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The ECentucecy Kernel



Pictures of 1944
Wildcat Eleven

Suggestions For





n Tecunc

Smashing Wildcat Offensive
Slated To Maul Tennessee
In Classic Brawl Saturday



.JAY, SEPTEMBER 29. 1944


Kernel Meeting

Rules For

students Interested in
working on The Kernel this
quarter are requested to attend
a meeting at 4 p.m. Monday, in
The Kernel News room,
of McVey hall. This
meeting is compulsory for all
staff members.

Cannot Pledge
Until End Of

First Quarter

'Cats Given Edge
For First Time
In A Decade


Most Civilian Men Regis terd
Since Winter Quarter In 1942;
Enrollment Stands At 1,627
Men To Women
Ratio Placed At
Three To One

Former Kernelites Killed
In Action In European Area



Men's social fraternities on the
University campus are now governed by new regulations which
' By Betty Tevis
were issued from the Dean of Men's
The fall quarter registration peroffice in July.
Kentucky's Wildcats, with
August 12 First Lieut Robert iod ended Tuesday with the largest
.The regulations for the operation
one SEC triumph behind them.
enrollment of civilian men since
and control of the fraternities are
jwwwwj.,1 hljj uoi u.nr.iiin..i...iin J. Ammons, 22, University graduate. the winter quarter of 1942, accordJourney to Knoxvllle today, fans may
was killed in action in France, a
as follows:
expect the traditional rivalry to
War Department telegram disclosed ing to an announcement from the
No fraternity will be allowed to
brew into a hot contest. Coach Ab I
registrar's office.
this week.
An order was filed in Federal Disoperate in any capacity until all
Kirwan remains quiet and John
1657 Register
Scarcely a month ago an official
trict Court in Lexington on August
current debts have been paid.
says he
Barnhill of Tennessee
A total number of 1657 ituden'3,
report told of the death on July
All fraternities must have a 24 dismissing a suit which sought
"hasnt much this year" but South12 of First Lieut. Harold E. Winn, of which 462 are freshmen,
housemother living in a room pro- to collect an estimated $92,705.79
eastern grid fans know the two
25. a UK graduate in '42.
rolled during the regular two-dvided for her In the house. She from the Mawen Motor Corporateams are more evenly matched
Within a few week time, two period, and the number is expected
must be approved by the Dean of tion, former operator of the Wen
than they have been in years.
former students, who had attended to be raised within the next few
Men. She shall inspect all the rooms
is high in the WildEnthusiasm
classes together, who had worked days by students who register late.
cat camp and the men who know
and halls in the house daily and Laboratory at the University.
together on the staff of the Ken- During the first day of registration.
The suit, filed originally in Fa
see that they are kept clean and in
are cautious in predicting victory for
tucky Kernel, lost their lives in 438 civilian men enrolled, which
yette Circuit Court last May 23 by
Tennessee, long undisputed king of
good order. The Dean of Men or
places the ratio of women to men
the annual classic,
his representative will also make H. A. Harper and James M. Molloy
fxjAciBob Ammons was appointed editor on the University campus at 3 to 1.
Ticket Sales High
frequent Inspections of all fraternity and later transferred to Federal
in chief of the Kernel in 1941 when
Compared to last year's total of
court, was dismissed at their re''
Advance ticket sales indicate that
he was Just a sophomore, and in 1833 this fall's registration shows
30,000 may see Barnhill trot his new
Committee Appointed
"Windy" an increase of 176 students.
February of '42 ha made
team onto Shields-Watkifield at
It had sought to recover for the
Winn the managing editor. In June
The President of the University
A4S Highest
J p. m. in Knoxville Saturday. The
State all profits they said should
of that year Lieutenant Winn
will appoint a small administrative have accrued to
The Arts and Science college enVol offense is still untried but Kirthe University
graduated and went to the armed rollment leads with a total tabula"
committee to cooperate with, the through operation of
wan knows Bamhill's single wing
the laboratory
services, while Lieutenant Ammons tion of 950. The other colleges are
Dean of Men in the control and since May 1. 1941.
preference and has coached the 'Cat
The University
finished his college career, graduat- credited with the following number
management of fraternities. All cancelled its contract with '
squad all week to meet it. Tennesing In '43.
chapters must have the approval of motor corporation last June 1. the
of students: Agriculture, 214; Comsee's only game was an informal
Bob Amnions
This last spring Ammons visited merce. 185; Engineering, 121; Eduthe committee in buying, building,
contest against Carson-NewmThe laboratory, donated to the
the campus, during a furlough, and cation, 98; Law, 24; and Graduate
