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6‘6"" GLSO NE W S
.’ Vol. 13 Apnl 1998 No.4
v A Publication of the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Services Organization
B ROADWAY BOUND APRIL EVENTS The Unitarian Church has a new
. Quite a few community events are addition including a kitchen and

Lexington Men's Chorus is Broadway happening early this month, so we are mUtthUlPOSG room. There Will hOW be
Bound with performances Saturday April 25th starting community news with this front page space t0l quiet talking as we” as the Great
at 8 pm. and Sunday April 26th at 3 pm. space to keep you up to date Hall for "QGt‘dOWh" dancing to a wide
This all singing, all dancing concert will be range of sounds including disco. lecno
held at the Recital Hall of the Singletary Turn About tOCki and women's mule- Cold drinks.
Center for the Performing Arts. The Bar Complex annual Turn-About beer, and snacks will be sold. Please do

Under the direction 0t Lorne Tree and in will be Wednesday, April 1 in the Cabaret hOt bring alcohol.
their 8th concert season, LMC will perform Showroom The money raised this year will
selections from such Broadway hits as A go to the AIDS Walkior Lite, scheduled April Faux 05031-5 '98
Chorus Line, South Pacific, West Side Story, 19. AVOL will have atable with information This year's Faux Oscars Wt“ be
and La Cage aux Fol/es. Highlights include a about the Walk for Lite including sign up Sunday, April 5th at the Kentucky Theatre.
traditional Broadway overture by LMC sheets, The door will open at8 pm. and the Beginning at 7 pm, the event includes a
accompanist Tedrin Blair Lindsay-Where is showwill start at9:15. Admission is $5.00. drag show teaturing the state‘s best
Love from O/iver as arranged by resident . entertainers. This show will be followed by
composer Brian Tlrirockmortony a medley 0t Actors Guild the movie Total EC/iDSG starring Leonardo
song from Jerome Kern's classic Showboat, Opening night tor Blues for an DlCaDllO-
a Sound or Music parody with guitar and all, Alabama Sky by Pearl Cleageis set for Fabulous female lmpersonalors from
by the quartet Fourte with apologies to Julie Thursday, April 2nd. Set in |930, Blues tells around the t99t0h Will be pertorming at the
Andrews and the Von Trapps, and Big the story ot a tree—spirited Cotton Club grand venue. The event isaproduction 0t
Spender from Sweet Charity performed by singer and the flamboyant gay costume the Royal Sovereign Imperial Court of All ' ‘
the ensemble Sweet Evening Breeze. designer who takes her under his wing. Kentucky Wlth proceeds to benetit the

The chorus is a volunteer community Cleage is also the author of Flyin' West, a YW-C-A- Spouse Abuse center. Tickets
organization providing opportunity for gay much appreciated play from last season. are now available t0f $8 at the KY Theatre.
and gay supportive men to sing together, Its Blues will run through April 26. For tickets community ire/iiicoulr'uzlcr/oil/urge5,
primary purpose is musical excellence in call Actor’s Guild at 233-7830. 7 m_flvvvi#umWWWVH ,
performance. It also seeks to provide . . ‘
fellowship and a sense of pride and unity Sprmg thg Dance
within the gay and lesbian community. on Saturday, April 4th at 8 pm Sponsor of [110

Tickets for Broadway Bound are $12tor GLSO and lnterweave are CO'SPO“50h”9 Month
adults, $10 for seniors and students with lD, a 39th dance at the Unitarian ChU'Ch
and $5 for children under 10. Tickets are (3564 Clays Mt“ Rd)» Doors open at 8
available from chorus members or from the pm. Admission is $5 Whh part Of this to M , C , C ,
Singietary Center box Office, 606-257-4929. benefit the Pride Center of Lexington. This
Come out and enjoy a great concert! is a dance tor everyone, LesBlGayTrans

and yes, even straight people!

