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m r" ‘ W M“- “"2


Things that
sound dirty,
but aren't

Yeah. it's Tuesday. We
are early, but we also
know that most of
you won't be here
tomorrow, so here is
a list of things that
are said on Turkey
Day that just don't
sound quite right. Try
not to laugh during


dinner. y Gathering books for children: UK organization

"It's cool whip time!"

By Hillary Cromer


"And he forces his way
into the end zone!"

“Talk about a HUGE

breast!" [be five ineiribers of llx s ( orn

munity Bookshelf raised more than
., . {It ) i'.“)"( t ‘l"‘ t‘ '(“'r
Reach m and grab the (:31thqu (h irity (\tl tli w ik

ibl t .

g e S We received riiore than we
thought we Would. the ones that
won‘t immediately be used will be
used for different organizations."
said Allison (‘ardiri. a chemistry se-
nior and member of tlte (‘ommunity

"Whew... that's one
terrific spread!"

“I am in the mood for a
little dark meat!"

hopes to recruit to continue successful seasons

nization handed out flycrs in local
neighborhoods. asking citizens to do,
nate used children‘s books. Then. on
Sunday. members went back and col
lected the books.

The books will go to the l.exiiig~
ton Family (‘ar‘e (‘enter and the
YWCA Spouse Abuse (‘entern

"We want to do more of these
book drives next setnester. We‘ve
done some in the past and they‘ve til
ways been successful." (‘ardiri said.

The purpose of the relatively
new organi/ation is to promote liter





"Tyinq the legs together
keeps the inside

“She's 5000 pounds
fully inflated and it
takes 15 men to hold
her down."

"If I don't undo my
pants, l'll burst!"

"Are you ready for
seconds yet?"

“Just wait your turn,
you'll get some!"

“Don't play with your

"Just spread the legs
open & stuff it in."

"Do you think you'll be
able to handle all
these people at

“i didn't expect
everyone to come at

“You still have a little
bit on your chin."

“You'll know it’s ready
when it pops up."

"How many are

"That's the biggest one
I’ve ever seen!"

“Just lay back 8 take it
easy... I'll do the

"How long do I beat it
before it's ready?"

Compiled by:
Samantha Essid and
Ron Norton

6.0 5.3

Scattered thunder-





VOL. 33105 ISSUE 364




()n Friday. members of the orga-

acy for cliildreir.

Beyond the
strap debate

Choices: Fashion challenges arise from
the myriad of ways to haul school books

By Stephenie Drosick


The days of the tradition
al two-strapped backpack are
long gone for many UK stu-
dents. This semester. UK stu-
dents tote their books around
in an array of styles.

"There are so many styles
out now that people can find
one that they really like." said
Cassie Kingsland, merchan—
dising. apparel and textiles
senior. “You don’t have to
carry a regular backpack if
you don‘t want to."

One of the latest back-
pack crazes is one-strapped
shoulder bags. These bags re»
semble brief cases but give
the college student a more ca—
sual look.

This trend could be fash~
ionrelated or students may
just be looking for something

“I think it‘s definitely
fashion-related because it‘s
probably more comfortable to
carry a regular backpack so
the weight is on both shoul—
ders." Kingsland said.

Students who buy these
bags may want a more profes-
sional look without carrying
a briefcase, said a representa
tive from J & H Lao—Mark in

Some students at UK car-
ry camping backpacks. These
packs are much larger than
traditional backpacks and
more expensive.

Jonathon Edwards, a
chemistry sophomore. said he
has carried a camping back-
pack for two years.

“I like the size. i can get a

lot of books 111 it. It has lots of

compartments and storage
space." Edwards said.

Edwards said another
reason UK students find
camping backpacks appealing
is because these packs distrib~
ute the weight better across
your back.

Many female students re-
vert to large Vera Bradley
bags for a softer look.

“They are quilted totes
with organizer pockets on the
inside.“ said a representative
from For Friends in Lexing-
ton. "A lot of young ladies
use them as bookbags."

These cloth bags come in
many patterns and appeal to
college students because they
are washable and wear well.
the representative said.

All of these new styles are
quite a stretch from what stu-
dents used to carry.

