xt76q52fbc1m https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt76q52fbc1m/data/mets.xml Rhode Island United States. Works Progress Administration. Division of Women's and Professional Projects. National Archives (U.S.) 1938 iii, 37 leaves; 28 cm. UK holds archival copy for ASERL Collaborative Federal Depository Library Program libraries and the Federal Information Preservation Network. Call Number  Y 3.W 89/2:43 F 317/ser.12/no.38 books English Providence, R.I.: National Archives Project This digital resource may be freely searched and displayed in accordance with U. S. copyright laws. Rhode Island Works Progress Administration Publications United States. Veterans Administration -- Archives -- Catalogs People with disabilities -- Rehabilitation -- United States Archives -- Rhode Island -- Catalogs Military pensions -- United States Rhode Island -- History -- Catalogs Inventory of Federal Archives in the States: Series XII. The Veteran's Administration. no. 38, Rhode Island 1938 text Inventory of Federal Archives in the States: Series XII. The Veteran's Administration. no. 38, Rhode Island 1938 1938 1938 2019 true xt76q52fbc1m section xt76q52fbc1m ,_ . a
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a“ D‘ . The Survey of Federal Archives
Earth iVision of women's and Professional Projects
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‘4") 1, Norks Proaress Administration

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7* 5,9795? I”? ‘

1,52 Prov1dence, Rhode Island

a“! The National Archives Project

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The Inventory of Federal Archives in the States is one of the prod-
ucts of the work of the Survey of Federal Archives, which operated as
a nation-wide project of the Works Progress Administration from January
1, 1956 to June 50, 1957, and has been continued since that date in
Rhode Island as a state project of that Administration.

‘ The plan for the organization of the Inventory is as follows: Series
I consists of reports on the administration of the Survey, acknowledg—
ments, and general discussions of the location, condition, and content
of federal archives in the states. Succeeding series contain the de-
tailed information secured by workers of the Survey, in inventory fond,
a separate series number being assigned to each of the executive de-
partments (except the Department of State) and other major units of
the Federal Government. Within each series No. 1 is a general intro—
duction to the field organization and records of the governmental agen-
cy concerned; the succeeding numbers contain the inventory proper,
separate numbers being assigned to each state in alphabetical order.
Thus, in each series, the inventory for Alabama is No. 2, that for
Arizona No. 5, that for Arkansas No. 4, etc. ,

For each local office information regarding each series, or unit of
related records, is presented in the following order: title, inclusive
dates ("to date" indicating an open file at the time the information
was secured), general description of informational content, description
of the system of filing or indexing (if any), a statement of frequency ‘
and purpose of use, form of the record itself (bound volumes, sheets
in folders, etc.), linear footage, description of the containers, phy-
sical condition of the records (not stated if satisfactory), location
by room number or other identifying infonnation, and finally, the num-
ber of the Form 588A on which this information was originally recorded

- by a Survey worker and from which it was abstracted for the Inventory.
This form is on file in The National Archives. When it contains sub-
stantial information on addenda sheets which has not been included in
the mimeographed abstract, indication of this is given by use of the
reference "See addenda."

In Rhode Island the work of the Survey was under the direction of
Mr. Norman L. Kilpatrick, with Mr. R. A. McLeod as his assistant, from
its inception until June 6, 1957. Since that date Mr. McLeod has been
in charge of the project. This Inventory of the records of the Veter—
ans' Administration in Rhode Island was prepared in the Providence of—
fice of the Survey and was edited before final typing by Miss Elizabeth
Edwards of the washington office.

R. A. McLeod, State Director
Providence, Rhode Island The National Archives Project
December 9, 1958 in Rhode Island

 v ';
iii 3
. Page
Veterans' Administration Regional Office . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Chief Attorney, Office of the . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Finance Division . . . a . . u . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Manager, Office of the. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Medical Division. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
Supply Division . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
' Federal Pension Agent. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26


 i 2 ‘
Gardner Bldg., 40 Fountain St.

