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by Craig Clere

Lexington and Central Kentucky's 1988 Wednesday, June 15 - Arts Night at
celebration of gay and lesbian pride is Victorian Square. Contributions to Arts Night
scheduled for June 12-18. Lexington's Pride are welcome - painting, drawings, poetry,
Week Committee has been hard at Work for two anything! Contact any Pride Week Committee
months to make this year‘s Pride Week the member for more information.
best yet. The Pride Week Committee this year Thursday, June 16 - Video Night at
consists of representatives from: the CLSO Arts Place. Several videos concerning lesbian
Board, Coffeehouse and Dance Committee, and and gay issues will be shown. Suggestions?
Speaker's Bureau; Dignity; Interweave; AVOL; Friday, June 17 - CLSO's Coffeehouse 8
the Imperial Court; and the Central Kentucky Dance at the Unitarian Universalist Church.
Democratic Socialists. Saturday, June 18 - Pride Week Picnic

The final plans for the week were not on Saturday afternoon, location to be
set at press time; however, the tentative announced. AVOL will host a Party that night
schedule is as follows: or on Sunday evening.

Sunday, June 12 - Interweave will hold Final plans for Pride Week will be
its 3rd annual Pride Week Service at 10:45 am published, with final times and locations, in
at the Unitarian Universalist Church. The the June edition of the CLSO News. For more
Imperial Court will sponsor a benefit show for information, or tickets to the Pride Week
Pride Week later that evening. dinner contact:

Monday, June 13 - CLSO will host the
featured speaker, still to be announced, and Bill 266-9175 Jeff 252-52118
a dinner at Great Moments. Tickets for the Kenneth 278-00148 Jerry 272-7381
dinner will be $7 and are available from Pride Barry 268-3935 Terry 255-51472
Week Committee members. Keith 269-81417 Robin 233-9223

Tuesday, June 14 - CLSO's.‘ Rainbow Craig 266-8887 Teresa 255-3851
League will sponsor Bowling Night at Joyland


Anti-gay violence will be the topic of As with the rest of our country, reports
conversation at the monthly Forum in May. We . of anti-gay violence in Lexington and
will see a 20 minute documentary, exploring surrounding areas are increasing. Everyone
crimes of violence directed at the gay who has been the victim of anti-gay violence
community, taken from the news program 20/20 locally is requested to attend the meeting and
with Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs. contribute their thoughts and fears.
Information on this topic being collected by If you have any topics you would like
the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force will considered for discussion at further Forums,
be used, in addition to the film, as the please contact Keith at 269-81417, or Mark at
springboard for our discussion. I606) 365-3130.

D Please send me a free introductory DOING THE DERBY THE GAY WAY
issue of GLSO News and information lN LEXINGTON
on GLSO.
On Friday, May 6th, at 9 pm GLSO will
Ci I'd like to become a voting Member host its own version of an Anita Madden Derby
of GLSO, including home delivery Party. The site will be the recently completed
of the GLSO News and discounts Party Room at Victorian Square. Admission is
at GLSO functions. My Membership only $5 ($14 for GLSO members with
fee of $10/year is enclosed. membership card).
We'll have Victorian Square all to
El I don't wish to become a Member but ourselves, since the stores close earlier in the
please send me the GLSO News each evening. Reach the party through our private
month. I enclose the $5 annual fee. entrance on Short Street across from the
Opera House. Parking is available in the
Name: Victorian Square garage, and is free since the
attendants will open the gates and go home
before the party ends. The theme of the
Address: Madden's party will be "Romancing with the
Romanovs", so if anyone just happens to have
attire suitable to the extravagant days of old
City, St, Zip: czarist Russia, come and show it off to the
rest of Gay Lexington at the GLSO Mock
Mail to: Newsletter, P.O. Box 111471 Madden Derby Party!
Lexington, KY 140575
GLSO News is published monthly by the
Lexington Gay Services Organization, Inc.
[d.b.a. Lexington Gay/Lesbian Services CLASSIFIEDS
Organization), Box 111471, Lexington, KY 1#0575
Steve Savage. Editor —
Craig Clere, Asst Editor, Events Calendar
Debbie 8 Teresa, Asst Editors for Esmerelda WANTED: Roommate to share new 3-bedroom
Aunt Mary, Advice Columnist house with 2 other males. Must be honest and
Additional Contributors: Dave, Craig, Dennis, reliable. $275/month, bills paid. Call
AVOL, Lambda Rising, The Advocate, TSR; 271-1692 after 8 pm. Available immediately.
Typists: Dave, Craig; Equipment: Dave,
Karen; Typesetting: Matt; Layout: Craig, WANTED: Clean and sober non-smoker to
Gerry, Daniel Mailing: Bill; Couriers: Barry, sub-let efficiency apartment for summer.
Bill; Folding 8 Stuffing: Mark, Steve, Gerry, Fully furnished. Near U.K. Call 276-2685 or
Dave, Jonathan. _ 250-2083.
Views or Opinions expressed in GLSO News are WANTED: GWM roommate to share half of
those of the authors and do not necessarily expenses. Two BR apartment close to Transy
represent those of the Board of Directors. and Downtown. Call Kevin, 259-9725.
Submissions are welcome. All submissions
become the property of GLSO and must include FOR RENT: 1-2 bedroom duplex apartment,
the full name and address of the author. newly remodeled, quiet street, near downtown,
Anonymous submissions are not accepted. The $250 + uts., deposit, pet considered,
editorial staff reserves the right to alter any 266-5500, leave message for Laura.
submissions (including advertising) to meet
publishing requirements. WANTED! Home for newlyweds. Gay couple
The placement of advertising in GLSO News seeks low-rent house (fixer-uppers
does NOT denote a person's sexual orientation considered). Must be in East Lexington to
nor a business's customer preference. Mount Sterling area. Call Daniel, 278-15152
evenings, or Dennis (506) 6664901.

