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NEWSLETTER IN STORE contributed by Joshua ]T MacFarIane Peter: pjtayl00@ukcc.uky.edu
(mm-bum by Man, Cm Recently, I had the Opportunity Elizabeth: bee@mis.net ‘
Big changes are in store for the to Sit With three 0f the International Tammy: sappho@mis.net
GLSO newsletter. First, you may have Gay Bowling Organization’s twelve W
noticed the new articles and new AIDS Quilt panels. This was the first YELLOW LABELS 81 BULK
contributors of articles, making for a time that I had seen any part Of the MML STATUS
more locally interesting bit of monthly Names Project’s AIDS Quilt and it’s I F Y O U R L A B E L I S
reading. The other changes are aimed an experience which I won’t forget. YELLOW, your subscription has, or
at making the newsletter more After laying down the Quilt I did is about to, run out. If you believe .
financially stable. little more than sit and watch those the date on your label is wrong,
First, we are soliciting monthly who come to view it; making sure please call Terry at 255-5469, or .
sponsors. What this will consist of iS a that none in their ignorance Mary at 266-5904. .
business or organization paying for the attempted to destroy or desecrate We have had a steady response
printing cost of the newsletter for one those three panels, representing to our recent requests for new or
month in 1996. almost persons who have been renewed subscriptions, with twenty
‘ What they get in return is a consumed by AIDS. or more coming in each month. We
mention on the front page ofthe month One man in particular caught my have been particularly pleased that
they are sponsoring, plus a full page ad a’E'lention. He was a hotel employee. most subscribers are joining at the
inside. Also, they will be listed as a Entering through the room’s service membership rate. Thank you for
sponsor in each newsletter of 1996. entrance, probably sacrificing his your support. Since we are no longer
Several businesses have been much deserved break to bear witness. paying for our phone bill, we now see
contacted by mail concerning this He was bearing witness to the fact no problem keeping the newsletter l
opportunity and we are gratefully that AIDS is a truly horrifying killer, afloat. We will not add any other .
getting responses. If there is any or possibly bearing witness to his serVIces that cost money until we
business or organization that has not own fate or possibly like myself, have a substantial bank account.
been contacted and you are interested simply contemplating everything; This month, we have removed
in helping us out and getting this great human existence, death, dying, all those subscriptions that ran out
advertising bargain, please contact disease, love, nature. Silently he three or more months ago. As a
Terry at 255-5469. moved between the panels, continued on page 5
The months are filling “P, and we apparently searching for a name.
now see no problems in keeping the Finally, he revealed to me that he was Enigma @EQEM'ER: l
newsletter going. 1001(ng for his cousin’s name. I am Community News 3 i
The second big change in making unsure whether he found it or not, but Kentucky Militia Groups ..........4 i
GLSO more fiscally sound is to d0 “1‘? so many (“he’s that.day’ he GLSTNS i ‘
away With the $10 “S“bSCfiPtton only” :31th the room, tears flowmg from effrey: A Review......................10
price. We regret haVIng to do this, but IS iii-mg the AIDS Quilt on Coming OUt to Children (Part ll) i
continuedonpageZ continuedonpageZ by Sue Strong..........................l2 I

 . 105.; 53",.11’? . . , :v .; I" 1 “GLSO Changes”from thefront page. Go FIGURE...
¢%GAY& it has become a financially unsound contributed by Elizabeth Gilliam

LESBIAN business practice to offer this option. If you recently. visited a Movie
, Since the newsletter is the largest Warehouse in Lexmgton, you may
SERVICE ; expense GLSO has, and since the have noticed that the lesbo epic “Go
ORG‘ mailing rate went up this year, we FiSh” is now on the shelves. The
mnm 1.2%" t, I; detemiined we were losing money on store 011‘ EUClld CVen has tWO COP“?!
WM sits; ”a “nutty the “subscription only” rate, and as we Iw111 forever be a fan of this
did not want to raise rates across the film, a black-and-white piece done
board, we dropped it. by a group of women in Chicago
So, starting January 1,there will be who were tired of the lesser garbage
only two prices for GLSO: $15 for an that was getting passed off as
GILSQ N@WS individual, or $20 foracouple, both of “classic” lesbian film-making, like
which make you a full voting member. “Claire 0f the M0011” that has about

Published Monthly by the We also plan to organize social five hetero sex scenes, and a hard-to-