or renting houses. This committee University
V-and they pushed the Navy boys
.through an organization
while he was here, wrote a guest School, 36.
will decide what improvements, if controlled By Axel L. Wenner-Grean over the Knoxville field holding
editorial for the April 28 issue of the The regular women's dormitories.
any, must be made and what equipthem scoreless.
Swedish industrialist later placed
ment must be installed in all on the State Department's black,
Patterson and Boyd halls, have
"Kirwan and Shively have done
At the University,
Lieutenant been redecorated and are housing
houses leased or owned to make list, was named in
an amazing Job in installing the
of its
Ammons was a member of Omleran
them habitable.
sophomore women.
Our only chance to dedonor. But the University's board
Delta Kappa; Phi Beta Kappa: freshman and living
This committee will decide the of trustees directed the name be
feat Kentucky is to outscore them."
in the three
back replaces another on the KenOne former
Kentuckian staff; Press club; Wild The number
extent of tne operation of eac'. dropped at the same time it can
That was the comment of coach
women's residence halls
tucky line-u- p
as Norman Klein of Louisville Male takes over for
cat staff; Patterson Literary society. Lydia Brown, McDowell, is 373. The
chapter, whether to operate a house celled the Mawen Motor CorporaJohn Barnhill after he and five asand Sigma
James Howe of Fort Thomas' Highlands high school.
president; Scabbard and Blade:
with or without meals or to con- tion contract.
sociates scouted the Wildcats at the
freshman, sophomore and Junior Nu houses are also housing
Ole Miss game last week. Commentduct a chapter without either. The
This number is 79.
Harper and Molloy, alumni of the
representative in Student Govern
ing on the power of the Wildcat Ninety-Thre- e
committee will also decide how University, said dismissal of the
Kincaid Redeearated
ment association; Freshman club,
many men may be accommodated
running game he admitted their
Kincaid hall has been redecoFederal court suit would not affect
Pitkin club: Board of
passing attack was also dangerous.
under each of the operations named another suit they filed March 17 in
rated and is being used to house
Student Publications;
Barnhill announced plans last week
above. It is understood that any Franklin Circuit Court,- seeking to
Union House committee, and Who's men students. Dr. William S. Ward
to drill his second team in
permission given to operate may be
Who Among Students in American and Mrs. Ward are serving as head
in salary allegedly
plays and send the first squad
modified or terminated at any time paid Dean James H. Graham of
The list of 93 graduates who- He was residents.
Collect and Universities.
against them this week.
Approximately 190
completed their final work during for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts if the condition of the chapter de the College of Engineering at the
also a member of Delta Tau Delta
Rate Taps
men remain on the campus and
mands it.
the preceding quarter and have in Education;
University while, he was in WashWillie Semenda
Kentucky is rated among the naMembers Limited He was a graduate of Henry Clay they are quartered in Breckinridge
been approved by the board of
ington. The case was continued
tion's top teams as a result of the trustees, was released by the Regis- Adams, Alice Louise Benton, Luhigh school, and was a member of hall.
No chapter will be permitted to until next January.
27-- 7
defeat of Mississippi. trar's office Monday.
Clarke, Evelyn have more than 50 actives
cille McKinivan
the news staff of the Lexington
A plea that Graham is serving
Sports writers
even down TenHerald before he entred the Army.
There was no formal ceremony Percival Coffman, Ann Elizabeth pledges at any time and none shall as a consultant to the Secretary of
nessee war admit the Wildcats
Lieutenant Winn was a member
cmld have tallied larger score for tlie graduates on completion of Earle, Wathalyne Tipton Fairchild, pledge more than 25 men in one Wr and unable to come here Col-vlof the 240 club, active in Scabbard
aitii out i&uch more trouble. Ken- their work but their diplomas will Marian Atkinson Faulkner, Mildred year. No freshman may be pledged was allowed by ': Special Judge
and Blade, was sports editor and
tucky. Duke, Virginia, Florida and Oe mailed to them as soon as pos- - Paulina Wanlriin l"!ornlvYi T?hrv1oe unless he has a standing of 1.0 for
then managing editor of the Kernel.
Harold Winn
He also allowed Harper and Molthe preceding quarter or semester.
sible and their names will appear!
Clemson seemed the big guns In the
His home was in Marion, Kentucky.
Margaret ison. wora Se
in the June '45 commencement
The committee will see to it that loy to file an amended petition
south after the openers.
In a friendly effort to promote"
Lieutenant Ammons received his