New York City performers Bryan Murphy The mellow tones and sparkling
and Ron Bailey delighted the audience at a personality of Ron Bailey were a superb
benefit for the AIDS Volunteers of Lexington addition to the Show. A composer and singer,
on April 25. An experienced professional who Mr. Bailey performed some of his own works
has appeared in numerous clubs, on TV and in as well as familiar hits.
Las Vegas, Mr. Murphy was stunning in his Special thanks to Joey and staff at The
portrayal of Pearl Bailey as he sang and joked Bar for use of The Showroom, and for their
with the captivated crowd. The vitality of his continuing support of AVOL activities. The
performance illustrated why he has received evening of entertainment raised another $250
rave reviews from such national media as for local AIDS education and support services.
Variety and The Advocate.
from Craig Clere
The Lambda Legal Defense and Education
GLSO was one of a dozen participants in Fund has joined a suit filed against
the Central Kentucky Council for Peace 8 Disneyland in Orange County, California on
Justice's Media Fair on April 16. The fair behalf of three gay men who allege the park
consisted of an information area where groups discriminated against them when it barred them
distribute pamphlets and newsletters about from same-sex dancing.
their organizations, and a video display area The suit asks for punitive damages from
where numerous films were shown throughout Disneyland because of its blatant disregard of
the afternoon. Among the films were the an earlier ruling in a similar suit requiring it
March on Washington video and the Life and not to discriminate. In that 1984 suit the
Times of Harvey Milk. park was found to be in violation of
GLSO News staffers developed a California's Civil Rights Act which prohibits
brochure explaining our organization and its arbitrary discrimination by businesses on the
various programs for use at the Media Fair basis of race, gender, marital status, creed,
and Slmilar future events. Copies of the and sexual orientation. among other criteria.
GLSO News were also available. The current suit alleges that
The Media Fair gave GLSO an Christopher Drake, Eric Hubert, and Jeffrey
opportunity to be visible within an Stabile, all part of a group outing to
environment which was non-threatening to Disneyland in April 1987, sponsored by the
interested newcomers. In addition, several lesbian and gay student groups at the
people expressed support as they stopped by University of California and California State
the table. A Presbyterian minister taking our University, had been dancing with male
brochure commented she frequently has partners for nearly an hour to rock music.
persons talk to her about being gay, but When a ballad was played and the men began
could not refer them to anyone gay or lesbian slow-dancing, they were approached by park
because she was unaware of any gay security officials and told, in essence, "You're
organizations in Lexington. Those who going to have to stop dancing. Touch dancing
participated felt it a worthwhile opportunity to is reserved for heterosexual couples only."
make Lexington's gay community more visible. Mr. Walker, cooperating attorney with
— Lambda on the case, stated that "Overall, it's
5 not Disneyland's business to determine with
L?) g! _ whom its patrons can dance. We're simply
,4- ,_ .i? ‘45; (’35?an 7n} demanding equal rights. You would think
4§tlm$it0fiizigxQfigyzjw’téfigggmi Disneyland would have learned its lesson after
Lia/kg ggfi’; tiliftflfvéggghlggqhé’ik losing the NBA suit."
1.“le \MIA%\\;(K:§\E§ 55%;”‘6; —
' l ‘ \ . ' I
Wide: ., €4.33. At a

