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Ig v0LuME so spnmc, 1975 NUMBER 4
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MAY 28, 1975

l in
The attractive drawing of the Big House at i
Wendover was done by Mrs. Richard G. Elliott of A1
Lexington, Kentucky, for the invitation to the
Fiftieth Anniversary Annual Meeting. Our  
readers will be interested to know that Virginia i
Elliott is the granddaughter of the late Judge  
Edward C. O’Rear whose many contributions to  
the early days of Frontier Nursing Service includ- if
ed the authorship of its Articles of Incorporation. ?
i 1
’ l
il ri.
  A Proper Job The Countryman 14
}|` A Tribute Contributed 25
{   Champion Collie The Countryman 55
  i Lady Into Fox The Countryman 22
Morning Glory The Countryman 31
  Riding the Bore The Countryman 42
    Small Boy Modern Maturitty 36
  $ The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 20
{ l

 • l
I 2 momimn mmsmc smzvicn  
by an old nurse a  i
  There is a tendency in nursing at the moment toward '  A
standardization in certain fixed patterns. Modern nursing owes " ·
its remarkable growth to experimentation. For this growth to  
  continue it is necessary to avoid rigidity. Inflexibility is  
i something we all of us have to avoid as persons and in our  
l Arnold Toynbee says in his A Study of History that differen-  
l tiation is the mark of growth and standardization is the mark of l 
disintegration. One need not lack standards in avoiding standar-  
r dization, just as one need not lack unity in avoiding  
uniformity ....  
The one thing that should be kept before all nurses always is Q, 
that their highest ofiice is the care of the sick whether in a hospital  il
or in the home, whether on a crowded city street or on a remote  
creek in a rural area. Preventive work and teaching work should  
grow out of the nursing of the sick. Skilled nursing care,  
demonstrated over a period of time, should precede teaching and  
supervision. Even one terribly sick patient carefully nursed on V 
even one remote creek is a gold mine. Home nursing and care of  
the sick are taught a whole neighborhood through the care of that ; 
one patient. Furthermore, a nurse who has done this, has  
demonstrated her skill to that neighborhood in such a manner  ._
that she then holds them in the hollow of her hand. She, having  
served them in what they recognize as an essential need, finds ° _i
them willing to listen to advice about diet and sanitation; willing ~ 
to take shots; and easily led to the prevention of all preventable Q,
illness. In nursing, the prevention of disease can rarely be "
divorced satisfactorily from the bedside care of the patient. The _
patient will be with us always because we cannot abolish birth  
1 and death. All we can ever do is widen the span that lies between. ‘  
I —Mary Breckinridge  
Q Quarterly Bulletin of the  
{ Frontier Nursing Service, r`,  ‘
i Volume 28, Spring, 1948, No. 4  
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Q 1
il. 1

  A Celebration: May 27-May 29, 1975
Ei ' `
·   fil V /L/p  V V- i   i,
J L     ,~    I i· Y
   t  ·r     L . 4a,    »
  Q Q" [   #;€ . T 
3     V *  M  Y* ·<    * ·    ' i ·
;_ ' ·"* i s    A)  »;  4 ' \;i     I ‘
Mrs. Jefferson Patterson, the National Chairman, presides at the Fiftieth Anniversary
‘ Annual Meeting
Tuesday, May 27
  On the evening of Tuesday, May 27, the Board of Governors of
Frontier Nursing Service and the Hon. and Mrs. John B.
’ Breckinridge gave a dinner at Spindletop Hall in Lexington,
  Kentucky, in honor of the retiring National Chairman, Mrs.
Jefferson Patterson. Mrs. Patterson was accompanied to Ken-
" tucky from Washington by her husband, the Hon. Jefferson
E Patterson, her brother, Mr. Robert Breckinridge of New York,
  Lady Ramsbotham, wife of the British Ambassador to the United
Q States, the Hon. and Mrs. George McGhee, Mrs. Mona Lynam,
Z and Mrs. M. Williams Blake, the official representative ofthe FNS
Washington Committee to the Fiftieth Anniversary celebration.
It was a lovely party and the Vice Chairman, Mr. Henry R.
i ; Heyburn, was a delightful master of ceremonies. The Honorary
A Treasurer, Mr. Edward S. Dabney, congratulated Mrs. Patterson
p ? on the many accomplishments of FNS durfng her chairmanship

