1863 oc and entered the hall of reception.
Comphasized that tabulation of contriMartin
handwritvisual aid and Du Pont Dc Nemours and
butions will be based on per capita and written in Lincoln's
In a few moments the hall ww3
Prof. Martin, who came here in
model to show the simultaneous efing is on an envelope containing a crowded with applicants for audigiving within the organization.
Dr. James A. Watson Jr.. profes- 1923 to head the Bureau of Business
fect of silicon and carbon on an
president by Gov. ence with the president
letter sent to the
all of
serve as a professor
Led Last Year
iron alloy was recently constructed sor of chemistry, who is in charge Research and
Robinson and delivered by Edward whom, from major generals to corby Clifford Kennard. University of the tour, said that similar trips of economics is known as an auts
S. Theobald, who was financial ad- porals, were whispering and
led all the
Last year
pnlt-rmaker and foundry techni- may be arranged in the future to thority on taxation problems. He
groups with a contribution of $84; viser for Kentucky. It requested the
with the door keepers i;i
cian, fo.- - use as a reference tool lor give students a practical knowledge served cs Commissioner of 1939
Jewell Hall led women's residences secretary of war to "please give order to get their names registered
of chemical processes and
for Kentucky from 1936 to
metallurgy classes
with a gift of $88.60, and Bradley Theobald as early an opportunity oefore anybody else for admission
is a former president of the Tax Re- The model. Jie only one of its
Hall came first in men's residences as possible for a hearing on his into the president's presence
lypr. was designed by Dr. A. S.
with a total contribution of $46.10. business."
promenaded the hail for about an
CoffinbcrTy. Los Alamos, New MexDiscovered with the envelope was hour and a half and began to get
Charley Boggs. publicity chairico, formerly professor of physcal
man, announced that appeals will a series of letters and documents by very much bored waiting for his
metallurgy at the University, and
be made to faculty and students Mr. Theobald. The papers which excellency to get through with hi5
was diagramed by Haskell J. Ross.
-were concerned "arm rolls and soft boiled egs when
through campus and classroom so- were dated
B.S in metallurgical engineering,
with Kentucky's effort for support finally the usurper made his apiiear-anc- e
and passed hastily throm:!i
At the weekly meeting of the of state militia. They were found at
Ten color combinations are used
Men students will tct their share Committee last night, the bottom of a large collection once the hall into his office In a title
to assist in distinguishing the phasLindsay. United while Mr. Speed and I were invited
the discussion of the Special Pro- owned by William
es of the alloys. The model shows of the "new look" and the "plushy natural. The lounge will have an
ject in Delhi, India, was sparked States senator and state jurist. The into the august presence, to the
I lie alloys' melting
point, percentage life" when Bowman Hall opens its assorted supply of chairs, tables,
colgreat envy no doubt of the many
by statements of Jacob John. In- library is now cataloguing the
nf carbon and silicon, and the ef- doors at the beginning of the Spring divans, lamps. There will be coffee
anxious waiters for interviews Mr.
dian student who is acquainted with lection.
and tavern tables, wing chairs
fects of the elements on the phases. quarter.
Theobald Speed introduced me in the importthe university situation there. John, During an interview.
The new residence hall for men matching with section divans, arm
When questioned about the model.
member of the Operation Uninver-sit- y observed Lincoln's facial character- ant capacity of the Financial Arnt
F. L. Orreil. assistant professor of will have a lounge in the basement chairs and card tables just about
occupaspeakers committee, expressed istics and that evening he wrote in of the State of Kentucky and old
room up- everything essential to the
metallurgical engineering,
said. and a
his surprise at learning that the a letter to his wife. "I did not at Abe poked out that big hand no
"The model has elicited favorable stairs. There will also be a sand- tion of lounging.
Photo By Mack Hughtt
WSSF secretary in India is Miss first see much likeness between Mr. less renowned for signing the procThe upstairs
comment from scores of visitors at- wich shop off the recreation room
Sigma chapter
Elizabeth Pothan, a friend and for- Lincoln and his picture on the lamation of freedom than for splittracted by the ingenuity and the to furnish drinks (softl. nic nacs, room will be equipped with hotel Above are shown the members of the
of Gamma Theta Epsilon, geography honorary. Seated are Guy
lobby-typ- e
mer teacher of his. He described greenbacks, but after getting famil- ting rails. . . He is an unpolished
furniture approximateutility of the model. I would be glad sandwiches, ice cream, etc.
stu- iar with his face. I concluded that man in his manners and his apDr. R. L. Tilth ill. Dr. J. R. Schwendeman, head of the Geogconditions among university
to demonstrate the apparatus to The furniture, according to E. B. ly 40 overstuffed chairs, 12 large
pearance haggard and rugged, but
raphy Department, and Prof. H. K. Hutter. Standing are Harrison
dents in India and explained that it was a very good likeness."
anyone interested."
Farris, chief engineer of the Uni- sofas, and ping poivg tables for the
Bailey, Wilton Tucker, Allan Leedy, James McLeod, John Richter, John
they are worse now than at any
In the same letter, Theobald gave he is simple and unaffected in manThe model is on display in room versity, will be the latest fashion. energetic. The only item lacking
A. Wells, Gloria Manter, Mrs. H. K. Hutter, and Emmett L. Hardy.
a description of his visit and intro ner and kind and polite. . ."
tim since he left India.
238, Engineering Quadrangle.
It will be of knotty pine, finished seems to be slot machines.