bastian Mosby, Martha wood Neb- - all books and bills are submitted to naming Frank D. Peterson, Univer
Kirwan's lineup is unannounced program.
Army training at Camp Hale. Col., campus fellowship between
lett, Annabel Roberts, Joan Schle-ge- l, the Comptroller by each chapter at sity comptroller, among defendants
but he will probably use the same
and freshmen, SGA has .
Arts and Sciences
and Camp Carson, Cot. In England
Thacker, the first of each month for audit. . and making other changes in the
Helen Marguerite
one as in the opening game with
since June 30. he took part in the inaugurated "Hello Walk" as its
graduates are: College of Elizabeth" Ellen Whaley, and Geor-gianThe
memEach chapter must have
the substitutions of Norman Klein,
invasion of France July 7. and was second project of the school year
"We have dismissed our suit
ber of the University staff or an
Louisville back, for Jimmy Howe, who Arts and Sciences: Candidates for
Signs saying "HeDo" will be placengaged in the Battle of France up
the Degree of Bachelor of Arts:
College of Commerce: Candidates alumnus living in the city in active against the Mawen Corporation as
suffered a broken collar bone SaturKentuckian pictures will be made until the time of his death. He. had ed at points alona the
Leland Edgar Day. Lula Jeane for the Degree of Bachelor of Sci- control of the internal operations that company no longer exists in
day night. Howe will be back in
campus walks and will rebeen listed as missing in action since
Mar-grence in Commerce; Eunice Leigh of the fraternity. He should ap- Kentucky," Harper and Molloy said Monday, Oct. 2, through Wednestime for the last one or two games. Foley. Mildred Ann Hannah,
main on each walk for a week. Every
Hartman, Dorothy Combs Arnold, Mary Burnam Brittain, prove all purchases of furniture in a written statement. "The pri- day, Oct. 11. in the basement of Sept 2.
every fresh
Vols Inexperienced
more than two student and especially
Locknane, Wilma Clay Cecil, James Francis
Hill, Mary Elizabeth
and equipment and see to it that mary object of our suit was to di Memorial Hall, for Junior and sen- years. the service forWinn had- man who passes on the walk desig- Most of Bamhill's players are Virginia
Francis Mitchell, and Earl Doyle, Callie Ann Morris, and Mary members and pledges pay their bills vorce the University from all con- ior classes and all organizations
young and inexperienced like Ken"ru'
overseas since February. He train- Charles Purvis, Jr. Candidates for Jean Runyon.
having individual pictures.
He should confer at nection with this Wenner-Gre- n
ia lom' fMhlon 10 ever
tucky's squad but Barnhill admitted
ed at Fort Benning. Ga.. Camo
the Degree of Bachelor of Science;
one he meets.
least once a month with the Ad- company. This we have accom(Continued on Page Six)
Graduate School
Group Pictures
Wheeler, Ga.. and Camp Atterbury,
Joseph Brasher Boatman, Robert
It's a new Idea designed by SGA
Graduate School: Candidates for ministrative Committee and give
Any organization not Included Ind. He was killed at Saint Lo.
Burton Breeding, McHenry Shreve
to make everyone feel more com
the Degree of Master of Arts; John them a list of all men in arrears.
last year and desiring individual
Brewer, James Campbell Cantrill,
fortable on campus. Its siicress de
Live In Dorms
pictures is asked to get in touch
John Parker Hill Jr., Ralph Ernst Coleman Arnold, Theressa Anna-belpends upon cooperation from every
The Board of Trustees had prewith staff members or the photoMeyer, and Murrell Leon Salutsky. Garr, Chloe Gilford, Dorothy
student President Bill Emory urges
Kuhn, Carmen Perez Roman, viously passed these regulations:
graphers at Memorial Hall before
Degree of Bacheus to "make this friendly project of
All freshman men must live in
Dr. M. M. White, acting assistant Candidate for the
and Marjery Allene Thomas.
Funeral services for Augustus noon Monday. Those organizations
in Music: Donald
today a friendly custom of tomor
men's dormitories unless excused by Noah May, 68, retired professor of which
dean of the College of Arts and lor of Science
had individual pictures last
Candidates for tne Degree of the Dean of Men; no male fresh- Galloway. Candidates for
Sciences since March. 1941, and Norman
of Science Master of Science; Annie Mary rtnan may live in a fraternity house; industrial education at the Uni- year but wish to be excluded this
Pointing out that the University
head of the department of psycho- the Degree of BachelorEvyline
versity, who died Thursday, Sept. time are requested to do the same. is able to house less than 20 per
Botts, Floyd Cox. Morton Irwin
Library Science:
no male freshman may pledge a
logy, has been named associate in
Merl Baker, engineering senior cent of its normal enrollment. Pres
Joseph Moore, Ima Mae Van Dolin, John Loice Owen, and Wil fraternity until the end of his first 21, were held at 3 p.m. Saturday,
dean of the college by the board
September 23.
