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     At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the State
University held at the President's office on Tuesday, December
!ZI, 1913. There were present C. B. Nichols, J. N. Camden, C. B
Terrill and R. C. Stoll.

     A motion was made and seconded to a-nropriate $1000 for the
nurpose of installing and eQuining a rurtl road labratory in the
Civil Engineering Department. The yeas and nays being called
on the motiong the rote was unanimous in favor of the proposition.

     Plans and snecifications were presented for the proposed
vault in which to store books, records and other valuable narers
of the University. It was moved and seconded that sur sufficient
to build the same, apnroximately $1000 or $1100 be appropriated
for the purpose of building the anid vault.   Yea and nay vote
being called the vote stood ana:ziaoi:Lly in favor of the motion.
And President Barker and the Business Agent were directed to
have It constructed.

     A motion Bas then made and seconded that the short nining
course of 8 weeks which usually begins June let, will hereafter
begin Anril let, each year and continue for 8 weeks, and that
all students entering this course will be recieved on the same
terms that arricul-ural students will be recieved, that is
that no tuition will be charged. The motion as put was carried

     It is suggested that needed imnrovenents should be made
upon the camnus for the nurpose of beautifying same. And upon
motion made and seconded and unanimously carried the Dean of the
College of Agriculture was given charge of the grounds.   And
the same shall be Ikept under his direction and control and such
improvements as may be needed will be reported by him from time
to time to this committee.

     It was made known that the Title Guaranty and Surety Com-
pany that now stands as securety upon the bond of Y. Alexander
as Treasurer of the University had sold out its business to the
American Surety Comnany of New York and had taken over all the
obligations being carried by the Title Guaranty and Surety Com-
pany, and requested that a new bond be made for the Treasurer and
signed by the American Surety Gompany of New York. Upon motion
made and seconded and unanimously carried, the Comptroller was
directed to see that the proper bond was prepared and Droperly
signed by the said Y. Alexander Treasurer with the American
Surety Company of New York as securety to take the place of the
bond now made by the Title Guaranty and Surety Company.    Not
however, releasing and responsibility of the Title Guaranty
and Surety Company incurred upto the time of the execution of
the new bond.

     It was noved and seconded and unanimously carried that on
and after January 1st next, all payaments of money on University
account shall be made by voucher check, the form of th    said
check shall be made and approved by the President and. ustneas


      W. T. Lafferty Comptroller, and solo has been holding in
 connection with that office the office of Business Agent, offer-
 ed his resignation as business Agent which is accented.

      Hoqwell Davies. who is serving as auditor was elected Bus-
 iness Agent which, has the duties here to nerform as auditor
 now attached to the office of Business Agent, and his solary
 at $1500 per year.

      The duties as attached to each of these offices will be
as follows:


1.    It shall be the duty of the Comrxtroller at proper inter-
vals to ascertain the amount due the University from the State
of Kentucky, and look after the collection of same together
with any and all other accounts or moneys due the University
from any and all other sources, and see that same is promptly
paid to the Treasurer of the University. He shall see that
the condition of the University account at the bank is kept
up so that all accounts may be paid monthly.

2.    He shall sign all checks made upon the funds of the
University and Exneriment Station, for all accounts which are
-proper charges against the funds of the University or Experi-
ment Station.

3.    He shall attend to all ordinary legal matters pertaining
to the affairs of the University and Experiment Station and.
such other legal matters as may be directed by the Presidents
the Executive Committee, the Board of i ontrol or the Board of

4.    Hie shall give bond annually to the University in the
sum of $10,000 for the faithful Performance of his duties as

5.    He shall have general supervision of buildings and a
force of laborers necessary to maintain same.    Ascertain and
see to the making of all ordinRry repairs unon buildings when
such can be done within the buiget allowance. Any extra needed
improvements, or renairs shall be reported by him to the Execu-
tive Committee or Board of Trustees. lie shall do any and all
other work that he may be directed to do by the President of
the University.

6.    He shall be present al all meetings of the Board of
Trustees and Executive Committee and perform the duties of
Secretary thereto, and shall see that each member of the
Board of Trustees receives a copy of the proceedings of each
meeting the board of Truste-s of the Executive Commbttse
immediately after the close of such meeting.

                         BUSINESS AGENT

     The Business Agent shall have chRrge of the Business
Office and maintain the proper system of bookkeeping for the
management Of its affairs.   He shall examine and approve requi-


sitions drawn of the var elos accounts set out in the Frnnaal
budget, or such additional as may be ordered by the Execu-
tive Committee or the Board of Trustees. and shall make all
purchases for the University.

     He shall audit all accounts of the various derartnents
and shall see that a proper financial statement is rendered
monthly, and an annual statement at the end of the fiscal
year, and have copies of each as made sent to each member of
the Board of Trustees.

     Upon motion made seconded and carried the following res-
olution was adopted.

     BE IT RESOLVED by the Executive Committes of State
University Lexington. Ky. as follows:

I.    All articles and matters proposed to be published in
any bulletin magazine or other publication of whatsoever
character published or purporting to be published by any
department of the University, or by any student or students
thereof shall, before publication be submittei to the dean
of such department, and until expressly approved by such dean
such article or matter shall not be published and such dean
shall be responsible to this Committee for all articles or
matter appearing in any such publication.

2.    All articles and matters proposed to be published in
any bulletin, magazine or other publication of whatsoever
character published or purporting to be published by the
University as a whole or by the students of the University
as a whole ( the publication known as the "Idea" and other
similar publications shall be included herein) shall before
such publication be submitted to the President of the Univer-
sity for his aprroval, and unless expressly approved by him
such articles or matter shall not be published.

3.    A copy of this resolution shall be sent to the dean of
each department of this University and to the editors of all
publications in the University.

     Upon motion made and carried Mr. C. B. Nichols, as Chair-
man of the Entecutile Committee of this University, is hereby
authorized on behalf of the Universit-!, and under the seal of
the Trustees of the Peabody Fund, and the obligation to be
informed satisfactory to the Peabody Fund Trustee. This to
take place of the order made on June 4th 1913.

     The note to be executed as of dat; July 1st, 1912, and
to be in the following form.

$40, 000,00
                                Lexington, Ky. Julyl, 1912

     Five years after date the State University of Kentucky
agrees and promises to pay to Younger Alexander, T. L. Edelen,
and W. H. Cox, Trustees of the Peabody Fund, or their
successors in office, who have been so desi,,-nated by the


Board of Trustees of the State University, the sum of forty
thousand dollars, with interest from date at the rate of 5%
per annum. which interest shall be paid annually for the use
and benefit of the Educaltional Department of said institution.

     Given under my hand for and on behalf of the University
with 9eal of same hereto attached this the day and date ab8ve

                                State University of Kentucky

                                By  ( not signed )

                                Chatrman of Biecutive .committee

     Upon motion made the Gommittee then adjourned.