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  V»..   iét
  Q5 ` An Information Handbook ior New Students oi the  
f v``t   W»<. 1948-1949  
    Published by the Student Government Association, House Presi-  A-
  f `VO_V I, dents' Council, YMCA, YWCA, Student Union Board, Panhellenic  
,,,l` j Council, and Intertraternity Council.  ,
  [  I L ` A [1;..;,, it
it    l Fred NiChOlS ______,_,________________,_____.__,__...._.....   .....   .,.. T., ...,..   . .M9HIS Editor  
  Ii   t `T `:`—   ·‘ I
    Hglgn Deigs ___________________.____.__.__......____...._... ; _,.. 1 ....»   ........... Women's Editor t
   i, Ray Fulton _____..._..............._.........i................................... Business Manager i`
    lameson lones ._.................,..,....._......._............_...... Assistant Men's Editor E
   { Rubyg Graham ______________.._.,.__.._____,.,___._........... Assistant Women's Editor {
*.1.;*9;  z 
  »-t  I 
· `*~     __..I ;._s·-·;,;_ t. ~-_ #Z L

 éf +  »*·¥¢·`*·    tum.-.7. -w.m,.r»,.,,,n...,.,....,...,..-.... .._,_ V
Page i
Residence Halls ("Make Yourself At Home") ...,_rr.,l..l.....re_rr,r_.. 5 `Q
Honoraries and Activities ("The BMOC") __r,rr,.r._...erri_rr__,..,_,Y_r,, 9  
Social Fraternities ..,,.c...........i...Yrr.Yc,r...rc,..Ve..rrir..._.....er_reirrc.r.....ei.r_. l5  
YMcA ,c_.i..,A.___c,iccA.._.__c_.i.......,...........cc_,c,....ee.ecici,.c.,...,,.,i.,c..c........c._ 22  
ln the Swim »» With UK's Extracurricular Activities 2r..,._...,Y.22. 25
rn mé Union  .......2.......,...,,..,,.,,2VE.._..2.,,2,E..2.....,...2_2Ei..... 39
ln the -Kno£w —:AE>out University Policies and Facilities .22.r... 48
Q l

 = xiii . ;·; ~   VVV ‘ i? ,=A¥     
      eg _   Q} Q7 , .~  ° ‘     ,;:; ié,;`§ '»;‘ 1.; = VA_V'. .    
  5:   7 ·’             .     ‘‘V=V· rg; ~·~. . - i VVv‘‘’ .  
·~ ···· · - *6   t   4     ‘·· · ,· . ;   ‘
 "  .._   J '     .        
·             e .
- ‘¢ xv    ¢ ‘     ’V ~ ·    
i A   \     A 'V/V lil   A i
it   l  »., . ·* i;,.., ,,. t~f¥'»£_   W-» .  
.   ‘-  ii /      - ` *v ‘_;_ `l .é!·i·»·;j;j~_
""ht ‘»’‘‘‘~   , _      A i‘tt;"¢¥ ·‘ A  
" Welcome Y 0 (K ”
First semester freshman or transferring graduate student, you
are welcomed to the University of Kentucky.
We hope that your stay will be a long and happy one, and
that you will find as much pleasure as we have found in being a
part of the UK student body. But to do this, you must know your
way around, and to know your way, some medium of information
is needed. This, in part, is it.
Herein is compiled as completely as possible the necessary
elements to get you started on your UK career. As it is, there will
be little enough time anyway in your first days of registering, clas-
i sifying, and keeping your dates straight. So, this is intended to
give you a working knowledge of the University organization and
to answer as many questions as possible before ycu have to ask
i Similar to `Washington, this place is run on initials. Check a
few of these: SGA, BS, SUB, ODK, AGR, KA, XTA, DZ, POTC.
Confusion? Probably, but a month from now, they will all be second
nature to you. Right now, it is our job to give you a basic grasp of
things such as the initials stand for, and the other way — the "col-
legiate way" — of pronouncing the names will come with us.
l Also: "`\/i/`here can l park my car'?", "Where can l cash a