from Hopkinsville, has been chosen ident H. L. Donovan has asked the
liam Landon Smith.
Hook, Helen Louise Williams.
quarter or semester in the Uni
of trustees, upon the recommendaBefore coming to the University, managing editor of the '45 Ken' board of trustees to proceed at once
Candidate for the Degree of Mas- versity.
Bachelor of Science
tion of Dr. Paul P. Boyd and PreS'
years tuckian, with Sarah D. Rainey. arts with plans to build a large residence
where he served twenty-foter of Science in Public Health:
No male student above the fresh
ident Herman L. Donovan.
College of Agriculture and Home Lawrence Landis.
on the staff until his retirement in
sciences Junior from Ashland,
man year may be initiated until 1943, he was on the faculty of and Mary Lillian Davis, arts and hall for women and one for men
Dr. White came to the Univer Economics: candidates for the deand
on the campus.
Master Degrees
been enrolled in the Uni Berea college.
he has
sity In 1930 as assistant professor gree of Bachelor of Science in Home
sciences Junior from Shelbyville, as
"Probably no state university in
Candidates for the Degree of Mas- versity for at least one quarter or
of psychology, and was named as- Economics; Virginia Haynes Allen,
May is survived by his associate editors, according to an the United States has as little dorProfessor
ter of Arts in Education; Otis Lane semester and made a standing 1.0
sociate professor in 1931, and head Helen Margret Bradford.
wife; a son, Capt. Earl Campbell announcement by June Baker mitory space as the University of
of the department in April, 1943, Rose Chrisman. Sara Lee Mock Adams, R. P. Brown, Louisa Eliza or above.
May, Camp Breckinridge. Ky.; and editor.
By Shirley Meister
Kentucky," Donovan said in his
Marian MarSoon after the beginning of each two daughters,
following the death of Dr. J. B. Floyd, Mildred Snapp Forston, Opal beth Bumgardner,
Mrs. William J.
Question: What do yon expect to
quarterly report to the trustees last
Beauty Is Theme
garet Evens, Garnet C. Hines, Joe quarter each chapter will submit to
Miner. He is also executive secre- Clarice Hurley, Katherine Krug
Stark, and Mrs. James S. Carroll,
get the biggest "bang" out of this
Beauty on the campus will be week.
tary of the personnel office.
Johnstone, Joan Catherine Meyer, Majors, Willie Curtis, Wright Par-ti- the office of the Dean of Men. a Lexington.
Outlining in detail the building
the theme of the '45 edition, with
list of actives and pledges. No man
Prichard, Lelia BarnJean Bernice
Bud Miller, Ag.
pictures of the buildings and scenic needs. Dr. Donovan told the trustees
Emma Seifried Phelps, Ida Mae may be initiated without a permit
Sowand, and
hill Schooley, Erwina
that during the entire history of Chemistry.
spots of the campus featured.
Pieratt, Lena Turner Saunders, from the Dean of Men. This will
Mary Jacqueline Stamper.
seventy-nin- e
years, less than Frances Murphy,
Snaps Wanted
Alice Elouise Seay, Elizabeth Shai-kube based primarily on scholarship,
CandiCollege of Engineering:
Snapshots of students or campus $1,650,000 had been appropriated sophomore: Seeing all the new
Clarence William Starns, Ray- a standing of at least 1.0 for the
Bachelor mond Jayson Wesley, and Goldie
dates for the Degree of
All SuKy members are urged to activities will be welcomed by the by the General Assembly for the freshman boys.
preceding quarter or semester.
Jimmy Morreaux. Eng., junior:
of Science in Civil Engineering; Margaret Wilson.
Committee attend a very important meeting staff, as one of the goals of the construction of University buildings.
The Administrative
James Hubert Crawford. David
University football
The president termed as "neces The "pre-wa- r"
Candidates for the Degree of Mas- will encourage- the formation of a which will be held at 4 p.m. Monday '45 Kentuckian is more pictures of
and James BarPhelps
more people and more objects of sities" the need of several build games, grillology, etc.
of Science in Education; Fran- student Interfraternity Council In room 205 of the Union.
bour Stevenson. Candidate for the
Marie Denton. A AS, junior: SatAll SuKy tryouts will meet at the interest about the campus. Other ings, including a fine arts center,
YMCA, rW'CA. and Freshman Degree of Bachelor of Science in cis Elizabeth Brown, Thelma Lee composed of a member from each
College of Commerce building, mu- urday night with the "girls."
(Continued on Page Five)
same place at 4:30 p.m.
(Continued on Page Three.)
club . . . will meet together at Mechanical Engineering; Ray Pres Monical, and Eloise Sams Patrick.
Yvonne Lion, A AS, sophomore.
seum. Journalism building, library
6:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Music ton Walters.
annex, hospital and dispensary and Football games.
Gene Marlowe, A AS, freshman:
College of Law
a dairy barn. He also said addition
YMCA Cabinet . . . will meet at
al classroom and laboratory space Making trips to Winchester.
