xt76125q9c22 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt76125q9c22/data/mets.xml   Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station. 1938 journals 016 English Lexington. Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station Regulatory series, bulletin. n.16 text Regulatory series, bulletin. n.16 1938 2014 true xt76125q9c22 section xt76125q9c22 Regulatory Series, N0. 16 June. 1938
Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station
During the year ending June 330. 1938, $$.973 lots of agri-
cultural seed were inspected. ln 1)(’l‘ll<.ll'llllllg this work inspectors
visited 331. cities, towns, and villages, and took 630 official V
samples. Results of analyses of these official samples are shown
in the following tables. Table 1 shows the percentages of purity
and germination stated on tags, the presence of an excessive
amount of noxious weed seeds, the presence of noxious weed
seed noti shown on tags, i1·ree‘ularities in tags, and the results ot
official analyses of samples. The variations allowed in purity,
geruiination, and weed seed per ounce are the same as those ’
published in Kentucky llegulatory Reries, Bulletin No. 4, '
Revised. Results within the allowed variation are marked with
. "+" if ahove. or "—" if helow statement on otificial tags.
Variations greater than those allowed constitute violations ol?
the Kentucky Seed Law, and such l'(’SIlllS are printed in hlack- ‘
face type.
Table 2 is a classification of samples according; to wholesale
dealers from whom they were purchased, and indicates violations
Table Z} contains a SllllllI1?ll'_\' to show the kind and nunilver
of violations detected.

 2 /{III/uI·.I.·_I; .If/)'lI('I(HIl)`(/I ]J.l`])/’)'IIl}I(‘}I{ Nlzrfimz
TABLE 1. Analyses of Seeds Collected by Inspectors, 1937-38
I I I _ I . .
1,III».1 I§1··I1S
NU- I Num? uml AIIIIWSS UI- I)I_;lII_I. I ,I,)Ul('Il1l>t*(I tamu. I»cI.I,I,III¤I ?12l[l¢>ll· XI eell _
I I lm·<#eut* heed , ’
I Alfalfa I I I 1
II-1II{»II I>;IiI·yIp;Ip'S ]I\»I~II & Supply IYr»uu;:‘ & I,`UIl\\'ll}', I ITEIELSII Z IT T5 I
IV)., MIIyllI·IIl I AIU|`}J.`2lllil€I(I, Ky, F I- I F-  
lr-ll2I)` III-I|lIiI·II I IA‘\\`I!<4IIlI])I. & Suvd COW I L EIELBII I IT EMI I
I I1, ll. Alurrs, l.;Iwr<·II<·I·ln1¤·I,: I .I1<>l11S\'1Il¢·. Ky. I F -I—   F4 I
II-1lI;:` IMI TT I 1`h2uuI>I-1·:< Seed COW ITIIEIJIZ I l,»1x I
I IrIII·IIII·I-S SIIIIIIIy I·I,__ lTI»IIIsvillI·, l<*1‘g< Se-wl (WI., I |1!I$I.IiT IA TEI  
llu (,;l'1lll).Y(* I I·*I111*\'1II¤‘. KY. I I" ·I· I I"— `
II-125lI |,·»I lillx I Null Soul <‘II__ I l,SIEI,$fI I 1,sII I