1 .
· .
and presented her with a gold disc, with the FNS initials and her
dates as National Chairman, for her charm bracelet, a gift from
the members of the Board. ·i =
y Marvin Breckinridge Patterson, a cousin of the late Mrs. _l
Mary Breckinridge, has been associated with FNS since she came l
as its first woman courier in 1928. Two years later, after studying " if
_ professional cinematography, she made the film "The Forgotten
Frontier", copies of which are now in the National Archives, the
Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institution’s Division ~
of Medical Science. This film and the hundreds of still ,
photographs taken by Mrs. Patterson provide an excellent record iz
l of the early days of the FNS. After a distinguished career as a
l photographer, magazine writer and broadcaster with CBS World
News Roundup during the early days of World War II, and as the
wife of a noted diplomat, Mrs. Patterson became a member of the A
Board of Governors of Frontier Nursing Service in 1955 and
? . 7 >   V`?"   . ,.,. , ‘   _ Ivlg   _
y ) ’ ?‘° .,,. { 4-   ’     ·   A
,_ V I A   3 ` i `;"·~" ‘'‘'   "" { ·, _
_     , lh ‘ Q   , .
' _ F if ". _   \\  x. { _ L,   `
- i· `r_.   V yl   __/A   I g  ‘ Q
· l ·   ,
`   \   V , ‘L I  '
i     ¤r···;=;§ '§ , =} ` l     "`fi   I if  I
l 1:%  ~...r . tltt   ,,     A " ’  r I
I °· ” Y ,*.i         ,.·. . F; `  E
Molly Lee (in uniform) and Betty Lester introduce Mr. Allen Gay, formerly of  .
Bowlingtown, to old courier Peggy Baker on the lawn of the Old State Capitol  _
_ .\

  A QUARTERLY Butuzrin 5
i , i ,,,, , ,,,.W,Q,,,,r" ’ Z'?  ‘  .° ’ M  
g   p g T ‘“/'     r   , R*RR  
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" i’   A V z RéR~RR 2   .  
r. ` ‘' .    ;   R.»¢R~   .     *  
·*   A A-R    `   {   ‘  
l ` · V‘ Y;     l ¥,.Qi;i.iiiiYiii    ,     AR·;,· J ‘i’;’  
¤ ’· ,1 »,·R ` ; l   ·,R‘‘v» ;  ~»~ ‘V2_, .     -,--  
l I, A' 1 &g¢»¤·e·¤¢-~ ;.,...::;:.£L:>¤     , éi  jk/Q:    
· F  ’_   '   ·r.z,»
A-   65*1 ii   i    
6 R RR ii          R .
`     /J i.-A3? A`      _j—&/;rié g!f* 
é .,,; lZ> »  i;*;€¤‘  .3:   *’R  R    A  4
  .@,< F Q  `     . RRJ A    
r { E    *i  ;.f,         5
1   \ .   (  `iil  ~ »     '*’”€J» r’ " 
-’12;¤ l   ``”‘ t ~ ~;. ti »     or rw: i if
·· ’  i  "` 'F  ' ’ "Y`—··§ —:‘  —·  i  
MP`} i  i S.     » ‘  . X  `  n
\ J K    1;  _.  =   K  V 0-,*  , ¢  " , !,~  { .
it Former couriers and ex-staff enjoy a chat in Frankfort. Standing: Margaret Watson,
Rockledge, Florida, and Bobbie Glazier Smith, New Britain, Connecticut. Seated;
. Marion Ross, Oakville, Canada, and Dorothy Caldwell, Burlington, Kentucky
` served as its National Chairman from 1960 until her retirement on
. May 28, 1975.
_ Four other Board members announced their retirement at the
;l Fiftieth Annual Meeting—Mr. Brooke Alexander, Mrs. Morris
,= Cheston, Mrs. Richard Higgins and Mr. James Parton, all of
whom have been involved in FNS affairs for many years, as `
‘ members of city committees as well as of the Board of Governors.
 , Like Marvin, Brooke and Jim’s association goes back to the
 9 beginning of the FNS. In the Quarterly Bulletin of September
 L 1928, Mrs. Breckinridge wrote:
 ii "We cou1dn’t have gotten through the summer without our
 Z volunteer transport service—Marvin Breckinridge and Anna Weld,
‘_I Brooke Alexander of Kent School (his third summer) and Jim Parton. If
  we were a College of Heraldry we would give them arms—a mule
, rampant, guests couchant, on a Held emblazoned with rising water,
 _ quicksand and mud!"