 P the conference. As a handful of us sat
around a kitchen table chatting, we suddenly

,I found ourselves talking about (gasp!) sex —

3’ 1d 3 p and what a discussion it was! i think we
_; /4 smere a 5 81'10 F were all a bit wide-eyed as the discussion
31 became more and more frank. Alternately

AV) enthralled and embarrassed, l was thrilled to

be there, and hope that more take place in the

.u“: ' future. It certainly got me psyched up for

‘ ‘/ the Lesbian Passion Discussion Group that is

going to get under way this month lsee

accompanying article). Yet another highpoint

— last month was the GLSO Coffeehouse and

Well, it's hard to believe that May has Dance. Wasn't Reel World just wonderful!?
already arrived, but here it is, and practically And let's not forget the Diedre McCalIa
bursting with things to do. Good things, too, concert. What a boom month for women's
since spring fever has been fully operational music!
for a solid month-and-a-half now, and we‘ve May is also a month packed with
been seeing a lot of new and eager faces out opportunities for good times. On May 6, be
and about. We hope to see even more of you sure to hit the Mock Anita Madden Party at
now that classes are about to end and the Victorian Square - it'll be the place to be on
students will be loose for the summer (lord Derby Eve! On the 8th, we'll be car-pooling
help us!) You'll find lots of friendly faces to Berea for the Lesbian Potluck, which will
wherever there's a potluck or a coffeehouse or make it an extra special potluck. Then on
a cookout or a softball game or a . . . You May ill, the GLSO Coffeehouse and Dance
get the picture - it's going to be a great Committee will be having a party. No
summer! business, we promise. We just want to let

From a personal standpoint, l'm afraid I loose and have a good time (and pat ourselves
have to give the month of April somewhat on the back while we're at it). And finally,
mixed reviews. Although some wonderful over Memorial Day weekend, a whole slew of
activities were going on (see below), taking us will be heading down to Georgia for the
over the responsibility for Esmerelda's Parlour Southern Women‘s Music Festival. if you're
and becoming co-editor along with Teresa has still debating about whether or not to do, just
been no piece of cake, and in particular, this give one of us a call - we'll be glad to twist
issue has been a real test of our fortitude. your arm. We can't resist the thought of
You see, rather foolishly, we chose to move spending four days in the wilderness
into a new apartment in April. And since we celebrating music and art with 2,000 other
had nothing but cleaning, painting and moving lesbians. Can you?
on the brain for the entire month, it was Well, I appear to be rambling on
pretty tough getting this thing together. All 'somewhat, so now is probably a good time to
in all, though, we're fairly pleased with the exit gracefully. Until next month.
results. By the way, make note of Debbie
Esmerelda's new phone number in the directory
- you may need it sometime to get in touch LESBIAN PASSION DISCUSSION GROUP
with us.

Before looking ahead to May, I'd like to Believe it or not, we are finally ready to
take a moment to look back upon a few of the get under way. Thanks to all of you who
exciting things that happened in April. It have expressed an interest in this group, and
was both gratifying and very exciting to see thanks also for your patience in waiting for me
Esmerelda's softball team, officially known as to get my act together. Our first meeting will
the Critters, become a reality. If you'd like be on Sunday, May 22, at 1 pm. To help get
to head out to the ballpark to help root them things rolling, this meeting will take the form
on, they play on Tuesday nights at Castlewood of a dessert potluck followed by an informal
Park. Another worthwhile event last month discussion of how we'd like the group to
was the Women Writers Conference at UK. progress. Thereafter, the meetings will be
The highlight for me was something that was held on the fourth Sunday of each month,
not on the agenda. Rather, it was an informal when possible. Call the new phone number in
discussion that took place one evening after the Directory for more information.