IS<·wI·I· llllw. PII., l·`I·uuk1`I»I·L I APW ¤\II1=11l)’, Iurl. I I" + I I*` YI- I
I . . I
II-I1ZNIII`:nl‘IISI¤· Alill & Supply t‘II__ I I·<>11I#\'1Ilg· Suml <`!¤.II ‘ I,IIl| I
I I;III‘I‘;III, I IAIllIS\'lIIt*_ KI; 1 I·`—I— I l·`— I
fl-IZIBII IMI ::TTl I'l`lII· lll-IIII <‘II.. I l,I•!n_;:: I ll T2  
ICIeIr+·II Ildw. l`u., l’1‘IuI·I·l0u I':\'?II1!*\'III1‘I IIIII. In I   In I I
I1.l2$!IZl Kanusus I SMIII Sow] l'II..   IT IIIITBII I IT NI1 I
'.|I»lIu IL SI»u·I·I·, l·‘I·;IIIkI`III·I I N<*\\' Allmuy, IIIIII I·`+ I l<`—  
` I I ~
I1—l-I32 :21Il ,\ I'I`I]1· )I2lI'I<<·( ¢l;II·I. I`i11<·iup;IIi_ (I4 1 I·`—   F —I— I
I (;t*Ul`{.Z`('[lI\\'lI I I I I
' ,. I
I»-l-lnll l,I»I INIT I llII· .\lIu·k<~m (;2ll'(It‘lll‘l`S` I lT!»!•,52 _ l,: SI·I·II www |T1»1»_TS I LII2 I
I"ll\'lllr'l'S Supply I‘p,, I IAIll12<\’lIII·_ l{v_ I·` -I- I IF-
I1-l7»£I!• IlllIpI·I· Soul I‘II,_ I I···111#\’iIlg· ll1ls\‘IllI·, l{I·_ l·` + I I·‘ re ‘
I I, I '
II-ISIS \\';Il1I~rs & 'l`lII»IupsI»II, I IIII* I;U\\'|ll2ll| SI·I·II I‘I,__ I, IIEI ` I, T3 I
SlII~II¤)’\‘III¤· I I1·11¤··»1’uIsx·IllI·_ I{v_ l·` + |·` I
II-lTIT.1~ I,I»I III |I'lIzuulII·rs Soul <‘I·_, I l,t>1I.5II I ITIIII
llriusluy & <`I»., l§:u·Ilsl¤Iwu I I·'I11I$\`III1‘. I{\‘. |·` I- I l·`——
I I ` I
¤I—lT»T2 I,III IIT I(`Il2llllI1t*l`S Soul I`II_, I,!I1I I I, KN
ll··IulI~I*sI»u & ll;II·Ily, l,u11I;ll & ll;II·Ily, Imuisvi]I··, Ky, l·` -1- I·‘ -»
SlI»·plu·1·IlsvillI· I 1
II-IYIIII 1‘I»I·lI.·1I llIlw_ I‘I»,_ I NJIIIIIIIJII S··I·¤I I‘II__ I l,1•!I I,i»In ’
I';IIZl\II¤‘IIll1\\\'ll I lTI»I1lsx·iIII·, IU'. l·`-— l·`—
` I
II-l•ilT l·]l·lI·I··l llllw, VII., I'I`lu~ ll··l¤lt <`p,, I l,!•i•.-I2 LR?
l‘I·IIII·¢-{Im I I‘:\`Illl$\'IIIv·. luvla I" + I·` —-
* I. iuIIII·;1I··s p¤·1`I···I1t:lu~· 2~Il·¤\\'ll uu I>I`l`iI·i;Il I;1II»·l ur t;Iq_
l·` iuIli··;II¤-s pI·r··I-uI:I¤I· t`·»uu<·:1l fnriner I L EIS I L 92 I
I ()\\'BllSIJ(11`U I I F -I— I F -|- I -
U—11S8I Shelby Feed & Seed C0., I Louisville Seed C0., I L EIR I Lim I
I Shelbyville I Louisville, Ky, I F +— I F + I
I Beans I I I I
0—ll5GNI Lazy \Vife I liuntnm Seed (`cn., I L EIS I L 1•-I I
E. S. Ferrill & Son, Llxuisyille, Ky. I F —I— I F -I- I
ljuffzilu I I I  
0-167GI ])w:1rf Hortieulturzil | liunten Seed (To., I L {IS I L E14 I _
I\\'. .l). l>ieki11:1lI<`11i Rule llrneery <`rI. , I 'l`he Alzirket II2ll’lI1*llf·l`S' I L S0   L S0 I
I l"IL‘lllI|l{.§`SIl\ll`{J,` Seed {Tn. , (`IIIVIIIIHIII, I). I F -I- I F +  
0-l Illll ll-21 I i`. S. lirenl Seed (W1. , I L N5 I L MI I
IN. S. `Dudley & Son, ].exingtI»II, Ky. I F~ ` F + `