    ...,.-      l
·check?", "Wliere is Dctd's old froternity house?", "Vtfhere ccm I get
ic: job?", "Wliere do I get my mcril?" —» cxll these cmd mdny other
.questions not closely relcrted to the ctctucrl clcrsswork ore cmswered _
somewhere through these pcxges. ,
There Arc Other Questions  
But, there crre mcmy questions thott we ccmnot cmswer for you.
For instcmce, we ccm't tell the questions thcrt will be on your first
history test. Neither ccm we tell the ncrme of the cute blonde thcrt
you sow ecrrly this morning in the grill. I./Ve ccm't tell you where
to go to borrow cm extrcr ten bucks until Mondoy, or how to coll
Boyd hqll crfter it closes for the night. Frcmkly we don't know
the cmswers ourselves, cmd some of them would come in right
hcmdy. .
But ~ —— in the cmswering of these questions cmd mcmy others, .
you will be helping yourself to smqll bits of cm indefincrble sub— .
stonce tnctt is known generolly qs cr ...... college educdtion. {
So, if you gre cr freshmcm, this is IT. You're fincrlly in college,  
cmd you ore entering thcrt phgse of your life thcrt you hcrve hecrrd  
crbout IB yedrs. Don't be ctfrctid. Study horrd. Plcry hctrd. Hove ci  
big time, but keep those grcrdes high cmd never lose sight of whcxt  
you ore in college for. I?
After regding this booklet, if there is cmything else (cmd there  
will be) thot you wcmt to know, d0n't be cxircxid to cxsk questions.  
Everyone is willing to help you, cmd no one is going to throw rocks QQ
crt you.  
Digest this informcrtion, cmd then tdke it from there.  
And once crgdin, welcome to college. We know thcrt we crre '
going to like you; we hope thgt ycu like UK. ·f
tl -1--

., rg
`     V''’   AA   -‘
Q   ‘;·’‘‘- T   < J
T  ` ‘’‘A‘ t   L   °“" L T ·i,
    ·,y‘A     A» ‘
    »VV‘   T i I i T ,  
*     , ,·AA z -VAAv A W   A  »·,
    ;‘·V».... Y   “» A   TTY ·· A it   » '
ff;  :49 e _§  e.-   ; * . 2·
  :·.   v·Vr’ . iA »     A ;   . ··  
~>`¢:¢zj '-‘’    Ari; ·AA·` .1i -  . rk ”  Ar.   A ’A-‘ ,   A A 5* tt   A
      Y Q    -   ‘‘'-    »~4··’ t.
A A;Z/gf/,~Z,i“ilI,   ¢,,   '‘A°  v_ X {  ij   , ,   if
  “     " ;e .A ?i  E4   T   ’·   A  
  V   AA    A            
    ' A .A.A   f i    g r.   A "   
  A     ,  »AA'   A·.· ». Mw *·V·
’     A~A' ; 24A ,A-. _ /_ , / V  
l      ";l_AA»  VA ,q   i` .7  \  
'     ` V   ’   -- A       r Q
I: " ’ t _, ; c   ,,_ { ¤ j‘
lz ·.
  /l&1/Q6 Yourself At Home  
  First ot oll, you'll wont to know obout living occoznznoooiions. _;
  The University operotes tour residence holls tor men. These nolls  _
-' A ~ t · ~i · .
gf; ore reserved lor treshmon students to the extent thot this group uses  
  the ovoiloble spoce. All treshmen ore required, by order or the A
jj Boord ot Trustees, to live in the holls unless excused DY tge Deon  
L; ot Men. i
Aj ln order to meet the high post-wor enrollment, temporory bor-~  
; rocits hove been built under the emergency housing progroin to oc--  
` commodote 450 men. There ore two 'l·l' type, two»story bozrrocss on
Scott street, ocross Limestone street trom the University; three smoll
one—story borrocks between the Librory ond the stooiuni 51;: two
one—story borroclcs on the west side ot Rose street, south o; the Mens
Residence Hdlls. The regulotions covering students living in the
borrocks ore the some os tnose ior the Men's Residence nolls ond
will be discussed loter. Applicotions to live in me borrczcgs sgoulcl
  mode through the Deon of Mens ottice.
li you do not live in the residence lt/;tlls, in the borroclts or ot
home, the other olternotive is in o privote home in Lexington.
Our Rep
The reputotion ot the student roomers is good; in toct it is so
cood thot mon r of the residents will not rent to onyone else. Thot
is o compliment; don't obuse it. Rooms ore hord to get despite the
lorge number thot ore rented.
AA A_A.,A    ‘ X