This agency was at one time located at 109 and 44 Washington Street
and 42 Westminster Street. Upon proper authorization, four times a
year a few memos and similar papers are destroyed while permanent recs
ords are forwarded to the Central Office at Washington. This office
has jurisdiction over Rhode Island and southern Massachusetts.

Office of the Chief Attorney

Copies of Guardianship Forms 4705-a, 4706—0, and 4716-c, also corre—
spondence with individuals pertaining to guardianship cases. Form
4705—a, affidavit of actual present custody of a minor and an agree—
ment to assume temporary custody of minor under control of the Vet—
erans' Administration, showing name of veteran by reason of whose
war service the minor or incompetent is placed under guardianship,
names of country and state in which affidavit made, names of custo—

' dian and minor, relationship of custodian to minor, legal residence
of minor, statement of custody, and agreement to veterans' Administra-
tion control, form of oath, and signature and address of guardian.
Form 4706-0, periodic accounting statement of all financial matters
affecting theestates of minors and incompetents, submitted by their
ficuciaries, showing names of guardian or conservator and minor or
incompetent, summary and accounting of receipts and disbursements of
all money accruing to the estate from all sources including the vet-
erans' Administration; affidavit in verification of account, and sig—
nature of fiduciary. Form 4716-c, contact report made by Veterans'
Administration representatives upon investigation of the home condi—
tions of minors under administration control, showing name of veteran
on whose behalf care of minor is undertaken, his compensation, ser-
vice and administration identification numbers; names and addresses
of ward and guardian, relationship to ward of person with whom ward
resides, relationship of guardian to ward, and amount paid for ward's
support; description of ward's appearance and environmental conditions
suggestions for remedial action, date of contact, name of representa—
tive, and signature of chief attorney. (Daily, official.) 9 x 12
folders, 5 ft., in wooden filing case. Office of Regional Attorney.

 5 ‘-

§ The Veterans' Administration, Providence 5


' See preceding entry. (Daily, official.) 9 x 12 folders, 40 ft., in
steel and wooden filing cases. Office of Regional Attorney. (4777)

5. LITIGATED CASES, Mar. 15, 1925 - July 28, 1956. Records con—
cerning cases of veterans and relatives who have brought legal action
against the United States for disability compensation and cases of
persons petitioning for the payment of deceased veterans' insurance
policies, showing names of interested parties, dates and description »
of proceedings, and final disposition of cases. (Daily, official.)

9: x 15 folders, 4 ft., in steel filing case. Office of Regional At-
torney. (4774)


‘ Copies of Guardianship Forms 4705—a, 4706—c, and 4716—c, with state-
ments of reasons for transfer of guardianship from the jurisdiction
of this office to that of another regional office, such as incompe-

‘ tency, death, or removal to another locality of appointed guardian. '
See above entries. (Daily, official.) 9 X 12 folders, 1 ft., in
wooden filing case. Office of Regional Attorney. (4776)

5. MONTHLY CONSOLIDATED REPORTS, Jan. 1, 1929 — June 50, 1955.
Dated reports of the legal activities showing status of cases pending
or settled, number of wards assigned for guardianship, number of guard—
ians and fiduciaries appointed and released, and other pertinent data.
(Daily, official.) 823 x 145;; folders, 2 in., in wooden filing case.
Office of Regional Attorney. (4775)

6. CORRESPONDENCE AND MEMORANDA, Dec. 17, 1950 to date. Corre-
spondence between individuals and this office pertaining to veterans'

_ compensation and hospitalization claims, reimbursement of individuals
for burial and other expenses, establishment of claims for legal heirs,
appointment of conservators of estates and guardians, transfer of case
files, use of official cars, and disposition of inactive records.

