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V} ` Z.’Zj1r` `{ *1*. · . 4 V
A     ·· a Q;  r
1: .»v nga. Tg P
`:-   . ‘ KR »»·‘ J:
  ~:  `   . .,.. *
. A   S   .
  i —
— Q
‘ E
 T 2
 y  i
{32%. {
 P    A
‘-   ·‘;-’€
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  W §
iw i
_______,_______   I
__"" '_______';;j__ __ ______....._............ ....,...........-.» -
;·*%_ ______1: j_"T____,TT‘_,"‘;‘ ."'“'......""“........"'.'..`.". -..“..."' 

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it re i
(Klip Hnitwruitg uf l(I‘1IT1X1'kQ
1 lntorrnotion l·lc.tndbool< For New Students
l Published by: Student Governinent Associdtion, House Presi»
  dents! Council, Y. M. C. A., Y. VW. C. A., Student Union Bodrd,
i `Wornens Residence Holls, Ponllellenic Council, lnter»Eroternity
1 Council.
Mcrrtlid Ycttes ..... . ................,..... . ...........ccc....i.,................ W`onien's Editor
George Srnitli ..................... . .... . .................................ccc......... Mens Editor
tg Ered Niclrols     ..   ........................ . ............. Generdl Division Editor
l Bettie Tuttle H cc,..   ....cccc,........   cc.........,........... , ...... Business Monoqer
,   Eoculty Advisors: Miss lnind Poole, Mrs. Dorothy Evdns, ond
‘   Dr. Bennett `\/Volt.

T/1‘ l/V PI
lzVhen you drrive in Lexington, ldden with luggage, tzkiout the >
first thing you'll do will be to check in dt one of the three dorms, l
three bdrrdcks or two houses one of them will be home ond heard- E
QLlCIfl€1"S to you for the next several rnonttrs. {
lf you're Cf freshmdn, you'll probobly heod for Pdtterscz; lldll, i
which will house you dnd dbout ZOO ot your fellow first—yedr stu—
dents. Ndmed for rorrner president p$" V Q  -- "r_l I j?;i7*
ll ri.     —_  . ____‘     ..‘      ._ li-il liir
bi., V.    r   _   5 rs,.
¥ “ ;r ` its A    Q,  ,._ , *0 7*.
  · · 3 V. V %   .*   1   ». “~. `*
·<‘V r  ?:~:?”  =   ` ,   · — »l l“ ,·   i.` "°~_·  
  *  MW 0   r  -     Y 5***    
.";z·£? ...S M ·  »‘3__    “”?  E . V K; ’ _ .
    H 4 ,,· l  in és? ·;?"·»__M>;       It
    .   »    ly   ;¥   {AQ —    
—·‘»* in . ~.,;\  g; ‘r·a     ,,.     _’·  _`  · .-I   y  
  :··»—~~V        r?j·;jN.~/, W e y   " ·.·· i   i
  A   F "  ~;     »* ; — —; {Z r `       ‘ __·· 5  
="°   It i l' “? ri ‘   in  ?g ¥l*`?  ·   `— 
' k. .   ' `; ru  {x` _    ___,_   ` é‘i M? ty;-.tjEY;_ any   * *;» ~ 3::  xxi
‘° . . . {  . ,        `€i"=Z‘ L   
- -· ,-‘` if     ;·» 2       ’,_ *·’> :l   ‘‘`‘
  ir   ·`‘.  ·`   ..—.   ` ` »T*·é;’;     ~
rrr-; ; .`·/·    2; 1`*£; :;;;+1;,;  1 e 21;;+0 A
Orie more spot indi 1*;;;:3; elicit:. your ;:.11-einiczi   Cnet   ljizff-e.
This   cz srnoll sliop in the li;i:set;;e1*it ci Pott Hell, ¤.·.#l*rioh sells e‘.‘ery—
r}ii;rg irc; zr;r.;r;? :.r:st<: r;»   if'l]"ZQj·.?'P i1 irer.riii~1 pours.