 MATURE PEOPLE to “i need for you to talk to someone else about
MAKE THE BEST PARTNERS this." There are times when Tam or I might feel
_ ,9GAY3‘ - , - . . t r whnth th
:6" . _ . Third ina series by Kelly OFerre/l angry (a by WOUUCt 0 tea) 6 e 0 er
LESBIAN" "I think mature people make the best chooses not to be available. We can get into
'_ VIC ,1 partners. [Among other) attitudes...they do not wanting what we want when we want it.
ER 6 depend on each other for emotional stability..." But, when we choose to seek the

From LIV/"9 With Sobriety experience and strength ot others, we can

. . _ return to our relationship anew, with something
v I came home from a 10b intervrew exciting to discuss-maybe a new awareness or
yesterday morning that started at 10:00 lwas a changed attitude. It is the willingness to
me GLSU N e w 8 Sitting 9” the couch crying at 10.106 ‘l‘ve had “change the things we can" that keeps new lite
shorter intervrews than that, believe it or not. in our relationship. When Tam and l are willing
' VOL 11 Issue 4 Actually, the interview consisted of simply being to do what we can to take care of ourselves and
PUbllsth Monthly by ”16 asked to return at a more convenient time. But accept the other‘s decision, we get just exactly
Lexington Gay/Lesbian you 596. ' had shown up with my own agenda, what we need from someone else. Tammy is
Services Organization and this change '” plans Simply set into motion not the only person in my life, and I am not her

the infamous forever/never thinking. Thats only source of strength.
3:2] E 2nd Street when i hear, “I‘m never going to...”or "ltwill take in all my previous relationships, my lite
Lexrngton, KY 40508 forever.“ was whatever the other person was or wanted.
Tammy, my partner, was sitting on the There was no you/me/us. There was only you.
couch eating breakfast when i came in and And their friends were my friends, even if we
Editors: listened as I felt the sadness and tear of my had nothing in common, 8V6” it i didn’t like hOW
Peter Taylor thinking: “I‘m a 36 year old woman who works I felt when lwas With them. And whenfll sought
Mary Crone a couple of days a week at a video store so I a): legrgéirience and Strength Of these friends '
can shrink wrap movies and run a cash y ended up .9”an the entire focus on
. . . . my partner and how, if they would change, then

_ register, 1 have no Idea what tob i want to do I would be ha
Layout Edltf”: next; won’t fully pursue what I truly love (no Tam is ”22:; often able to hear my fears
Charlle Perkins dOUbt because Of tear 0‘ success or and experiences than i am hers, even if they
imperfection) and HOW I can’t even 9‘31 a 10b mirror her own. ldon’t know why that is, but I'm
bagging groceries and bringing in carts from very grateful she has that capacity.
the parking lot." No matter how much we listen and
GLSO Annual Duos and Tammy knows my job history better than support one another, the feelings we‘re feeling
Newsletter: $15 anybody, and she knows that i am seeking to may linger, the situations we’re experiencing
Dues and Newsletter for be of service and feel alive whatever jobs I may appear 1‘? worsen. We are 930“
Cou 165- $20 choose. She told me she knew how I felt and responsrble for finding our own touchstones of
p ‘ to trust that we would be okay financially. She strength. Though my comfort level '5 deepest
believes that i am not lazy just because that’s W'th Tam, l 03W depend on her alone to see
how i feel She reminded me of some of her me throughlthis lite.

Views or opinions expressed in the . .' . Our friends V0W6d ‘0 Tammy and me, 35
GLSO News are those of the authors and own tob history struggles and we were laughing part of our wedding ceremony almost three
don't necessarily represent those of the (a little) atter a while. years ago, to “be honest, caring and open...to
GLSO Board of Directors. A tew minutes later, someone called With take care of ourselves in your presence so that

Submissions are welcome. All a “business proposition" for me to consider. you will know what to expect from us...(to)
submissions become the property of Today, another person called with another listen to the words of your souls, remembering
GLSO and must indicate full name and opportunity to be service in exchange for our presence and purpose here, today...(to)
address of the 'author.vThe staff reserves money. i am still afraid My “emotional treat you the way we want to be treated." Tam
the rtightbtlo :dlt submiss10nts and ad: to stability" is my responsibility. andfll take the vows of that day to heart when
tZ‘iigtt iéiétlgctiit'Li'tfitsiioiiile as our W910 anther may vary titty?“tfiifit‘dg‘éfldifé‘smti’tJitflfélfififil

from “i know how you feel; remember when l..' ' . ’
progress not perfection.

