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    IN MEMORY. K ,
 i i ° Ronnnrr Br*1zxsiW1i.soN.
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’   , Heroic in his death as in his life-
. `      Undaunted, even to the last firm step
. “ it ' Of his brief journey. His red star went down
i. In darkness and in blood, amidst the clouds
  g And storm of passion suddenly engulfed; i
j_   ‘ But from that black horizon it shall rise,
_   » Above the tumult, and, with calmer light,
’ · V Shall shine, unquenched, within a tranquil sky,
A steadier flame that shall both warm and lead .
.- A speaking fireto paint the way of Peace.
  g His faults—whatever they have been—should die
l And be forgotten with the bitterness
fi Which made them what they were. No generous foe
  Will care to keep the record—no true friend
  Should seek to make them less. He was not one
it To weakly hedge along the path of life
Afraid to he himself-His soul was strong-
His mind, like a bent bow; he never hid
'l`he target where his purposes were aimed, " '
Like well drawn arrows, speeding straight and swift.
He thought his own thoughts and not some other man`s: I
Isle spake his own words-·rash, at times—·l»ut his:
Himself he lived and like himself he died. ‘
He that had warred so fiercely-he it was
\Vho from the shadows, counseled men to peace.
— J And from the dark brink of the grave his voice
  Pronounced forgiveness for his enemies.
  · From this untimely grave shall there not spring
Some flower of love—some budding tree. whose bloom
Shall he for token of his counseling`?
Shall not his courage and true works endure,
And shall they not write. proudly, on his tomb:
"llere sleeps a fearless champion of the poor?"
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