I ]"I•;llllllg`SDlll`f.{   I I
` I I
U-llU4`(}1¤)’-21 I \\'¤I¢Irlfn1·rl SIDPHYS & Suns, L X5.2 L N0
IT. T. lrlill & Sen, I Paris, Ky. I F—— I F I- I
I Germzmwwn   ' I I
‘ I

 _ -1 ]\r(’)I{I(('A']j xl!/}'II(II(/{I()‘(I] .E.l'])(II'lI)III’IIII $111111111
TABLE 1. Analyses of Seeds Collected by Inspectors, 1937-38
I 7 7 `7 "_I _?"”;`*'"Ki?”`i%
1.1111. Ki1111 111 s1-1-11 _ _ { _ _ _ IIllI`II)' ‘¤§‘I!III· \I>"’Q*
N11. I N:11111· :11111 A1I1I1’(ess 11l` I)1.·:111z1‘ I IIII‘III‘I”*`II III’III· I’1:1‘1·1e11t I_I‘IIIIIII ,_°II( *1
[ { I 1·1·1·1¤111 Seed
I  I ’ ““‘ ** ”?L—i‘4i+*Y1 
1l»III11 Z--I I17111‘111·II S1’1'1I 1711., I I1 N1i.$5 { I1 N5 I
I1I111·111111·1· II1I\\', C0., I S1. 111111i:<, )1is:<11111·1 I I·`— F I  
{ 1lw1·11s11111·11 I   { {
I1-1112I 11111 \' I '1`111» 31:111:111 1711.. I I1 T5 I I1 T11 I _
I·I1rIIII 1\. SIII‘1·II1III, F;1l1111111111 { \\'i111·I11~:<11·1·. Ky. { I·`— I 1·`—— {Excessnve
11-I11·II .1, 1*. \':1111»\1·1Is1I1·II 1711., I N:11.i1111:1I S1»1·1I 1711., I I1 NT II I1 S11   _
I I1:1w1‘1·111·1·I1111·;: { l11111isyi,II1·, Ky. { l·` — I I·` -I—  Nut I1>:11;1I
11-lIl£1I I[1*1I lII1·11 I 111·wI:< 1111111. & S1-1·11 1‘11.. I 11 S11   11 S11 I
{IL. II. )|111‘1·s, I1:1w1·1·111·1·h111*1: { I11111isyil11·, Ky. { 1·` —I— { I·` + {
11-1122} .1. I2. 1\:111111·11 { K1111xyiIl1·, '1‘1·1111. { l·`— { F + {N¤111s1¤d
lr-1111:11 l!I»lI1., 11111 1118 I (IIIZlI11I)1*I`S Seed 1711., I 11 X1).$|1l I I1 R0 I
I I"£II`III1·*1`S Supply (‘11., I 111111isyill1~, Ky. I I*` -I- I F + I
{ I'1IIIIlIUII1'1* I { { I
1I—II1irII 11111 1117  1`l1:1111I11·1·s S1·1·11 (‘11., I I1 NT.1i5I I 11 X11 I
II·`111·1111·1·s Supply 1.‘11., I 111111isvi1I1·, Ky. I I·`— I I·`—I— I
{ I‘IlIIIIll*Il1‘1* { {   {
1I—Il|I1I 21-II1., 11111 11111 I1‘I1:1111I1e1·s S1·1·1I 1711,, I I1 $1}.35 I I1 N5  
I 1<`:11·1111~1·s SIIIIIIIX 1711., I 111111Isyi1l1·. Ky. I I*`— I I*`— I NHL 11511*11
{ |·I111i111-111·1· { {    
` `
11-111311I 1iII1111·1· S1·1·1I 1% 1<`1·1·1I 1711. , I 111111is\*11l1· S1'1'(I 1711., I 11 S5 I I1 S11 I
{ 1121111-111-111·1· { 111111isyil11·, Ky, { I1` —I— I I1` +  
` `
11-IITII II111111111 1% SII1·I`I1‘)', I I11111isyiI11- S1-1~1I 1‘11., I I1 S5 I 11 N11 I
11:1 1I1·:111g·1· { .1.1111is\·i111·, Ky.   I*`—   I·`-I- I
11-IIT3 'I`. \\`. II1|II1'1lII, I I11111isyi1l1· S1·1·1I (111., I 1185   11X11 I
` 11:1 1I1‘:111;:1· I 111111isviI11~, Ky. { I·`»— { I*`+ {
1I»11TN \\':1lI1·1·s 1% '1‘111111111s1111, I'I`l11· 1}. AI. rI`II)'I11I' 1711., I I1 N5 11 N5 I _
SI11·lI1y\‘ill1· { 1I1—111·g·1·111w11, Ky. { I·` —I— I I·`- IN11t 11:<11·1I
