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Addendum No. l — PerSOnnel for Initial Tenant
Selection and Renting'

Scope and gentent_gf_ggg§g§hnn: This addendum has been
prepared as a guide to local housing authorities in selecting
and training personnel for initial tenant selection and rent—
ing. It comprises a discussion of the following subjects:

I. Basic Considerations in Selecting Personnel
II. Suggested Staff Requirements and Functions
III. Minimum Qnalifications for Tenant Selection Personnel
' . (Professional and Clerical)
3*. IV. Sources for Securing Qualified Personnel
* > V. Staff Training '
I. Basic Considerations in Selecting Personnel.
. Carefud staff selection and thorough job training are
indispensable to obtain satisfactory results in tenant selection.
~ The necessary experience and educational qualifications of staff
members will vary according to the duties to be performed and
the degree of responsibility to be assumed by each. The number
will be dependent upon the'size of the project and the length
23 tig§_allotted to tenant selection activities. A small staff
employed for a longer period is preferable to a larger staff
for a shorter period. 'This finnlhntes securing more competent
personnel and makes better staff training possible, thus
promoting office efficiency at a minimum of expense.

The processes of application taking, home visiting and
other steps in verification of apparently eligible applications
require skill in the interview method and in the assembling
of pertinent family data. fhe final selection of tenants
necessitates a careful review of the circumstances of each
applicant family based on these facts. Not only is it essential

. 75899 H

 to ascertain that the family qualifies for acceptance accord—
ing to all established policies of admission, but it is also
necessary to determine if any of the social and economic
problems presented may affect eligibility. To evaluate such
factors_without bias or prejudice and to know which agencies
or individuals in the community to consult for reliable advice
prior to making final decisions concerning eligibility requires
the services of professionally qualified personnel skilled in
the techniques and practices of family welfare Work. There—
fore, the staff selected to perform these functions must
possess training and experience in fields which call for the
use of similar techniques and judgments including previous
experience in direct contact with families of low income and
a thorough knowledge and understanding of their economic,
‘ social and racial backgrounds and characteristics.
The supervisor of tenant selection should be a progressive

person of recognized professional standing. In the Case of

' .slum clearance projects, it is highly desirable that the person
engaged to act in a supervisory capacity in tenant selection
should have been identified with or in close touch with reloca-

' tion activities. If the supervisor appointed has had no pre-
vious experience in actual tenant selection work, it is advan—
tageous to make arrangements for this staff member to secure
Special training and to observe and if possible to actually

“ participate for a period in tenant selection for another USHAe
Aided project before assuming active responsibility for these

It is recommended that wherever practicable the supervisor
of tenant selection be employed in a permanent capacity from ,
the outset, either on the project management staff or on the .
staff of the local housing authority, depending upon the num— ,
ber of projects involved and the local administrative set-up. -
Thus problems of tenant turnover, periodic review of the '
eligibility of tenants for continued occupancy, and related
activities which are an integral part of project management
will have the benefit of the continuing services of the staff
member originally charged with the reSponsibility of initial
tenant selection. If the scope of these activities does not .
warrant the full time services of one person, responsibility
for community relations may also be delegated to the same
person provided the staff member selected possesses the
' requisite qualifications to handle both phases of the work.

_ l I

75899 H 2 _

 There are many advantages also in engaging other permanent
management staff members and having them participate in initial '
tenant selection before assuming their regular duties. In slum .
clearance projects, it,is desirable to utilize employees for
tenant selection, if qualified, who have had the benefit of
previous participation in relocation. The services of all pro-
fessional and,clerical personnel temporarihy engaged.for initial
- tenant selection should be confined to these specific activities
and never confused with the regular functions-of project'manage~
ment. .
II. Suggested Staff Requirements and Functions.
~ ' , Activitiespertaining Specifically to initial tenant selec—
tigp should be entirely separated from the regular project manage“
.ment office and may be conducted in a Special temporary office
located at some central point in the city or on the project site.
All phases of initial renting should be conducted op ths‘prgjgg: .
. site,’ A special tetporary rental office may be necessary during
the periOd of initial renting. however, all financial transac~
tions in connection with renting should always be conducted in
‘ the management office according to the regularly established method
_ of handling rent collections.
" Below are outlined suggested professional and clerical
staff requirements and specific functions to be performed in _
conjunction with initial tenant selection and renting. This
' , outline does not embrace other management functions entailed
in initial occupancy, nor does it present requirements for
. essential janitorial and custodial services. In very small
projects certain of the duties outlined will of necessity be
. combined and handled by an even smaller staff than indicated,
often with direct participation by the Housing Manager. In
large projects, or where tenant selection for two or more
projects is centralized, the staff may have to be considerably
expanded as shown in the outline and the work of staff members
divided with certain specific functions delegated to different
persons or to separate divisions.
75899 H 3