 a L39 MMULQIIY m3 » '
Second Annual Registration begins at 12 noon at the It is time to make nominations for the

Draggin' For Jesus UK Commonwealth Stadium Parking Lot. Wasson and RalnbowAwards. If there isa

if you were at the first one, you Team photos will be taken between 1 and person or group that you wish to nominate,
already know that you don't want to miss 1:30, aerobics will be at 2:15 and the walk please use the insert form. Members of the
this one. if you weren't there. you missed begins at 2:30 Wear comfortable shoes pride committee, which you can still join,
one of the most entertaining drag shows in and clothes to match the weather. You can vote for these awards that will be
Lexington last year. Draggin' for Jesus make a difference! presented during the banquet at the end of
also know as A Draggin’ Jubilee for LMCC Pride Month.

(Lexington Metropolitan Community Free Alternative The Picnic Planning Committee has
Church), is a unique concept in fund Health workShOP signed up a number of individuals to
raising. The whole show dedicated to The Living MS and Sciences Center perform at the picnic Sunday, June 14th. If
Gospel, old and new,l including some 3i 362 NOFiii Martin Luther King Bin iS you are interested in entertaining us,
additional uplifting music hosting a workshop on health options for please contact Davina at 271-6174. if you

Of course, Angel and the Heavenly dealing With threatening illness on are interested in setting upabooth for your
Rays will again be headlining the show. Saturday, April 25 from 10 am. i0 4 pm. group or business, call Kelly at 277-6168
Some of the other performers will be Miss This workshop will be most useful to those
Mary Christmas Latoya Bacall, Miss Ebony who are seeking valid and unbiased Hiking
Male Rayna Starr, sisters Sunday and information about alternative medicine An outdoor activity group for women
Tuesday DelaRouge, Devina thtrel, Devon practices. may be successful this time. Agroup of us
Lee and many more. Your Hostess and MC Some professionals sharing their got together last month for a hike at Natural
for the evening will be Miss Laurn Wells. experience through short presentations Bridge. Ramona is planning two more

in addition, you won't want to miss the and discussions include Cathy Sparks, hikes this month and invites all interested
first public appearance of Gertie Mae Noe, PhD., Rev. Charlene Hart, and Harold women to give her a call for more
the GLSO advice columnist. We Cole. YOU won't want 10 miss ihiS unique information. On April 18th we will hike at
understand that she is a sight to behold, a opportunity. This workshop is free and Raven Run; it should be an excellent time
true vision of eastern Ky loveliness. seating is very limited. For reservations to enjoy the spring flowers.

There will be 32 door prizes and a call225-9451or881-9022. On April 25th we will travel to the
wonderful spread of hors d'oeuores. The . . Cumberland area and hike to the Pinnacle.
show will be at the Bar Complex on Wed. Partners “1 Pride Some of us will camp, others can stay in a
April 22nd and begins promptly at 8 pm. Partners in Pride is the title of this motel or even make the trip in one day. We
Admission is $5. Tickets can be purchased year‘s celebration which will be held have heard that there are women in the
in advance from Kenneth at the Bar or at Friday,June 6th through Sunday, June 2151. Somerset area that might want to join us.
the door the night of the show. The next pride planning meeting is Please give Ramona a call and we will

Tuesday, April 14th at 7 p.m.at the Pride make arrangements.
AIDS WALK FOR LIFE Center (387 Waller Ave.) All interested If you’re interested in either of these i