 lf you ore iz; the nictrket for ct room in the city, go io the Dew
of Men's office. Residents of Lexington often notify him when th~~j,=
liCIV€ Ct YCOIH to l`€·lli. vi/OU YHCIY ctlso llCIV€‘ lL1Cl{ l)‘y' W('tlClilti4?f’ A   .... ' ti`   
  .4 V  NW    ,,..   A
 ii -{._•‘<.** 1
 ;. . » ~·t i· ;‘i'*.*g2`Sf=`   T   _  
      A     I   M  
‘‘‘’ ? . n '°       A ‘r..   - .;» 
  » ,       ti`.;   A   .....‘    
»   - .i.·. T i;. »’..»    
' ‘ » ·’ -·»`   · i@;" ¤ ‘4*Y" 
    ·- I   ,»V·v        
`   ».   ¢. .  I
-   _ ·   -..·      g   ‘ .
  n .»   ·-‘‘  . — »4I» _    ;—» ‘ ’?’     i . ‘
*  ».  " fo r      “  -·#  2      
V i  h is V.   »V·   ~ ~  .4;  V r    .,,. _ .
~ 2   ;. 4 9”"i  .   r "  ,    ·~.   
.  vi  »   g _.    ’‘.  
T —     `   ¤ ?   ”‘ T . 4  ·»'-.-‘   %
..— ....         uma    
(Big Man On Campus)
l·lere's a brief descriotion of the leading for-men—onl honoraries,
. Y
cluos, and other groups you ll be hearing mentioned from the time
you reach UK.
P/`ll Eta Szgma
Freshman Mertls Honorary
Phi Eta Sigma is a national honor society for freshmen men. lt
was founded at the University of lllinois in l923. National expan-
sion began in l926 and at the present time there are 53 chapters. lt
is a member of the American Council of Honor Societies.
  The purpose of Phi Eta Sigma is to encourage and reward fresh-
man scholarship among men students. The founders on the Illinois
campus, were impressed with the fact that freshman men were en-
couraged to participate in all types of campus activities but that
there were no comparable incentives for good scholarship. Senior
l honor societies were beyond the vision of most new students. Phi
t Eta Sigma was created to fill that need and does so on the Univer-
sity of Kentucky campus.