 tier-Essays EMF '
am 1mm running
TENANT SELECTIOHl/....Assists in formulating standards of admiSSion
and conditions of occupancy.
Maintains a working relationship with the Tenant
Selection Advisory Committee, and may assist in
establishing this committee.
Assists in preparation of leaflets for direct
distribution to prOSpective tenants and in
the planning and execution of other methods
‘ of publicity devised to reach eligible
applicants. ‘ .1
Prepares local tenant selection manual, as~ -
sombles and organizes.all requisite reference
and training material.
Establishes working relationships with local
agencies and groups whose c00peration will
be required in tenant selection. ‘
‘ ; Organizes the set—up for tenant selection
and assists in interviewing and selecting
. personnel. .
- , Trains the tenant selection staff. '
' Supervises and directs the work of interviewers
_ and other staff members by staff meetings, con-
t ferences, etc.. as to content and quality of
Makes preliminary reviews of all applications
prior to verification.
- Reviews verified applications and makes
recommendations for final action.
_ Interviews applicants presenting special
. problems as requests for reconsideration
of eligibility, etc.
f l/ Where the volume of work demands, certain Special aspects
_ should be assigned to one or more supervisory assistants.
75899 H 4

 (Professional Staff - continued)
TEHANT SELECTION....Assists in assigning dwelling units, interviewing
(Cont'd) accepted families, explaining terms of lease,
management policies, etc.
Performs special duties and assignments as required,
as preparation or review of statements for the
press, Special reports, etc., on tenant selection.
INTERVIEWERS........Take applications for admission and make decisions
concerning apparant eligibility or definite ineli—
V gibility, etc. Interpret such decisions to
- .applicants.
(As many as
Determine and take all steps essential to verifying
, eligibility of applicant families according to as~
signments made. This includes written communica—
tions, home visits, and other field visits, as
personal interviews with employers, representatives
of social agencies, and others as required."(Single
phases of verification may be assigned to individual
interviewers to facilitate contacts).
Act as assistants to supervisor on special aSpects
of tenant selection where volume of work demands.l/
Submit regular reports (daily or weekly) showing
progress of work.
mannerisr — '
‘3 . - . . . . -

. TYPIST~ ......deceives applicants, maintains master card file,
schedules appointments for taking applications if
this method is to be followed.

Completes steps preliminary to taking applications,
routes the folder, and refers applicant to inter—
viewer. ’
Answers general inquiries concerning rents, eligi—
bility requirements, etc., and refers other inquiries
to the correct source of information.
‘ I] Such assistants may be referred to as senior interviewers or given
special titles descriptive of the actual work performed. .
g/ Because of the importance of first contacts with prospective tenants,
seriOUs consideration should be given to assigning a professionally
qualified staff member to these duties, with such clerical assistance
as is required.
75899 H 5

(Clerical Staff — continued)
TYPIST .....Sets up and maintains files of initial tenant
Posts control cards to indicate assignment of
applications and classification status of each
from the time it is filed until its final
Prepares progress reports as to status of all appli—
cations and tabulates statistical data as required.
RENTAL CLERK........Maintains a current record showing dwelling units
assigned, occupied, unassigned and unoccupied,
(With assistants during the period of initial renting, including
as required) a site plan showing available space.
Shows dwelling units and display units; supervises
' others in performance of such duties.
Prepares moving-in assignments and service space
assignments and issues necessary instructions to
custodial staff. Maintains the necessary records
' in this connection.
. -\ g u -
TYPIbTS ....Take in shorthand and transcribe dictated letters
required by the supervisor or by the interviewers.
(As many as re—
quired. — Ccr— Fill in form letters, reports or inquiries as
tain special— required in connection with verification.
izod duties .
are best dele— Handle incoming and outgoing mail and maintain a
gated to one tickler file for outstanding communications.
person) ,
Type schedules or weekly summaries and reports as
required for the supervisor, the Housing Manager,
or the local authority.
Take in shorthand and transcribe technical reports
and other special material required by the super—
visor or the Housing Manager.
Assist record clerk, receptionist, or rental clerk
in the performance of routine clerical duties, if
«- volume of work demands.
Act in a secretarial capacity to supervisor of tenant
r selection including handling of personnel files, etc.
AnsWer the telephone (or handle the switchboard in
a large set—up).
75899 H 6