Film To
In SUB Uallroom

Uar Exams


Girls To Give
UK Tribute



Vet President


Baker Joins Staff
Of ME Department

WSSF Driye



Gels Started

Phi Ela Sigma
Initiates 10

Kentuckian Sales

To Begin Monday

Seven Cadets
Are Honored

Chemistry Students
To Visit Louisville


Ken-tuckia- ns


Model Of Visual Aid
On Display In Quad,



Library Archivists Discover
Note Written By Lincoln


Only One Of Type

( ' mj a


'Plushy Life' Here For Men
When Bowman Hall Opens






Tri-Del- ts










* Page Two




want to express my gi ruiiude to you.
An ,Bnei rtf(.re,
d eoiumn, are to u
lit inr a turoucan. i nave aiwavs tnouent mat American sui- dews think onlv' about ilicmsclves. their rich country, and their !InTi'(o '
goxl social life. But when 1 came here and saw the interest that
was displayed by the American students in world affairs, I realized
that you understand the inifortant role you are to play in this unSCHOOL TEAR EXCKft HOLIDAYS
ceasing task of rebuilding civilization.
I want to thank you today on the part of all European students
for the World Student Service Fund drive, which starts this week
tntmt it the Port omc .t Lexington.
on the campus of the University of Kentucky.
Kentucky, as second cits matter under
1 happen to have seen personally the results bf VV SSF in Greece the Act of March s, hto.
and the enthusiasm with which American students undertook this
task of helping their fellow students all over the globe. I think,,
therefore, that it is one of the most encouraging and consoling Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association
Lexington Board of Commerce
things that I have ever known to see the sympathy and interest
Kentucky Press Association
shown by the American students in the distressed minds of EuroKFNTl'CKY






pean students.
Now that the new drive is starting. I, coming from those devastated countries, urge you to participate in it actively and con
tribute as much as possible. It is not the financial aid the money
you intend to give
that will save those Students from intellectual starvation. It is the sympathy, the good feelings that accompany it, which will be the basis on Which a sincere friendship and a mutual understanding will be founded.
We all know that you have given much already. We believe
that you will continue to help us, because you escaped from fate's
cruel revenge in this war.
You are actually investing these contributions to the huge, badly
needed enterprise of eacemaking.
You students of ihe Lrmeisity of Kentucky, who tougnt and
suffercd in the battlefields and in the factories for a great cause
to win this war and make it the last one in the history of civiliza- tion would you like to see the cause ruined by mere negligence?
The creation of friendship by means of substantial help to
those who will become the leaders of their countries is of utmost
tu- - uuiuusc jui ...v:.u Mm c u. will uc uciiccuy loin- x uc
r r . muni ' louuiii
.f vou
vour strife on another
a peaceful and
pleted if
XUuch of vou would refuse to give in order to attain what
has leen not onlv the goal of years of sacrifice expense, and
pain,' but tne goal ot humanity itself? A loot might refuse to
;i,...- .. . wU, a ......n-- ,, muu,,
realized that vou have shouldered
nistoricai responsiDinty:
to conserve, control, and steer what today constitutes the cul- mination of the accumulation of precious human experience
namely, Western civilization
by means of reason.