 _  ¥~-CX:{E"·:}T}>;{.jfE,¤:Tcg}I`£7?·!'I·`?<>*q‘!!!*¤•A»\t·:-·r~¢~—4y.·;¤, . _,,__,__, I
Sophomore Men’s Plonararp
Keys is d representcttive orgcmizcition fostering good will cmd
fellowship between froternity men, cmd promoting c1ll otctivities to
further these ends. Ecrch yeor, sixteen of the most outstcmding fresh-
men cire pledged ond initicited. Eligibility is bcxsed on scholczrship
cmd ctctivity in extrcvcurriculctr work.
funior Merils Honorary
The Purposes of Lcmces is to give service to the University, to
promote feeling in the junior closs, cmd to ctwctrd cm ctnnuctl scholctr—
ship to on outstonding junior mom.
Lamp Anal Cross
Senior MCll,S Horiorarp
The Purpose of this orgcmizcttion is to recognize quctlities of
lectdership omong outstcmding members of the senior cldss.
O D K (Omicron Delta Kappa)
Merils Leadership Fraternity T
Nu Circle of Omicron Deltci Kctppct is o member of ct ncttionctl
orgcmizcttion which recognizes outstcinding junior cmd senior men t
in the vctrious phcises of ccimpus life. Men crre elected to member- l
ship by the circle. I
The circle recognizes men who hctve ctttctined ct high stcmdctrd ’
of efficiency in collegicrte octivities cmd inspires others to strive for
conspicuous ctttciinment cxlong similcir lines. The history of ODK cit
the University hors been mctrked by the work of its members for the
betterment of cgmpus conditions cmd the enhcmcement of the nctme
of the school throughout the stctte.
» Pershing Rbftes
George A. Knight Chapter
A ll/[ititarp Plonorary
, Pershing Rifles, ndtionctl bctsic militciry honorctry, wcts founded
7 cit the University of Nebrcrskcr in l894 by Gen. lohn l. Pershing. lts
  foremost ciims ore to promote good citizenship, militctry efficiency,
, cmd competitive spirit cimong the lectding universities of the ncttion.
9 The George A. Knight chopter, ncimed in honor of its founder,
i \/\/'ctrrcmt Officer George A. Knight, wcis estctblished on the University
  ccrmpus in 193l os Compony C—l. The compcmy boosts cm envictble
fg record in its cissociotion with chctpters of other schools.
it 1
:` Ile V

 t J
Sl   _  V "*· "\;    · ?
v` {   T"  i r Me " ‘ l  L
..   .. . ;- ..~ V A I  
t t , _ V _ ir';
" ‘""r··~·Et‘l····¤;· ·· .   .  
‘ N *· Z. `I _ V A  nw 5 f ·Q_
.   V Ill _   ` .~ · ` v L `: 2 '..—_ l  
$. __       j§___. {V; . A 5 ,.
» ‘     “   V ·€r;+¥;i’€ I    ‘ · " ‘ »  
» ` . ‘ ”;‘~?‘¤—"  :’ " ny- ’ A rt;¤‘*‘t·*’ ·`;_t+. ‘   »’ {  
.     ,.*9; ,~·*   t 4;.  Z   ·  
\t g ‘_,'V§,*=.   I lg; g    kg`; i_ _·._
. ~- H ‘ fi -    _Z_"r; {   tt,   »» ·:·~€»· · `
T" V ‘ — t Jr? >*" - Q *·f*     ,7 °‘   S'     .  
— . »   _»   Q · V 4 4.__.     _ _ ,
‘ l 4,, __V,; » Z`l...[,g       Qy;jl·i**§-··¤Z{.{»,fl§r  : g   
  , .:     _  
Q V T V `. Zn:  
Scabbaral And Blade .
National Mililar‘y Honorary  
"Believing thcrt militctry service is ctn obligcriion ot citizenship _
4 cmd thot grectier opportunities ctitorded college men tor the study ot 9
i militory science plcrce upon them certctin responsibilities ds citizens, -`
I we, cddet otiicers in vorious colleges ond universities conterring  
i bcrccoloureote degrees do torm this Society cmd ctdopt this con- »
` stitution in order to unite in closer relcttionship the militory deport-  
ment ot Americctn universities ctnd colleges; to preserve cmd develop g
the essentictl quctlities ot good crnd etticient oiiicers; to prepctre our- {
selves os educctied men to tok-e ci more gctive pdrt ond to hcrve cr =
grectter intluence in the militotry dttctirs ot the communities in which
we mcty reside; . . . "
——]°rcrnnl>te of the constitution of the
National Society of 5cal>t1;zr;t and Blade
‘K ’ C tab
The purpose ot the   Club is to crectte ct better ieeling between
the ctthletes ot the University ond the Student body.
More Laurel Wreaths
These protessionctl societies require ct 1.3 stctnding cmd skill in
the pctriiculor tield with which egch is ossocicxted. They, too, gre
tor men only.

