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"outcome Eamon

report PAGE A3

00 your homework: the Bulldog scouting


Kernel staff breaks down this weekend’s
college football action PAGE A4


Friday. October 28, 2005



The UK football team huddles in anticipation of the lndiana game Sept. 17 in Bloomington, Ind. The 38-14 loss to the Hoosiers started the current four-game losing streak. Mississippi State has won six of the la

Celebrating 34 years of independence



series' history, though UK has won three of the last four in Commonwealth Stadium. Since 1946, UK is 43-16 in Homecoming games.

’ Coming home for a Dawgfight

Away from Commonwealth Stadium since Sept. 24, the Cats return still looking for their first SEC win.

By Chris Johnson

The most dangerous run-
ning back in the Southeastern
Conference will face the con-
ference’s least dangerous run
defense tomorrow.

Mississippi State’s offense
is led by Jerious Norwood,
who is perhaps the SEC‘s pre-
mier running back. Norwood
is fourth in the conference
with 681 total yards rushing,
one yard behind Arkansas
freshman Darren McFadden.

“He's a home-run hitter,"
freshman linebacker Braxton
Kelley said. “He can go the dis-
tance one play after getting hit
in the backfield the last play."

UK defensive coordinator
Mike Archer took it a step fur-
ther. comparing Norwood to
both Detroit Lions legendary
running back Barry Sanders
and Carnell “Cadillac"
Williams, the fourth pick in
the 2004 NFL drafi. Archer is a
former linebackers coach for
the N FL's Pittsburgh Steelers.

“Like Sanders. (Norwood's)
bottom half can be going one
way while his top half is going
another," Archer said. “I
wouldn’t put him in that cate-
gory yet. but he makes you
hold your breath every time he
touches the ball.

“Like Cadillac Williams,
every time he gets a handoff
you go, ‘Oh. God.‘ ”

Archer said Norwood‘s
biggest strength is his ability
to be going mu speed when he
hits a seam provided by his of-
fensive line.

“He has breakaway speed."
Archer said. “He can hit the
seam, and ham, be in the end
zone in about five seconds.“

The Bulldogs' other main




Freshman quarterback Curtis Pulley is tackled during the UK-Florida game on Sept. 24 at Commonwealth Stadium.

offensive weapon is dual-
threat quarterback Omarr
Conner. a Moot-l junior who is
second on the team in carries.
with 40. and rushing yards.
with 117. Like Ole Miss’
Michael Spurlock, Conner can


beat a team with his feet and
arm. but he is a bigger threat
when he throws the ball.
Archer said.

UK‘s defense was success-
ful in pressuring the quarter-
back last week against the

Rebels. penetrating into the
backfield several times to send
Spurlock scurrying. But the
evasive quarterback managed
to stop the Cats from record-
ing a sack.

See Glue on page A2

ky Ke rnel


my 1 sun
st 10 games in the

Bar nhart,
Todd should
heed fans’

While Commonwealth Stadium cele-
brates UK‘s homecoming tomorrow. the man
in charge may be conspicuously absent.

Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart hasn‘t
been very visible lately. Sure. you might
catch him strolling around the grass at a
men's or women's soccer game. or saunter-
ing about the hardwood at a
volleyball match.

But Big Blue Madness?
The site of what was for
a few hours at least the
record for attendance at a
basketball practice. wasn‘t
enough to smoke Barnhart
out of his hole. Of course.
in turn. the crowd had no
chance to rain a few boos
down on the AD. which is
probably the way he wanted


And at Wildcat footbau smnrsmnon

games. where the crowd is

forced to take out its anger on UK President
Lee Todd. Barnhart usually lurks in the tun»

So don‘t expect him to show too much
face time supporting his football coach. After
all. he rarely does it in public anyway. unless
he's caught coming out of his Memorial Coli-
seum office by television reporters.

Barnhart won‘t really say much on the is-
sue of whether head football coach Rich
Brooks will be back for another season. And

See Poore on page A2

Newsroom: 2574015






Continued from page At


Archer said he had spa
ken to the coaches from Ole
Miss‘ opponent this week.
Auburn, who said they would
have similar trouble with the
elusive Rebel.

“The Auburn coaches
said. ‘We'll have the same

mm | Friday. Oct. 28. 2005

him. That’s probably Ole
Miss’ coach's stratng: they
probably told him that if he
gets loose to just not get tak-
en down."

Against the Bulldogs.
Archer said Norwood would
be the main player to stop.