The Aids Walk is scheduled for individuals are welcome. hikes, call Ramona at 277-9429 for details.
Sunday, April l9. Before that day, pledge April 15th isthe deadline for events to if no one answers, please leave a
sheets can be picked up at any of the three be listed on the Pride Calender. There is message.
lncredipet locations, at the Ky. Theater or still room on the schedule for more events.
at AVOL, 152 W. Zandaie, Suite 201. For Please bring your event information to the Intemgat’e
team packets and information, call 278- planning meeting or call Terry (2556469.) 80 as ”Oi to conflict With Easter, our
6274. Encourage friends to support you Events that are planned after this deadline next lnterweave luncheon WI” be
with pledges and then bring your sheets may be added to later editions of the sunqay' Apr '| 5th '°“‘?W'”9 the church
and money with you to registration. calender if space is available. servrce gnligflogggfl the Fellowship


 House, Please bring a dish to share. at (502)454-7613 for location and CUUPS
Call Davina 2716174 tor information. information. The mailing address is: The Covenant oi Unitarian Universalist
k‘ , Louisville Youth Group P.0-BOX 406764 Pagans (CUUPS) meets once a month after
Networ "1g Meetlng' Louisville, KY 40204- the Sunday service (approximately 12:15) at
.We are now ”3|de Networking the Unitarian Church. This meeting is open
meetings monthly on the third Tuesday. of L 1 W 't to pagans of any tradition and to people
well month at 690 pm: at ,the PM? (ma 'rr ers . wanting to know more about the pagan path.
Center. This month 5 meeting Will be April Local writes are inVited to read their For more information, call Patrick 268-1640.
215i We start With a potluck and move on work at the second annual Gay Pride
to getting to know one another and the Working Class Kitchen, This event was a Ky. Fairness Alliance
groups we represent. This is a great place big success last year and we are pleased “,5 El e m e nt a
for newcomers to become involved in our that Kelly has agreed to organize it a The Kentuck Fairness {lime i
community. Bring a dish and a triend, and second time. She can be reached at 277— showing the lilm Iii: Elementary on Sunda:
find out what‘s happening! For more 6168 for more intormation. April 5th at 12 noon at Windy Knoll Farm
in'OFmallon ca” Mike 225-1823 2363 Cleveland Rd. This film looks at how
. . ACT OUT and whether gay issues should be discussed
Loursvrlle Youth Group Act Out is looking tor women and men in schools, it examines how six schools have
There is nowa group meeting regularly who would like to act in a pride month worked to improve their understandings ol
in Louisville for sell identified GLBT young production. We are looking for people who antigay prejudice and violence. It focuses on
people under the age oi 21. This is a peer enjoy singing (you don’t even have to that the experience S” the children._ _ .
support group with adult tacilltators present at good!) This play is a series oi short skits so , ”is shovvrng and lollowmg d‘SCUSS'On
. . . is particularly tor lesbigay parents or
each meeting. Meetings are on the ist and no one person Will be asked to do too much. individuals considering parenthood Any
3rd Fridays oi the month. Call (502) 894- This promises to be a fun experience. it you interested people are welcome 10 attend. Call
9787(LYG message line) or the GLBT Hotline are interested, call Bill at 2556469. Jennfler tor directions (2997410)
KRIS I IN ‘5‘” _ \fisit us on the web!
S M I I H ; http://www.come2kentucky.com
-2523 : -ea g
294 - mREALTY
Making you g lf’lllWOR LD
© 8] [H E © 5»: ' 1. III BROKER NETWORK
all the my home! g wmnmvmmmm.
The Right Agent Makes
All the DifferenCe ’
‘9 1n the World ® fig
L;.‘c:..7'.- .