”Nobody had attache cas~
es and nobody carried book-
bags." said Phil Berger. re-
tired professor at the Martin

A handful of people
would strap their books to—
gether with a belt and some
military veterans would put
their stuff iii old military-is-
sue bags. But the majority of
students carried nothing at
all, Berger said.

Despite the many trends
sweeping the campus, some
students said they prefer
their traditional backpacks.

“They hold up." said
Kristy Conard. an accounting
senior. “I’ve had mine since
high school and I carry a lot
of heavy books."







Ni'm“: tint; ‘

Call: 2574915 or write:




Backpacks“ ottheootdoor adventurer. elongwithone-strepped shoulder

bogs and conipietely unique bags, have
lonol school backpacks.

“It feels really good to be doing
this for the children. We want kids to
learn. that‘s our goal.“ said Kristina
'l‘albert. a Russian and biotechnology

During last semester‘s drive. 25o
books were raised when I'K's faculty
was asked to donate.

"We learned that the books we
donated went for a library in the
YWt‘A Spouse Abuse Center. The
ones that were left over. the children
took home." said Kasey Becklcs. a
Spanish and economics senior anti
president of (‘omiriuiiity Bookshelf.
“We want the children to be able to
read those with their families."

”(‘hildreii books were our focus.
but we got .1 bunch of adults book as



well," she said.
But. without the help of \oluii
teers. the organi/ation may be in


There are orily live members of
I'K‘s (‘ommunity Bookshelf. and
most will be graduating this year.

“We do a lot for Lexington and
the I'K community. We're looking
for people who know the value of hi
er'acy. especially in children.” Beck
les said.

(‘ardin said the success of the
program in future years would (Ie
pend on dedicated \oluiiteers

“We're always looking for more
people to participate.“ she said. “We
want people to continue with it for

8 stops 7

Page |



Fill the community bookshelf

To join
UK's community
bookshelf, a service
fraternity that
collects books for
contact Kasey
Beckles, Stephanie
Berrong, Allison
Cardin or
Alyssa Scott all at
226-0612. You can
also contact them if
you wish to donate.

years to come."







> Ash and Pikachu star in “Pokémon: The First Movie."

Kids’ trends
catching on

By Nick Smith

coniwiauiiii; virility

All across l'lx's campus. students are hearing a lot about a

madness consuming young people today. something called
Pokemon. without even knowing what it is all about.

“I don’t know exactly what it is. btit I see it advertised on

television a lot. maybe too much." said freshman Italian magior
Pierre I’leutot.

'l‘he backt’i‘outid story to Pokemon. as told iii the comics
h .

i and the animated series on ’I‘\'. is that .-\s'h. a young boy. linds
I’ikachu. the yellow Pokerriori iriost people connect with the
Pokemon image. They and other Pokemon engage in various ad

The goal ofthe trading card and video games based on the

story is to acquire and train as many Pokemon as possible.
There are over 1.30 different types of Pokemon. according to
Nintendo‘s official web site.

The major difference between the Pokemon card game and

other card games is that in Pokemon. players can stack their
own decks. picking the best cards in order to achieve \ ictory.

While some critics argue that Pokemon encourages yio

lence (training Pokemon includes training them how to fight
each other). all Pokemon games issued by Nintendo have
earned an "E" rating (suitable for persons age six or older) by
the independent Entertainment Software Rating Board.

Despite the “B” rating. inatiy are worried about the effect

Pokemon has on the young. National media reports indicate
that Pokemon has raised concerns among the parents of the
children to whom it has been introduced. along with people who
work with these children. such as teachers and psychologists.

These individuals feel the kids are spending too much time

arid money on Pokemon and not enough on schoolwork. physi-
cal exercise and recreation. and family life.

However. some l'K students feel that all the uproar is over
nothing. and will soon die down.

“It's just another fad!" said theater sopho
tnore Michael Morris. “Before this it was
Power Rangers. before that it was 'l'eenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles. et cetera... like all fads
it will stay around until somebody comes tip
with something else to distract the kids with."