"He‘s burned us two
years in a row." Archer said,
referring to Norwood’s 165-
yard game in 2004 and the 133
he put up in Commonwealth

wide receivers Tommy Cook
(dislocated kneecap) and
Keenan Burton (broken bone
in foot). are returning to the
football field from the train-
er‘s room.

Cook came back last week
to play 31 snaps against Ole
Miss. UK head coach Rich
Brooks said Burton will be
back in limited action for
this weekend's tilt with Mis-
sissippi State.

used to doing before I got

“Keenan's a playmaker."
Cook said. “It’s a big boost to
get him back.”

Burton isn’t in good
enough shape yet to play an
entire gatne. Brooks said, but
he will be available for limit-
ed action tomorrow to help
the nation’s 107th-ranked of-
fense try to outscore the
108th-ranked offense of the



E‘uuul lie-unalrv


IMO Nirhuluvtllr NIL. Smtr S
llun‘hm. Kl “L503
359-278 ”80

Buck to School Special:


1‘15" ntlurl

Dr. Adam Robinson D.M.l).

Lin ntrtl urar lamp“.

1 rain] Blltlul

100M WHITENING [or 8150

um. pm»... ..i ......|.im ural ruun

right Ito-xi tn




on Lime; -

952- {MW P

3&5 enema} r -

problem; Archer said. Stadium in 2003. “He’s the And Burton is thrilled.
“The solution is. we‘ve gotta real deal." “I’m not gonna play like 505 EllCle five. *Coupon required.
have better athletes. Spur- The offense’s healing I'm hurt." Burton said. “The O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 O 0 O I

lock was just a better athlete process is beginning to pay key is. don't be timid; I gotta . E-mail
than the guys we had chasing dividends. as two starters. focus on doing what I was ejohnsomwkykernelrom I. F.
The UK defense.
{:2k:adfil:rl|sl m “Independently Uit‘nl’d and family opt-ruled "




against the run,
hopes to stop
Mississippi State
running baclt
Jerious Norwood
Saturday. Nor-
wood is 29th in
the nation. aver-
aging 97.3 yards
rushing per
game. UK's
Rafael Little is
35th. averaging
89.5 yards per


man |



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1705 Nicholasvillc Road
Lexington. KY 40503
Phone: 277-1117


Giant Party
Subs -

Regency Centre
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Turfland M

(in food court)




277-7715 278—5540
Rumors of Bill “Tuna“ eastern Conference last sea- claim. 10% discount or 20 bags of chips FREE

Parcells swirled about the son. Fans have a right to boo. .
Poore fan base. making it giddy and Barnhart does have two They aren‘t booing the foot- Bill 1. MB" 1'0 BRING “I!

frothing at the mouth. rais- bright spots. Women’s bas- ball players, who sweat and 8038 'I'II 'I'II Thu-BITE!
Continued from page Al ing expectations to a level ketball coach Mickie DeMoss bleed and break their legs,

Barnhart couldn’t reach. and V011€yb811 COfiCh Craig and just about everything ....................... . . . . . . . . . .....
that leads me to believe he‘s When BFOOkS W35 bI‘OUEht t0 Skinner have bOth made else. for UK. They‘re booing _‘ snot“ om ,

already made up his mind.

Why hide if his coach. his
first big hire. is going to re-
turn? The fact Barnhart has
taken a “neither confirm. nor
deny“ support approach to
Brooks‘ job status is concern-

He won‘t even stand up
for his coach. yet he gets up-
set when questioned about it.
Of course. judging from the
UK fan base. bringing back
Brooks may be even worse.

So will Barnhart be
around tomorrow? Or will he
be lurking in the bowels of
Commonwealth Stadium.
pacing and stressing over
what to do?

The last time he had an
option to making a gridiron
coaching hire. it didn‘t seem
like Barnhart was prepared
for much of anything.


Bring this coupon

town. it took the media to ex-
pose a simple question of
NCAA violations Brooks ad-
mitted to at Oregon.

The fact Barnhart wasn't
organized enough to let
Brooks‘ history be known to
Todd was another turnover
for the AD. Barnhart seemed
to fumble. and he really has-
n‘t recovered.

UK Athletics lauds four
regular season conference
championships last season in
men’s basketball. men’s golf.
women's tennis and men's

But none were Barnhart
coaching hires, and one.
women’s tennis coach Mark
Guilbeau. left for Virginia.

One of Barnhart’s hires.
baseball coach John Cohen.
has flopped to this point. Co—
hen was 7-22 in the South-

strides. DeMoss steered UK
to its first winning season in
six years last season. starting
three freshmen. Skinner has
UK volleyball (13-7. 6-4 SEC)
off to its best conference
start since 1998.