Lexington Gay/ Lesbian events, to which members will receive believe lesbian one at the very end.
Services Organization reduced admission. Eighty percent of _ And Speaking 9f inferior, “Bar
R0. BOX “47] recent subscribers have joined at the Girls 15 also available underthe
Lexington, KY 40575 recent rate, so It seems the community New Releases section. I'think this is
is ready for this. By using the subscrip- the epitome 0f excruc1atingly bad
Interim EdltOl" tion fomt in this newsletter, you can film, and Iwalked out of it after 25
' still subscribe at the 310 through minutes. It seems to be a series of
Peter Taylor January. inside jokes that the audience, sadly,

Stay tuned for more changes in was never there for.

Layout Editors/Co-Editors: your newsletter - we are striving to If you 569 any thCTO'fOIkS about
Tammy D. Strong / make it as interesting and exciting. as to rent 1'ti StOP them! BCIICVC'me7 we
Elizabeth A Gilliam you can stand. Also, GLSO is planrung wouldnt want anyone to think that

' fun events and fundraisers for our 1t 3 In any way an accurate portrayal
GISO Annual Dues and members in ‘96. We are determined 0f 01” community. .
not to see the demise of the oldest Anyway, g0 rent a film and
Newgetter: $15 lesbigay organization and publication thank someone at Movie
Dues fifug:gggger for in Kentucky. 7 Warehouse for waking up! 7
“Point of View” from the front page
Egg DEW:Zigltohnjseegfiifiiihci; :2: television or simply knowing of its When I first entered that room at
don’t necessarily represent those of the existence does little to bring its true the Hyatt, I saw no more than three
GLSO Board of Directors. Submissions nature into perspective. The quilt is blue clothes, each stenciled with
are WCICome- A11 SmeiSSiODS become made of 26,000 individual panels, roughly 83 names. When I left that
the PrOPerty 0f GLSO and mustindicate not including organizational panels, room, four hours later, I saw a
31:1; mistrlgeiddrfss Ofrtigifmtlgr' :21]: most representing a different person. monument, a virtual shrine to
submissions and ads to meet publishing But even if there was no duplication, represent the lives, achievements,
requirements, as wen as the right to this would represent less than 10% of failures, families, and friends of 250
reject any submission Placement 0 the 270,870 persons estimated by the human victims, each undeserving of
giggling“;Sfigfgliijizitaggfiogj CDC to have died of AIDS through that befell them. 7 '
a businesf’ customer preference. 1994 m the USA alone.
GLSO News Page 2

LESBIGAYS MAKE PROGRESS you! Meanwhile, the struggle compositions and will be joined by
IN NOVEMBER ELECTIONS: continues....v The Spirit Drummers under the

contributed by peter Taylor MEN’S CHORUS PERFORMS direction of Lucina Arachne for one

This year’s elections CHRISTMAS CONCERT WITH rip-roaring time production with
nationwide saw not only a more SPIRIT DRUMMERS drums pounding and plenty of
vigorous voter turnout than in the contributed by Keith Lovan energy.
last election but also a slight The Lexington Men’s Chorus is Tickets are $10.00 for adults
correction of the Republican beginning its sixth season and has and $5.00 for Children, and are
mandate. The big win of the year scheduled its winter concert. “The available by St0pping by or calling
for lesbigays was in Maine, where Child in All of Us” will be the Singletary Center at 606 — 257-
an effort to outlaw anti-discrimina- presented on two dates at the 4929-
tion laws for lesbigays was Singletary Center for the Arts. The Lexington Men’s Chorus is a
defeated. Conservative times are: proud member of the International
Republicans were held back and Saturday, December 16, 8:00 pm, Gay and Lesbian Association Of
failed to gain control in several key and Choruses and is making plans to
races both here and in adjoining Sunday, December 17, 3:00 pm attend the international convention
states. Here in Kentucky, Paul Music, especially during the in Tampa in 1996-V
Patton, who would not endorse holidays, seems to bring about INTERWEAVE IN DECEMBER
lesbigay rights narrowly defeated special memories. We return, if Interweave is planning an
Larry Forgy, who made conflicting only in those memories, to the child evening “On the Town” on
statements about these issues, but that we once were, or wish to be. Saturday, December 2. Meet at
who is a political ally of one of the Our music is full of emotions and Joe’s (120 S. Upper) for pre-dance
arch-homophobes of the radical wonderment. We move through drinks and conversation between9
wrong in the state - the Reverend dreams and transitions. We sing and 10 pm. At 10, we will move to
Frank Simon. with the best of voices, but more another bar for dancing.