l G rnowrimz NURSING srmvicr;  
Wednesday, May 28 if
Friends of the Frontier Nursing Service began arriving long l
before the time set for the Commemorative Ceremony on May 28, ·` i
in Frankfort, Kentucky, the site of the first meeting of the i
Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, the parent  
organization of Frontier Nursing Service. The terrace and the '» *·
lovely, newly renovated rooms of the Old State Capitol were filled
with old and new friends from all over this country, from Canada p
and Great Britain. There were sights and sounds of old friends f
  meeting for the first time in many years—the "Remember when  
i . . . ?", "Whatever happened to her?", "Have you seen Agnes? F
l She’s right over there in the East Room.", the "I’ve GOT to see {
[ Marion Rossi", "Good heavens—that IS Molly Lee on that  
horse!", "BETTY LESTER—you don’t know how glad I am to see li
you", and "Is Brooke here? Do you know he used to sneak in and  
put frogs in the nurses’ beds!”  
r,  V ` , l
      " ` I ,
,   ,r,»     *}*5.   ” ·..li\ I ·  
~ »f,r.~   »‘,.‘     \ ¤ it   2
    » i   __.   ’ii: f   I
    ,     5 s $i l   V `
  n,—·     , r  · r     , ·
  fitii’i     l       = 
l _ · V   ` _,   .,~—       J
Agnes Lewis chats with old courier Julie Breckinridge Davis and her husband, ,
Jimmy, while staff member Ann Browning and old courier Abigail Allen catch up on  ·
FNS news l

( & The memory-spun stories kept the colorful and joyous reunion
  in constant motion and the momentum built to the moment when
  the Assembly Room at the Old State Capitol overflowed with
  friends who had gathered to celebrate the fiftieth birthday of FNS.
”  The mellow sounds of dulcimers played by Floyd and Edna
• Q ~ Ritchie Baker of Winchester, Kentucky, greeted those entering the
  room. Members of the Board, Trustees, representatives from
  FNS’s National Nursing and National Medical Councils and its
Q; Medical Advisory Committee, representatives from the Blue
 _‘ Grass, Louisville, Boston, New 'York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh,
  Washington, Cincinnati, Chicago, Minneapolis, Detroit, Hyden,
  Wendover, Brutus and Hazard Committees, old and new couriers,
_. old and new staff, representatives of State and Federal govern-
j ment and agencies, the media, members of the Breckinridge
 R family and the families of the men and women who signed the
I i original Articles of Incorporation, representatives ofthe National
 · Society of the Daughters of Colonial Wars and loyal friends joined
‘ the fun. i
 E The Commemorative Ceremony was opened by the Hon. John
 K B. Breckinridge, Congressman from the Sixth District of Ken-
 i tucky, who called on the Rev. Vance Bowling of the Hurt’s Creek
Q Church of Christ in Hyden, for the Invocation. Mr. Bowling asked
y God’s blessing on those gathered together to honor the memory of
Mary Breckinridge and voiced praise and thanksgiving for the
  many blessings He has bestowed on the work begun by her fifty
I  years ago.
  Congressman Breckinridge reviewed briefly the life work of
  his cousin, Mary Breckinridge, noting particularly the original
5 3 audacity of her dream which she changed into the most rigorous rr
Ki and adventurous action. He recognized the National Chairman, \
  Mrs. Jefferson Patterson, whose interest was spurred by Mary
Breckinridge, and who has served FNS in many areas since her
 ` original role as a courier, and the Director, Miss Helen E. Browne,
 ° who has worked tirelessly toward fulfilling the original object of
 l· Mrs. Breckinridge. An appreciative audience gave Miss Browne a
Q standing ovation.
 S , Mr. Breckinridge introduced the distinguished guests seated
  on the platform with him——The Hon. Julian M. Carroll, Governor
 lé of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Lady Ramsbotham, wife of