College of Law: Candidate for
7:30 p.m. Tuesday, following genMary E. Miller, A AS, junior. Satwas needed.
the Degree of Bachelor of Law;
eral program.
"When the war memorial field urday morning sleep.
book their front yard, also any girl was party, three thousand strong, used
. . will meet Scott Elgin Reed.
By Adele Denman
when you could walk into the
Phalanx Fraternity .
Lewis Leach, A AS. freshman:
house has been completed, it will
College of Education: Candidates
store an dask for two cartons of considered just "pit" if she didn't to run politics on the campus like give the University great relief by Dating two girls at a time.
at 12 noon Tuesday at Colonial
"Those aid days are gone forever"
Luckies, now they either laugh at have a fur coat and a convertible. a Hitler regime and University of
Bowling Lanes.
Polly Gallaher. A AS, freshman,
providing ample space for its athsaid the seniors mournfully, when you, or
hand you a pack of Kools, What about the big bonfires and the ficals would politely ask the party if
Phi Beta . . . will meet at S p m.
interviewed by a Kernel reporter
letic program and a place for as- Christmas vacation.
which you guard with your life, snake dances before the football they could make a rule.
Tuesday in room 127 of the Union
sembling its student for convocaCaroline Kodra, A AS, sophomore;
this week, as they sat propped up when people try to bum one
games, where everyone got in a long
The Kernel and the Lexington
law. engineering,
commencements, concerts and Culbertson's new rules for bridge.
. . . remember . . . The line and marched with sort of a Herald used to compete to see which tions,
are available at
Owen Lewis, Eng., sophomore:
and medical texts. When asked how oldies continued.
conga step, through the downtown would have the most pages, and other programs where the attendYM, room 115 of the Union building.
capacity of Me- My 1 card.
they felt about the University in
After all girls, life can be beauti- district, and how the KA's used to everyone was telling jokes from the ance exceeds the
BSU . . . meeting at 7:30 pm. toMildred Long has been appointed
conthey replied, "To heck ful,
LaXeUe Fogle, A AS. freshman:
take the freshman for instance. be on the end of the line and pick "Wildcat." student publication that morial hall," Dr. Donovan
night in the Bluegrass room of the Kernel news editor lor the fall with this woman career business
You can always depend on them, up enough ash trays in the Phoenix had all Esquire could boast of.
Doris Singleton, we want a man."
Union building. This is the first of quarter, replacing
Rosemary Freedraan, Ed., junior:
The field house was authorized
At this point they dropped their
they are the perverbial shot in the hotel to furnish their whole house
a series of the programs which will who is now managing editor.
Living in Jewell Hall.
They Reminisced
hankies, stopped their wailing, re by the last General Assembly.
arm of UK social life, they for a year?
Janet Edwards has taken over her
be held every night for all students
Veils Jane Strong. A AS. freshIn his report. Dr. Donovan ref,
In the wintertime, remember how member, that we are having a war.
Remember the old days when we keep the old ball rolling after the
on the campus. Regular BSU coun- appointed position as
man: Cadets.
ferred briefly to the administrative,
difbe held every Mon- replacing Carolyn Hill, who was made .03 s instead of three stand- life has been beat out of it the year all of the frats used to sculpture, "Sure." said others, "now it's
cil meetings will
Clayton Miracle, AA3. freshman:
pretty girls out of snow in the front ferent somehow, uniforms every instructional and research organiings, and loved every minute of it! before.
graduated in August.
day afternoon at 5.
Oh, but they will help some to be yard . . . how each house would where, coeds listening to war news zation of the University. He also I don't guess III get a bang
manager is Margaret Remember the dances, where each
for all
The business
YW-YCollege night
Hngh Walker Manning.
sure, but what about the dates we have a "passion pit" at the back of Instead of a hot swing band, and reported a student infirmary on
students at 8 p.m. tomorrow in the Julia Wharton, who held the" same fraternity had a certain square on
freshman: A shotgun.
your date used to have for breakfast, and home their houses, and the times one many girls wearing wings Instead of the campus, formerly used by
Bluegrass room of the Union build position during the summer quarter. the dance floor, and when
now is available to
Wilbur Cox, Com, freshman:
fraternity pins."
The complete fall staff will be an- was in one frat, all of the boys coming, when the Phi Delta used would have such funl
ing. Special attraction wiU be the
(Continued on Page Four)
In the old days the Independent
nounced next week.
rushed you off your feet, remember to have those filthy decorations in
amateur program, dancing