These improvements are
admirable. Women's basket-
ball is playing more and
more games in Rupp Arena
and 4.400 season tickets have
been sold this season ,_
about 1.200 less than Memori-
al Coliseum‘s current capaci-
ty and more tickets than last

Volleyball hasn't seen
this success in ages. and
Skinner is used to national
title standards coming from

But this isn't the sweep-
ing shoring up of UK Athlet-
ics the department may


the organization.

Todd's primary job is to
run the academic ship. Sure.
athletics are a staple and a
face of the university, but
that job should be left up to
its athletic director.

If Barnhart doesn‘t want
to be booed. then he should
step up for UK and make a
mature coaching hire.

If Todd doesn't want to be
booed. maybe he needs to
hire a new AD.

Sports Editor Derek Poore
is a journalism senior He can
be heard on the “Big Blue Re-
view" Sunday nights from 8
to 10 and Wednesdays at 4
pm. on WRFL 88.1 FM. Reach
him at dpoorem kykernelrom.




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Soumgct th Blldogs

. Key players:

j Olsen

1 ‘ ‘ back Jerio Norwood
leadsWulldogs mill rushing
, yards and an average of 97.3 rushing
yards per game. Last week against
' Houston. the Moot, mpound senior
rushed for a school'record 267 yards


ry .
Ot‘ Norwood’s 11 career loo-yard
games, three have come at the Cats'
expense. In three games against UK,
he has averaged 1453 yards rushing
per contest. Last season, he rolled up
16; yards on the ground in an MSU
w .
Quarterback Omarr Conner has
of late. Last week, he went
1440M! for 84 yards. 0n the season,
has averaged 128.9 passing yards
per game and completed 52.8 percent
of his passes. He has thrown eight
touchdowns and five interceptions.

Last meeting:

Oct. 30. 2004 __ Mississippi State
won 22-7 last season in Starkville.
Miss. as running backs Jerious Nor-
wood and Fred Reid combined for
274 yards rushing. 0n the game‘s
first series. Quinton Culberson inter-
cepted a Shane Boyd pass and re-
turned it for a touchdown to give the

Mississippi State
2-5 (0-4 Southeastern Conference)
Head coach
Sylvester Croom, second season (5-13)

Defensive end Willie Evans an~
chore the Bulldogs With two more
sewndintheleaguewith 11.5tackles
sonleadstheteamwith 49 tackles,
while middle linebacker Quinton
Culberson issecond with 47. Culber-

Special team
punter Blake

McAdams has gotten plenty of op
portunities this season. and he has
performed well. He has delivered 10
punts inside the 20-yard line and is
second in the SEC with an average of
43.1 yards per punt.

Freshman Derek Pegues is sev-
enth in the SEC with an average of
20.1 yards per kickofi' return.

Bulldogs a lead they would never

Boyd led the Cats on 80-yard
touchdown drive in the fourth quar-
ter to cut the lead to 13-7. but on UK's
next drive he was sacked in the end
zone for a safety The Bulldogs then
marched down field to add another
touchdown and clinch the win.

*3. 1 i» .1“

Friday, Oct. 28. 2005 I PAGE A3

In four straight losses ~— in-
cluding last weekend's 28-16 home
loss to Houston —A the Bulldogs
have been in an offensive rut.
MSU ranks last in the SEC in
scoring and total offense. and it
ranks 111th and 108th nationally
in those categories. respectively.
The Bulldogs have been
outscored 171~101 this season.
they have scored just three touch~
downs in the last three games, all

Against UK. MSU looks to
snap a seven-game SEC losing
streak that dates back to last sea-
son when the Bulldogs beat the
Cats 22-7 in Starkville. Miss. The
Bulldogs also have not won a road
game since 2002. losing 15
straightaway from home.

The Bulldogs have had suc-
cess against UK. winning six of
10. but they have not won in Lex~
ington since 2000.


in Overall: UK leads 18-14

a First meeting. UK wins 19-13

- InlexingtoanKleadle-«i

- Since 1946, the Cats are 43-16 in
Homecoming games.


tor Lott Award



Huffman guartertinalist

athlete representative on
the UK Board of Athletics.
Huffman has also been a

nounced Dec. 11.

nounced in November. and
the winner will be an-

the longest road trip of any
varsity sport this year. as it
heads to Alaska-Fairbanks


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\i'ashcrfidr) cr.
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Susan Ridcnour


b Prudential 859—421-0413


Senior cornerback An-
toine Huffman has been
named one of 15 quarterfi-
nalists for the Ronnie Lott
IMPACT trophy.