by Debbie by TSR
Hearts, ever hopeful I went looking for my stone heart today
Yearn for past familiarities The one I wore around my neck as a child
The security of what once was It always made me feel big and strong,
Though it was not right whenever I was feeling particularly small.
We try once more I don't know how
With renewed feeling it got its magic,
To have it all but I felt it
When it is not there to be had whenever I wore that small purple stone.
I love you Of course now - in all my adult maturity
And you love me I know that there really is no such thing
But sometimes love alone as magic - still.
is not enough I woke up this morning
And even a second chance wishing for the comfort,
cannot make it so. and the protection (magic)
that l klnow my stone heart would bring.
. On Wednesday March 23, Lexington was concert was enjoyable and exciting. One of
, treated to a concert by the well-known the crowd's favorite moments was when she
. musician and comedienne, Diedre McCalla. sang along to a tape of the title track from
' McCalla is touring the country to promote her I'With a Little Luck," complete with her playing
new album entitled “With a Little Luck," a an "air guitar.“
- blend of jazz, rock, and easy listening. If you missed the concert in March,
. During the intermission McCalla talked to don‘t worry. Diedre McCalla will be in
; everyone and signed autographs. Georgia at the Southern Festival in May. Be
' With her strong clear voice, and sure to catch her act!
excellent guitar-playing ability, McCalla's
I In a close competition, GLSO/Esmerelda,
) "The Critters" defeated "Ebony Express“ by 3 Lesbian writers from throughout the
score of 7-5. Down by a run through the 14th Southeast will gather in Central Georgia on
, inning, The Critters took the lead by scoring June 1-5. Womonwrites ‘88 participants will
' 16 runs one by one. Ebony Express came back share their stories, celebrate their lives, and
in the 5th inning making 14 runs, bringing the enrich one another by bringing together a
score to 5-H. fertile blend of experience and insight.
) After a startling display of physical To inspire and stimulate creativity among
) prowess and athletic grace, The Critters Lesbian writers, Womonwrites must continue to
l scored three impressive runs and the game evolve as a thoughtful, innovative gathering.
a was called due to time. Thus The Critters Lesbians of all colors, all nationalities, all
i earned their first victory of the season. ethnic backgrounds, all income levels and
t The Critters' play every Tuesday night degrees of physical ability are invited to
1 at Castlewood Park. Their schedule this celebrate the tenth year as a place where
I month is: Lesbian writers share common lives and
) May 3rd, 9:00 May 10th, 8:00 different experiences though writing.
a May 17th, 9:00 May 214th, 7:00 For information about the conference
' May 31st, 8:00 send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to
" Let's go out and support our Womonwrites '88, 7135 5th Ave. North, St.
Dyke-Jocks! Petersburg, FL 33710.
I —


Dance! Coffeehouse! Books, music and gifts by, for,

The wonderful folks of the the GLSO “"5““?‘W'"°"'N°"‘“““

- childrens books. New age
Coffeehouse 8 Dance Committee needed a rest, mum Black wonicn‘sliicraturc.
so the lnterweave-UU Church Convo '89 Lesbian and gayliteraturc.
Planning Committee and the Dignity/Lexington . _
chapter gladly volunteered to co-host the May Mall Orrlrrx, Sgecml Orders,
Coffeehouse 8 Dance, on Friday May 20. The , G‘f‘ Cemficates.
GLSO committee suggested people just want to 1118 Ask about our SAVINGS CARD
dance, so come and dance from 8:30 pm to Crazy Ladies
1:00 am. There will be some surprises! .
Dignity tradition requires we dance the "Hokey BOOkStwe
Pokey" and the "Bunny Hop." This time, Anzllnmnmume. Cinclllnnll.0ll4522] (513)541—1195
however, you can bid to let someone else join
in. Just say to yourself, “I know I’d pay PHONELINE TEMPORARILY SHUT
$_ to see dance the Bunny Hop." BY MECHANICAL PROBLEM
You fill in the blanks! It should be great
fun. All proceeds will go to the two groups, We tell the world the GLSO Phoneline is
so come ready to dance while helping to staffed on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
support Convocation '89 and Dignity. Anyone nights, but at other times calls are intercepted
who supports with a $10 contribution will by an answering machine. If you've called the
receive a gift. A $25 contribution will get you Phoneline during the past few weeks you know
two gifts! The cost is sliding scale at the it ain't true - our answering machine has been
door - $3 and up. [BYOB and Bring Many on strike.
Friends). Both Dignity and Interweave will be Wive had difficulty with the line
using funds raised from the May C 8 D to occasion lly because it's computer activated,
host upcoming events. Dignity is hosting a but the gremlins of modern technology have
Regional House of Delegates meeting in now created another problem. Two different
October. The Continental Convocation for answering machines have failed within the past
Unitarian Universalists for Lesbian 8 Gay month, and we're now working on number
Concerns is next February. Both are "firsts" three. If you've called GLSO during "off
for Lexington, and will be drawing lesbians hours" only to find no one home, we
and gay men from across the region and apologize. Hopefully our newest machine will
throughout North America. talk to you.