 III. Minimum Qualifications for Tenant Selection Personnel.
A. Professional Personnel
§upe_;_i:2.r o”f mean. i .eel'ecugi 1/
m o I ‘
Graduation from a college of recognized standing, with

- major training in the social sciences, and public or
social work administration. (Graduation from or graduate
study in a school of social work preferred).

‘ ‘ in Elfince .

- Three years of experience in recognized public or private .
social agencies requiring a thorough'knowledge of com— ‘
munity organization and the requisite techniques of '
family welfare work, one year of which shall have been
of administrative character or in a supervisory or train~ ~
ing capacity. .
(An equivalent combination of experience and training
may be accepted in lieu of the above stated requirements.)

fipggial Qualification§_ ‘

i This type of service requires sympathetic consideration
and impartial analysis of the varied problems of low:
income families and a genuine interest in and understand—
ing of people. To achieve success this worker should be
alert, resourceful and imaginative, with ability to
organize and direct the work of others, and to establish

' findings and make recommendations clearly and logically
in either oral or written form. In addition, this worker
should have a broad knowledge of the public housing pro~
gram and possess the personality and tact to interpret
successfully the principles and techniques of tenant selec~
tion to members of the local housing authority and to
representatives of various agencies or lay groups unfamil—
_ iar with these functions.
l/' In addition to the above qualification, training and expericne
in group Work are requisite if the person selected is to be a
. permanent member of the management staff, responsible also for
. the community relations aSpects of the Work. ,
75899 H 7

 '(Professional Personnel - continued) _
interviewers L/
Graduation from a college of recognized standing, with
major training in the social sciences. (Graduation
from or graduate study in a school of social work
Farm ease
One year of experience with recognized public or pri—
vate social agencies requiring a thorough knowledge of
community organization and the requisite techniques of .
family welfare work.
(An equivalent combination of experience and education may
be accepted in lieu of the above stated requirements).
Special Qpalifications
This type of service requires sympathetic consideration
and objective analysis of the varied problems of low—

' income families and demonstrated ability to verify, analyze
and evaluate facts and to make sound recommendations based
upon findings. Resourcefulness and tact and a genuine

' interest in and understanding of peeple, are essential

__._______i_.i_n_i_n_.__l______~o m_____________~__n___..___n__.______n_
l/ In addition to the above qualifications, at least one year
of experience of administrative character or in a supervisory
‘ capacity are requisites if interviewers are to be given
‘ reSponsibility for serving as assistants to the supervisor
of tenant selection. »
75899 H 8

 3. Clerical Personnel
In addition to the minimum qualifications of training and experi—
ence given below, the selection of clerical workers should be given
careful consideration to obtain a clerical staff comprised of individ—
uals who are alert, quick to grasp, adaptable, and possessing ability
to work well with others. This-is of utmost importance because of the
temporary nature of the work. Further, since clerical personnel in a
tenant selection office will have more contact with the public than 13
~ usual in commercial employment, Special attention should be given to
the selection of individuals who have a pleasing and tactful manner
and experience in work involving public contacts. Such qualifications
'are indispensable in the case of the rental clerk and receptionist.
Begeptionist~fypist '
Graduation from high school, or completion of a special business
or commercial course. (Supplementary courses in the social
sciences and related fields preferred).. '
hearings , .
Two years of experience in work Which has involved direct contact
with the public, preferably in a public or private welfare agency
' involving reSponsibility for scheduling appOintments and main~
taining records covering matters affecting low—income families.
(An equivalent combination of experience and education may be
accepted in lieu of the above stated requirements).
Becord glerk~Typist . .
_ Emirate -
Training equivalent to that represented by graduation from high
school, or completion of a Special business on commercial course.
TWO years of eXperience in typing, clerical and general office
work (preferably in a public or private welfare agency, insurance .
or real estate office) including responsibility for setting up
- and maintaining files similar to those required in tenant selec—
, tion.
75899 H 9