. (Daily, official.) 9 x 12 folders, 9 in., in wooden filing case. Of—
fice of the Regional Attorney. (4770, 4771)

7. SOCIAL WORKERS' RECORD CARDS, Jan. 1, 1955 to date. Showing
names, addresses and identification numbers, religious creeds, physical,
occupational, social and employment status of veterans visited by so—

‘ cial workers, names of their guardians, dates of workers' calls, serv-
ice records of veterans, and summaries of veterans' cases. (Daily,
official.) 5 X 8 cards, 1 ft. 2 in., in wooden card cabinet. Adjudi—
cation Office. (5555)

8. ATTORNEY RECORD CARDS, June 16, 1955 to date. Showing names and
addresses of attorneys and dates of their appointment to represent the

, Veterans' Administration in all actions. (Daily, official.) 5 x 5

1 cards, 1 ft. 1 in., in wooden card cabinet. Adjudication Office.

9. APPEALS RECORD CARDS, Aug. 5, 1955 to date. Dated cards show-
ing names, addresses, identification and claim numbers of veterans ap-
pealing decisions of the compensation claims review board, reasons for

 k The Veterans' Administration, Providence 4 T


) appeals, decisions of Board of Appeals with statements of recommended

1 new ratings, and remarks. (Daily, official.) 5 x 8 cards, 10 in., in

E , wooden card cabinet. Adjudication Office. (5554)


} 10. FIELD nmumvnn REPORTS, Feb. 6, 1954 — Sept. 27, 1935. Dated

E reports showing results of authorized investigations made by field ex-

; aminers pertaining to attorneys' fees, medical fees, guardianship ac-

; counts, funeral expenses, and veterans' estate settlements. (Daily,
official.) 9 x 12 folders, 2 in., in wooden filing case. Office of
Regional Attorney. (4772)

11. INVESTIGATIONS, Sept. 6, 1954 ~ Mar. 25, 1955. Dated reports

1 concerning investigations made by veterans' Administration representa-

; tives of motor accidents, mental condition of veterans, and veterans'

: complaints regarding amounts of compensation which they receive. (Dai-

5 1y, official.) 9 x 12 folders, 10 in., in wooden filing case. Office

( of Regional Attorney. (4775)

i Finance Division


1918 to date. Index to the file of applications for adjusted compensa-
tion showing name, address and identification number of veteran, date

of adjustment, and award number. (Daily, official.) 5 x 8 cards, 15 ft.
4 in., in wooden card cabinet. Finance Room. (5558)

15. VETERANS' NOTES, Jan. 1, 1925 to date. Form 1185, signed notes
showing dates and numbers of adjusted service certificates which are
used as collateral, amount of loan, and name and address of veteran exe-
cuting notes. Appended are "Certificates of Identification" which are

' used to certify that the notes were executed by the persons signing.
(Daily, official.) 9 x 12 folders, 21 ft. 6 in., in steel filing cases.
Finance Room. (5175)

Form ll84—A, alphabetical index, showing names, addresses and identifi-
cation numbers of veterans asking for loans, disbursing symbol and check
numbers, description of adjusted compensation certificate against which
loan was made, deductions from amount of certificate for previous loans,
loan interest rates, and amounts of checks issued for current loan. (Dai-
ly, official.) 5 x 8 loose sheets, 24 ft. 6 in., in card cabinet. Fi—
nance Room. (5181)

15. VOUCHERS CANCELLED AND DISALLONED, Apr. 11, 1925 - Feb. 12, 1955.
Disallowed vouchers and correspondence pertaining to same. Vouchers show-
ing name and location of office where prepared, dates of preparation,
names and addresses of payees, descriptions, quantities, units, unit
prices and value of articles or services for which payment was requested,
dates of disallowances, and reasons. (Daily, official.) 9 x 12 folders,
5% in., in steel filing case. Finance Room. (4809)

16. FINANCE PROCEDURE, May 8 - Sept. 12, 1925. Correspondence with
the central office pertaining to the issuance and payment of vouchers for