All riiedls tor resicletice l;;ill girls crre served cczleterioesiyle in
ilre cininc; rcorrt, wi*;ic§i is on ine first tloor of Boyd oi: rczinples
tc tire tiiird floor ot lewell Colin yourseli   it workslt. Eredktdsi
is served on weekodys iroin GAS io BAS, dnd ori Sundoy irozti 3:30
xo €:L0. Lunch tirne is irorn ll:00 to l o'clock tlrrouqm the week
irnd din*·‘et* is servsd trtizzi .5 to +5:30 éundziy dinner is li ri; lz?}
Get nieol .icl·;ets for you; quests in tire dining roo;1. ?rioes
dre Soc tor lirecriicrsi, 50c i;r iuiicir, 75c icr weekly ditiiieis czzid
one dollctr for Suliooy dinner. Guests lor nieols dre welooiiie oiiy
tiirie, but you'd better get your nieol ticket driedd oi tiiiie. l:1cideiitdl—
ly it is custonictry to introduce your quests to the Heczd Resident.
Dress for the dininq llCtll GS you would tor tlie cdrnpus, except
dt Suridoy lnrectktost, You indy cozzie to bredlaldst Sundoiy in your
liousecoot ond slippers, but if your Emir is in curlers, pleczse x··re»11r cr
scdrt. Sunddy dinner is more lOTUECll tlictn during tlie week, so wedr
heels ond d dress or suit.
One or two more little things: —s The qirl dt the liedd   iiie
tulirle dcts cis iiostess amd tolies your order lor coffee, tec: or nail; .

G00cz’ H0use}eeep1n¤ t
U l
Settle The Matter t
Before you con get recrlly settled down, youfll hctve to get  
together with your roommctte (or roomincttes) cmd divide closet, ,.
drdixrer, cmd desk spctce. The hcrll furnishes pillows cmd sheets,  
so you Li bring crlong your own bedsprectds, blcmkets, curtcrins cmd  
dresser scctrves. To this collection it is well to ctdd ct lctundry bcig,  
shoe };c;g, soctp dish, glcrss cmd spoon. lf you ccm, it's nice to hcrve l
your cvsri tron cmd ldundry rcrck. You cmd your roommcrte can  
decide scout ctccurnuldting such necessctry extrcts cts cm ctlctrui clock, f
rctdic, bcokends cmd food contctiners.
lt w·.ron't tctke you long to become properly cmictzed ctt the woy
clothes, books cmd debris cctn pile up until your room looks like
ct jungle. So try to keep it ltvctble youlll he spending cz l;=t  
time there.
Cfeanmg L
The rnctid on your floor will clecm your room cmd provide you  
with fresh linen once cr week. Cn thcit dcty you ctre expected td  
clectr your dresser top cmd 'lptck up" your room so thcrt she can it
clectn more thoroughly. Your rnctid's nctrne cmd schedule nrcry lie  
found cn the bcxck of the closet door.  
lf ycu hctve cmy pictures to be hung, hcmg them from the  
molding, becctuse deductions will be mode from your room deposit  
tf your itrczlls ctre dctrndged by the use of tctcks, nctils, ctdhesive ci  
scotcy. ttzpe, or stickers of cmy kind or if cmy of the room furnis]i» lt
ings crre ciczmctged, for thcrt mcttter.  
Fgcci in your room will hctve to be kept in metctl contctiners,  
cmci nct on the window sill, plectse. Another item to be kept out it
of the vxiitdows is clothing. By the wcty, you ctren/t supposed to  
hcmg your clothes on the sprinkler system, either. at
Speaking of clothes brings us to the new wctshing mctchines t
in ecrch ci the dorms. ln Pcttt cmd Boyd the wctshers ctre in the bctse- ,
ment cziong with ct stegm dryer in the lcttter, cmd in lewell the 5
mctchine is in the lcrundry room on the fourth floor. You iust supply  
the soczp cmd ct dime, cmd you ccm monopolize the wgshing mctchine {
for C1 ltdli hour. Lydict Brown cmd McDowell girls use the mctchine
in Pcrtt, cmd the bcrrrctcks girls use the one in Iewell. ln these
lctundry rooms you'll find the hours for the mctchines use cmd in-
structions for their opercttion. lroning boctrds cmd ctdditionctl lctundry
tubs czre found in ecrch hcrll. Lctundry rctcks, in ctccordcmce with .