M. "S 4“,?
. .~ F M. ._ w-..
. ‘5‘ . More Pokémon fun!
5' Pokemon Websites:
A ) The official Nintendo site:

The official trading card
game site:

There will be a Pokemon
giveaway November 26,

The first i,500 customers
at any Toys "R" Us store
will each receive an
official Pokemon Peel and
Win card. Some will win


various Pokemon prizes.






 g I

z i ruesoii

Yv_NliYF'iPEli33,-1559, i cart-secret;


The Low-down

don’t teach

from the
barrel of a

-Rev. Roy
a Maryknoll
priest who has
led a decade-
Iong campaign to
close the Army's
School of the
Americas, the
Fort Benning
training center
for Latin
American sol-
diers and police.
after a dramatic
weekend protest
by at least 8,000
people opposing
the school's
involvement in
human rights


“Simple to Enter. Easy to Win.”

Campus Mourns Bonfire Victims

AUSTIN. Texas The usual pre-'l‘hanksgiv-
ing frenzy of school spirit and football mania that
sweeps the I'niversity of Texas was put aside yes-
terday as the mourning continued for the 12 peo~
ple killed in the bonfire collapse at archrival
Texas A&l\l. Across Texas. thousands of mourn
ers crowded into one church after another. many
wearing the maroon-and-white colors of the Ag-
gies. to bid farewell to five of those who died. At
IT. a candelight vigil tonight was to take the
place ofthe annual “hex rally.” when Longhorns
traditionally put a curse on the Aggies' football
team before the annual day-after ’l‘lianksgiying

Clinton Praises Bulgaria's Progress

SOPIA. Bulgaria President (‘linton
promised tens of thousands ofcheering Bulgari-
ans yesterday that “you too shall overcome" in
the struggle for democracy and prosperity. (flin-
ton. the first American president to visit this one-
time Soviet bloc state. received a hero‘s welcome.
The president offered encouraging words for Bul-
garia's campaign for NATO membership. which
promises Western security protection against
any threat from Moscow.

Congo Won't 0K Mandela As Mediator

KltlALl. Rwanda The tortuous peace
process in (‘ongo hit another snag when (‘on-
goiese President Laurent Kabila's representa-
tives refused to endorse Nelson Mandela as the
mediator in the country‘s peace process. rebels
said yesterday. Three rebel groups. which fought
a yearlong rebellion before signing a peace agree-
ment in August. agreed over the weekend to ask
the former South African president to mediate a
national dialogtie that is supposed to bring a de-
llli x-rat ic gt iverninent to Africa‘s third-largest nation.

Buchanan Eyes Iran, Iraq Dialogue

\N’.~\SlllN(l'l‘()N Reform Party presidential
contender Pat Buchanan declared yesterday that
the longstanding ('8. policy of "dual contain-
ment” of Iraq and Iran is unsustainable and he
suggested opening a dialogue with the Gulf na-
tions. Delivering a foreign policy speech.
Buchanan asked: “If we can engage (‘hina and
North Vietnam and even North Korea. why can
we not at least talk to Iran and Iraq?“ The third
party candidate also countered claims by his ri-
yals that he is an isolationist.


'Seinfeld' side-
kick Jason
Alexander could
be back in a
series by early
2001. thanks to
a wide-ranging
pact the actor
signed with
20th Century
Fox Television .
The exclusive,
two-year deal
Alexander. 40,
master of his
domain, giving
him ample cre-
ative control
over the partic-
ulars of his
return to televi-


seems the
sweeps crown
has already
been locked
away in ABC's
vault thanks to
‘Vlho Wants to
Be a
Millionaire,’ the
hit game show
that's helped
boost to of 18
ABC series to
numbers this

Come Join the
Peanut Gallery!

The Kentucky Kernel Newsroom.

Production 8: Advertising
Departments are all accepting

Gore Questions Bradley's Commitment

BURLINGTON. Iowa Vice President Al
(lore. focusing squarely on his party‘s political
base. told Democratic activists yesterday that
“my passions" are rooted in the party's core
themes. During a presidential campaign swing in
Iowa. (lore questioned his party rival's commit
ment. urging “those who care about Democratic
values" to look closely at proposals offered by
former Sen. Bill Bradley on issues ranging from
schools to health care. “I feel passionately about
these issues." said (lore. Prom abortion rights to
more money for schools to popular health pro-
grams. Gore left few traditional Democratic is-
sues untouched.