The following letter appeared in the normal than heterosexuality: (2) it is not
Lexington Herald-Leader. Since you may have chosen; (3) it is not an illness; (14) it is not
missed it, we decided to reprint it. “catching“; and (5) it is far less likely to be

the sexual orientation of child molesters.

Your publication of the September 21 l was made sad by the letter because of
letter from Hulen Girdler, "It's clear God the effect it may have on the thousands of gay
hates homosexual activity," both outraged and and lesbian men and women who may have read
saddened me. it. They have committed no sin, have done no

To condemn homosexuals to unending wrong and have hurt no one in being
punishment and shame in a public forum is themselves. We are the ones who have sinned
equivalent to denying the full humanity of if we do not speak out for the cause of
blacks, women or Jews. The Bible has some compassion and dignity. The church is as
denigrating things to say about the good a place as any to begin. It seems it was
above-mentioned groups, yet our society has in a church that I heard something about a
begun to redress the wrongs historically man called Christ, whose supreme
inflicted upon those groups. commandment was to "love one another."

For those willing to let go of their fear, David S. Blanchard, Minister
there is ample evidence to establish that Unitarian Universalist Church of Lexington
homosexuality I1) is less common, but no less


3 FRIDAY EVENING” MAY to“ . woo o'cLocK
; The RH’Y ROOM or" URL—Lon'qn
(1“. SC‘RC‘T‘Q. Frfimme on Shoflv
E 0". ‘5. Shed across Rom
: ' 3 I +ho. Opera. House.
I L,‘5,.v"g‘;;‘ DRESS :
I *2‘ -'-' ‘ SQnECm-md +0 BMW-30ft
t h '7 Admfsn'on“ ‘3 5.00
I: z: :' fizzy“; \ H’Iflf\/
L: ': A -
E \ .20 ‘ f?‘
r 5 \W},
:. \Qmfi /_