 The veterans' Administration, Providence 5
vocational tuition, transportation, medical treatment, meals, lodgings
and supplies for veterans, payment of Canadian Veterans' vouchers, and
to the various supply contracts executed by this office. (Never.) 9 x

‘ 12 bundle, 1 in., on wooden shelf in cupboard. Finance Room. (5591)

I 17. VETERANS’ NOTE CARDS, Jan. 1, 1927 to date. Finance Form

) 1184—d, dated record of interest accruing and of repayments made on

; notes given by veterans for loans from the Veterans' Administration,

i showing dated entries for computation of accrued interest, receipt num-

1 here and amounts of repayments and balance of principal and interest

, due on notes. Indexed. (Daily, official.) 5 x 8 cards, 60 ft., in

) steel filing cases. Finance Room. (5560)

i 18. CORRESPONDENCE, GENERAL, Mar. 27, 1927 to date. Correspondence

| between headquarters, veterans, and this office pertaining to adjusted

( service certificate loans, notifications of changes in veterans' ad—
dresses, complaints on rates of interest charged, solicitations and re-

; ceipts of bids, executions of contracts for supplies, transmittal of

, itemized receipted bills for burials, and certified copies of death

) certificates, reimbursement of employees for expenses incurred while

i on official duty, requests by physicians and dealers for payment of

i services rendered and supplies delivered, salary deductions for leaves

) granted without pay to employees, amount chargeable each month to pay

i roll, verification of veterans' dates of birth, etc. (Daily, official.)

) 9 x 12 folders, 4 ft. 5 in., in steel filing case. Finance Room. (4810,

1 4814, 4767, 4805, 4805, 4804)

§ 19. FIELD SERVICE RECEIPTS FOR VETERANS, Oct. 7, 1927 - Sept. 16,

i 1955. Form 1028 (Duplicate), dated receipts, showing places of issue,

E . regional office numbers, names and identification numbers of benefici-

é _ aries, numbers and amounts of receipts, descriptions and reasons for

) remittances, ancounts to which remittances applied, names and addresses

) of remitters, and signatures and titles of receiving officers. (Daily,

i official.) 4 x 8 loose sheets, 2 ft. 6 in., in steel filing case.

) Finance Room. (4695)



1 June 50, 1955. Finance Form 1012, summary of pension and compensation

j payments made to veterans by a special disbursing agent, showing dis-

? bursement voucher, unit, and schedule numbers, class and kind of dis-
bursement, number of compensation payment cards involved; name, symbol

, . and regional numbers of paying (field) station, appropriation charge-
able, claim numbers, names and addresses of payees, compensation period

1 covered, rates per month, accrued amounts and serial numbers of checks
issued, remarks, and certificate of administrative approval. (Daily,
official.) 14% x 17%.,— vol., 9 in., in cupboard. Finance Room. (5590)

21. AllOTMENT IEDGERS, Jan. 1, 1951 to date. Standard Form 1014A,

ledger showing name of financial allotment affected by accounting en—
tries, descriptive list of dated transactions encumbering or liquidating
encumbrances, previous balances, amounts of encumbrances.and allotments

3 at various dateS, unencumbered balances of allotments, and number of
vouchers audited. (Daily, official.) 10 x 15 bundles, 2 ft., in cup-

, board. Finance Room. (5594)


 The Veterans' Administration, Providence 6 3
date. Finance Form 1001, payment schedule, showing name of disbursing
station, period covered, class of disbursements, names of persons re—
ceiving compensation, amounts and serial numbers of checks issued, and

‘ remarks. (Daily, official.) l4%-x l7%-vols. (5), 1 ft., in cupboard.
Finance Room. (5597)

‘ 25. PAY ROLLS FOR PERSONAL SERVICES, July 1, 1955 — June 50, 1954.