Huffman. who has grad-
uated with honors with a
degree in telecommunica-
tions and is working on his
master's in mass communi-
cations. has also been
named to the National Good
Works Team by the Ameri-
can Football Coaches Asso-
ciation. is currently the
president of the UK Stu-
dent-Athlete Advisory Com-
mittee, and is the student-



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past vice-president of the
UK chapter of Athletes in
Action and served as chair-
man of “The Cats‘ Cause"
student-athlete outreach
group. He leads the team in
pass breakups with three.
and has made 20 tackles in
six games. The IMPACT tro-
phy is given to the college
football player who exempli-
fies integrity. maturity. per-
formance. academics. char-
acter and tenacity. It is giv-
en by The Pacific Club IM-
PACT Foundation, located
in Newport Beach. Calif.
Semifinalists will be an-


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Men's soccer faces a must-win game tonight
to keep tournament hopes alive PAGE I!

ky Kernel


‘The Sun' shines light on music videos



Friday, October 28, 2005

UK drops lawsuit against Ellingsworth

By Sean Rose

UK dropped its appeal yes-
terday against Fayette Circuit
Court Judge Gary Payne‘s de
cision to award Becky
Ellingsworth the presidency
of Student Government.

“We believe it is time to
move on and let the Student
Government Association ap-
propriately modify its consti-

tution and allow the universi-
ty to clarify its governing reg-
ulations accordingly," UK
general counsel Barbara
Jones said in a statement.

Ellingsworth said while
the news came as a relief, the
legal procedure hadn’t inter-
fered with her presidential

“I think it’s something
that needed to happen. and
I’m glad that they made that

Celebrating 34 years of independence

decision," Ellingsworth said.
“I've been working with (UK)
for the past six weeks, and I
don't think the appeals
process has hindered me in
working with them this far."
UK’s statement also ex-
plained that the decision was
made because it could take up
to 14 months for the appeal to
be heard. The issue of 80's
independence from the uni-
versity could be handled out-

side the courtroom, the state-
ment says.

“The issue has always
been the process by which the
university and student orga-
nizations are governed,"
Jones said in the statement.
“We are confident we can ad-
dress most of the issues that
were litigated by changing
the Governing Regulations
and the Code of Student Con-
duct to make clear how these

kinds of policy disputes
should be resolved in the fu-

The March 80 election
started a chain of events cul-

minated in the university fil- ’

ing a lawsuit against
Ellingsworth. In the spring.
Will Nash originally won by
popular vote but was disqual-
ified because of campaign vi-
olations. After the SG
Supreme Court confirmed his


disqualification, Nash ap-
pealed the decision to the
University Appeals Board.
The board sided with Nash,
and in response, Ellingsworth
sued UK in June on the
grounds that the SG Supreme
Court should have the final
say in the matter. Payne ruled
in Ellingsworth‘s favor early
last month.

If UK's appeal had been

See Appeal on page 83

TIMELINE I The UK-SG election saga at a glance

March m2: April aim. April

31 ”Em" 11 firm”; 18

UK: Proposal
. Keeneland's fall meet wraps up tomorrow with live racing and a simulcast of the Breeders' Cup
to change SG ; - . * .. ., e . f: “ j "
Just that

Student Affairs responds to 56’s claim
that regulatory ideas are a ‘power play'

By Sean Rose
THE xwucxv mm

UK refuses to Becky Efllgsworth

recognize June sues UK in Fayette
Nash's County Ciuit Court

disqualification over $6 elections






The open and heated discussion over UK’s pro-
posed governing-regulations changes continued
yesterday when Pat Terrell, UK’s vice president of
student affairs, challenged SG’s response to UK.

“The proposed changes to the Governing Regu-
lations regarding Student Government are just
that — a proposal," Terrell’s statement said. “The
administration is reviewing the proposal and wel-
comes input.

“There are some processes and policies that
may need clarification. Right now, this is a work
in progress.”

Terrell issued the response after SG released a
statement calling the proposal “an obvious power
play to gain control of the only statutorily inde-
pendent student organization on campus."

“This (UK’s proposal) shows a complete lack of
respect for the students they hope to educate and
send out into the Commonwealth as capable, qual-
ified citizens," SG’s statement said.

SG President Becky Ellingsworth said Ter-
rell's latest response didn’t change anything.

“As long as the proposal stands, my original
opinion stands,” Ellingsworth said.

