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23 Feb. - Staff Development
Series: BATAB - 9:30, G R ESE N
Gallery. B E A N
25 Feb. • Public Services Area I if
Meeting • 8:30, Tech _ `
mmm. Nzwguzrran N0.l16 _ 2/20/76
David Farrell, Editor Ext.73658
Staff Development _ _ ’
Series: BATAB - 1:30, Galleryu (Special session for branch .
librarians and liaison personnel.)
26 Feb. - Staff Development Series: BATAB — 1:30, Gallery.
25-26 March - KLA Special Libraries Section - in Lexington. `
A short business meeting was held at 3:00 p.m., February 13, prior
to the program: "A Valentine for Margaret I. King." The new
committee members of the Library Staff Organization for 1976 were
announced and are listed below:
Social Committee Staff Room Com ittee
` Jean Robinson (Chairman) Joyce Turner (Chairman)
Jessie Adams Helen Bendzsa
Karen Boucias Sally Johnson
Rhoda Channing Jerry Reisig
Jeff Sauer Peggy Southerland
Ebba Jo Sexton Sue Westfall _
Betty Sutton _
Margaret Williams
Membership Committee Ombudsman
Cecil Madison (Chairman) Ebba Jo Sexton _
Terry Birdwhistell .
Jenny Dunn
Florence Jones
In ’A Valentine for Margaret I. King" (the first program of the year
for the Staff Organization) three women who were associated with Miss
King spoke of their remembrances of her. Marjorie_Hornsby,Jacgueline
Bull and Emilie Varden Smith recalled the earlier days of the Library
under Miss King with com ents, anecdotes and stories. Miss King's
love of books and her interest in her staff members were clearly
portrayed. Her foresight in buying for the collection is still
apparent and appreciated by the present Library staff. A tape was
made of the session and is available in Archives.

y Ln
Appointment of Assistant Director for Personnel
I am pleased to let you know that effective July 1, Faith Harders
will assume the position of Assistant Director for Personnel. The
position of Map Librarian will not be filled. Gwen Curtis will
be in charge of the Map Library and will report to Faith Harders.
Faith will be available to provide the necessary professional
oversight for the Map Department's operations.
I am looking forward to Faith's continued effective work in the `
library system.
. P.w. .
Bits of Information:
Dean Trivette chaired the Education Task Force meeting of GODORT
j at the ALA Midwinter meeting and as such was responsible for the
program. _ - ,
Rebekah Harleston gave a paper at that meeting onQ"Short-cuts in
using federal documents". She was also appointed by the Federal
Documents Task Force to investigate the proposed GPO Guidelines
and Standards for Depository Librarians. _, _
Susan Csaky made a speech at the 1976 Land Surveyors Conference on
the use of federal documents and legal materials by Kentucky land
surveyors. y
New Staff Member:
Cathy Stevenson has joined the library staff as a router in CSR.
Ms. Stevenson has a B.A. in music from the University of Kentucky
and worked as a student assistant in the Music Library.
Courses for Supervisors:
Basic Principles of Supervisory Management will be offered by
University Personnel beginning February 24. If interested, please
contact Faith Harders.
Staff Evaluation:
University Personnel requires a yearly performance evaluation for
all staff members. The forms for this process are now being
distributed to all unit heads; and all staff members, including
those on regular hourly, should be evaluated during the coming
Business/Economics Reference Bibliographer. University of North
Carolina, Charlotte. $11,000+
Reference Librarian - Physical Sciences. North Carolina State.
l March 76. $10,000+

 l' i 4
y -3-
V Reference Librarian, Social Science Library. Yale University.
Open February 1976. $10,000+
Rhoda Channing requests that branch librarians submit in writing to
y her their policies regarding use of copying machines, especially
  with regard to charges.

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