While Iwould hardly call these importantly, the best of our hearts. Sunday, Dec. 10 is the
slight gains a repudiation of the Sojoin the Men’s Chorus...and find monthly Interweave luncheon at
Conservative Republican agenda, I the child... in all of us. 12:30 pm at Don Pablo’s Mexican
am heartened nonetheless. Last The concert will consist of Restaurant (3737 Nicholasville
year the Contract with America was traditional Christmas music with a Rd).
touted as panacea for our current contemporary flair, old English On Saturday, Dec. 23, we will
social and political problems with Christmas Carols, and several Latin have a holiday potluck at Davina’s
barely twenty percent of the pieces. home at 7:00 pm. Call Davina for
electorate voting for it. The conse- This year’s concert will also be directions (271—6174).
quences of that presumption appear the debut of the Ensemble - an Interweave is a group
to have at least helped combat voter audition group made up of members connected to the Unitarian
apathy. It’s a glimmer of hope in a from the Chorus. And as always, Universalist Church, and we are
pretty dark year politically. Fourté will perform several light open to members from the larger

Oh... To all of you who labor so humorist pieces. You just never lesbigay community. 7
tirelessly to get out the vote and know what they will do next.
inform the voters of the issues and The concerts will be filled with
where the candidates stand, I salute a variety of soloist and instrumental

GLSO News Page 3

rNaaraavLiNEaK/vs KKKKKKK
are newly formed and relatively
Clinton Ends Anti-Gay Security standards in this section may be small.
Clearance Policy and Supports raised solely on the basis of the Danny and Diane Snellon are,
Prohibition of Lesbigay Job sexual orientation ofthe employee.” respectively, coordinator and the
Discrimination Nationwide... “The order completes a process secretary/treasurer of the Kentucky
WASHINGTON (AP) —- of careful honing, spurred by Citizens Militia. Formed in Fall
President Clinton officially ended findings of the Joint Security 1994, the group does not “have
the government assumption that Commission in February 1994, by uniform or gun requirements,” says
homosexuals can’t be trusted with the Intelligence and National Danny Snellon. Recent meetings
national secrets by ordering an end Defense agencies in their reviews of have taken place at the main branch
to discrimination based on sexual such espionage cases as that of of the Lexington Public Library and
orientation in granting security Aldrich Ames,” White House press at a Sportsman’s shop in Paris,
clearances. He has also lent his secretary Mike McCurry said in a northeast of Lexington.
support to ENDA, legislation statement. Attendance at these meetings
designed to prohibit hiring and job An executive order has the force has ranged from 10 to 20 people. In
discrimination based on sexual of law, but it can be overturned by Boone County, in northern
orientation. Congress. Kentucky, a militia called the
Homosexual rights groups Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., Defenders of Liberty is believed to
praised the order to end the discrim- one of three openly gay members of have a core group of 30 to 40
ination in granting security Congress, welcomed the order. He individuals. Unlike the Kentucky
clearances. Elizabeth Birch, worked with the Bush and Clinton Citizens Militia, the Defenders of
executive director of the Human administrations in an effort to Liberty do wear uniforms and
Rights Campaign Fund, called it “an change the policy on homosexuals. undergo paramilitary training. 7
important step toward ending “We all know that innumerable ""‘"'"""””"""“"""'""
governmentally sanctioned job lesbians and gay men have served Quote of the Month
discrimination against gay and their country loyally and. well The “religious right talk about gays
lesbian people.” throughout its history Without bothers me tremendously. . _ If Jesus
But Rep. Bob Dornan, a long- betraying its trust or givmg away its were here, he’d be very tolerant of
shot candidate for the GOPpresrden- secrets,” Frank said in .a statement. Gays and others. . . a lot of the
tial nomination, called Clinton’s “But, shamefully, until now, the religious right is living in glass
action “something else he didn’t federal govemrnentwas unwrlling to houses.” Rick Pitino quoted in a
have to do that’s gotten in our face.” acknowledge this fact.” recent interview in the Herald-Leader
“I wouldn’t trust them witha$5 A memo dated Aug. 3 from
loan, let alone the nation’s secrets,” Marsha Scott, deputy assistant to the ’ . '
Dornan, R-Calif., said of president for political affairs, said Wfl/Z/E \Vfl/ANT
homosexuals, whom he also labeled the order would be effective
“promiscuous by definition.” immediately upon its publication in
The 13-page order adds the the Federal Register. The memo was Y.Ufl
words “sexual orientation” to the released by the Human Rights
non-discrimination clause covering Campaign Fund. AS A VOLUNTEER-
access to classified material. It also
states, “No inference concerning the m" W“? N 2664904
GLSO News Page 4