 ~ some extra money at the end of the month
GLSO 1 997 Financml Summary has enabled us to extend our work in the
Once a year. we like to publish an expenses that go into getting the newsletter community and to expand our vision. We
overview 01 our financial situation to inform into your hands. We still need subscribers could not have taken on the management of
our readers. Over the past three years we to support this publication. it you are not a the Pride Center. for example, it we were still
have gained llnancial stability due in large subscriber. there is a torm on the insert that struggling to make ends meet ourselves.
part to the success of our sponsorship we would love to have you mail in to us. Having money on hand also helps us do
program. We would like to thank all the As you can see lrom the box below, lund raisrng. We had to pay in advance lor T-
individuals, businesses and community during 1997 our monthly income exceeded our shirts that we have sold and will continue to
organizations that have sponsored us. We monthly expenses. This summary does not sell at GLSO events. Starting the production
have had 23 sponsors over the past three include one-time expenses that we took on as company Act Out will take some up-tront
years. They each have donated $175 to part of our work. These expenses include: money but will eventually be a great lund
receive a full page ad and inclusion in our purchase of P-FLAG pamphlets tor $70, raiser (not to mention a lot oi tun for
i sponsorship list. This amount covers our Council for Peace and Justice Membership participants and audiences).
' basic printing cost but does not cover the cost for $100, and legal services tor $75. in 1998 GLSO would like to increase
of adding color, extra pages and the other Having financial stability and having the number 01 newsletters we print and to
t increase the number oi subscribers. We still
i need at least 200 subscribers to maintain
i Average Monthly EXpenses bulk mail rates. We lack about 15 at this
" time. We would also like to hold more social
1 Newsletter _ . . events such as dances and collee houses.
Printing (3 pages, 550 copies, With 10% discount) $168.00 We have already increased the trequency we
t Extra page(s) some months tnsetl $35.00 lull 4th page $59 print extra pages and we now regularly print
. Color (less it we take whatever they have available) $45.00 the cover ot the newsletter in color, taking
Envelopes (pr inted)(215/mo. @ '04) $360 whatever color is available to cut costs.
Ma'l'”9 (bulk non-profit rate) $22-00 The Pride Center's bank account is kept
Annual Bulk Mail Fee (@$85 a yr) , $7.10 independent 01 GLSO's, although the Center
Mailing labels (purchase and printing) 36-00 is under our auspices. At this time the Pride
POSt Oittce BOX Rental ($40) 553-30 Center does have more expenses than
'"k cartridge, paper for computer ~ ~-$2-00 income, and its bank account is dwindling. In
addition to the $2,370 remaining in it‘s
Monthly NeWSIGtter Expense $252 to $321 account, the Pride Center also has a
certificate 01 deposit. it more income is not
Other Monthly Expenses generated, the Pride Center will not be able to
Donation to MCC tor space for meetings $25.00 remain open . .
Advertising in other community publications $35.00 We are I" ”999 0' "19“? QTOUPS W'“'"9 ‘0
Ollice supplies, copying, llyers, postage, etc $12.00 pay rent to use the fac'l'ty and ‘0 do fund
raisers tor the Center. The Men‘s Chorus
Other Monthly Expenses $72.00 pays rent of $400 a year to use the space lor
practice and several groups have donated
money. We thank Ebony Male lor its recent
Tata' Monthly ExPenses $334k, $393 donation 01 $150. The Pink Pages is the
major lund raiser lor the Pride Center. it you
have not sent in your order for advertising
AVERAGE MONTHLY lNCOME space, please do so soon. If you need
Sponsorships $175.00 inlormation about the Pink Pages contact
Memberships/ Subscribers $115.00 Charlie (389-9352) or J00” (2597206) or 0”
Advertisements $7000 line plnkpages@holmail.com.
Donations $75.00 ,
Dances, Sales ot T-shirts etc. $35.00 Pride Center
Total Monthly Income $47030 Rent/Utilities for Year $4,800
Amount now in Account $2,370

 FROM THE VILLAGE PEOPLE 2 DIANA gcffifljé‘ Mdc‘: Juaé'
by Jon Shelton flea/t W .Mae
1 am going through a rough time in my life right

’ As a boy growing up in the Bristol TN-VA in the late '70's, I now and 1 have been and contemplating the age old

absolutely worshiped the disco QFOUD The \mlage People. Maybe it question: why am I here? You see, I have lost three lovers

was something about the way that indlan gyrated his hips, or the and by lost I mean they have died. So every time life gets

cowboy wore his hat, or the construction worker worked that tool belt, laugh, 1 start wondering why have all Of them gone and I

or the WHY the COD twirled his truncheon and sang. There was lUSt am still here. Do you believe we all have a purpose here as

something about their SOhQS and stage presence that gave me 900% some would tell us or is there no real meaning to life at all?

bumps and good vibes. .