3 Standard Form 1015 b, showing names of establishment and office prepar-

) ing roll, period covered, names, grades, designations and salary rates

1 of employees, gross amounts earned by each,-amounts deducted, net

i- amounts paid, notation of payments by check, and remarks. Reverse

I side shows voucher and disbursing office symbol numbers, names of of-

) fices preparing and paying roll, appropriation chargeable, period cov-
ered, statement of errors or differences, variation, and approval by
proper officials. Original sent to the Treasury Department. (Daily,
official.) 9 x 12 folders, 1 in., in steel filing case. Finance Room.

) 24. PAID VOUCHERS, Jan. 1, 1954 to date. Form 1054, copies of

{ vouchers prepared for purchases of articles and impersonal services,

E showing descriptive lists and cost of items purchased, dates of pur—

§ chases, dates and places of voucher preparation, serial numbers of ap-

! propriations, orders and contracts involved, delivery dates, names and

g addresses of payees, and signature of disbursing officer. (Daily, of-

j ficial.) 9 x 12 folders, 8 ft., in steel filing cases. Finance Room.

3 (4812)


3 date. Report showing month—end date, location of office or where pre-

) _ pared, description of each activity in which engaged during month and

) financial apportionment to each, total allotment authorized, amount of

) encumbrance for each activity, total encumbrance of allotment and net

) encumbrance for each activity, total net encumbrance of allotment, net

1 unencumbered allotment balance, and disbursing symbol number. (Daily,

) official.) 16 x 22 vol., 1 ft. 10 in., on steel filing case. Finance

§ Room. (4811)


) date. Alphabetical index showing names, addresses and identification

‘ numbers of veterans whose certificates were paid, certificate numbers,

( and dates of payment. A duplicate set of these cards sent to central

‘ office. (Daily, official.) 5 x 5 cards, 5 ft. 5 in., in wooden card

1 cabinet. Finance Room. (4808)


‘ 27. RETIRED FILES, Jan. 22, 1918 — Mar. 22, 1955. Correspondence

1 relating to claims filed, affidavits as to correctness of Statements,

j decisions made on claims, inquiries on status of veteran's case his—

1 tory and compensation record together with disability rate if any.

f Indexed. (Occasionally, official.) 9 x 12 folders, 57 ft., in steel
filing cases and in wooden cabinet. Storage Room. (5555)


 éfi V
.V ,1 [1
" The Veterans' Administration, Providence 7 ;

ITY COMPENSATION, Nov. 8, 1918 to date. Certificates showing names and

addresses of claimants, date and place of birth, description, service

record, affidavits as to correctness of statements made by claimants;

also related correspondence, and hospitalization record of veteran.

(Daily, official.) 9 X 12 folders, 4 ft. 5 in., in wooden cabinet.

’ File Room. (6361)

4 29. PERSONNEL RECORDS, Nov. 12, 1918 to date. Forms 6, 5257, 2709,
2710 and 2711. Standard Form 6, showing personal history of appointee

1 such as name and address, place and date of birth, sex, marital status,

I and race, record of past civil service for the Government, military and
naval records, education and special qualifications, name, relationship
and address of person to be notified in case of emergency, and certifi—
cation of appointee that said form was answered correctly. Form 3237,
application for leave (annual, without pay, or military), showing names
and locations of division and station, date of issue, kind and length of
leave requested, length and kind of leave applicant had prior to this ap-
plication, signature and designation of applicant, and recommendation and
approval of chief of division and official in charge; reverse side is an
application forvextension of leave because of sickness, showing date and
period of sickness, whether attended by a physician, nature of illness,
signature of notary public affirming same, and statement and signature of
attending phySician. Form 2709, resignation fonn, showing date of issue,
designation and salary of applicant, date resignation effective, division
or station to which assigned, reason for resignation, and signatures of
applicant and of official accepting resignation. Form 2710, notice of
separation, showing date of issue, name, designation and station of person
being released, reason for release, whether entitled to military prefer—
ence, and signature of official recommending separation. Form 2711, pro-
.motion or demotion form, showing name and location of station, date of
issue, name and designation of person to be promoted or demoted, amount
of monetary value of increase or decrease, effective date, salary range

I and number of employee, amount of funds available in salary range, ag—

§ gregate salary and a brief description of employee's duties, also sig-

) nature of official making the recommendation for promotion or demotion.

