. ··· I -
nal A. A. U. ;L), c/b Mrs. J. T. Dorris, 522 Summitt Street, Richmond.
Founded l924.`President, Mrs. J. T. Derris. Telephone 582-J. Secretary, Mrs.
Hugh Mahaffey, Sunset Avenue, Richmond. Telephone 205. Terms expire June,
  ll ...f '__
Membership; 45. Qualifications, Degree from an accredited university indors—
ed by A. A. U.`T.
Committees: Arts, lay Hansen, Fest lain Street; Education, Dr. Anna A.`Schnieb,
Burnam Court; Fellowship, Edith Ford, Lancaster Avenue; Social Service, Irs.
N. B. Cuff, Brcck Street, all of Richmond.
Furpose: To enhance educationsl standards, especially among women.
Hormal Civic Activitieszpygvides ang girl in hiéh school with funds. Partici-
pated in high school programs, especially in vocational guidance. Faxes annual
donation and also furnishes limited recreational supervision to the Telford
Community Center.
Defense Activities; Engaged in Tamily Social Service in Industrial Areas,
Discussion Leaders. Interested in Red Cr ss Assistance, First Aid, Child
Care, Teaching Literacy Classes for Aliens and Others, Research Assistance,
Consumer Protection Activities.
Local Publications: None.
A AIERICAY LEGIOI, JESQE M. DYKES POST¤tl2 (National Amcricsn legion), c/o H.
S. Paynter, lhllington Court, Fichmond. Wounded 1919. Cormander, H. J. Pay- .
- nter. Telephone 2l2-W} Adjutant, I. T. Nelson, Church Street, Richmond. Tel-
ephone lO72-W} Terms expired July, IQAE.
A l Iembership: QO. Open to veterans of Tbrld Har l. with an honorable discharge.
P Committees: Child Eelfere, Spears Turley; Americanism, T. C. Henderson, both
fg of Richmond.
E Purpose; Aid to Tbrld Mar veterans. ` ’
Normal Civic Activities: Cooperating with school boy patrols and County Board
of Education.
Defense Activities; Engaged in Collection of Scrap Metals and Other Tetals.
Interested in Auxiliary Police, Air Raid farden Service, Civilian Aircraft
Earning Service, Auxiliary Fire Protection, Salvage Demolition Service, Emer-
gency Repair Service, Ambulance Service, Hospital and Clinical Assistance,
Local Publications: None.