damages. In the event a student engages in a dis-
             ruptive or coercive act, including participation in
             a disruptive or coercive demonstration, the penalty
             will be expulsion or suspension or, upon finding
             that substantial mitigating circumstances exist,
             undated suspension.

1.511        Expulsion:

             Permanent forced withdrawal from the University
             (see 1.421 (b); 1.431 (b); 1.432 (b) )

1.512       Actual Suspension:

             forced withdrawal from the University for a specified
             period of time (see 1.421 (b); 1.431 (b); 1.432 (b)

1.513        Undated Suspension:

             same as actual suspension except that the student
             is permitted to remain on campus, provided he
             follows stated conditions imposed with the punishment
             which shall include but not be limited to the follow-
             ing: a.) restricted from joining student organizations
             of which he is not already a member, b.) restricted
             from holding an elected or appointed office in a student
             organization, and c.) restricted from representing the
             University publicly.

1.514        Disciplinary Probation:

             placing the student under social and behavioral
             restrictions to be determined at the time the punish-
             ment is imposed.

1.515        Reprimand:

             an admonition which can include a reasonable require-
             ment for additional non-academic labor in keeping
             with the offense committed.


2.1          The Offenses

             The University is empowered to promulgate the rules
             of conduct for those students who use or dwell within
             University housing, which includes all buildings owned,
             or leased to, and operated exclusively by the Univer-
             sity as student residences.