 q GLSTN and understood that he had to pretend Beauty School getting my hair cut, and
contributed by Mary Crone to belong, tobe a“normal” boy. Istill Richard was there with the young
a The Gay, Lesbian &Straight didn’t understand how he was woman he was taking to the senior
h Teachers’ Network has come up with different, but I knew he was and that prom. Iwatched from across the room,
y awonderful idea to educate educators it didn’t get in the way of our surprised to see Richard being
about the difliculty of being a young friendship. outgoing and even flirtatious. Then I
a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgen- By the time we went to Henry realized it was not the young woman
6 dered student. They are asking any of Clay, we were no longer close that was bringing out this side of him,
y us who are willing, to write letters to friends. Idon’t knowa lot about what it was the young man learning to set
[1 a teacher or an administrator of he endured in junior and senior high hair. They were having a great time,
e elementary, middle or high schools school, but I know that Richard was and it was clearthat Richard knew who
s we attended, explaining what school no longer the cheerful, outgoing he was and would make his way in the
s days were like for a child or teen who young person I had enjoyed so much. world.
h was different. The teasing had become moe Soon after graduation he left for
:1 Whether your experience was threatening and Richard was San Francisco, where he still lives. V
in one of harassment of or “passing,” we introverted, quiet, and mostly alone.
need to raise the consciousness of There are children like Richard
3 school personnel. If you write such a attending Cassidy (Henry Clay)
{1 letter, please send a copy to: GLSTN, today, and many of them are experi-
n 122 W. 26th St., Suite 1100, New encing more hostility, harassment,
e York, NY10001. and violence than Richard did.
. . . . from the front page
3 Here is a part of the letter I am Homophobia has not d1sappeared, 1t result, the number of newsletters we
3 sending to schools I attended in has intensrfied. As part of my .work are sending out through bulk mail is
y Lexrngton: With the gay/lesbian commumty in too low. We need a minimum of 200
f :‘I spent some of my. days at Lexmgton, I have read a good deal pieces to receive the bulk mail rate.
j tCassrdy Withda gesd c:vthrves close about gay adgllescents :Ed thave ngade Surely we should be able to have
0 me name c ar . e were 111 some resen rons on e 0 re. am . . . . .
" the same class in fourth through sixth particfilarly concerned a§out the a subscription 1‘81 9f 200 in a City
_ , , , With so many lesbtgay people! If
grade, and played together often in relatlvely high rates of depressron, you have a subscription, give the
S our neighborhood and sometimes in school drop out, suicide, homeless- enclosed form to a friend and ask
S school. As early as fourth grade, I ness, and family violence there young him/her to subscribe. If you have
I remember not understanding why people face. . been picking up the newsletter for
e Richard seemed to be the object of One way to help gay youth rs for free, please consider getting a
s teasrng. The boys that plcked on him school counselors and other subscription.
a probably didn’t understand, either: personnel to receive some training in If you are short on money, do it
r they just knew he was different. On working wrth gay/lesbian youth. If now _ before the end of January _ at
one occasion in sixth grade, I you don’t know much about what which time the non-membership rate
remember objecting when he joined a they are facing, they are unlikely to of $10 will be eliminated (see
pack of boys that were taking turn to you for help. You might work related article, front page). As more
pleasure in disrupting the girls’ games towards the establishment of gay- people subscribe, there will be fewer
of jacks. He looked at me (as he was straight alliance support groups that free copies to distribute (since we
simultaneously trying to look tough have been successful in high schools print a fixed number), so get on the
without actually breaking our jacks) in twenty states.” mailing list now. 7
and whispered, “I have to, Mary.” I I have another memory of
got in in an intuitive flash. I saw into Richard I’m not sharing in this letter.
his misery Ihaven’t taken in before, My senior year, Iwas in Kaufman’s
' GLSO News Page 5