stcrte fire regulcttions, must not be plctced in the hctllwctys. l
One more rule for good housekeeping: remember thctt the both-  
rooms czre used by ctll the girls in your hctll; ctfter your both, leczve  
thctt tub rectdy for the next girl.

 r O Ad ‘ · 1 r
Q v
E Br1ef[y~ - The Powers fha! Be
  Mrs. Sctroh B. lfolmes is the dedn of women cz: tre Uziirr-etszxy.
{ fi?}   [ITG llfl   l]CtS€l”l'l€Ill of ll/1*5 t/1.dlTlllYlSllrCIllOZl  
  Assistrtnt Deon of V\fomen is Miss lone lrldselden wncse ;:iice
    dlso in the suite of rooms devoted to womens ddrninistr’;t1‘.*e offi-
,, iiczls. Both Mrs. Holmes ond Miss Hoselden, with they 1i:.;‘:cle
t secretory, Miss l\/lr.trgr;tret Bruce "Brucle" Cruise, terzd ie every
{ ning from dctivities meetings to individudl conferences    
Miss Morgoret Storey, Director of Residence Hctlls,   tes;c:isi—
ble to the Deon of `Women for the orggnizdtion of hctll progrdziis cznc.
for dll nxdtters concerning residents. Pcrtterson Hdlls Heoo Resident
is Mrs. Vtfitlidrn Turner, who ltves on the second floor. Mis. sewis
iCIl`VCIl”Cl, whose office is on the first floor, is Hedd Resioeni ;: Boyd.
Heod Resident for lewell is Miss Morgoret Storey, who lives :2;  
first floor. Mdnoger of the Zrctlls is Mrs. Sidney Zemp, ‘.·r;i~; is in
‘ zzrrzrge of dll housekeeping cmd food service.
  Self government in the hulls is run by corridor represeiicrizves
g who ctre elected by residents of eoch corridor, dnd hcrll officers who
i. ;:re elected by residents of the entire hcrll. They form the nifl coun»
gf oil, which governs ds much ds University rulings permit.
l' » · · t r .
t. The lnterdormitory Council is composed of the vice presrzenrs
` cf ectch dorm crnd socicrl re resentdtives of the smdller units. The r
t D _ _ _>
II ZITTGITQG socictl fUI'1CllO]`lS cmd VVl*lCTlHOl CTff€CllIlQ ITIOYG iZlCII°l C/Z1? ;;dtl.
t Odds and Ends
t, Guests
j Overnight guests ore welcome on Fridoy, Scrturddy ond Sunddy
nights, but not on school nights when you hdve to study. A SLUG fee
, is chcrrged for ectch guest. Your Hedd Resident will sign theztz up.
ln edch hcrll there's ct desk from which you'll be buzzed for pnone
cdlls ond dcrtes. Then you'll get your rncril dt your own box.
+ Laundry
E The Postmistress in Pdtt, Mrs. C. L. `Willidnison, will send
t out your lgundry cmd dry-cleoning, which is done for you dt o
, speciol rote.
» 7

 4 .
Lost and Found
Report dll ortioles to tire lvfgziiitgefs oflioe in tire Boyd lioll l».»s·.i»
V D IZ ’   ‘
All long distcziice ;:;:.lls, i;ioZt;;Eir;g tolls for witiclt \:Et::zg~,1· me-
reveisii, tiiust ne t;l;·t;o ;r; fre xi;ty r~}=:;*t1’s. A f§i¤.OU tivo ¤ .`·. rtl} E .
irnzisseil for infritrqrein-ent   ;Eits reguldtion.