11-IINI \\`11l11·1·s 1% 'I`I11111111s1111, I 'I`111· (I. AI. '|`z1y1111· 1`11., I 11 N5 I l1 N5 I
SI11·1I1yyiIl1- { 1I1·111·g·1·111w11, Ky. { I·` + I 1·`— IN111 Iis11·1
11-IINI 1'111· 1% Il11I`1`, I |11111isvilI1· S1·1·1I 1'11., I LS1) I I.N11 {
` SI11·lI1y\‘i1l1~ { 111»11isyill1·_ Ky.   I·I 7I- I I·` —I» {
1I-IITII 131-II1., 11111 IT] I1‘11;1111l11·1·s S1·1·1I 1`11,_ I I1 $1.111 I I1·I1I I
SI1•·II»)’ S1·1·1I 1% I·`1·1·1I 1`1>., I I111I1IS\`III1·. KY. I I" 'I· In I I
` Sl11·Il1yyil11· I I ` I
1*-12111} 1`:11‘1‘11II 1`11, I·`111*111 I2111*1~;111 { 1,1-wis IIIIIII, 1% S1·1·11 1‘11., I I1NI] I I1 N11
1·111~1~1»111..11 I 1.1.111s1·1111·. 1<»·.   I·‘ —I- 1·`-I- INM1 Iis1··
II-1211I l·`:11·1111·1·s $1111111)* 1*11. , I I{1·ss S1·1·11 1'11__ I I1 R3 I I1 T5  
II:11·1·111ls11111·;; { 111111isvil11·, Ky. I I" + I" ~I- _
Y `
1*-IZZIIIZI-111. 1·`;1111·y I \\'11111I|`111‘1l S111~;11·s 1% Suns, I I1 53.115   I1 NH I
Ii. NI. $1111111 1% $1111, I 1’:11·is, Ky. I*`·1— I·`——
I`)'1IIIII:l|I:l I I I I
1*-IBZIT .I1¤III1 1\. Nl11~1·11;111, I'1`111· AI;1I1:111 1`11.. 1173 11711
  Emmy -.-4.1 -.B'.m;·mm·`- I<>¤ -.. -; I"- @.19. I

 Soul I’IIS])(I(‘III·0II, 19.’?7-7938 5
TABLE 1. Analyses of Seeds Collected by Inspectors, 1937-38
Lub.I Kind nf Seed I . _ I I _ _ IIIIFIIY 'IIIIII- ‘ I¢__ `
NU.   Name und Address Hf DI:2lIU1' I PuII`.h`IbuII {10m' IIOITBIII I]*;I·I_Ii·IIIt  
(I-123SI S-(315S I Russ Sued Co.: I I; Su I I: S0 I
Iljuu. \\'. llill, Cuviu;.rti11·;: I I I I
II-1Z}0·II Tuxedo Fuvd Sturm I Splmr & Guy Sue-rl <'u., I I, S5,II·I ` LIIII I
I (\\'. II. I%1‘n., I I,¢»uis\‘ill<~ S¢···rI <`·».. I I, NII I, NII
I Ilnrlzm I I,¤»uisviII•·, KV. I I·`—· I I·`I  
-I·I33` II:»m<· I"l'llII I`<»., I Iluss Sl-wl <'<».. I LMS LMI I
I IIz1i'I:Il\ I I,m1i:<\‘i]I¤·_ I{v, I·‘ —I— I I*` I I NMI IiSI•··I
-I-I»l3` ti. \\'. IInwIi11;,;‘ & Sou, I Iinss Sl···4I l‘»I__ |,x5 I I,\II
I (IJliI\‘tI$IIIIl`IJ,` I l,<»ul: I l.,(\lIlS\'lllLé, Ky.   F-   I' -· I Excesswe
II-IGLHII Sl:nrIfI»1`Il IIITW. Cu. , I T,I>I1I:uis\‘illI· Scwl I`I». , I I, S5 I II NI') Y _
I I \VIllI2\|I\Zl ITT _ II`lIiIlIllN‘l`S SI-I·Il (T0., I l,II·1.55 I LNG I
I.ll\l\ll l!;u·l»I·I·, llU(lI.TL¥ll\'lllQ I l,lIlllS\'lllL‘, Ky. I F- I F- I
ll-ISILNI llllll\‘illI & Sl1I·rlI-y. I I1I»:<:< Sow] ('I»., I T, N5 I I: 70 I _ _ ·
} Lu. I·ll IIIIW. (`I¤. . I l,I>lllS\'IllI* SI·I·Il ('I». , I T, N3   II WI I V _
I ,l':llZJ\lll3ll\U)\\'ll I I,IIIIis\·IIII;, I{y_ I I·‘-— I I·`»— I} Nu IISIIIII
II-IBIS I,I»I NIIS I'I`l1I~ Al&II`l{l‘l (;1ll'lIll·lI\*l`:<· I LSI I LN5 I