Case Closed
Harper, Molloy



Ask Dismissal










v. 4





Summer Grads
To Receive' Diplomas Soon





Campus Fellowship

To Be Furthered

With 'Hello Walk'

Monday First Day
For Kyian Photos



To Be Taken





Dr. White Named
Associate Dean

Former Professor
At UK Dies


Dr. Donovan Asks
University Board
For New Dorms

,so THty

De-var- y,





SuKy Members
Attend Meeting


Mc-Co- rd



(Ole Days Gone Forever': UK Students


Long, Singleton
Receive Positions
On Kernel Staff











* The Kernel Editorial Page



Butty Ttvis

M arc i s


ft- - rum

tO Muum


tM aa.tiss



s. Fh.sciste





Or." Yoar





iPuhlnhrtl in The OiWx. newsletter written by
Amcritiins in Kritnin. was this personal litter written
In a riipiuiii in the Amerirmn Fanes to his lather in tlie
just won't be answered. The ques- - I'nilril States. It repreents an hunesl eljurt by tin
tion te "How do 1 m
a sweet cute iiitrlliitrnt young olilier to put ilinen on paper the
-woman?" Not being exper- - things he has been thinking about since his assignment
ienced myself, as I haven't had a in hiitain.i



By Don



date since mi , wouldn.t advise
tripping her and then saying, "Oh!
Pardon me. Could I help you?" The
danger of a hospital bill is too great.
I would suggest you wait 'til you
see her in the grill, then accidentally trip, spill a coke all over her.
offer to pay the bill, and then get
her name. This approach is so subtle that she will never suspect that
you were trying to flirt. Be careful,
however, that when you spill the
coke she isn't sitting with some
"male" larger than you are.
(Male reminds me of. the time a
woman sued the government when
the army operated on her husband.
She claimed they opened her mail!)
Good advice to use when on your
first date is to be sure not to say,
"Do you want your coke now or
later?" Rather ask her if she wants
a coke. If she says yes then order
two straws. This is another subtle
approach that never fails.
This week our award to the best
jive cat goes to Marjorie Choate of
Boyd hall and Sebree. Our prize
to Miss Choate is one pair of arch
supports to protect her when dancing with jive h6unds, and one "wolf
gun" guaranteed to protect the