  ;.;~*rsiilett;:.t-5 cit .;~t;ers ;:; ti lirvit your cotzv~;;-rsrxtidtt ti   4
rriiztxttis. Do uct ;:t:¤;·o;tt,:;¤e b;t=· tri-ends tt ;·r;;tl ytttt ¤tft>r wi .·i;tt¤ '
lwurs :;e1;;·itse only   V ·ll.~n iiiccty 2.1, 1e·t:.—t=;eii. E
VI`; e ?eE·e:‘L.~;=n— ,¤¤;r ;rt He ‘   as ;  V F *1 . r ~. S t j
l.;;.:.;‘ ei-ri-¤:i~t in ltewetl Hull.
Tie l2=1~t’i~;:iQi§iF Ct’re ei`qtil1‘tiei *.`.?lil_ tt lyjttfi s;·<*t,xl~i~j>t ttimii   l` J .
;;· ,’Vv  tty; ;·¤ll~ rtriii : ’·_, t xt, 
  7 P`; Fir: yr rr "’
/;t   { t §
34/ {2;:; O fr CQ?
ii-7tO~» qi?
if   pretty s;;;¤i’gi ti; sii;g<..f;tg <.~v?,<:t te <.·Je;,1r‘, drift t .‘.‘ Ke`, y
just stxgt *.·zl.<;1t comes tetra   sort oi   B <;` ot U if iezrtinit e gr Q? . if
CAMPUS: Skirts ono EY.'.7C/]l€I$` or blouses. Witn lotitfers or s·;ti}di?s¤, A
usi1;tlly. {Q
CHURCH AND   Drug otzt   stockings, gloves ond ·   —J...·     ·· - · Q   ~ .
— t   y , » " M » **12; 2%,;    V"' · , i ‘ '
·*~·~~~~ » ¤ ,,Vv’ ,       .-’    ,v-.v   1   1 . ., ·
_ , *— ~   v/~;,·   ·>‘·   ;_    5 0/·?· j· - .,,,;¢__;
1   ’ A ¤         ‘‘L V
g           ,    
1   N   i`.‘1§   A V`·     , ; ·.·¢    
- i   ”   , it ‘ ‘ ’  
 E;} 1,/ #2:      4 ,,,2 A } · ‘_{*
l Y    ·-‘’’ 3  ,~  
`     ’ -·VV  
_1 xi       .A,· ; 1-fr: 
J       °"‘··~ A   ‘;`‘ A af:}
      I ¤         »:=v
  ~; W·¤#·;·    ·--;v a  ;¢;.¤,;»»
, [gm   1   ·%·$Tj:»‘v;,,,· j W
V G   {ry. ,   -·'’ i   '··‘  
' .  it   `fi?.`7  `l%~*`~é,’~     
,~’ r ,  ’?*   ”  
xw   ~’ we.; ‘‘‘—    · *‘V .. ¤~:t*¢ ~ ?~»  ...·  
    r     1r·       
, . r »,V»,`        ‘   
` ’;§&$» A {     ··   ·;§?:;__ _  _;  ,;s¤_ sl V   V v ' V /. we   
11 `   .» —_ Q ’~,‘112     ’*’;‘ -··,»·;·   V . -   y · “, I__ ri; 
Q   is *2*, ·;i»:·“        *      * »~ ·  —-‘    A  `;,:*#»·»,_   ` —    
  `V.,   __  L   -~,, rr   ,
fl ` {V it l ee? .,    <`,/  
il M il l  %$ . . ·¤~·’;
tl " "   " ,_,_ . _, .  
  L ’   ` Th' O F wg?