I <`ul ll:1lI- iI1‘I». (TIL. I SI-I·II I‘I»., (r`Ill1‘lllll1lll, Il. I l*`- I F I- I
I l"lL*lllIllLZSl\lll'}.C I I I I
II-IIZTII .I. I·]. M. )lilli11g(7I».. II'. S. l=l'¤*lll SI·I·II I‘I»., LNG I LNB  
I l·`1‘:Iukt`urL I LI—xi1I;:1I»II, Ky. I F-   F- I
II·III5iII {ml. ICIZZ I SI»I·:II·s-l{isI·r Ifu., I I, N5 I l, XII
\\':1ltI·I· \'I>Im;.: I`I»;II (fI»__ I I‘;u-I$_ ]{y_ I Ic I I In .I. I
I UwII1I.::4yiIlI· I I
1 I I I I
I Buckwheat I }   I
II-I•%li\ .lJ\\\1lll•‘S•‘ INI»I {.{`I\'I‘l`l I T,1•S _ l,!III
I l,•·:1· I»I·:III¤·~ I Russ s.·.·II I‘I».. l,1•N I LTS I
.\(l£lIllS & XllN\l`I*, I‘y11Il1i;1n:I I I.I»I1isyilI·-, Ky. _ l'   I F-
II—lIIZ'Z* ll•~II 'I`I·II I Russ SI~I·Il I`I»., I I,!¤$ I l,$II  
ll•‘ll<>I\ & lli\l'll§’, I l,¤¤lll!<\`lllI’. Ky. F + F I-
} SlII·I»l1•·rIls\·illI· I I} I

 Saad Inspccfioiz, 1937-1938 7
TABLE 1. Analyses of Seeds Collected by Inspectors, 1937-38
I · (`ermi- Novious
Lab. Kind of Seed I ._ , . I`“*"tY 1; · vv (1
No. I Name and Address of Dealer I P““Im“`d fmm· I 1’0!`€BI1t QQIIJSIIC $68,;]
0-1702 Red Top, Lot 145 IChambers Seed C0., I 1; 98 I QSO
C. L. Jewell & Son, I Louisville, Ky. I 1* —I— I 1* +
Louisville I I I
0-1711 Orange ILOuisville Seed_ C0., I 1; 9S I  
Shelby Feed & Seed C0., I Louisville, ky. I 1 + I b
Shelbyville I I I
Clover, Alsike I I
0-10S" Gerrard Mills, I Louisville Seed C0., I LIIS I L 90 ._
II Lzmcaster I Louisville, Ky. I F- I F- NUI I*¤*€d
0-1126I LOT; 32 I(jl]{`ll`l`lbGl`S Seed C0., I L 93 I L 90
IGrigsby & C0., BZl1'dS€O\\’ll I Louisville, Ky. I F_ I F'“‘
0-118TIClimz1x Roller Mills, I Louisville Seed C0., I L 9317 I L S5 _
. Shelbyville I Louisville, Ky. I F— I F_"
0-1228 .10311 B. FEED & C0., I R?45 Seeg C5}, , I {<9I§·17 I L: if
eorge own ,ouisvi e, iy.
I I _
0-1229 W. J. Askew, IROSS Seed Cow I 1:91.45 I 1:90
Georgetown I Louisville, Ky.   Y +   L _ I
0-124SI om. w. 1-1111 & eu., ]{ll(l}’-]"lltl`l1'l{ seen co., I 1g¥I5·1II I 1; $6
I Covington ](;m:<;1s City, Missouri I P ·I‘ I P M I
0-1265 Giltner Seed C0., IScott Seed (?o.. I 1:05 I Ii S0 I
Eminence I New Albuuy, Ind, I 1* + I P   I
0-1355 Covington Bros. & Co., I1,I·.uISviIIe Seed Co., I TIIIII I 1; N1
I Mayfield I Louisville, Ky. I l< — I 1* -I— I
- . . · .· · I.sII‘.1•0 I 1. sr .
° m~IFI1I.lllS\'llll* sum oo., I I1I*I*·50 I LS5 I
I Cutlettsbiirg I Louisville, Ky.   F— I ]"— I
0-1462I E.OW. Siinpson, I'l‘he Market (i1ll'(1CllCI;$I O I I;I'II·II9 I {IQ:] I
\VOIl on Seed (To., CIll<'Illllil i, . ‘ 1- ‘
0-14S5IB:111I:»,l111mn Milling: Co., Louisville Seed C0., I I·I°K·T‘I I I4 XII I
‘ I Stanford I Louisville, Ky. I I*`— I L ‘I‘ I "