 (Clerical Personnel — continued)
Rental Clerk
'Graduation from high school.
Egperiencq [
Two years of experience in work which has involved direct
contact with the public, preferably with low—income families."
(Experience in a public or private welfare agency, in the
‘ rental department of a real estate office, or other compar—
' able work). .
(An equivalent combination of experience and education may
be accepted in lieu of the above stated requirements).
. Stenographegs ~ Typist§_~ glerks
Training equivalent to that represented by graduation from
' commercial high.school, or completion of a special business“
or commercial course.
‘ .
Egperience .
Two years Of experience in taking shorthand, typing and
general office work.
(An equivalent combination of experience and education may be
accepted in lieu of the above stated requirements).
75899 H 10

 IV. Sources for Securing Qnalified Personnel.
‘ ’ A. 'Spegial Factorg_tg_b§~ggnsid§§ed
Salaries for tenant selection personnel, both professional and_ -
clerical, should be based upon local prevailing wage scales for com—
parable types of employment. '
Where interviewers are expected to use their own automobiles
or will be required to make other expenditures.in connection With
field work, they should receive Special allowances to cover trans—
‘portation, telephone calls, and other incidental expenses.‘ All those
employed should understand in advance that it may be-necessary to
stagger working hours in order to keep the Tenant Selection Office
' open evenings and on Sundays to facilitate the taking of applications.
It should be made clear to interviewers that field work will sometimes .
.involve calls in the evening.
B. Employment Sources
‘ l. hocal fiocial Agencies
’ Departments of public welfare and other social agencies in the
community may be willing to c00perate by granting leaves of -
absence to competent professional members of their staffs for
the duration of initial tenant selection. Such agencies may
also be able to recommend former staff members, retired from
active professional life due to marriage, etc., who would be
interested in accepting temporary employment.
2. Universiti§§_and §chools of §gcial Work
Universities and colleges which have social science depart~
ments, or divisions of public welfare or social service
administration and schools of social work should be con-
salted as a means of securing qualified professional staff .
a; ‘
75899 H 11

 3. Eggfessiqnal'Associatiqgg
National professional associations. such as the National 1
Association of Housing Officials, (1313 East Sixtieth _

Street, Chicago,. Illinois), and the American Association
or. Social Workers, (130 East 22d Street, New York City),

_ constitute potential sources of personnel, especially for
the position of tenant selection supervisor, and particu~
larly if this staff member is to be engaged on a permanent
basis. '

4- 31. §- mameni EYES? '

' Local offices of the U. S. Employment Service maintain
registers of available personnel which should be con—
sulted. -These may contain professional as well as

’ clerical listings.

5‘ Files. 0}: the 32.992142}. Divisinn a: fiche ELSE.

The Personnel Division of the USHA maintains a file of
applicants for positions,and upon request, will be glad
to submit the names as well as a digest of the training

' and experience of persons qualified for tenant selection.
When in the Washington office representatives of local

' housing authorities may wish to consult members of the -
Personnel Division, '

6. 1.0.. 98:1 911i; Esme: Easiness -
Where there is a state or municipal Civil Service Commis~ .
sion, it may be incumbent upon the local housing authority
to employ from its register. Establishing such a register
will usually call for special examinations for permanent
staff members engaged for tenant selection or for other
phases of project management. In such cases, a representa— .
tive of the local authority should confer with the Civil '
Service Commission well in advance of the actual employment '
of personnel. In any event, local civil service registers A
constitute a potential source of tenant selection personnel,
both professional and clerical, which should be consulted.

75899 H 12

 V. Staff Training.
' v A. flatuge_and Method gf_Training,

The entire staff, including clerical employees, should be
thoroughly familiarized with the project, dwelling unit sizes
and types, rent Charges, and the routine office procedures.

The receptionist, the record clerk, and other members of the
clerical staff will rcquire.specific instruction in the work
to be performed by each.,

» In addition, at least one week prior to active tenant ‘

. I . . .
selection should be devoted to the orientation and training of_
the professional.staff through lectures, staff discussions,

s ervised field work, and readin- aesi ents. ,Res onsibility
g gun
for the organization and direction of such training should rest
_ with the supervisor of tenant selection.

