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       The University of Kentucky Research Foundation has reported
that $14,085,448.33 was received during the fiscal year which ended
July 1. Reflecting a steady growth in such awards to the University
for research purposes, the figure is compared to last year's receipt
of $13.6 million. During the period May 1-June 30, since the last
reporting date, a total of 121 agreement awards was received by UKRF,
amounting to $2,649,474. Thirty-two grants received additional funds
amounting to $544,419.47, and four grants were decreased by $25,589.
One other award was received in the amount of $223.42. Total agree-
ment awards for the current reporting period: $3,168,527.89.


       S. C. Bohanan, Thailand Project, Agency for International
Development, $185,000.

       Department of Agricultural Economics--Robert W. Rudd, Depart-
ment of Agricultural Economics Program Development Fund, The Asia
Society, Inc., $6000.

       Department of Agricultural Engineering--K. Mills, Professional
Advisory Service Center, Office of Civil Defense, $8,825 additional
funds (total amount of grant now $13,030).

       Department of Agronomy--G. Collins, Studies on the Inheritance
of Alkaloids in Nicotiana Tobacum, R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company,
$4,000. G. Collins, Black Shank Disease Plots Program, R. J. Reynolds,
$1,000. J. W. Herron, Weed Science Research, Uniroyal Chemical Company,
$700. A. J. Hiatt, Research on Dark-Fired Tobacco, Stauffer Chemical
Company, $300. J. H. Smiley and W. 0. Atkinson, Tobacco Research, Sun
Oil Company, $500.

       Department of Animal Sciences--George Mitchell, Vitamin A
Metabolism in Sheep, National Institute of Arthritis & Metabolic
Diseases, $23,706. V. Hays, Research Assistantship in Swine Nutrition,
Commercial Solvents Corporation, $3,000. G. Mitchell, Vitamin A
Metabolism in Sheep, National Institute of Arthritis and Metabolic
Diseases, $22,205. D. Olds, Animal Reproductive Physiology and/or
Genetics, American Breeders Service, Inc., $600.

       Department of Entomology--Wesley Gregory and H. G. Raney,
Research Using M-3635 for Control of Wireworms in Corn, The Dow
Chemical Co., $1,000. Wesley Gregory, The Efficacy and Residue Nature
of Chlordane Insecticides on Corn and Soils, Velsicol Chemical Co.,
$1,000. Wesley Gregory, Research on Insects Attacking No-Tillage
Corn, Stauffer Chemical Co., $300. Wesley Gregory and H. G. Raney,
Research on Corn Insects, Geigy Chemical Co., $500 (additional funds).
B. C. Pass, Wesley Gregory, F. W. Knapp, H. G. Raney and Richard
Thurston, Research on the Control of Mosquitoes & Insects Attacking
Tobacco & Corn, Chemagro Corporation, $600. J. G. Rodriguez, Study
Antimetabolites as a Possible Control of Acarid Mites, General Foods
Corporation, $12,500 (additional funds). B. C. Pass, Research Work
for the Control of the Alfalfa Weevil, Geigy Chemical Company, $500.