0-1540 Gilmer Seed Co., Swott Seed C0., I 1* I"I   1* XII
Eminence New Alliziny, Ind. I 1" "I‘ I F ‘I‘ I
0—l5G7Ii,oL 264 s(·I,II spp.] m,__ I L!•5 I LW I
I1)llllf‘1lll & Sherley. L:1 (ll`1lll§f(* New Allmiiy, Ind. I F *I· I F ‘I‘   ‘
0-l0~HI Lot TTR I The 1l2ll`l(('t Iri11l`(l•"lll‘l'SI I L IITJIII I I4 RI I
ICut Rate Gro, Co., | Seed Fo., (`Ill1‘lll]lGlll, U. I 1*` + I I"—·
I Fleiniiigsluirg I I I I
II-1+11:2I 1.01 :1105 I*I·III· )l:Il1:111 rio., I I·f·*»¤I> I 15*5 I
I.H0lllt*l` Blum, \‘\'esL I,il»<·1‘ty I \\'i11<·l1¢·sl<·I`, Ky. I 1"·—   I‘ — I
0-1680IAdn111s & Moore, Ilioss Seed (WI.,   I; I'7 I 1;*5 I
I Cyiithiziim I l.oui:., Mayfield I l'ninu City. '1`L‘lllI. I F —I— I 1*` -I-  
II-Il~l$lI <'<»lI·-H11I.z‘I1I·s (VI., I Russ Seed (‘n. ,   L 91*.50 I L SU I
I I;2ll`IlIIIlI'\'I1I(* I L<>ui:lIIS\’III(*, Ky. I l·` + I 1· I- IMM Irstvd
**·121:II -1. I`. V4l|IAI`N4I1*II K (fo. , I SMIII Soul I'm»,_ I L II5.70   L NII I
I 14ZI\\'I'\*II<‘I‘I>lII`I.I I Nww Alluuiy, Ind. I 1*`— I F +  
II-I2l»I’ LMI ZIN9 I I,I·\\‘Is IIIIIII, & S4·¢,~(I (`1I__ ` L $*9.5 I L !II* I _ _
I I:. II. Aim-S & Im, I I,·.IIIsI·I1II-, Ky.   I·‘— I F- IMM listed
I L1I\\'I`\'III'(*I1lII').‘{ I I I I
I*-1213* I}, KI. 1I£I)'l'I'2lI·I & Sun, I [loss SI-ur] (`n_, I LI*I* I L 9*,* I 2/ I
I LI·iI¤·I1fI<*lIl I IAlIlIS\'III(‘, Ky, I I*` -I- I 1*` ·I~ I
I*·12ZZ$I \V. J. ;\!I'}{l’U*\\'II I l,¤»11is\·illI·, Kv, I 1*`— 1" + I
**-1236 IC. ll, Smith & Sun, I Iinixisvillv Snwd I`¤»., I LTIII   I»I*'*  
I 4`yntIii:m:n I,llIlIS\`IIIl‘_ Kv, ‘ I·`— I*`— I
r `
I*—I2ZIf* (MMI.} Iloiiry II1ii·sI_ I L!*Z*.·II*   L NI; _ _
IIMI. I`, II<¤·I1I¤~_ <`rIvI11gI¤II| I 'I`¤III»Iln, Uhin I<`——— I I·`·— SMI IISIPII
I*—IZII K $27 I Iluily-I‘;IIi·i¤·k Sun] <'¤¤,. ` l.€*1*.-I2 ` L \I
‘ Gon. \\`. llill. & Wn., I Kuiiszis Pity. Alisswuri 1*` I I 1**7
_ I`l·\'III;Z`II¤II I I I   e
I*—IZI5* "IIUMI" I I’iikii¤»\\·|i   LT*I*.SI* ` LI*I* I
Il?m~¤>. \\'. llill & (`¤>_, I I*`— I*`—
I I`I¤\'IIII.Z`I|*I\ I I I  

 Seed Ivispccfioiz, .1.937-19.98 9
TABLE 1. Analyses of Seeds Collected by Inspectors, 1937·38
I I . . · Y .-
Lab. Kind Or Seed I ._ _ Purity "?".“I‘ * "}"'IIS
N0, I Nguiie and A(`ldl`€'.:lS of D0£\IOl` I IJUIICIHISUG DOIN. Percent   xgeegfll
0-1250I Lol 4270 IThe J. (jlms. )leCull0u;:;h I L 99.-10 I LS9 I
IT0ny Bezold, Newp0i·t I C0., Ciiieiiiiiziti. Ohio   F + I F-
. O-1257, Shelby Feed & Seed C0., ILeuisville Seed C0., I L99.35 I L S5
I Shelbyville I Louisville, Ky. I F+ I F-
0-12021 Lot 290 Chambers Seed C0., I L 90.41 I L 90
I Fnriners Supply C0., ]£inineneeI Louisville, Ky. I F-   F -I-