 xi“ ; December 1995 ”’9 ALIALEA
, 1 . . . Lg...
Happy Holidays :2. . . t ., - .
, . .. w-J'f’V/g: r‘
Wednesday Thursday Saturday ., ' 4} .1 .e
I 2 ' I ' . ' .1 ‘ '
9:00 AM Frontrunners
8:30 PM Louisville Youth Group .
“more 557 S. Limestone
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Lexington, KY
11:30 AM MCC (134 Church 700 pM GUESS (EKU) 12:00 PM GLAA Ff“ M°°" 7:00 PM Lex.Men’s 7:30 PM Gay/Lesbian Louisville Gender Society
St.) . 7:30 PM Pride Ctr. 7:00 PM MSU Student Grp. goaafigmi’ggpmdm) Chorus Rehearsal AA Mtg. 253-0014
4100 PM TSGRA We (“”1“) Taskat-ce 7130 PM Gay/Lesbian A“ 72001331 Ebony Male Mtg. 7:30 PM UK Lambda (Rm. 9:00 AM Frontrunner
7’00 PM D‘g'my . Anon 7:00 PM MCC (134 Church St.) 231 Student Ctr.) ‘ S
7:00 PM Gay/Lesbian AA 8:4fal:lM_Rammw Bowling (Joyland 8:00 PM Gay/Lesbian AA 8'00 PM HIV/AIDS Sppt Grp
es) - . .
10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Renowned Weekend Brunch:
Irn ' 1 Ct. SC Mt . 7:00 PM GUESS EK 12:00 PM GLAA AIDS/HIV SPPt-GTP- La“ Quane' Inte 't St. Au ustine‘s - '
11936321111032 (1’34 g ‘ U’ 7:00PM Msusmdemem ewwemeedeeeee 7:00PMLM7331Yanyheibian ’ ?¢9&§E$;1”Nmem“’iii servmg b/ueberry bur/(w/lem‘
Church St ) 7:30 PM Gay/Labia" Al' 71:0?“ MCC (134 Church Chorus Rehearsal AA 8 00 PM be M . on -
. ‘ - Anon ' ‘ 8:00 PM HIV/AIDS s t. . . - 1 ’9 “‘3 ““8 '
7.00 PM Gay/lesbian AA . in w in O St.) PP 8.30 PM Louisville Youth Con,m s Cm
84153231133 bow B0 1 g0 yland 8:00 PM Gay/mum AA Grp- amp (Fairness Ofc) ( mgIetary ) p0n(a 85/ egg; 3/78 I ( arno /
17 18 19 20 21 22 23 spams/1 ome/ef/ex,
1:10.3'AM0MCC034 Chm 51') W 12:00 PM GLAA . £13) Sflfijfiflflwm 7:0ng Lex.Men's Chorus , Winter befl'ns 9100 AM Frontmnners a] b
SOOPMLex- Men’s Gurus : 7: pM Fa" _ 7330 PM Gay/Lesbian ‘ Park) Rehearsal - M Ga ILesbian an me more ...
. .30 uness Meet 7.30 P y
_ pom: (Smaletary Ct) mg (Alfalfa's) AI-Anon 7:00 PM MCC (134 Church 7:30 PM P-FLAG AA
7;00 PM Gammm M 8:45 PM Rainbow Bowling St.) 8:00 PM HIV/AIDS Sppt. Grp.
’ y (Joyland Lanes) 8:00 PM Gay/Lesbian AA 9:00 PM COLTS Mtg. .
e esda IS
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 “ d“, y ,
11:30 AM MCC (134 12:00 PM GLAA AIDSFHIV SpptGrp. 1530mm . 7:30 PM Gay/Lesbian 9:00 AM Fronmmners Internatlonal N lght
Church St.) . -——-——-——— 7:30 PM Gay /Lesbi an 5:03 31:11:? Pronmmen (Woodland 733(1)1 PM lithMens AA
7:00 PM Gay/Lesbian Al-Anon 7:00 PM MCC (134 Church 800 gms e learsa
AA St" ‘ M HIV AIDS Sppt' B d d desserts
8:00 PM Gay/Lesbian AA Grp. rea 8 an
3] Novembergs 1mm 96 baked daily 1n our kitchen
...;:.:.: .iéeees
Z . “v V ‘ UI'C
St) , ii if: if :3 $3 ii i? 4? ii £2 :1 i? ii 23 FREE EVENING PARKING.
2:00 PM GLSO News Folding 26 27 23 29 30 28 29 3o 31
7:00 PM Gay/Lesbian AA