) (Daily, official.) 9 x 12 folders, 4 ft., in steel filing case. Mail

1 and Record Room. (6362)

( 30. ALPHABETICAL SUBJECT FILES, Nov. 12, 1918 to date. Subject

) index of correspondence and reports filed in this office showing dates

5 of filing such material, subject under which it can be found and its

) character. (Daily, official.) 3 x 5 cards, 1 ft. 4 in., in steel card

( cabinet. Mail and Record Room. (3273)

) 51. BUREAU ISSUE, Nov. 12, 1918 to date. Alphabetical index of

5 Bureau issues of regulations and procedures to be followed in handling

) affairs of local Veterans' Bureau. (Daily, official.) 5 x 5 cards, 7

) ft. 6 in., in steel card cabinet. Mail and Record Room. (6559)

l V

i 52. CORRESPONDENCE, HOSPITALIZATION, Nov. 18, 1918 to date. Cor—

; respondence between Naval Hospital, private hospitals and institutions,
, individuals, Washington Bureaus and this office pertaining to applica—
f tions for hospitalization, requests to the War Department for information

 The Veterans' Administration, Providence 8 ‘
concerning ex—service men, physical examination and clinical records of
veterans, treatment of Rhode Island veterans in various State Hospitals,
inquiries by members of Congress as to the number of veterans awaiting
hospitalization, survey of veterans' disabilities, daily hospital cen—
sus record, treatment and care of veterans at Naval Hospitals at Chel—
sea, Northampton, and Newport, etc. (Daily, official.) 9 x 12 fold-
ers, 10 ft. 11% in., in steel filing case and in wooden cabinet. File,
Mail and Record Rooms. (4765, 5548, 5187, 5179, 5269, 5556, 5156, 5557,

55. HOSPITALIZATION APPLICATIONS, July 5, 1919 to date. Copies of
Form P—lO, application for domiciliary or hospital care, clinical and
previous hospital records of Veterans; copies of compensation claim

' papers with affidavits, certificates of recognition for other than
veterans of the World war, copies of papers authorizing disposition '
of claims, and correspondence with individuals and with Central office
concerning hospitalization of veterans. Form P—lO, showing full name,
compensation number, date and place of birth, color, sex, and permanent
address of person requesting dmniciliary or hospital care; data on rec-
ord of service in the military or naval forces of the United States,
kind of discharge, name of war during which service was performed, rec—
ord of any pension claims filed, value of all property held by appli-
cant, statement on eligibility for hospital carethrough lodges or so—
cieties, statement of previous care through Veterans' Administration
Facilities and of inability to pay for care requested, form of condi-

' tional bequest of property to veterans' Administration in event of
death, and affidavit; medical certificate on reverse side shows approv-
al or disapproval of application, record of admittance to hospital, and
signature of Regional Manager. (Daily, official.) 9 x 12 folders, 2
ft. 6 in., in steel filing case. File, Mail and Record Rooms. (5188,

, .