violence." Lexington's seminar will be held at
the Newman Center, 320 Rose Lane. Cost is
I - $25, preregistered, or $30 at the door.
Dignity/Lexington will host a reception
for Sister Grammick and Father Nugent that
evening at 7 pm in the Newman Center. All
are welcome.
P,O.Box1984 0 Lexlngton, KY 40593 UPCOMING EVENTS
269‘8417 Several events will be taking place soon.
The Spring House of Delegates for
' e" Dignity/Region V is May 20-22 in Flint, MI.
FROM DIGNITY'S PRESIDENT A regional convention is set for July l-ll
in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Dr. John McNeill,
Energy . . . There are times l wish I a gay former Jesuit priest and noted author.
had more of it. It‘s very difficult sometimes will be the featured speaker. Workshops will
to fulfill all that one wants to do or is be conducted and it should be lots of fun.
expected. Registration is $55 through May 31, afterwards
Recently I had a conversation with a $65 until June 15. The host hotel is the
friend who said that when she was low she Harley, but Dignity/Lexington also has
withdrew. I know many men and women who information on camping, etc. For more
do that. I know I don't do as well that way. information call Dignity or ask about the
The best way for me to restore my energy is convention at the next meeting.
to be around people. Whether it be with Finally, Lexington is hosting the
friends at the Coffeehouse, shared laughter at Regional V House of Delegates October 21-23.
the Rap Session, a hug at Liturgy, or just If you're interested in helping (food, being
dinner with friends, I get restored and home host, etc.) let us know.
energized by those good times. I learned that
again at the Dignity Regional in Lafayette. l HOUSE OF DELEGATES MEETS IN
was re-energized. LAFAYETTE, INDIANA
What do you do to re-energize? The
support of friends is my favorite way. I get The Winter House of Delegates for
that at Dignity and other places. I hope to Dignity Region V met in Lafayette, Indiana,
see you at Dignity soon. Peace, Keith during the last weekend in March. After a
reception Friday, the business of the weekend
CATHOLIC COALITION FOR GAY began on Saturday. Gloria Jean Hammel,
CIVIL RIGHTS SENDING SPEAKERS Dignity USA's chair for Women's Concerns,
T0 LEXINGTON spoke about meeting the needs of lesbians in
Dignity. [This was in response to a discussion
On Tuesday, May 31, 9 am to 3:30 pm, started by Dignity/Lexington, the chapter with
Sister Jeannine Grammick and Father Robert the highest participation of women in the
Nugent will represent the Catholic Coalition for country, at the last House). We learned none
Gay Civil Rights and present a one-day of the Ohio chapters are allowed to hold their
seminar, "Homophobia in the Church." The meetings in their local churches. A good
Coalition is sponsoring this event as part of a program on membership was presented and the
series of seminars being presented throughout Convention and future meetings were set.
the country in response to the Administrative A discussion of Dignity/New York
Board of the U.S. Bishops' Conference's resulted in financial aid from our Region.
recent statement, "The Many Faces of AIDS: A Many members of Dignity/New York are
Gospel Response." In that publication the protesting the actions of Cardinal O'Connor by
bishops strongly condemned "acts of violence silently demonstrating during mass and outside
directed against gay and lesbian people since St. Patrick's Cathedral. Many have been
AIDS has become a national issue... Those arrested. A service, dinner, and dance
who are gay or lesbian... should not be the highlighted Saturday evening and Dignity/
objects of discrimination, injustice, or Lexington's president led 70 lesbians and gay
men in "The Hokey Pokey" and "Bunny Hop."
All in all, it was a great weekend!

by Dennis Stutsman
' l have recently been bombarded with
} reviews of two books about the life of Roy
Cohn, a loathsome, unethical attorney who
" prosecuted the Rosenbergs and served as chief FRESHENS YOGURT
counsel to Senator Joseph McCarthy during the FRESHENS YOCURT
communist witch hunt of the 19505.
Cohn apparently was a "queer hating"
homosexual, denying his sexual preference
even as he hired his latest male prostitute.
. The writer of one of the books suggests
(rather unconvincingly) this was not 7/,_._fia\~ Eb Z? c
l hypocrisy: Cohn perceived male homosexuals _ ‘k
as effeminate; since he was not effeminate, he I) "’1—.'/ ‘
' was not gay even though he slept with men. I‘ .\ . 4‘ '
'| As i flipped through the reviews in Time ._ ‘ ,j’
and Newsweek and listened to NPR, i couldn't FEE .
'_ help but feel these books - his life. in fact - f T
: would scarcely be worth notice but for the " j . —"—_—
; fact that Cohn died of AIDS after a life of \4._ '. l Eggfiflgfimfififimbgg
a sexual debauchery. Not five people across the \ fl,» 1 0d . ‘sh
_ , /"’=§\. ntr ucmganc new
a country would buy these books to read how \ Q mmscmdonjrcshcm
‘ Cohn traveled Europe searching for subversive l ‘ _\_\ f {1, PremiumYogunblends
e books in U.S. Information Agency libraries. ‘. _.u.— ' crcamyvanillayogun
But thousands will buy the books to read the ', . - FREEZE ", withvourchoiccofsix
' sordid details of the sex life of another -, .Td." Wealfi'uitorcandv
3 pervert who got his just desserts in the end. J_ .. . Nit/,1 {IaW'S‘Andth‘ImImc
What is it that disturbs me about the -_ . — Isaisvofiulaslthsf'rsf"
publicity here? Am i offended by the ‘ pmku;iic::;:is;m
subliminal equation of crime and unethical alighnreat.rrya
conduct with gay life? Or by the suggestion * LimFrcucmlmthan
r AIDS is not always a random undeserved act \ . ZOOcalories!
. °f' 9°d? - O" -by “ms "ypwmc-a' W "wh-
a condemnlatlon of dhis | awn jpegpl: btlo leiaI? l
ersona ower an cee rI . ro a a o
d ft)he above? y y 50¢ OFF I FREETOPPING
' B... ssshsss ths disturbs is 3.2:;5°:.:".:“:.:'::1:'.::s : 5:27.“:‘°::::.:':.°s;.::°::°
n thathohn .'5 YEI another .IJUIZIIC figure w‘hose FreelaIiuilhlhis coupon. on; I or cony: iii1 regulai price. on.)
n ”@539 91mg? “’1 39“.?” dirt. Siémiiosil 2$.l:i‘l.i"‘°”"“"'°“""" l 28:433.?°°”‘"“'“°""“"
se—ena, o sezy x, o 05 . .
2 doors. if the private lives of public figures C°W°“"l‘"“6l30/88 E 6°“P°""9I"56/30/88
must come to light, I want them to universally
: reflect kindness and compassion. I want their til.:;2;"ln.lfrm i ti:.::"!3t.:?:&..\.
d epitaphs to read "He always wore a condom." "Wm ' ”N’“
‘e i want them to be respected for who they were
so young men and women will have gay people
k to look up to instead of down on.
I The world I want is a perfect one. It is
'e one we are a long way from achievung. But FRESHENS YOCURT
one day the Jimmy Sommervnlles, Holly Nears
l: and Barney Franks of the world will be FRESHENS YOCURT
‘n allowed the same status as today's straight and
Le closeted gay public figures. And we will know
:1 the Roy Cohn's of the world are despicable
[y because they chose to he.