I didnt know why at the time, but I do remember, at the age of “70”de
ten being the only kid (or person lor the that matter) in the movie I) ear Wondering
theater to seetheir 1980 feature film Can’tStop the Music, directed by Yes Virginia there is a higher power. In my not so
the late, great Nancy Walker no less. ldidn't pick up all of the film's humbletopinion thatpowerhasa reasonforyou to be here.
gay innuendoes at the time, butlcould identity with these flamboyant It may be something very simple like lightening someone’s
yet macho men called the Village People. ldidn'tknowexactly which day with a smile orajolte, or the help mu 013%,, through
village these people came from, but I did knowthat rtlever wanted to charity war/e. the/act that you have given ofyonrselfto
find friends like these, lwould have to stay atthe YMCA, tom the Navy three lovers who have died isagreat service. The more love
or simply go West. At the age oi ten, i knew exactly what I wanted to we add to this world, the better offwe leave 1. t.
be - either one oi the Village People or one of Charlie's Angels (but It is often difficult toface life after such losses. You
that‘s another story!). Not havrng another boy to share Similar can heal yourselfthrough the expression ofyour grief/,(t'l‘
Interests wrth, I became (out Of necessrty) my own best friend. , may not not seem hutch, honey, but crying actually releases

I recently hadlthe pleasure 0‘ seeing this period Of my life endorphins in your body to gilieyou a lift!) through music
captured on screen in Trevor, the fourth (and best) episode of Boys (sing, dance, orjust listen), through noticing the beauty
Life 2, a compilation of short films vvrth gay themes which was'recently around you, and if necessary, through anti-depressants!
shown at the Kentucky Theater. Trevor, the title character is a boy Healing is a gift you give to yourself an d [0 the universe
who worships" Diana Ross. He also has a crush on a straight‘boy that needs your ability to [0m again.
called PM (go figure) and loves the TV 5"?” Fame. He likes Then again, your reason for being could be something
himself, but IS shunned and leased by other kidstor his apparent slightly more complex. You may h e walking down the street
gayness. Naturally, he becomes his own best-friend. it P-FLAG one day and have a nasal blockage which you decide to
needs a poster Chitd' Trevor would be a prime ch0ice. dislodge with the index finger of your right hand The

Trevor '5 brilliantly portrayed 'by‘Brett Barsky. , l-le deserves a woman walking toward you notices and decides to cross to
Special Oscarforso pleasingly 'em'f‘dm us 01 what ”8 liketo be gay the other side to avoid walking in any close proximity of
at :uct; afyoung age. Ithmk Treiléor '5 6:in the beg???” Elm on are you. As she moves ojfthe sidewalk, a piano that was in the
su 'ec o rowin u a since ennet n er's 1 im irewor s. ‘ ‘ . . . .

J The gther tare: ttlrtlts in Boys Life 2 age also quite good. They 111207675:ng b:;7:fdnzg::7i;:t:dt:: gawk? window Slips
do seem incomplete, probably due to a lack 0t iunding. Never the g ' p g
less, it's good to see some big name actors like Eileen Brennan and Pride Meeting _
Mary Beth Hurt supporting the arts by making appearances. . . 7 I
Hopefully the directors of these fine works will be making teaturetilms - ' Tu”. April 14th 7.001)“!
soon. . . , .- g .

Be sure and look tor these films and future features by their 5 Networking Meeting . 4 ~ .
directors: A/akai, Iowa by Mark Christopher, Nunzio’s Second Cousin . y ‘ ' , ' . V _ , 1 .6, I" ' . ’ '
by Tom De Cerchio, Must Be in the Music by Nickolas Perry, and of .. 7 1 , Tues. April '2 1’s; 6‘39 Pm . g .
course, Trevor by Peggy Balsky. V Pride center ‘ 38,7 wallet Avg-T