Where application taking has been started some months in
advance of the establishment of the complete set~up for actual
tenant selection (according to the procedure recommended), the
application interviewers employed at an earlier period should
receive similar job training before undertaking their duties.


Following is a suggested outline of subjects to be coVered

in staff training and a list of suitable reference materials:
' .
3- same is is Gainers

The Housing Problem

The extent of slums and blighted areas in the United

States: economic and social effects of slums; the

development of public housing in the United States and

its acceptance as a responsibility of the Government.

"its Edwina Program. ~ FaQrel insets.

The functions of various departments or agencies dealing

with housing; provisions of the U. S. Housing Act: extent

of local participation in the program of the USHA. .

The For sins 13930 eras ~ Tinsel tenants

Local housing conditions; building regulations, zoning

’ laws, methods and extent of enforcement; state and local
_ enabling legislation: activities-of local housing author-
' ity to date, including relocation in slum clearance proj-
ects, results of WPA Real Property Inventories.
75899 H 13

 Subjects (Gont’d)
The Project - Qwitv figrziggs .
Location of public, nursery, and other special schools:
churches of all denominations; hospitals and clinics;
community centers, playgrounds, parks, etc.: shopping .
centers and other neighborhood resources; and transpor~
tation facilities and rates.
The Project ~ Physical_§§pegts
Dwelling unit sizes and types: facilities and rental
charges; facilities for community activities, etc. ~ .
The Project - Management_§glicies ' .,
d I Plans for disinfestation of household furnishings, if
this is to be required in connection with initial
occupancy: the rental agreement or lease; methods of,
, rent collections, etc.; management policies regard— .
ing tenant maintenance of preperty, use of laundries,
garbage and trash collection, etc.
@enant §election ~ Eplici§§_an§:Erpcedureg. A
' Compliance with the letter and spirit of the U. 5. Housing
' Act; local policies and procedures; objectives, techniques
' ‘ and methods of all phases of the work.
0- defame: Manesial
Local Reference Material
1. Literature issued by the lOCal housing authority
dealing with the local housing program.
2. State and local enabling legislation. '
3. Surveys, maps and reports on local housing conditions.
4. Summary reports on relocation activities and results
_ in the case of slum clearance projects.
Eenant Selection ‘
l. Local_manual of tenant selection policies and procedures,
including approved standards of eligibility and conditions
., of occupancy: outline of office routine (procedure for
filing, routing, etc.): tenant selection and renting forms
and instructions for_their use. '
75899 H 14

 . 0‘. _
Qfieference Material
Tenant Selection (Cont'd)
2. Reference materials, such as files of former site occupants,
housing reference file, family budget guide, summary out~
_ line of community services, etc.

‘ 3. Local handbook of management policies and advice on the care
of walls, floors, equipment, etc., prepared for distribution
to tenants.

General Beference Material
The following reference material is available for distribution
from the Informational Service Division, USHA. For general
bibliographies in the field of housing, consult the Informa~
tional Service Division of the USHA and the fiational Associa~
tion of Housing Officials.
l. "The U. S. Housing Act as Amended" — (and Provisions
of Other Laws and of Executive Orders Pertaining to
the U. 5. Housing Act of 1937, as amended).
8. "Initial Steps in Tenant Selection", Bulletin Ho. 23
on Policy and Procedure (and supplementary releases).
4 8. ”Slums and Blighted Areas in the United States”,
~ Dr. Edith Elmer Wood, (Reprint, 1938). , .,
‘ 4. "Housing in My Time", Shelter, December, 1938,
Dr. Edith Elmer Wood, tReprint E9. fiZfiEZ).
5. ”What the Housing Act Can Do for your City".
6. "9 Questions and 9.Answers — The Program of the '
USHA ~ Its Record to Date”.
_ 7. USEA Leaflet Series: ,
”The Business Man and Public Housing"
"Rehousing Relief Families" '
"Tax Exemption of Public Housing”
8. Annual Report of the U. S. Housing Authority for 1938.
q /
. ' I/ .
I 4.11.44,
.September 8, 1939 Administrator.
75899 H 15