Pakistan's Sharif Claims Innocence

KARACHI. Pakistan Former Premier
Nawaz Sharif spoke out publicly yesterday for
the first time since the army swept him from

power last month. insisting he is innocent of

treason anti railing against the military leader‘
ship that is putting him on trial. Sharif. making
his second appearance before a special anti-fer»
rorisiii court. was also allowed to meet with his
wife and family. whom he had not seen since his
ouster Oct. 12 by soldiers loyal to army chief Gen.
Pervez Musharraf.

Repetitive Motion Rules Announced

WASHINGTON The 27 million Americans
who labor on assembly lines. at computer work
stations or iii jobs involving heavy lifting could
benefit from a government proposal aimed at
lessening repetitive-motion injuries. supporters
say. Business threatened to fight the rules in
court. Businesses face an estimated $4.2 billion in
annual costs to fix job sites and pay workers re-
covering from injuries under the initiative an-
nounced today by the Labor Department's Occu-
pational Safety and Health Administration.

Stocks End Mixed; Dow Up 85.63

NEW YORK Wall Street turned in a mixed
performance yesterday with a handful of large.
well’known issues advancing. but most other
stocks declining as investors took profits follow-
ing last week‘s rally. The Dow Jones industrial
average closetl up 85.63 at 11,089.52. But decliners
outnumbered advancers on the NYSE 2.131933.
The Nasdaq composite reached its 14th record
high close in the past 17 sessions. rising 23.28 to




UK loves

Hanging with the big people: UK
advertising students taste the profession

By Jason Hargis

An attempt to gain a competitive edge sent a group of UK
students interested in advertising to New York City for the 43rd
Annual Advertising Career Conference held Nov. 11-14.

Rick Roth. an integrated strategic communications instruc-
tor. said the conference was designed to help students gain a
better understanding of what companies will be looking for
once they've graduated.

“Students were given the opportunity to learn about differ-
ent jobs and how to get them at the highest level," Roth said.

The group visited two advertising agencies. Mad Dog &
Englishman and Batten. Barton. Durstine and Osborn (known
in the business as BBI)O) to experience a day in a typical ad

Mad Dog & Englishman is a smaller agency. with a laid
back atmosphere. In connection with their name. they actually
have dogs walking around the office.

While one group was enjoying the antics at Mad Dog & Eng-
lishman. the other was learning about the daily routine in a
larger agency. BBI)(). The students were treated to speakers
from different departments within the agency, to whom they
asked various questions.

“It was refreshing to get an inside look at what a creative
department is all about.“ Ushma Patel. an ISC senior. said.
“Talking with the people in the agency helped me get an under-
standing for what I‘ll be doing in the future."

Mychelle N ierman. an integrated strategic communications
senior. particularly enjoyed her experience at BBDO.

“BBDO was kind of amazing. they did two of my favorite
commercials, the Visa Platinum and the M&M‘s." Nierman

After the agency tours. the group had the opportunity to
mingle and speak with representatives from different agencies
in New York City at the Fashion Institute of Technology. a great
networking opportunity for the students with both potential em-
ployers and other advertising students from across the nation.

Unfortunately, a few of the students felt a bit cheated. “It
wasn't what we expected. there was bad representation from the
agencies." Patel said. “The ratio of professionals to students
was extremely uneven.“

Despite the bad representation of the agencies at the Fash-
ion Institute of Technology. the earlier tours had their desired
effect. Dennis Altman. an ISC instructor. said they were one of
the more important parts of the trip.

“it‘s a much more immediate experience than you can get
from any textbook or even a lecture." Altman said.






as a if: .1. a: at: a:
3*: For Holiday Giving...... *5

Cooking with Friends






.- «dam—.— ,,. »




a M.” .. ”v...