   .t’?t¤§g: (  .,-.v$;»·¤* __
3* . ~ ~· . , » · . . ..
AA _ i ·_.‘   , P · _ _# Qi! `      `.;V·_ '§‘{§$g¢_Qr?` 
,     l —       i"" ,, ‘  l       =; . +&  
    ’    r %\   i        —   —  _ .r   i
» .   ··Ly.v.‘·, -.1 ;{__, :L; -_·lv;_ 2. .·, -,,t V Al'  

   .Y,ff§T{¤T`_Trr2,‘1·,.,=:···_¤¢,1· _   I .
  ska  »¢»’ ;.;  :trz:;:¤·;·*»¤w~,¤.¤m·g    g,. ..,,,,._,__ ,____
E5. To create and maintain at all times the best of good will and
sociability among all students cmd faculty members participat—
ing in the intramural programs.
7. To conduct each and every event on the program as efficiently
as it is possible to do under the circumstances.
8. To give individual instruction whenever possible without any
special charge.
9. To encourage participation for the sake of the activity rather
than for the award.
Intramural Organization r
Each fraternity, dormitory section, and independent organiza- n
tion has an intramural sports manager, either elected or appointed
by his group. This manager (either) is the point of contract between .
the team cmd the Intramural Division, and if a team is to compete
successfully in intramural sports, a good manager is necessary.
Matters affecting his team are communicated to him, and he in turn
is responsible for passing the information on. Good teams and good
athletic managers usually go hand in hand.
The selection of such a manager should be made after due
consideration as to the individual's qualifications. He should be a
man interested in the team's welfare and he should, of course, be
interested in sports.
Considerable publicity is given to the teams taking part in  
Intramurals. Experience has proven that the topnotch teams, the {
aggregations that are always battling for the top position, are the l
ones with the alert and efficient managers. I
A Participation Trophy shall be presented each year to the
organization having the highest number of participation points and
it shall remain in their possession. Should two different organiza-
tions have an equal number of points at the end of the intramural l
season, the Participation Trophy will go to the organization having
the higher scholastic standing.  
A second Participation Trophy shall be presented each year to A
the organization having the next highest number of participation
L points, and it shall remain in their possession. ,
; A third Participation Trophy shall be presented to the individual
g who has participated in fifty percent of the sports offered during the
  intramural season and has received the most points.
if 14-

Social Fraternities    
The [ntcrfraternzty Counczl  
The lnterfroternity Council is On orgOnizOtion composed of On —};.__
Officer of eOch sociOl frdternity on the cOmpus. lts object is to estOb- 4,
lish Ond mOintOin O hOrmonious relOtionship Omong frOternities Ond f F
between the University Ond the frOternities, to encourOge O high iff
stOndOrd of scholdrship, Ond to foster Oll Octivities thOt OdvOnce the  
best interests of the University Ond frdternities. The council formu-  
_ lOtes rules fOr public Ond semi-public Octivities, such Os rushes Ond  
donces, Ond hOs disciplindry Outhority tO enforce those rules. _; 
Alpha Gamma Rho  
AlphO GOmmO Bho is the Only sociO1 frdternity composed solely  
of men interested in some phOse of Ogriculturol work. lt wOs found- E)?
ed in 1ndiOnOpOlis, 1ndiOnO, in 1908, Ond Omicron ChOpter wOs  
estdblished on the University of Kentucky cdmpus in 1920. At ii.
present there Ore thirty—two chOpters of the frdternity with O totOl  
membership of over 10,000.  
The purpose of Alphd GOmmO Rho is to improve Ogriculture by  
, meOns of encourOging individuOl endeOvor, resourcefulness, Ond Q
; Oggressive effort of its members Ond to promote O wider OcquOint— ’~
l Once Ond O brooder outlook Omong Ogriculturdl men through fellow- ,,
{ ship in O nOtionOl orgotnizotion.  
’ The officers Ore ChOrles Gulley, president; DOve Hdtchett, vice- ·‘
president; Byburn WeOkley, secretory; Ond WO1ler Cooper, treOsur-  5
er. The chOpter house is Ot 450 Bose LOne.  .
Alpha Szgma Phz  
AlphO SigmO Phi wOs founded Ot YOle University on December  
6, 1845. lt wOs formed Os O sophomore society to bridge the gOp
j between the freshmon societies Ond the junior frdternities. Since
l then it hos become O nOtionOl frdetrnity with seventy-four chdpters.
Among the prominent Olumni of the nOtionOl orgOnizOtion Ore
ChOr1es P. Totft, former member of Congress; Chorles B. Elliott, former
Chief justice of the Philippines; FrOnk B. Loomis, minister to Vene-
zuelO Ond PortugO1; Ond Philip G. Iohnson, president of Boeing Air-
The officers Ore ]Ock Cdrpenter, president; B. L. Sneed, vice- ‘
president; Cecil Beckett, secretOry; Ond LOrry Meyers, treOsurer. The
chOpter house is Ot 334 South BroOdwOy.
lllr   ...   ’
V \

