1 Letter of Transmittal
T0 His Excellency, A r A I f A
HON. AUdUsTUs E. XV1Lr.soN, in { ` A
_ _ Governor of Kentucky. I °
Sir :— c V ` ‘
` Under the authority of the Board of Control, and in accord-
., ance with an act of Congress, approved March 2, 1887, entitled
“An Act to establish Agricultural Experiment Stations in con-
¤' nection with the Agricultural Colleges established in the several A
States under the provisions of an act approved July 2, 1862,
i and under the acts supplementary thereto," and of the act of .
the Legislature of the State of Kentucky, approved Eebruary
20, 1888, and entitled"a\n Act to accept the provisions of an
A Act passed by the Congress of tl1e United States, approved
_, March 2, 1887, for the establishment and maintenance of Agri- S
cultural Experiment Stations in connection with Agricultural
Colleges established by the several States and Territories under .
_ an Act of Conggess, approved July 2, 18fi2," I herewith submit
`}’ the Twentieth Annual Report of the Kentucky Agricultural
Experiment Station. Y
` Very Respectfully,
, “ r , M. A. Soovnm., Director.