U-127'UI G. XV. Bowling & Son, I Louisville Seed C0., I 1<9T.20 I Q $5
I CzLLlet.Lsburg I Louisville, Ky. I 1* ·I· I L +
0-1271I LOL 3100 _ I ’l'he Alsihnn C0._, I L 99.93 I L90
IG._ W. B<>whn;·.‘ & Son, I ‘\\'inehesLer. hy. I F —I- I b -
I Cziileltsliiins; I I I I
0-1279 J. F. Bertram, The C. S. Brent Seed C0., I L 95 I LS5 I
Vuneeburg Lexingtun, Ky. I F —I— I F-
D-12S3IC:1rlisle Mill & Supply C0., Reiss Seed (`0., I L 98.56   LS5 I
I Czirlisle Leuisville, Ky. I F -I— I F +
0-12S5I Curlisle Mill & Supply C0., I Russ Seed C0., I L 98.25 I L 90
I Carlisle Louisville, Ky. I F- I F-
0-1290I Lol 1351. Naiiinnzil Seed <'0., I L X4.70 I L S3 I
IE. S. Ferrill & Son, ]JulTul0 Louisville, Ky. I F + I F + I
` U-1292I Lflt 3]. · _ Senll Swell Cn. , I L 99.40 I L S5
IAnierie:in lldw. C0., New Albnny, Ind. I F- I F ·I-
I Bowling Green I I I
0-129llI Alureuni (Foul & Feed C0. , I Nuliniizil Seed 470. ,   L 99.320 I L 90
I llndgenville I Louisville, Ky.   F —I— I F ·I· I
0-1299I F:irinersz Supply C0., Leuisville Seed C0.,   L99 I L 90 I
])z1nville Louisville, Ky.   F —I—   F -I— I
` I
0-12100 Fnrinere Supply C0., Russ Seed (WI., I L99.50 I L R5 I
I Danville I Louisville, Ky. I F- I F- I
0-l3l09I 5207 I 'I`he .l. l`li;is. M<·4`1ill¤Iu;:,`li I 1,99.05 I L 91
Iliebinsun & Turley, I (‘0,, l‘ineinn:ILi, Uhie I F- I F- I
I liiehinond I I I I _
0-1Ill5IC:1nlk lldw. C0., Louisville Seed (T0., I L 99.5 I L $5 I _
I Czinipbellsville I Leuisyille. Ky. I F- I F —I- I
0-1317I (`nnlk lldxv. C0., I1.·»nisvllle Seed (*0., I L 99.5 L N3 I `
I Clunpbellsville I Leuisville, Ky. I F- I F -I— I
0-]1llSIlh·mlsli:m’, lrlznzzui & C0., ISe<»it Seed <‘e.. I l.9N I LK0 I
I Teinpkinsville I New Albany, Ind. I F -I— I F —I-
` ` ll-]IIl9IIlIz1g‘:in, Lnndruni, (`uuk & C0. ,I Senll Seed lm., I I, 94 I L S0
I r,I`HI1l])kIllS\'llIlé I New Albany, Ind. I F 90.60 I F-
0-1ZI20I Liberty llllw. C0. . I 'I`he L`. S. Brent Seed (`ii., I I. 99.1 I L 92 I
I Liberty I Lexingteni, Ky. I F ·I- I F- I
0-132lI Liberty Hdw. CO., I ’I`he I`. S. llrent Seed f‘0. . I L 99.5 I L NT I
I Liberty I Lexinglwin, Ky. I F- I F —I-  
II-1Jl2Zl' l>:»well’s Mnrket, I Seeit Seed 4‘e.. I L 99 I L N0 I
I Liberty I New A.lb:iny, Ind. I F ~I— I F I I
0-1212~lI Lrwt 398 I Lewis lnipl. & Seed Cu., I L99.59 I L N5  
I L:inI·:isLer Milling C0. , I Louisville, Ky. I l·` - I F I
` Lun¤·:1s‘ier I I I I
. I I I I .,,;L__

 10 ]\rI’)III((']»'_l] Ayr1`<·uI/uml. E.L'])€)‘I.}}l(’IlI Sfai‘1`0n
TABLE 1. Analyses of Seeds Collected by Inspectors, 1937-38
I I . , .