We need 7 4 people to contribute $5 each in order to
run this ad during Lesbian and Gay Pride Week, 1988.
’ Are You
AbuSlng The Greater Louisville
‘ . Human Rights Coalition
" Your Chlld plans to run a similar
>' - . advertisement in the
Wlthout "Courier-Journal."
Knowmg It?
. p run
( 3"” '"b‘m' this ad in the
. If they let it show, they are often "Herald-Leader"
. humilitted,excluded,orattncked at the same time.
\ by friends, and perhaps even by
_ r family.
Nobody will let them be themselves.
So they will have to hide. From friends. From family.
Ifyou are teachingyourchildrentoh-teglynndlesbinns, We need $370
you might be teaching one of them to hate themselves. to make this ad a reality .
That isn’t right. That’s a form of emotional child abuse.
People helping instead of hating.
P.O. Box 111471 - Lexington, KY w575
Name _______________.____. Phone _______________
Address ______________..____——— Amt. of Contribution _—
LEXINGTON GLSO - P.O. Box 111171 ‘ Lexington, KY lJ‘0575

The Imperial Court of the Bluegrass "The Outrageous Life of Henry
Empire held their annual coronation at the Faulkner: Portrait of an Appalachian Artist."
Bluegrass Budget Inn on April 214. In true by Charles House, was published on April 1,
ICBE tradition, the event was a splendid, 1988 by the University of Tennessee Press.
exciting evening showcasing the best of local, This absorbing account traces the life of
state and national entertainers. Using the gay painter and poet Henry Lawrence Faulkner
"American Popular Song" as their theme, ICBE (19214-1981) from his traumatic childhood in
dedicated this year's three hour extravaganza rural Kentucky to a flamboyant bohemian
to the late Gary Rash, Prince Royal VI. The existence in New York, Los Angeles, Key
Sovereign Court of Denver, Colorado hosted West, and Sicily to his death in an automobile
the festivities. Court representatives from accident near his home in Lexington, KY. In
both Houston and Fort Worth, Texas also his meticulous scrutiny of this
attended. not-quite-famous figure, the author sheds
Congratulations to Jerry Bray and light on the tragic tensions experienced by the
Jerrica James on their election as Emperor and artist in contemporary America.
Empress, respectively. Best of luck to ICBE Incarcerated (as a "sexual psychopath“)
for a fabulous Reign VII. at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, DC,
Faulkner became a protege of fellow inmate
THE QUILT: Ezra Pound. He went on to a long and highly
STORIES FROM THE NAMES PROJECT charged relationship with Tennessee Williams.
who make Faulkner the subject of his last
A keepsake book about The NAMES play.
Project Quilt, the national AIDS memorial, with The book retails for $211.95. For Further
full-color photos and text, will be ready for information, call Jennifer Siler or Lindalee
distribution May 11. In The Quilt: Stories Fortney at (615) 9714-3221.
from The NAMES Proiec