National Editorial Association






National Advertising Service. Inc.
CtUm PmMitktn BnmmmM
Madison av
aoToa Los Amies Sai ruaence






One Quarter

$1.50 one Tear



, c,ir.T
Ray Fulton
Hflen Deis

Asst. Mne. F.ditor
News F.ditor
Asst. Sports F.ditor


Tom Diskin
Rusty Russf.ll
Geokr.r. Barkfk

Business Manager
Adv. Manager




neiii ineir vai- mat, nignt anaI Bill
tutermuln and Suzanne Hannahs
Were crowned king and "ueen- '
All the parUes went off without
except that the Delta
a "mess-hap- "





twisBianchl, from the University of Cincinnati.
Tony Rotunno Is seeing a lot of

MaUin. Thoi


the know predict a pinning here.
Most expected pinning this week:
Jimmy Mokas to Maria Sturriss.
He's playing it smart by pinning her
before she comes here next quarter
ana meets the pack of wolves
Also pinned this week were Marion
Wright and Way land Givens who
is now at Purdue. Other pinnings:


seems that Roy Roger's horse,
Trigger, has been on the quia programs quite a lot lately I
Evidently Jim Line is finding time
between his studies and his basketball for Martha Harmon. They
made up on Valentine's Day.
Lois Brannon and the Patt Hall
formal seem to have made quite an
Impression on Jack Barrowman.
Constant Twosomes: Sara Mae
Greene and Lewts Hammock; Eleanor Gray and Jack White; Mary
Frank Ward and
Excuse of the week: But somebody had to represent the fraternity.
Overheard Conversation:
Boy: I have an embarrassing
question to ask you.
Girl: What is it, if it Isn't too


out of tha royal stew fast! Naturally b
causa Dentyne'a keen, delicious flavor aU
ways makes friends fast! Oentyna also
helps keep teeth whits!"
Dentyne Cum Made Only By Adams





Of The Week

ballroom of the Etudint Union
Building. Bob Compt-cnchairman
of the SUB house committee, has






There's a good reason why


807 Euclid Ave


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Phone 9907
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VeMern Electric is a member of the Bell System
family circle for exactly the same reason that your
local Bell Telephone company is a member to assure
the close teamwork that is essential for efficient, economical, nation-wid- e
telephone sen ice for you.
As the supply member of the family, Western
Electric makes telephone equipment, buys all kinds
of supplies, keeps these things in stock at 29 distributing houses for delivery to the telephone companies,
and installs central oflice equipment.
This unified service of supply results in many
economies to the Bell Telephone companies and, in
turn, to you who use the telephone.
Since 1882, Western Electric has been a member of
the Bell Telephone family helping to make your
service the world's best at the lowest possible cost.





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This week's Colonel of the Week I s James E.
Banahan, law senior from Lexington.
Jack has been vice president of Omicron Delta
Kappa, senior men's leadership honorary; historian
of Phi Delta Phi, legal fraternity; vice president of
the Student Union Board; treasurer of SQA; vice
president of the Newman Club; vice president of
Phalanx; treasurer of YMCA; business manager of
the "K" book; and a member of Pitkin Club and the
Independent party.
Jack was chosen for Who's Who in American
leges and Universities, 1946-4-

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CI oss Ico fry styled, flaming with the imperishable beoufy of heirloom quality
diamonds .
a genuine registered
Keepsake Diamond Ring is the heart's
desire of America's loveliest brides.
Identify Keepsake by the name in the
ring, and the words "guaranteed reg
jstered perfect gem" on the tag. '








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A sweater swing will be held from
8 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. Tuesday in the


Cor. Rose and Euclid



Sweater Swing Slated





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