The Student Affairs office released a draft of
proposed governing-regulations changes two

See Proposal on page B3

Student spots
guaranteed in
tuition group

Board of Trustees approves suggestion

from $6 president about committee

By Sean Rose
THE mmcxv «mu


Above: Jockeys take the first turn on the turf
track at Keeneland on Oct. 14. The Keeneland fall
meet opened Oct. 7 and closes tomorrow. Live
racing starts early Saturday at lO am, and simul-
casting of the Breeder's Cup continues through-
out the day.

Keeneland resumes live racing in April 2006.


Right: Silas Shake waves to the tractors as they
smooth the track in between the races at
Keeneland on Oct. 14. Silas’ family is from Lexing-
ton and has been coming to the racetrack for


Hmosnlunwrnm | srm



ears for movies

lections directly inspired by
the script. Scott would begin
by developing themes for ma-
jor characters and story ele-
ments. and then used those el-
ements to compose the final
score. After composing the se-
lections. Scott would give
them to Ritter. who edited the
music into the movie himself.

“This method of scoring
presented a challenge. but
also turned out to be a re-
warding experience.“ Scott

Scott said it takes him
about an hour and a half to
compose one minute of score
and as long as six months to
produce one feature-length

After the film was re
leased. Scott manufactured a
soundtrack that included all

See Score on page BZ


Student composer al‘

Scott. Like
most kids.
he played
with di-

through a personal connec-
tion during the pre-produc-
tion phase of “Reconciled."
Ritter was so impressed by
nosaurs and Scott's music that he hired
spaceships him to compose the score.

_ _ — but in- “I was literally blown
composer. has been writing stead of ani- away by Nathaniel‘s talent
two original soundtracks for ma] noises, and professionalism." he said.

. . . feature-length films. . he would The film centers on Franklin.
SpOkesman Jay Blanton sald. The committee tradl‘ The thlrd-year mUSlC theo‘ make up a man driven to murder after

tionally has nine members, including two students; ry student recently composed o r i g i n a 1 his wife leaves him. and ex
the new committee would have had three members a score to “Reconciled soundtracks to their move- presses the struggle between
and no student representation before Ellingsworth’s through the Christ." Directed merits. man and his conscience.
proposal. . . . . . . by Tlm Rm”! thls indepen- Scott, who has played pi- “When I approach a score.
“I think in any admmistrative comm1ttee, it's al- dent film features 16 of Scott’s ano for 12 years. took several 1 like to musically identify
ways good to have student input," Ellingsworth said. original songs. “Reconctled” written and aural music theo- certain things such as main
“Students are always affected by (tuition) and we was the subject of a feature ry classes at UK and is cur- characters or important story
need to make sure the student voice is heard." article called “I Scored" in rently enrolled in an orches- elements. with themes that
The Non-Resident Fee Committee handles in-state Film Score Magazine and is tral class. He said he also en- represent them." Scott said.
resident tuition issues and hears appeals from stu- now available on DVD. joys creating storyboards for This project was unlike any
dents applying for in-state tuition. “I've been seriously com- finns he had worked on before. he
Ellingsworth's suggestion was accepted and the posing since 2000, but have Ritter, who has been in the said.
amendments to the comm1ttee W' composed mustc m mynhead film industry for more than 20 Instead of using themes.
See C ill a on page 33 smce I was very small. 531d years. was introduced to Scott Ritter asked Scott to create se»

I \

By Tegan Alexander
in: moucxv mm

Nathaniel Scott watches
movies with his eyes shut.

For more than five years,
Scott, a UK student and a film

Student representation will be guaranteed in the
restructuring of the Non-Resident Fee Committee af-
ter Student Government President Becky
Ellingsworth proposed an amendment during the UK
Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday.

The board was restructuring the committee and
making it smaller to make it run more efficiently, UK





mm | Friday. Oct. 28. zoos





Continued from page 81


of his original scores from
the film. The CD can be
found at music stores
around campus and Joseph-
Beth Booksellers.

Scott enjoys listening to
all types of music
and said he com-

Since “Recon-

Light." Although
with UK's Depart-
he has written
other student pro-
Short films.

matic. orchestral
music in the same tOId

composers such as
John Williams.
Jerry Goldsmith
and Howard
Shore." he said.
citing composers whose
credits include “Star Trek."
"The Lord of The Rings"
trilogy and “Star Wars."

Scott said he wants to
finish his four years of for-
mal music education at UK
and then attend a film-scor-
ing program at the Universi-
ty of Southern California in
Los Angeles.

“Until then. I will contin-
ue to build a list of scoring
credits. gaining as much ex-
perience as I possibly can
before heading out to Cali-

Though classes. work
and composing keep him
busy. Scott said he loves to
watch movies in his free