 JEFFREY LITE, JEFFREY models are supposed to be just like him and dreamed of doing with him
HELPER, I CAN’T BELIEVE straight people. As if straight people what he has “only permitted with
IT’S NOT JEFFREY were even like that.” Itisapoint well five—thousand other men.” Then
contributed by Jon Shelton taken. Steve reveals, “Just so there are no
As 1 was saying in my last The screen adaptation of Paul surprises” that he is HIV positive.
review, Hollywood has got a long Rudnick’s award winning playJeficrey Jeffrey reacts by getting cold feet.
way to go in portraying lesbigay is of major importance to the gay The issue that is raised by Jeffrey’s
people fairly and accurately without community. This is due to the fact reaction to Steve’s condition is this;
resorting to stereotypes. To reiterate, that this one film takes giant leaps in why should a disease like AIDS make
the full spectrum of the rainbow flag, filling any gaps caused by a lack of a person any less desirable or lovable,
. a metaphor symbolizing the diversity gay role models. Every type of or why should Jeffrey find Steve any
of the lesbigay culture itself, is not individual in the culture of desire, less attractive because his HIV
being mirrored by the silver screen_ from the sexually starved Catholic status? It is a question that Jeffrey
In order to clearly 1.efleet the diverse priest to the most flamboyant drag must wrestle with throughout the
universe for which this banner waves, queen, is examined. EVCH pre- show.
the movie industry must broaden its operative transsexual lesbians are One of the major flaws in the
narrow scope. Thisraises the issue of given equal time. If you are looking movie is that Steve doesn’t quite
how lesbian, gays and bisexuals wish for a role model, just take your pick! come across as the lovable persona
to be represented on the screen. The Seriously, showing a broad spectrum that he is in the play. This is due to
leading characters in recent films like of different types of lesbigay people the fact that a key scene from the play
La Cage aux Folles, Priscilla, or is important. in which Steve displays his humor,
Wang F00 only represent a small part In Jeffrey, the title character grace and love of humanity has been
of gay culture. Conversely, cross- (played with an evident air of cut from the movie for no excusable
dressers like Ed Wood or Jack discomfort by Steven Weber) is a gay reason. After hilariously mimicking a
Lemmon or Tony Curtis (in Some actor/waiter in New York City who fashion show in a hospital gown,
Like It Hot), serve as wonderful role gives up sex for fear of contracting Steve tells Jeffrey, “I’m happy in my
models for straight culture. There are AIDS. Convinced that Jeffrey is way to see the tenth floor to see the
few (if any) gay role models, which unhappy with this decision, Jeffrey’s AIDS babies.” Concluding “We’re
raises yet another issue: What kind of friends play matchmaker by fixing all AIDS babies, Jeffrey... and I don’t
role model (if any) does the gay him up with the gorgeous Steve want to die without being held.”
community wish to have? As the title (played by Michael T. Weiss). Before Steve’s antics and poignancy in this
character in Paul Rudnick’s Jeffrey so agreeing to go out with Steve, Jeffrey scene make him enduring not only to
eloquently states, “I hate that gay role admits that he has “fantasized about Jeffrey, but to the audience as well.
su: STRONG, Ph.D. mm m mm m
Licensed Psychologist GMT‘ G TWIN (33
Personalized leather and brass
(606) 255'4864 belts and key fobs.
Fax (606) 255-5385 For more injormation, or to place an order,
110 Woodland Ave. phone: 281-633 3
Lexington, KY 40502
GLSO News Page l0

 1 Therefore, it is our hope that they get

1 together in the end. Without the

1 scene, moviegoers are given less of a ‘

) reason to feel this way. What an . . -.

, oversight! V, m '. fi 9%," N

. The character of Steve ”fit ‘w x gk -, ' -» , ‘ .\

s epitomizes Paul Rudnick’s - "'41 ._ Q,

; philosophy of humor overcoming any ”a; ‘ I' 1 _ y .ffi ‘ .. fié

: adversity. As Rudnick states in the *9. .3»: 5% W > i

, introductory pages of the play, “Death 32' " .."" .; > 5% w. 33

I and illness are far from my favorite : M5! ., L y . : ', ' .‘K‘

I pastimes; jokes and personality are ”firmly . N“ - E i- “ 4 «Q

,1 my preferred antidotes. A wisecrack ‘7“:2: w...____.~.._1§ _, _ ,- 1, M“

3 is not an evasion, but a weapon; smart I I .,. l l I
remarks can defeat even a hospital’s -

3 green-gowned terror. A snappy There’s a new race I“ long

3 comeback or a paisley ascot, or a distance. And we think

a yellow-tulip, preserves humanity...” _

3 in other words - laughter, in the age of second place '5 for losers.