<~""“""3:"""'" 3L. ._ '<'.. 1.




the I

applications. Don’t miss your
Opportunity to have tun. make some
money and gain valuable


whim-"cw m'w'ge aka-ry,<¥r-7-“'=a'l~<%;w1-" .'



v L i “Clint-*3



Wk be lyftt
. ~‘ * . ’

is a


Please step by the basement .
ot the Grehaniournaiism Boildine
to get more information and an '
application. .

of h(
is a i
f ice


A collection of recipes from
employees of the
Chandler Medical Center and friends.

On Sale Now!
Onlg $2.50 Caii 322-5762
Proceeds to UK United Way and the Human Needs Fund




We’d be happy to have you Join the
Kernel newspaper staff!

no it

the I
gal s
to da
of in‘
son. :
him ‘

Call 257-2872 if you want to
break out of your shell!








wan-nag ..






Special Events
1 Game Night in Student (enter Gameroom. 7—9pm
. EILM l flLM W d
e TIES a
“'3 ° 1 ° 1
3 Academic
' Res Life Tutoring: Eng 101 . 6:30—9. Holmes Classroom and Commons 3088
Res Life Tutoring: Chemistry. 54:30pm. Commons 308A

@‘qp;;;a,flifii ‘...; - ;

Smooth singer Meetings
hi and wannabe SAB Indoor Activities Committee Meeting. 5pm. 203 Student Center
--*1 Table Francaise. A French Conversation Group. 3-5pm. Magic Beans Coffee Co.
i: actor Usher South Hill Station
757 stars in the Sports
'- latest Baby- Tae—Boxing. 5pm. Baptist Student Union
a face movie. UK Kempo Self Defense Club. 8:30pm. Alumni Gym Loft. FREE!
c' The film Special Events
f.— demnstntes WRFL’s "Local Show" Featuring Bands. 6-9pm. Student Center Gameroom
». that perhaps
both should '
stick to the u I S a






As tlie name implies. tltis is
the first installment of hits. lite
tng taken from the years when


Led Zepplin

‘ Meetings
ll‘dt'k "Kliilllfd isilltil'.“ LiNn' m‘ecging. 7:10pm Bapttlsé Sttitzlentaggnster ( i
. ., . . , _ . . - p a I mega eettng. 7 pin in tudent enter .
lilt‘ illtllli WilS (-(mutnt “mum; ”'5 ["51“ \ ”i“ ‘5 llll‘lqllt‘ SAB Multicultural Committee Meeting. 4pm. 203 Student Center. Everyone :
and strong: it almost carries a Welcome! '

off aging .~\merican blues
All the songs yott know aiid
love are here. tracks like
"Whole Lotta Love“ and ”Black
Dog." Do not fear. tltey also tn
eluded the song that can ilt‘
heard by aspiritig guitarists in
every music shop around tlte
world. the immortal, the ago
nixmg "Stairway to Heaven "
You sliottld already know il‘
yoti want to buy this album,

Rating: A

not exactly Disney



edgy enough to qualify as rock.
but it's too enjoyable to brand
as pop.

\‘iola‘s lyrics range from
lighthearted to depressive. The
music. while not particularly
original. he has a few catchy
melodies scattered here and
there. especially in "Fall Back
llowti” and the rather serious

litttt of Steven 'l‘y ler on tracks
like “All I Have." However. his
guitar work isn't exceptional.
bit! the brass work. performed
by The lilow hole llot‘ns on
tracks like "I lion‘t Know Any-
thing.” adds depth and creativi
ty that you don‘t find Ill ordis
nary pop.

Many oi‘ the tracks sound
sttnilar to each other. bitt there
are those that do staiid oitt. like

my personal favorites. “Hills of

l...»\." and “()nce 1 Was."
'l‘he best comparison this



Jonny Depp reunites with director Tim Burton and succeeds in frightening
the bejeebees out of audiences and bringing in the bucks at the box office.

Burton's new flick has him doing what he
does best - making bleak, disturbing movies

By Luke Saladin

Tim Burton‘s Slecpr Hollow
is a smart. devilishly clever
film veiled in a glorious cele»
bration of decapitation.

Part suspense and part sur-
real illusion. the film moves
like a dream through episodes
of horror. fantasy. romance and
beauty. Burton‘s Sleepy Hollow
is a dour place. at once the arti-
fice and reality of a filmmaker
who shuns the visual con;
straints of daily life.