, t et s zn/Q zs ver zszamrr ry
Q1 A very ltll]UOTlCItIl side oi college lite to everyone, ond one that
Q isirt 211-eritioned rnuoli, is now nruoli it costs to go to sonool. Becduse
l ii will Lnzzke sorne dillerenoe to your budget, we tliouglit you d like
t to   t]tWtQY~t`O}IlliEQll{’lY Bro ‘—,·- . # rnuclr difierexioe ioininif d sorority or
, being tITCt*5}}€ltCl€ttl :·;:n rndke in your rfocrcetbook.
tr Trre tirst tliing wed like to irnpress upon you is: DON”l` GO
1 ~- V Y W . , - · V
t lz will be perfectly dll rigtrt dnd rnucli better tlron becoming involved
{ betore you see how rnucli it will cost.
t Tue trutli of tlie nrdtter is, you odn spend d iortune dt college
1 it you try itdrd enougli. However, tlie indiority ol girls ore sensible
dbout tlie tliing.
For one scliool yedr the cost ot joining d sorority is dbout Sl25.
ln dddition to tuition ond rooni, tlidt's d definite tdctor to consider,
becduse lor only d qudrter dorrn costs dre ds follows;
titwtts ..,........,,....,.... $l3.¢t.·~·
, St11>1¤ti•'·> ;»<—1‘ *|ttIll'l~*l' ....... t,<>¤¤ I’<‘I'SlJttlll$ ...,r......,...,.. SJW
S1111·t:¤_- Stt[¤|t¢‘l'$ .r...,....., 1*1.1111 t·`¤><·t1 :111·l 1w·1»1n ;»:¤1·ti¤·s ,..,. l2,¤¤·1
¤ tI¤»1ts»· in- ............,.,... 4311 't`1‘i1»s t1·»m·· :1n·I visits r..... lt>r·»·1
t t‘<1ntt·it»1tti··ns .,rr.......,,. ww XllN&‘L‘ll<l!‘i!|t$ ...........   $.·1__·‘ V V »
 y    y      y? »_r` L t`_y     V____; {   _q·_`  
t M  ’ · —   5  ,;   *1%%
ll   ,  l  h, £`.;§  ;%€—     l
  — s liv r’‘° 7  .. M M ._.. l
» ll

 K 1
J . .
li/lr. Bells lnventzon Agazrz
_ Freshmen may receive phone calls until 7:3O and at night from
10 to 11:OO.
Speczal Dzspensatzons
Now, about permissions. You will get two overnight permis-
sions a month. Only on weekends may you stay with friends in
c ther dorms, sorority houses, or in town. Give up the idea of spend-
ing the night out of town after a late dance or the like — you just
can't get permission
You may go home any weekend if you leave after your last
class on Friday and get back by dorm—closing time Sunday. You
get your permission from the head resident of your hall. And ii for
some reason you have to extend your weekend leave, notify the
head resident and get her approval.
Permission to go out must be obtained before 8 on the night
you want to go. And remember not to sign out for one place and
then change your mind and go another — gives trouble. This ap-
plies to the end of the quarter as well as to the weekends.
V1/e Reserve tlre Right
Under certain circumstances the head resident and the dean
may withhold approved permissions. No one will be granted cr
permission of which her parents disapprove.
For Zlie Dap
You'll need permission also to leave the city during the day,
even if you're back the same day.
ll/[alge Iz Legal
You must be officially signed out for each occasion ccvered ,
by the form below.
(Name of Daughter, Niece, or l-.`.*::rd)
l (Residence) 1
Please indicate by i'Yes" or "No" which permissions you ‘.·.*isl‘i to
.......... (1) To leave city for the day, to return that night.
. ........ (2} To leave city to stay overnight for the weekend.
r......... ta) with friends, relatives, roommates, etc.
.......... tb) at hotels or public places to attend football gttrnes,
concerts, etc.
.......... (1) with University chaperonage
.......... (2) without University chaperonage
.......... (3) To travel in student cars with students driving.
12 -

   >r (4) To ctttend speciol donces not under University supervision
such cts ot the Lexington Country Club or loylond .@.muse—
ment Pork, when ldte permissions ore grcmted by the of-
fice of the Deon of Women.
    t5) To go swimming in lctkes or rivers out of iorvi. Unless
permission is specificolly withheld, students they swim  
the pools in town.
......... (G) To visit friends in Army Comps.
......_.. (7) To go to the rctces cmd trots.
