- 3 -

      G.   Acceptance of Gift from the Estate of Floyd H. Wright  (PR 3B)

      President Singletary indicated his pleasure in recommending that the
Board accept a gift from the estate of Floyd H. Wright to be paid to the
University each year from a trust established for this purpose. The
initial payment which has been received from the trustee is $219,980.00.
Governor Chandler indicated that he had been a longtime personal friend of
Mr. Wright's and recounted Mr. Wright's years in Kentucky and his strong
and lasting support for the University of Kentucky, including his services
as a member of the Board. Mr. McCowan expressed his appreciation of
Governor Chandler's remarks. On motion made by Mr. Lassetter, seconded by
Professor Driscoll and carried, it was so ordered.  (See PR 3B at the end
of the Minutes.)

       H.    Proposed Amendment to the Governing Regulations  (PR 3C)

       Mr. Griffin moved that the proposed amendment to the Governing
Regulations be received for preliminary consideration and be included on
the agenda at the next regular meeting of the Board.  The motion was
seconded by Mr. Clay and passed without dissent.  (See PR 3C at the end of
the Minutes.)

       I.   Naming of University Building  (PR 3D)

       President Singletary indicated his pleasure in recommending that the
new building which will house the University of Kentucky Faculty Club be
named the HILARY J. BOONE FACULTY CENTER in recognition of Mr. Boone's
continuing support of the University and its programs.  The motion, which
was made by Mr. Clay and seconded by Professor Wilson, was voted on and
carried unanimously. President Singletary introduced Mr. Boone who was
accompanied by his wife and her mother and asked them to stand and be
recognized, following which they were given a round of applause.  (See PR
3D at the end of the Minutes.)

       J.    Establishment of Division Structure -- Owensboro Community
College  (PR 4A)

       On recommendation of Chancellor Wethington and with the concurrence
of President Singletary, Mr. Black moved that Owensboro Community College
be organized to reflect the creation of two academic divisions:
Humanities, Social Sciences, and Related Technologies, and Science,
Mathematics, Business and Related Technologies.  His motion was seconded by
Mr. Rose and carried.  (See PR 4A at the end of the Minutes.)

       K.    Change in Division Structure -- Madisonville Community
College (PR 4B)

       After explaining that PR 4B was similar action, President Singletary
then recommended that Madisonville Community College be reorganized to
create two new divisions:  Biological Sciences and Reiated Technologies,
and Physical Sciences and Related Technologies.  The motion, which was made
by Professor Wilson and seconded by Mr. Ramsey, carried without dissent.
(See PR 4B at the end of the Minutes.)