The film is based on. htit in
no way bound to. Washington
Irving‘s timeless classic. The
Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

The latest incarnation of
the Headless Horseman legend
takes place at the tail end of the
19th century. lchabotl Crane. a
righteous constable froth New
York City. believes that the le-
gal system must he brought up
to date with improved methods
of investigation and justice.

Upset by the constant litter-
ruptions frotn this child of rea
son. a New York judge banishes
him upstate to investigate a se»
ries of murders in which the
victim's Were all found decapi-

Burton teams once again

with .lohitity [)epp. star of Bur-
ton's Edll'al'd Scissor/lands anti
Iz'd ll'ood. Depp‘s ability to dis-
appear into characters is mes-

(Trane‘s journey north
shines light on Burton‘s most
ostensible talents art direc—
tion. set design and cinematog-
raphy. The landscape is bleak
and resonates with an idle
sense of death.

in this macabre world Crane
meets the locals. each one a bar-
binger of the horseman‘s evil: Bal~
tiis Van Tassel (Michael Gambon)
and his mysterious daughter Kat;
rina (Christina Ricci) and her
stepmother Lady Van Tassel (Mi
randa Richardson).

The, horseman‘s identity is
perhaps one of the more enjoyable
surprises in the film. Although the
filiii ltas a lot of gore. it is some-
how made innocent by Burton‘s
style more cinematic than
shocking. mor \ necessity than eti-

The film's ending might
seem trite. bttt it works well
with Burton's spin on lrving's
characters. The story isn't flim-
sy. bttt the trite meat ofthe film
is the visuals. which. thanks in
Burton. are rich. dynamic and
full of emotion.

Rating: A-

III .llodei'orioit

What an album. Oh boy.
I‘m really excited about this
new slab of erttnch t‘ront
8Stops7, I think this could be
the band that puts rock back on
the map. Oh wait... what‘s that







..y. "Wig: 9?; 7}? ._; I'm Sta|ey
gm: g 3? 3; :4 Assistant Arts Editor
if; d 5" To” 77’ Phone 2511915 | Email: kernelart Ayahoocom
Priority Registration
O C V .
l M-
D'd' -. " d ..,
. . .. , . . . , ,. . I V0“ "TISSVOUI‘ “In 0“.
By Tim Staley Lindsey Clouse listener can think of is the Spin you say.’ It s Itltlti.’ l\trvana did 2 ‘
Elsfmumfifoa Caymguhfi‘wfigR Doctors. or perhaps even Ever» all that tell years ago. i must be Register November 23 _ 24
‘ . 3 clear in the music and guitar confused.
[Fa‘edlZeIpplln l Mike Viola and the (‘aiidy work. bttt neither of these are So In .llodercttt'on is a real w—
vary )ays.‘ 7' ze lies! oiled Butchers very close. ly limp album of proto grunge. ~ . , ~ , , ~ ' . - . - ,
Zepplin Vol. I Falling into I’lace It‘d/ling Into I’Iuee isn’t ex- There's more or less a balance 3“ the ‘S‘ hum" "1 ( I“““” “" details.
Atlantic Soity (‘olumbta actly striking. and you‘re not between thesot‘t. hurt setni-bal N-
. .. . likely to hear the ('andy Butch» lads aiitl the loud, chunka http://yyww.uk_\.cdu/Registrur/sehcdulc.htntI
:1 What really needs to be How to classify Mike Viola ers taking the radio by storm chunk "rockers." Mi l’i‘l'St’ilill
j said about this album? Whether and the Candy Butchers? Their any time soon. bttt it would highlight is the song ."i'lllll'
‘ i you like them or not. everyone album. Falling Into Place. isn't make a decent (‘hristnias pie spiretl. not because it s good
.’:' knows Led Zepplin. sent for most fans of' rock or 01‘ 4111111111131. but stmlil.1 ht“.
This is the first greatest pop. clause tt sums up the whole til
_. . ' ‘ . ' - , -,‘ Ratln: 3. fits album. There‘s another
Ihits album from {femillln‘u‘khlh}: 9 song that begs the listener to
.. titans you can Int! 3 h'ett c By Joe Marrett ..QWMIH” Everything" that
. songs you do want without __~__..,:-._. , may cause Matchbox 20 (anoth-
1. 3'4 wading though the voltttnes of “WWW er example of rock gone
[ii songs you don't. HStopsT wrong) to question where

tiStopsT got a hold of their

lt'egurgitatiott‘s a bitclt and
this baitd coughs it up over the
t‘otti‘se of III Moderation. i