Prospects For '44 Are Good
UK this SepienilHT. 1911.
war days all over again.

is a

liini of


Pari of the men's tloi initoi its li.ive
to their natural iiili.ui status, ami this quarter
along wiih the familiar sight l a lew inai ihiu
ASTP men on their wav to the "chow" line is
the fairly steady stream of the Irishmen college
"Joe"- and "Josie." And speaking of these fust
year student war may have unladed t lie traditional freshman lieanics ant) the tragic era
thev. represented, hut the inevitable plaid socks,
rolled pant legs, and s tilled saddles look



Aid seeing another crack Wildcat eleven on
Stoll Field was a thrill shite menioi ies of a '45
lo-- t
in a sat) looking
grid season have all
stadium. I.ast Satiud.iv night's display
against Ole Miss piovcd again that all that is
needed l make "On. On. I', nl K." icallv ring
out like old times is to have another Big Bine
team to cheer on.

This fall too the (mol'mcni figures have
soared. Not so much that the '.'W and '10 quota,
which was the highest in the history of the
school, was equaled agaii. hut enough that the
Student Union building was pleasantlv briin-ruinwith students practically tvtiv hour during registration. It almost sounded good to hear
an advisor look tip into the inquiiing hues of
at least fourteen people and with that oltl familiar gleam in his eve sav. "Sotiv. that (lass has
been filled for two davs now. You'll have to
find something else."

Patt ami Bovd Halls have taken on a new
appeal am e both inside ami out. During the
summer regulation C.I hanatks have been
turned hack into leniiuine lesitleme halls.
Fluffy curtains oiue again hang fiom the (t
ings, walls have been lcpainird light pinks and
blues, ami lite reception rooms look light and
airy with freshly upholstered furniture to greet
any prospmive male who might want to wander in.

The cars parked in ft out of Pan Saturday
night ate prcttv good evidences thai something
is definitely

in the oiling lor lieslmicn women
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Let's Try To Have Another

"de-icer- ."

Famous Best Band In Dixie

Women's Army

For years one of the biggest thrills at a UK
football game has been to watch the Best Band
in Dixie step out onto the field at half time and
demonstrate six or eight snappy formations as
they pranced before an enthusiastic 'crowd.
Dr. Alexander Capurso, head of the University music department and director of this once
well known band, has made various announce-- ,
ments during the past few months to the effect
that he would make every possible effort to have
a marching band, if not a concert band, if he
was given the full cooperation of those capable
of reorganizing it.

Again we reach the point where
the local woman's army descend
upon the frosh for pledging. As
two of the local plain clothes men
of the establishment said, "Ain't
bad at all Joe." For a much fuller
report on the situation I will try
to print the names and phone numbers (if passed by the censor) of
the best ones trotted out at the
open houses. That is, in case yours
truly gets an invite.
This column very seldom answers letters but there is one that

working girl. Local No. 326 rules
that Miss Choate must present a
copy of The Kernel and a top from
her favorite breakfast cereal to receive the prize.

If you do something unusual
maybe you will be next week's

Somewhere in Fjigland
Dear Father.
Your letter, asking me to write to you of my
impression of the British people, their country,
and their relation to us, arrived yesterday and
the follow ing is a result thereof.
When mv regiment arrived over here early
last fall. ea(h of us had our own personal opinions of what this nation would be like. From
discussions with some of the men and the other
officers, both before and after arrival in Britain.
I discovered that, for the most part, their opinions were based on an imagination guided not
by knowledge, but by incomplete or absolute
latk of infoi mation about the nature of the Englishman and the country he lives in.
The neglect of this important part of our
educations by our leaders was criminal. American soldiers are paying for it todav on the battle
I think the attitude of our pie-wa- r
is well exemplified
bv the quota lion recently
used by a leading daily newspaper. "In her intercourse with other nations may my country
always be right, but my country." A slogan wrll
suited to a nation which is governed bv the
jieople and yet the people have never been