,r AIDS, is not an accessory item. It’s That's wh , _ ,

.) the Whole wardrobe! y we were the first long dlstance company In the U.S.

1 For anyone familiar with the to offer customers up to 59% savmgs. And that s-why we WIN

3 play, watchingJefirey on the screen is continue to go the extra mile by oftenng lower basnc ratest’ and

a like watching a favorite movie that personal, Independent representatives. Swrteh your long distance

, has been edited for television. You service to a wrnner. Choose Excel. For more information on resi- .

y wait for certain parts to come up and dentral and small busrness long dlS-

3 they never do. That isn’t to say that tame serv'ces’ call tOday' :rfiwewsgswnssemmve

3 the movie should be dismissed. For =.‘-_'"E.:— E

I all the brilliance 1051’ there are plenty Calling PlansEfLo:ct:l/;:yu;a:fbifoljosur Life.

” Of CleVerly devised SUbStimtions' An r OllExcel's lanlled standard domesllclales. HA5 comuaredlo AIEI’slanHed standard rates.

5 eye-popping square dance number, a '

3 Zfisrlgrrictlgt Slflnltgogzarnclgifig GEO-Associates Excel Independent Representatives: .

" _ Carrie Straub, MR ............6062333462 Gina Baker, MR............606.289.8305
Perfomllance alone are worth the 9““ Denise Pmkar, MR, AC...606.233.3462 Karen Stormbringer......606.252.5009
of admission. However, at a running-
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GLSO News Page II

 DIVORCED PARENTS: resolution. Grieving is an ongoing, past 20 years are clear. Research
COMING OUT TO CHILDREN spiral process. All family members cannot identify any differences in
(Help for the Children) Part 2 need time to adjust. developmental, sexual orientation, or
contributed by Sue Strong 3. Children may feel positive about evidence of pathology. Charlotte
Aparents conring out to his or her their family relationships and still feel Patterson, a professor of psychology
children from a heterosexual marriage conflict because of the negative social at the University of Virginia,
can be very stessful for the children. stigma due to heterosexism. researched children from gay and
Children may need assistance in Redefining or reframing the concept lesbian households and recently
successfully resolving this issue. of family maybeuseful. Families can published the results in Lesbian and
_ Several books have been written on be created by choice as well as by Gay Psychology: Theory, Research,
gay and lesbian parenting, Gay sexual chance. Any group of people and Clinical Applications. She
Fathers (1990) and Gay and Lesbian who share and care can be defined as concludes that “these children may
Parents (1987) both of which offer family. encounter higher stress than other
information on coming out to children 4. Children may question their kids, but because they’re able to learn
and helping children understand their sexuality, especially with the current how to deal with it, they feel better
gay and lesbian parents. The Gay and focus on biological determinants of about themselves.”
Lesbian Parents Coalition homosexuality. Educate your The May 30, 1995 Advocate
International started COLAGE children openly and discuss their features gay and lesbian parents and
(Children of Lesbians and Gays fears. their children. The executive director
Everywhere) in 1988 to offer a 5. Children will go through a process of COLAGE grew up in a gay
support program for adolescents and of coming out as a child of a gay or household and describes herself as
later sponsored COLAGE Kids Club lesbian parent. They will need “culturally gay but erotically
for younger children of lesbians and assistance in navigating this process. straight”. She best sums up the
gays. These organizations are aimed Tradeoffs between carrying a secret situatio by stating that children from
at reducing the stigma, prejudice and and risking humiliation need to be gay and lesbian families “have a
discrimination experienced by the discussed. The process of coming out really wonderful potential to be the
children of lesbian and gay parents. will be on going for the parent. bridges between an ignorant straight
Consider the following points in 6. Children need peer support and world and the gay world. They know
helping children understand their gay networking with other children of gay the issues intimately and have a real
and lesbian parents: and lesbian parents. Informal investment in combating
1, Coming out and divorce issues are socializing with other gay an