 .·=¤°`A4"¤•T¤5-%?l£*¥N•¤\z¤r¤=r:·::1=:m.vz··¤·»~r;.=t::·¤»..¤•¤¤;.¤,,¤:¤.,.,._,.,,*,,,,,,,,,,.. he -.,a, __   _,___,__________   ___ __ _,__ __ __ __ l
Alpha Tau Omega
The fraternity was founded by three ex—Confederate Officers who
hoped to be able to contribute something toward a more amicable
relationship between the North and the South. Founded at Virginia
Military Institute in 1865, it was the first Greek organization intended
from the beginning to be a national fraternity. lt now has one hun-
dred chapters in forty states, with a total membership of over forty
Mu lota was established on the University of Kentucky campus
on February 22, 1909, absorbing a local society known as the Mid-
night lmps.
The officers are lim Brockenborough, president; Mert Mynheir,
vice—president; Frank Maturo, secretary; and Larry Martin, treasurer.
The chapter house is at 239 South Limestone street.
Delta Chi
Delta Chi fraternity was founded at Cornell University in Octo-
ber, 1890, and was first organized on the campus of the University of
Kentucky in 1914. lt has forty chapters, including one at Osgoode
Hall in Canada, making Delta Chi an international fraternity.
Some of the outstanding alumni are Benjamin Harrison, presi-
dent of the United States; William Iennings Bryan, secretary of state;
Robert Todd Lincoln, son of Abraham Lincoln; lohn W. Bricker, .
former governor of Ohio; and Lewis Schwellenbach, former secre— .
  V A I `.         pa ...r ,..' . I
T" l ‘ ;é—·f‘ ' ` i  ’;      
  5   i 3 z     ‘~·;  
W < ~·~ - · s¤;.:» · l   -.9:41; ¤‘·*    _ r  hl A     
  f   ~ t   " ~ =  1
1  , fr Nj .. _ _ yl  {   _ L eiélnfi
* L   » it   ~#   ....; t at  
1 \ £‘ .1 ; V fr
I , fx,. i I - . 5..: I}
. *~ ` ' I ,h“h  
_ l  · l _ _ x_  

tory of lgbor. 1
The officers ore 1im Collier, president; Gene Hgrmon, vice-presi- Q;
dent; Chorles Chinn, secretory; cmd Som 1\/lcllvgine, treosurer. The ’_'1°
chgpter house is locctted gt 339 Aylesford plgce. fj
Delta Tau Delta gi
Deltg Tou Delto wos founded ot Bethony College, Virginio, now 1.
West Virginio, in 1858. Deltd Epsilon chopter dt the University of li.
Kentucky wgs chortered in 1924. It hod been in existence gs g locgl  
frctternity for obout ten yeors when its gpplicotion for or Deltor Tgu TQ
Delto chgrter wos occepted. I
Among the ndtioncrlly known prominent olumni ot Sengtor Al-  
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