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    The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the

State University, Lexington, Kentucky, met at the Kentucky

House of Represenw;atives, Frankfort, Kentucky, on Thursday

January 18th, 1912 at one o'clock, 'P. IA.

    Present: Messrs. C. B.Nichols, C. B. Terrell and R. C.


    A note executed by C. B. Nichols, Chairaan of the Executive

Committee, and W. T. Lafferty, Business Agent, to the Combs

Lumber Company for $3467.15, dated Deceuiver lst., 1911, with

interest at six percent, was presented and on motion was approv-

ed by the Commit tee.

    On motion, made, seconded and unanimously carried, the fol-

lowing resolution was adopted:

    Resolved: That H. S. Barker, President of the State Uni-

versity, Lexington, Kentucky be and is hereby authorized to

execute for and in the name of the State University, Lexington

Kentucky, a bond in the penal amount of $21,520.20, in the

form required by the War Department, to insure the safekeeping

and return, when required by the Secretary of b1ar, of certain

ordinance ant ordnance stores, already issued, about to

be issued and such as may be issued in the future, the aggregate

value of all such issues not to exceed the sum of $10,760.10.

    lotion made, seconded and carried to adjourn.