.._..... (Bl To go horsebcrck riding, or to ride on motoroyiles, or in
For ony specific exceptions, plecrse coll, wire, or write i: tie Deon
cf l/i/'ornen or Director cf Residence Holls.
Signed ___,,,_.__._..._______,,___,,,.._r.,_.,._........._...............
ll/hen llte Family Comes Up
lt's understood thcrt even if you're with your fcrmily vrhezi they
;rte here, you should hctve the dorms permission to stoy   them
cr to be out crfter closing time.
That Exception Again
The Deons List is composed of certoin recognized eiuogtioncrl
;;:1d culturctl octivities on the ccmipus. These mcry be oiiezided re-
gczrdless of residence restrictions if you return to the i;r:`;1 ‘.·.‘ir}1in
Q1 hczlf hour crfter the events over. They ore:
Guignol plctys; city cmd ccnnpus concerts; Concerts ;·:ii plays
;:i Cincinnctti cmd Louisville; Lectures on cmd off the cc;ri1g:;;s.
Frat Houses
K"i.lorneri mcty visit froternity houses in cornplictiise i·.‘;iQ1 the
f;Qlcwing regulcttions:
l.i`*.lornen nicty gc to frczternity houses for lunch cxni i;;i;1e1 dt
;1;iy time when the housemother is present.
lhforrieri mcry visit in frctternity houses during the czfteitiiiii 1; the
icusemother is present.
lbfoiiieri must lectve frgternity houses in the eveztizig by the
  for closing the \l\/omen's Residence Hdlls.
You re Not The Only Pebble On The Beach
To be cr success, you reolly do hove to hctve o little isgsiderd-
ticn for other humon beings. Here ctre cr few suggestions;
Rcrdios ond record pldyers rndy be plctyed only ir. s;;;{; ;; wdy
cs tc not disturb others.
Typing crfter 7:3O p.m. must be- done in the siie;i‘f tcotns
Avoid slcmiming doors: wectr soft—soled scuffs in the eiretting.
Dorff ploy cmy niusicctl instruments other thdn the piczi;.
Dcn'i ploy music in the lounges before l0 dm. ony ~;£;:y ond
- sl3

 ctfter 7:EC* pm. Mondcty through Thursdcty (except during periods ot
relctxotionl, ond gfter closing hours on other nights,
, Go outside to see persons er-- don't screom out the wintlow ut
SUmm€TtZm€ ;
li youre going to go on to summer school, there ore rt [ew t
chctnges Ln hours to mgke up for the different weother, study c;ncli— Q
tions one entertoinrnent.
Nights Out t
High school students ll Scrturdcty night, lf] other nights;
Fresnrnen l2 Soturdoy night, lf) other nigltis;
Others l2 Sctturdcty night, ll other nights.
There crre ct few little items left, such os:
ll/[up ])1‘tt~tfcges
Moy privileges ore grctnted crnnuolly for ctcodemic reosoris to t
seniors grgduottng in lune, ]uly, or August.  
{Wien in the Dorm  
Y;.;;r ;;;on con come in the dorm lounge from lt] dm. until clns--  
ing iirie ——— but if he's lcrte getting out you'll be penctlized just Jas if 1
you vxere ;irte coming in. ,
. _ t
/\t011<2 0] Thai!  
lzttoiaicctting liquors just donlt crctsh University residences. lt  
you cr-e:;¤i this rule, you're eligible for expulsion. ‘
#.:3*; Questions? .
it l

 ' I
l L ’ Z h' I O
  et s m 1* ver.
t The W hys and Whercforcs
Being at sorority gol hos its odvontoges ond disctdvdziicges. li
gives you outonicttic membership in the Constitutionolist poiiticol
;,;zrty ond ctttords the opportunity tor house membership. eerorities
stress, besides socio] functions, certctin "policies," sucn irs sinolor-
  porticipdtion in student octivities, honesty ond siticeriiyi coe
cperotion with University undertdkings, group coroperdtion and the
  ln dddition, eoch group usuglly contributes ctwctrds ict scncldr-
snip on the coznpus, sponsors lectures, entertdinrnent, ;¤:;; supports
L vctrious worthy cduses.