F  ·
¤   L
the British Ambassador to the United States, the Hon. Thruston ` 
B. Morton who had been present at the dedication of the old Hyden  
i - Hospital in 1928, the Hon. Tim Lee Carter, Congressman from the  A
_ Fifth District of Kentucky, and General William R. Buster,  
through whose good offices the Old State Capitol had been opened  
for the ceremony although it had not yet been opened to the public ‘ ,"
. since its restoration. `i 
p Congressman Carter recalled his many friendships in Leslie {
County and in the FNS, and spoke of his admiration and respect _
for the nurse-midwives who have served the community so long $
and so well. Senator Morton spoke of the early days of FNS and  
his visits to Wendover and Hyden with his grandmother who had it
i given one wing of the old hospital in memory of his mother. He ,
remembered the dedication, purpose and drive in the work to
which Mary Breckinridge lent all her dynamism. He said, "So I
suppose it’s fitting to say ‘God bless Mary Breckinridge,’ though K
I’m sure the Almighty in His wisdom has done that. Let’s instead ·*
say ‘Bless the work she started. God bless the inspiration she has 1
given to all of us, and may God help us prosper and go forward in  
the noblest tradition of all, that of Mary Breckinridge.’ "  
A Governor Carroll accepted Mrs. Breckinridge’s FNS uniform  
{ and saddlebags from Senator Morton on behalf of the Kentucky fji
Historical Society and commented that "It grieves me to see  
. someone print that the Frontier Nursing Service is behind the  
j times. If they only knew what was going on, the Frontier Nursing g
l Service has been ahead of the times for fifty years". He commend- `
ed the foresight of all those who supported the plan Mrs.  l
Breckinridge proposed in 1925, and issued a proclamation making 3  
· May 28, 1975, Frontier Nursing Service Day in Kentucky, calling  
on all Kentuckians to "heed and support the example of Mary l  
Breckinridge and her successor, Helen E. Browne, and their  
associates in the Frontier Nursing Service in fulfilling the high “
duty and calling of family nursing of the sick and protecting  ,
health". The Governor apologized for the absence of his wife who, `
he said, "is in the good hands of a midwife who works for a  YP
member of the medical profession in Kentucky". Governor Carroll 1
bestowed on Lady Ramsbotham the honorary title of Aide de  _
Camp on the staff of the Governor with the rank of Colonel. He  
l, concluded the ceremony by wishing for the FNS "the best of ·_ 
§ everything, and may your service to humankind be eternal".  `
l On the lawn outside the Old State Capitol, Molly Lee, Dean of  {

 1 .
i the School of Midwifery, and Peggy Baker, of Crestwood, Ken-
Y tucky, in the nursing and courier riding uniforms of yesterday and
i. ~ mounted on horses, brought back memories of past adventures in
s the hills of FNS country. Mable R. (Skip) Spell, supervisor of the
. outpatient department of the Mary Breckinridge Hospital, also in
  uniform, drove an FNS jeep, the present means of transportation
j up the creeks and back roads. In the lobby of the Sports Center
  were displayed color photographs taken by the late Virginia
__ Branham, an old courier, whose memory is cherished by all who
5 knew and loved her. Panels of large photographs around the
  dining area exhibited scenes in the territory served by FNS. The
large auditorium was Hlled with tables set for over four hundred
. guests and colorful flags provided a back-drop for the speakers
table. Mrs. Arla Hibbard, whose two children were delivered by
FNS nurse-midwives many years ago, was introduced and
ly presented the Golden Anniversary cake she had baked and
* decorated in honor of the occasion. I
Following the luncheon, Mrs. Patterson presided at the
if business meeting at which three new Trustees and four new
  R  ..   $2** ";`% ¢      l   _,- i  
          <—   *.,  . I     s  · .    i
      `i .       l        · 
I     :-${1;      _ , ,   . · VJ, .l·»   V _ _ ··   ,  
I       ’•'·   I    ..      ‘   , { (,;.5 V 
g, yy. ‘ M   - · ll    » , R .. ""_   i j g  
' 4 *- =· ~— : ~~"* IA . A QM-V   .   " " ‘ ' ,,·/"S   R
E'; " D M  I ` '      ;v  1,,,,, {  j     an \£   _   ;A»   T li ·
 ; =‘..$’;;¤?.§£?~l{'  _ ‘i'i V  R··—   PP " fi'} ·Vv~ é ¥? . _     " C
, ’   .·<- r   · / ~. ·~.»*‘  ··;; .,£_ ,> A ,$_`. . r‘\ . -:_
r\   ·   · ,~";· "=~.`-   . ~;>;}_.\~   ’“`   ‘ _ ’;.
Y" » .   `"’ QL ,       YI.;
. r ` _ ., i_-%f’#‘*   9 `
; ' ,   ¤¥"x,     °  U 1 ·.·’   `S  .   `     . r
’   :· ;. r ‘·—. ’ ?¥.,i~.i;2...,;;.;< .    `   . C `i “ -`   ~ > .  
.-     Z.-"fZ i s-° "',.`~·$T$=‘ ”'f`· .~ `- F ¢.` ' · ·  i ‘· ,‘ , . , VV
 U Mrs. Fred Blumers of Minneapolis, and new Board member, Miss Mary L. Mills of
V Washington, D. C., lead the tour group into the Fied Bird Center