 crashes o the ground right where she would have been fix
standing. A life saved.
Now, that woman owns a house in the suburbs with
a big backyard and she meets nice woman that loves big AIDS WALK
5 dogs and, after the second date, invites her to move in
t with her. They purchase a Great Dane who spends a lot
: oftime in the yard. Months later, that dog scares away a FOR LIFE ’98
,- thief that was trying to steal a neighbor's motorcycle.
7 If that thiefhad successfully stolen that motorcycle, .
,‘ officer O‘Mallay who was on duty and cruising about a L9Xlngt0n , KentUCk)’
’ block away would have tried to stop the cyclist for not
wearing a helmet and a chase would have insued. The
chase, had it happened, would have ended with the good
officer running his cruiser into a tree. This in turn
’ would have brought twelve other cops to the scene,
taking them away from their regular areas oj'patrol.
, If officer Murphy was not on his regular beat that
L night in the seedy part of town he would not have
, stopped a drug dealer from knocking off his rival in a
, drive by shooting. A stray bullet from that shooting
‘ would have gone through the window ofa house killing 9 A
, little Missy Morgan Missy, remaining alive, grows up to
i be a doctor and saves ten year old Timmy from choking \ N I?"
. to death on the marble he was trying to clean in his
. mouth so it would shoot straighter. ( / ) /
, Timmy in turn grows up to father ,lane who as a
, teenager is the baby sitter who pulls little two year old g"
, Demonic out ofthe deep end ofthe neighbors pool. And K /
low and behold Demonic grows up to be the worlds/first "J
, honest used car salesman. So if you had not been
. picking your nose in public the world would not have \V
> [)omonic to se/ the standard/or car salesman into the -
, 22nd century. V
, Now, as you see from my example you may never > ,
r‘ know what purpose the universe hasfor you but there is " SUNDAY APRIL 1 9 'l 998
, one thing you must know, while waiting to fulfill that I ’
_ )ur ose you must be kind to all living things, you must
be [fonest and trustworthy, and you must give generously 5 K walkathon
with a happy heart ofyour time'and money to help those ‘ to Benefit AIDS Services
less fortunate. You do these things and the powers that _
be will be good to y provnded by
Love and Kisses, AIDS Volunteers, Inc.
Gm"? Mae 606-278-6274
“The true meaning of life is to plant trees
under whose shade you do not expect to sit."