l O Hz Ot/i H d
t fl G CT CIT?
l t . . . t t , t {
  lt s ct good ideo to consider it cctretully. lt does cost ziioziey ono
t ~ · · t t V r t,
  ine sororities urge thot you consider such things. lr you aren: sure
g wnettier you con ctiiord it this yeor or not, whot with it;- oollege
icxkes ctnywoy, it would prolictbly ne wise to hold up cr jreivt or two
t cn going out tor rush. _
i Besides, theres on independent orgotnizdtion on tie cdzripus
» inot is very crctive ond tctscinoting. Bemember thctt twc—t;i;r2s ot the
L coeds gre independent, crnywoy, ond mdny ot the ourstd:;;t;;1g stu»—
. dents ctnd B`\JVOCs ore non—Greeks.
l ’ •
it OU) (lll C UG GCI C
t` Okoy. V\7e've decided to give it ct try ond rush into tus;  
t Best wdy we con think ot to dcgucunt you with this is to take you
  through the whole works step by step. Beody? Set . , .
`\/\/ednesdcty, September 24, youll discover thdt dll your sorority-
member triends ure just sctying "Hi" ond going right by. Dont be
disturbed becctuse they're on silence during rush week ’.~~.*E1e:t tEiey're
l not gt pctrties. Rules soy, "No sorority girl indy conirntznicxze with
l` r · , » · .
yn CI rushee (thdt s you) other thdn nist spedking to her, excep: ouring
§ tormolly plctnned entertctinment dt the sorority house itseli." Thctt
t, mectns no help during registrotion ond clctssiticotion, no riding in
lt cors with them to ond from pdrties, no doubledoting with ctn oluni,
H member, or pledge. And, it your sister or cousin is cr Greet; you'll
rt or l5

 hgve to petition Ponrlellenic Council (the governing body ot dll the
sororities which ntokes the rules tor rush week) to orretnge iti
Memorial Ha]!
Ch Tiiursdgy, the 25th gt 4:30 youlll go to l\/letnorigl Hgll for
er meeting oi rushees. At this meeting you pety your rush lee (fBt.t]O`»,
which will plgce your ngme on the otticigl rush list which is sent
to the Greeks. You dlso get cr nome tog thot you're supposed to
xvedr oi ::21 the tegs ond pdrties. After dll, they get just gs tired
oi gsking you your ngme os you do dsking thettt. But, obove gil,
donlt forget to pcty your fee, becctuse your nctttte won't be on  
rush list zf you don't.
If You re Late
li youre lctte registering ond <;tren't here in tinte lor the Memorxzt
Hgll meeting, go to the Deon ot \Nomen's ottice ond sign your icuii
ond boy your tee there. Degdline lor dll this is 4 o'olock Tuesjgty
giternoorr September 30.
The OrdeaZ
You Tidy find the tirst tegs et strgin ctnd think youlll never be stole
to look punch in the tgce ggdin, but it's worth it, remember. Youre
outomotitgily invited to the tirst ted ot every sorority. These begtr;
Fridcty, the 26th, ond end Sundgy, the 29th. Becctuse there ore si
motny freshmen beside you ond so mgny sororities, P<:tnl·lellenio hc;
mode out CI schedule tor you to follow in gttending these tects. Ee
sure you ie going to the right plgce gt the right time to gvoid eit`.-
bgrrgssing rnistokes.