I 10 momim Nuasmo smwicr  
f` ~  ..·!·; . ' , V l ~ · ’ V V V ’
A     N       *   *2-—l>\r" V `T`i.(
‘ g AI  .  ‘ ::*6* ’ r _  g?   _ , .
\_    .~.,A=4   --   E   -..7 `··- ,"`A_\
  ,    _ :? r   .   ‘ L   * `“
· y  `‘*—’ ` ~ _  
V 3   it     f "   F  AV& `   i [ ; ' N
    "   · ,··· i· .   ’... ~ . ‘ . I i
The tour group enters the Mary Breckinridge Hospital
members of the Board of Governors were elected. New Trustees
, are Mrs. Samuel E. Neel (old courier Mary Wilson) of McLean, __
Virginia, and two Hyden friends, Mr. Edward A. Mattingly and L
Mr. George Wooton. Our new Board members are Mr. C. V. ;
Cooper, Hazard, Kentucky, Mrs. Albert Ernst, Perkiomenville, W
Pennsylvania, Miss Mary Lee Mills, Washington, D. C., and Mrs.
Burgess P. Standley, Medfield, Massachusetts. Kitty Macdonald =
Ernst is a former FNS staff nurse and a graduate of our nurse- *
[. midwifery program. She is a past president of the American
[ College of Nurse-Midwives and is presently Director of the Nurse-
l Midwifery Program at the Salvation Army Booth Maternity  "
Center in Philadelphia. Mary Mills, who is also a nurse-midwife,
5 is presently employed as Nurse Consultant, Community Health i
3 Services in the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. She {
» has had a distinguished career in the U. S. Public Health Service  2
and has been awarded the Rockefeller Public Service Award by  y
Princeton University and the Mary Mahoney Award by the  W
. American Nurses Association. Caroline Dabney Standley,  
formerly of Louisville, has been an active member of the FNS  ·
Boston Committee for many years and is its present chairman. In '

1 QUARTERLY suttimu 11
l addition to her interest in FNS, she has been working with the
1 Development Program at Radcliffe College. C. V. Cooper, who is a
`,_  · member ofthe Hazard Committee and has been a Trustee for some
  years, has long been associated with the FNS through the Peoples
  Bank and the Hazard Insurance Agency.
T" On motion of Mr. Heyburn, Mrs. Patterson’s services were
recognized by a standing vote of approval and she was elected an
` Honorary Trustee. Mrs. Patterson announced that Miss Kate
— Ireland had been elected by the Board as her successor as
; National Chairman and that the other new officers of the Board of
Governors for the coming year were Mrs. Alfred R. Shands III,
First Vice Chairman, Mr. Henry R. Heyburn, Second Vice
i Chairman, Mr. Homer L. Drew, Treasurer, Mr. W. F. Brashear,
Assistant Treasurer, Mrs. John Marshall Prewitt, Recording
SecretaI‘y,.and Miss Jane Leigh Powell, Corresponding Secretary.
, Lady Ramsbotham was introduced and spoke of the basic
interrelationships which bind together Great Britain and the .
      )   ... ......,.   .   ` ! V ·
i ‘  li r  " » i»» * · FM A
.   ·   . ; · ° · ,
' i,     ’   ’” "Z,  \ 1 gi; -,r"     } Qugji
2 i l   ;   1     / `~;;.· é   ° W-  
    ff        .‘—.       ·  
  = ‘   Es—1¤·3,. :1   l     if
it % .  ¤ *¤ ;< - i   W. ‘
 ‘· · ii r‘“.   " **%*2 { ·   n  
‘     =·‘     »   I ~      
 ·     .   .      i=1· ‘_,_ 4
<     ·<·¤·   ,3;%  vm; ,  ,=;. ~ _   .
F  " ..1,.. ;  .’‘»1   =:~»   4== —‘o—   L . .·1·   .      ‘‘‘‘*    <—==   
 i Mrs. Walter Green and Mrs. Charles Thornbury, members of the Mary Breckinridge
· Hospital Auxiliary, talk with Miss Dorathea Eberhart of New York City and Mr. and
 _ Mrs. Richard Higgins of Dedham, Massachusetts, in the Hospital gift shop where the
’ Auxiliary displayed mountain crafts

 l .
i   Q
l :
    X   _ = ,,   ie 2:   ;:—’‘ V .,r-»»; é
  —   i     h”'A   rl   _         ·  
1               r         y
’·   .        »· __,,,,,,$.~.__;~_ · _ P M,  ·  gig ..   _ —
*"‘7t:=_ ¤ .     te B = .   j ‘ ~·  
    ;—·;        . . —         >     . .
·   r C;  #7 A ‘·‘- T     K   " "/ ‘ ‘ . ··~S' ` A
l *L‘ -.._. VW `} ·  / j » _.   7 »   •  { `~_~J ~
l  ’“ <—  ~