 Mir. 1 “iiiiiiWiiii: .riiriri, "iii M g“ ii 21 i M iv ‘:M ii i “M M M a: .1 1M: iii-i M Mi: 1: .ieMM ‘ii’ M M Me: i:
“it i. iii: :i ii ii‘W M iii! iii: MM M Mi: Mi iiiiirr: Mi‘iiii: Mi ‘Mir 11M .1151 ‘iii iii‘iEMMMMii’
11 iiiirr'l “1111:: r 1 i 1111 . . Mr; M: i i 6:00 pm Fronrrunners 7:00 pm 7:30 p-m- 9:00 cm-
W W W W "W WWW W W W W‘ W (Woodland Park) :Men’s Chorus Rehearsal Gay/Lesbian AA Frontrunners
MM: [5 M: M M r: H; M MI: MM, y. , I: 1:: M: N w {rm 1:: ,1, a: M -: 1 w 3‘ v H L :1: r H W in 6:00 pm HIV/AIDS Support (Pride Center) (Arboretum)
Iii' Ii: . {:11 Mini: 'fii: :I‘I mi .}:,:: :ijj :2 ,l‘ :1 1:1,12‘1‘: , :1 , fl: 1", r; 1: .1‘1"ii‘1 1:, 511,31 1; ii' = u M: A: :; "at“ “M : ,1: u: :i : g: ‘1: 1‘ M a: Group 7:30 pm,
7:00 pm MCC Study Group Gay/Lesbian AA '
8:00 pm Turn-About 8:00 pm. 5
(Bar Complex) Spring Fling Dance 3'»-
8:00 pm Gay/Lesbian AA (UU Church) Q1-
1 i I M r ‘ i
10:45 am, 7:30 pm. 6:00 pm Frontrunners 7:00 pm. 7:00 pm. 9:00 am.
Unitarian Universalist Ch. 8:00 pm, MCC Board Meeting (Woodland Park) Men’s Chorus Rehearsal Good Friday Service Frontrunners
and Pot Luck AA Step Study 8:30 pm: 6:00 pm HIV/AIDS Support (Pride Center) (Lexington’s MCC) (Arboretum)
11:30 am. Rainbow Bowling League Group 7:30 pm: 7:30 pm. R E S T A [I R A N T
Lexington’s Metropolitan 7:00 pm MCC Study Group Gay/Lesbian AA Gay/Lesbian AA .
Community Church 8:00 pm Gray/Lesbian AA 5 5 7 S . L l m e stun 0
6:00 pm. Ebony Male
Meeting (ParkPigza) Lexington KY
7:00 pm. ‘ ’
Dignity (Lexington MCC) 25 :1'00 1 *1
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10115 am. 7:00 pm, 7:00 pm: DEALIINE FOR EVENl'SFC-W 6:00 pm. CigaEV-QSBEA—Lil—NE 9:00 am,
Unitarian Universalist Ch. GLSC) Board Meeting Pride Planning Comm. BE INCLUDED IN MAY’S HIV/AIDS Support Group ALSO SUBMIT ADDITIONS, Frontrunners F all. 0 II S AA If a l f a
11:30 am. (Pride Center) (Pride Center) PRIDE CALENDAR 7:00 pm. UPDATES AND (Arboretum)
Easter Servrce & Potluck 8:00 p.01. 7:30 pm. .__.__a.._.__... Men 5 Chorus Rehearsal CORRECTIONS FOR 7230 pm: , W‘} e k ‘h n‘l B I.“ n ‘3 h :
(Lexrngton s MCC) AA Step Study PFIAG 600 pm Frontrunners (Pride Center) MAY NEWSLETTER Gay/Lesbian AA
12:15 .m. (Cta el Hill Presb .Ch.) I _ 1 -
Intergveave Pot Luck 8:30 pWrn’W v 2.88 E: WEEQE: JSUUSEESW "*‘—?‘Z§‘ML—“‘ S e ern g b l u 6b 6 r ry
(UU Church) Rainbow Bowling League .Pride (Shane ( ,.
, ys, 7.30 pm.
7:00 pm MCC Study Group Gay/Lesbian AA b u C kWh e at p an C ak e S ’
7:30 pm Fairness (Pride Ctr) -
8:00 pm G‘vay/LesbianAA eggs benCdlCt arn01d9
~-——-—~~- ~-_wm__,w__ ~—-—~——-~—~~——~—~~~ ~~~~~~-——— —~——~—~—~— -~--~w~ ~~,~—~-—~-—~* s p an i s h om e l e t te s
‘i ’
10:45 am. 8:00 pm. AA Step Study 6:30 pm. 6:00 pm Frontrunners 7:00 pm: 7:30 pm. 9:00 am, g0 u r m e t d e S S C r t S ,
Unitarian Universalist Ch. Networking Forum and (Woodland Park) Men’s Chorus Rehearsal ‘ Gay /Lesbian AA Frontrunners ,
11:30 am. Pot Luck 6:00 pm HIV/AIDS Support (Pride Center) 7:00 p.m. (Arboretum) an d [[l u C h II] 01‘ e . , .
Lexington's Metropolitan 8:30 pm. Group 8:00 pm. MCC Games Night 7:30 pm.
Community Church Rainbow Bowling League 7:00 pm MCC Study Group Bluegrass Colts Gay/Lesbian AA
6:00 pm. 7:30 pm Fairness Meeting members
SisterSound Rehearsal (Pride Center) 9:00 pm AA“ 0f 0“ r breads a n (I
(Park Methodist Church) 8:00 pm Draggin for Jesus Colts nonmembers .
7=09 p-m- .  , E

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1‘9 “9'6; . Time once again to make. your nominations 11

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“Malian, for the Witsson and Rainbow (,onuntuuty Sen/ice .l

' {ward “Awards. The Wasson Award is for the individual i

‘ '(Imlm't - lllzll through volunteerism has done the most for i

’ :‘Nthe Lexington area (rLB'l (‘ommunity ;

/ , l he Rainbow (,ommuntt