Lab. Kind of Seed I Purity G€I`I“I“ BUXIOUS
No. Nunie und Address of Dealer I PUIYIIIISCII IYOIIII Percent IIIIIIUII Weed
I I ereent Seed ,
I ‘ “ ‘ _ ‘ _‘ __*1’l"_— _ ‘
» I I
0-1325 Lot 1347 Nutionztl Seed Co., I L 99.30 I L 90 I
Lztneztster Milling Co., Louisville, Ky. I F -I— I F -I— I
Lnneuster I I I
~ I
0-1337 Fieehter Hdw. Co., Louisville Seed Co., I L99.35 I L 90 I
London Louisville, Ky. I F -I— I F- I
0-1341I Renfro Supply Co., Louisville Seed Co., I L97.97 I L90
I Willizunsburg Louisville, K!/· I F -I— I F -I-
0-1351I Joiner 1[dw. C0., 1'ureell Seed C0., L 90.42 I L90
I 1’1’Illtf8U)ll Evansville, Ind. I F -I— I F -I—
()-];;{;]I vvpsml & Miles, (Tl1:unI>ers Seed Co., I L97 I L SO I `
I Russellville Louisville, Ky. I F- I F-I-
0-1395 Lot 1 J. M. Sehultz Seed Co., I L 99 I L 91
U-Tote-Em-(jroeery, Fulton .l>ietei·it·h, Ill. I F -I— I F -I—
0-1397 7330 1’ui·eell Seed (To., I L 99.6 I L 90
ti. E. Murtin & Co., livzuisville, Ind. I F- I F + Not listed
Greenville I I I
0-1411 llurrnlson's Feed & Seed C0., I M<·l,e:in Ho. lldxv. Po., I 1199.96 I L 97
Uwenslioro I <}4i.llioun, Ky. I F- I F-
0-1419I Lot 33-I ILe\vis lnipl. & Seed <`.o.. I L 88.52 I LS5
I W. D. Dielcinson, Glasgow Louisville, Ky. I F —I- I F'- I Excessive
0-1421I 19A Scott Seed f?o.. I L 99.4 I L S0 I
Ill. D. Julius, Gl1LSI;',’0\V New Alljgiuy, l[I(l_ I F- I F4. I
0-1423I L, A. Collins, lielt Seed <`o., I L 99.4 I L S0 I
I Lelmnon ljziltiniore, Md. I F- I F -I— INot listed
0-1-I-{ISI Il. \\'. Howling.: & Son, I Louisville Seed (Tu., I L 97.20 I LS5 I
I t`:tIlettsl>tu·g· Louisville, Ky. I F- I F ·I~
ll-l447, 31l)0 'l`l1e Mulino tTo.. I L 99.93 I L 90 I
It}, \\'. Howling & Son, \\Iin<·liestr·r, Ky. I F -I— I F-
I (`}lllt‘lI.Sl)lll'{.‘{ I I I
II-1443 G._\\'. llowliupf & Son, I'l`l1e Mailiuu Po., I L 99.93 I L 90 I
(`lllIPl[SIIlll'I..L` I '\\'iu<·liester, Ky. I F- I F -I— I
0-1449 (1. \\', Rowling.: & Son, I'I`lie Livingston Seed Fo., I L 99.25 I L 92 I
I t‘:iIlettsl»iii·I: I <‘oluinl>us, Ohio I F -I— I F -I— I
II—l·I5IlI)lUl`II1lll & (`l`t`*llSllI`l\V, I Louisville Seed (To., I T, 99.08 I L R5
, (]t‘Ul`I§`(‘(,(I\\'l1 Louisville, KY. I F -I— I F -I»- I
0-l45R` 231 ltedhird Lewis Iinpl. & Seed I‘o.. I L 99.70 I L 90 I
IF:iriners Supply l`o., Louisville, Ky. I F -I— I F -I— I
I Mt. Sterling: I I I I
o-1479I Lot 303 ILe\vis lnipl. & Seed (`o., I L99.50 I L94 I
‘ IW'. A. l·`:u·nnu, lizinezister I Louisville, Ky.   F I- I F 80 I
0-1482 A. T. Sztuders, Nutionul Seed (`o., I L 98.40 I L 91 I
I L:me:ister Louisville, Ky. I F -I— I F- I Not listed
II-l4$7IB1ll|Klllll1\ll Milling: Co., Nntionnl Seed l"o., I L9R.5 I L 92 I
I Sisinford Louisville, KY· I F»- IF- I
0-1490I Ross & Ilollingxsxvorth ,Louisville Seed Po., I L 99.34 I L 90 I
I '1`onipkinsville I Louisville, Ky.   F -I— I F -I—  
0-1520 Hziugliaini Milling Fo., `Nntionul Seed (To., I 7,99.5 L 92 I
Stanford Louisville, Ky. I F- I F- I

 Seed Inspection, 1937-19.5*8 11
TABLE 1. Analyses of Seeds Collected by Inspectors, 1937-38
Lei). Kind er Seed I _ _ Pm-ay G<=¤‘!¤i- N¤>¤i<>¤S
No. I Name and Address of Dealer Pmclmsed from- IPercent natmn Iveed .
I Percent Seed
0-1527 Durham Impl. Co., Chambers Seed Co., I L99 I LS7
Stanford Louisville, Ky. I F -I- I F +
0-1541 Lot 1361 The C_. S. Brent Seed Co., I L 99.37 I L 96
Giltner Seed C0., Eminence Lexington, Ky, I F- I F —I— I
0-15-42IGiltner Seed Co., Ross Seed Co., I L99.33 I LS7 I
I Eminence Louisville, Ky. I F -I- I F-
0-1543I Giltner Seed Co., Ross Seed Co., I L 94 I LS7
I Eminen