Here It Is:
September 26 through September 23. (The rushees shgll gttezxi
the tegs oi the time designgted gccording to the letter with whirl
their lost nottttes begin.}
A through C
Fridgy 4:30- 5.30 Alphot Deltg Pi
Pridcty 5:30- 6:30 Chi Omegg
Sdturdgy 3:30- 4:30 Alphg Ggmmo Deltg
Sgturdgy 4:30 - 5:30 Deltot Deltd Deltg
Sgturdgy 5:30 — 6:30 Alphor Xi Deltet
Sundgy 3:00- 4:00 Kgpper Deltct
Sundgy 4:00- 5:00 Kgppct Kgppo Ggmmo :
Sundgy 5:00 - 6:00 Zetg Tgu Alphct
Sundgy 8:00- 9:00 Deltot Zetd
Sundgy 9:00 — 10:00 Kgppot Alphd Theto
Sundgy 3:00- 5:00 Tgu Alphg Pi

 TL xiraugh G
Friday 4:30 - 5:30 Chi Omega
Friday 5:30 - 0:30 Kappa Delta
Saturday 3:30 - 4:30 Delta Delta Delia
Saturday 4:30- 5:30 Alpha Xi Delta
Saturday 5:30 - 0:30 Delta Zeta
Sunday 3:00 - 4:00 Kappa Kappa Gamma
Sunday 4:00 - 5:00 Zeta Tau Alpha
Sunday 5:00 - 0:00 Alpha Delta Pi
Sunday 0:00- 0:00 Kappa Alpha Theta
Sunday 0:00 - l0:00 Alpha Gamma Delta
Sunday 3:00- 5:00 Tau Alpha Pi
H t;;raugh L
Friday 4:30 - 5:30 Kappa Delta
Friday 5:30 - 0:30 Kappa Kappa Gamma
Saturday 3:30 - 4:30 Alpha Xi Delta
Saturday 4:30 - 5:30 Delta Zeta
Saturday 5:30- 0:30 Kappa Alpha Theta
Sunday 3:00 - 4:00 Zeta Tau Alpha
Sunday 4:00- 5:00 Alpha Delta Pi
Sunday 5:00 - 0:00 Chi Omega
Sunday 3:00 - 0:00 Alpha Gamma Delta
Sunday 0:00 - l0:00 Delta Delta Delta
Sunday 3:00 - 5:00 Tau Alpha Pi
lyf trtreuah H
Friday 4:30 - 5:30 Kappa Kappa Gamma
Friday 5:30 - 0:30 Zeta Tau Alpha
Saturday 3:30 - 4:30 Delta Zeta
Saturday 4:30 - 5:30 Kappa Alpha Theta
Saturday 5:30- 0:30 Alpha Gamma Delta
Sunday 3:00 - 4:00 Alpha Delta Pt
Sunday 4:00 - 5:00 Cht Omega
Sunday 5:00 - 0:00 Kappa Delta
Sunday 0:00- 0:00 Delta Delta Delta
Sunday 0:00 - 10:00 Alpha Xi Delta
Sunday 3:00 - 5:00 Tau Alpha Pi
S threugh Z
Friday 4:30 — 5:30 Zeta Tau Alpha
Friday 5:30 - 0:30 Alpha Delta Pt
Saturday 3:30- 4:30 Kappa Alpha Theta
Saturday 4:30 - 5:30 Alpha Gamma Delta
Saturday 5:30 - 0:30 Delta Delta Delta
Sunday 3:00 — 4:00 Chi Omega
Sunday 4:00 — 5:00 Kappa Delta
Sunday 5:00 - 0:00 Kappa Kappa Gamma
Sunday 8:00- 0:00 Alpha Xi Delta
Sunday 0:00 - l0:00 Delta Zeta
Sunday 3:00- 5:00 Tau Alpha Pi
Tau Alpha Pt is a lacal sararity tar girls at the Hebrew faith.
— ——-l7

   _ I `  $     M ``’Y'; li  
 r     “:L· f     "°`` P   _ gm? .  Q        ,
   ...              s (  
A `_ _` A   _`_.   rf "   —‘     ··i
.»: , Q ·_  *__ 4       ,._.;. »  {  ,¤   _ _ _
` · · 5   ·.-V ¢ S Q   V " ¤*?l  
t · ·` ffl, C  MM;   F T ap Y
  ` _ B   ‘      °: t l ` .
_:. ..., },__f? ; A   ‘ ‘;,}=Y` \ i  
    `’`jf   {     ·‘` T