The Campus Calendar is produced weekly by the Office of Student Activities.
Postings In the calendar are free to all registered student organizations and UK I
departments. Information ( .in he submitted in Rm. 203 Student Center or by
completing a request form on line at httpyr’www.uky.edu/StudentCentr-r
Postings requests are due UNF WEEK PRIOR to the Monday information is to
gup‘“ I}“i)"l‘() l-(tady iitll‘ tilt‘ t‘£l~ appear in the calendar. For more information call 251—8866
dio. Afterall. (‘reed sells mil-
lti Ins of records. Shows what i
know .

Rating: F


Tuesda 1 1/23


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Grammy winner Kenneth
“Babyfaee” Edmonds and wife
Tracey have collaborated fora
third time to produce the film
Light it [7). Sadly. this movie
pales in comparison to their
award-winning drama Soul

Set in a stereotypical in»
IlC‘l‘Cii)’ high school in
Queens. R&B singer [lsher
Raymond stars as Lester. who
takes over the school in a des-
perate measure to keep friend
Ziggy (Robert Richard) from
being sent home.

The series of events he-
gins when the window in Mr.
Knowlcs‘ (Judd Nelson) class
room breaks for the amp-
teenth time. Since it was too
cold to hold class there and
the rest of the rooms were al
ready occupied. Knowles tells
Principal Armstrong ((ilynn
'I‘urman) of the predicament.
Armstrong. stressed out him
self. tells the teacher to take
the class anywhere which
is exactly what Knowles does

When the principal finds
otit Knowles took the students
to a nearby restaurant to con-
duct class. he suspends
Knowles. The students start a
verbal protest to save their fa
vorite teacher. and Arm-
strong starts throwing out
suspensions left aitd right.
()ne of the students slapped
with disciplinary action LS
Ziggy: Armstrong tells the


heavy on cliches

Ortinal idea: Inner city ki
to defy sterotypes and come out on top

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music biz.


Happy Turkey Day!
Friday “/26

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Magritte. 5pm. Keeneland Hall basement. Free to Students of French

Saturda 1 1/27

Catholic Mass at The Newman Center. 6pm








school's security guard. Dante
.Iackson (Forest Whitaker) to
remove Ziggy from the build-
iitg. The two struggle and the


officer's gun accidentally goes
off. shooting Jackson. Lester
patties. grabs the gun and or-
dcrs everyone out ofthe build-
ing. taking only the wounded
officer as a hostage.

1n the madness. a haphaz-
ard group of six students re-
main behind and barricade
themselves in the schools li.

The movie attempts to
show that inner-city students
care about themselves. each
other and education. Howev-
er. the movie is so weighed
down by introducing too
many issues at once teen
pregnancy. physically-abusive
parents. the present genera-
tion's lack of focus and police
brutality. The social-issue
overload detracts from the
characters‘ development. leav-
ing the audience empty.

The lack of character do
veloptnent anti lapses in the
storyline in turn detract from
the actors‘ performances. de-
spite a talented cast (with the
exception of Usher. who really
needs to stick to singing).

An optimistic ending tilti»
mately leaves the audience
with a warm. fuzzy feeling.
Still the feeling isn't enough

save your $6.50 and rent the
movie when it comes otit on
Rating: I-





WWSunda 11/28

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Sunday Morning Worship. 11am. Christian Student Fellowship (502 Columbia Ave.)
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Exhibit: ON THE BRINK. The Millenium Nears, UK Art Museum. 12-5pm
Lori Simpson: Senior Recital. 8pm. Singletary Recital Hall

Happy Thanksgiving!




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