1 his Opera Workshop
V of Aimo Kiviniemi-Arnold Blackburn-Nathaniel Patch, Tenor, Organ, Piano
l`1lS University Orchestra
*0m- University Chorus
nors. University Band
gon- Baccalaureate
hen Commencement
»ved University Art Gallery. A series of changing exhibitions is presented each
year in the University Art Gallery under the direction of the Department of
or a Art. These exhibitions include paintings, drawings, prints, photography, and
the sculpture by major masters of the past and present, work by contemporary
hall artists of the region, and an Annual Student Exhibition. Major exhibitions
Edit which were held in 1958-59 include: ·
OH New Talent, U.S.A.: Important painters selected for exhibition by the
American Federation of Arts.
Leonardo do Vinci: Models and drawings of Leonardo’s inventions cir-
culated by International Business Machines Corporation.
ual. 12 VVashington Artists: A view of important work done by artists whose
iese public is internationally oriented. Lent by the ]efferson Place Gallery,
Washington, D. C.
Graphics ’58: Invited prints and drawings from over 30 of the leading
artists of this country.
jg, Dramatics. Each year the Cuignol Theatre presents a series of plays in
;tu_ which students, faculty, and others interested in dramatics may participate.
Other Opportunities. The Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A. sponsor a series of in-
formal discussions in the Student Union, the men’s dormitories, the women's
dormitories, and in the various fraternities and sororities. The Cosmopolitan
Club, composed of students and faculty from foreign countries and the United
States, seeks to promote intemational good will and world brotherhood through
social, educational and cultural programs. Departmental clubs add effectively
to the cultural life of the University.
The University has its own FM station (91,300 megacycles), carrying the
call letters WBKY. Students taking courses in Radio Arts, and others of demon-
strated talents are permitted to gain actual broadcasting experience by filling
positions on this station. From the WBKY studios, daily programs are also
broadcast to WHAS, Louisville, the Lexington commercial stations, and other
Religious Life
,,0 The University, because it is distinctly interested in the religious life of
students, encourages them to participate regularly in the worship of the church
of their choice and to affiliate themselves with such student religious groups as
may be provided. On the campus the Young Men's Christian Association and
the Young Women’s Christian Association are active student-led organizations,
each with a full-time director. The Y.M.C.A. has a half-time assistant working
with freshmen in the dormitories. Frequently great spiritual leaders are brought
to the University to speak.
Through the existence of student groups representing most major branches
of jewish and Christian Faiths, spiritual growth may be nourished. The activi-
ties of these groups are coordinated through the Interfaith Council. Most student
religious groups furnish trained personnel who are sympathetic counselors and
who are actively interested in the student’s lives.