E 54. INDEX OF VETERANS, July 5, 1919 to date. Form 7202, showing

I name, address, service serial number and date of birth of veteran, dates
of enlistment and discharge, date claim allowed, and locations of vari-
ous papers on file. (Daily, official.) 5 x 5 cards, 18 ft. 9 in., in
wooden card cabinet. Filing Room. (5171)


! FROM SERVICE, July 5, 1919 to date. Copies of Adjudication Forms 526

| and 555, which concern application for compensation and its award to

‘ disabled veterans; copies of veterans' discharge papers, hospital rec—

' ords, affidavits, and correspondence pertaining to the award of compen-
sation. Adjudication Form 526, prepared by disabled veterans seeking

I compensation, Showing claim number, full instructions on penalties cov—
ering false statements, name and address of disabled veteran, place and

! date of birth, and description of his physical characteristics; state~
ment of military or naval service performed, statement of application
for and receipt of other Government benefit payments, nature of dis-
ease or injury for which present compensation claim is made, and com—
plete report of treatment received in and out of the service for such
disease or injury; list of physicians and lay persons having knowledge
of veteran's disease or injury, names and addresses of veteran's em-
ployers previous to World War with amount of veteran's monthly earnings,

 ‘ The Veterans' Administration, Providence 9

‘ veteran's present trade, present employment status and income, list of
employers during previous twelve monthS, statement of any Government
position held, statement of any hospitalization being received from
the Government, present marital status, names of present and previous
spouses if any, names of minor or incompetent children of veteran,
names, birthplaces, birth dates, and statement of dependency of veter-
an's father and mother, address of nearest relative to veteran, and
sworn certification of veteran to correctness of claim., Formal claim
application detachable from this form shows compensation number, date
of claim application, and signature, rank, organization and present
address of veteran. Adjudication Form 555, showing veteran's name,
rank, and name of organization in which veteran served, dates Entered and
separated from service, character of discharge, date compensation claim
was filed, name of his disease or injury, degree and cause of disabil—

! ity and name of war in which veteran participated; statements concern-
ing veteran's receipt of Government income or hospitalization, holding
of any elective public office by veteran, veteran's entitlement to

1 special rates or special care; data concerning immediate family, state—
ment of award, specification of payments, name and address of payee,
dates of submission and approval of claim, and signatures of proper
officials; prepared in triplicate; two copies are sent to the office
of the Comptroller General and original is retained at this office.
These folders are filed by number: 5,185 to 575,565 (start July 5, 1919

l and end Aug. 17, 1956); 581,799 to 1,415,478 (July 1, 1921 - Aug. 17,

‘ 1956); 1,415,526 to 1,529,958 (July 5, 1950 — Aug. 17, 1956); and
1,550,591 to 2,268,125 (Dec. 5, 1950 - Aug. 17, 1956). Indexed.

( (Daily, official.) 9 x 15 folders, 684 ft., in steel filing cases.

. I File Room. (5802)

‘ 56. CLAIM RECORDS, Dec. 7, 1919 - Jan. 29, 1956. Duplicate examin-
ation reports, hospitalization and compensation records, compensation
rating sheets, affidavits, statements on personal history of compensa—
tion claimants, and correspondence concerning claims for compensation.
Duplicate copies of matter taken out of current files and stored here
pending further instructions. (Occasionally, official.) 9 x 12 fold-
ers, 4 ft. 5 in., in wooden box. Storage Room. (4796)

57. FOREIGN VETERANS' COMPENSATION, Mar. 21, 1921 to date. Service,
, compensation, medical, and hospital records of veterans who served in
( armies of the Allies during the World War, also reports of expenditures
, incurred by the Veterans' Administration in behalf of these veterans
( for medical services, clothing, and other articles. Correspondence
( with headquarters concerning compensation and treatment of these vet-
) erans is filed with records. (Daily, official.) 9 x 12 folders, 120
( ft., in steel filing cases. File Room. (5144)
i 58. MISCELLANEOUS EXAMINATION REPORTS, July 5, 1921 to date. In—
( dividual records of physical examinations and treatments received by
( veterans not on the active treatment list. Filed alphabetically.
I (Daily, official.) 9 x 12 folders, 5 ft., in steel filing case. File
3' Room. (5561)
f 59. AIPHABETICAL DEATH FILES, Aug. 1, 1921 to date. Copies of de—
( ceased veterans' discharge papers, adjusted service, war risk insurance

 7 The Veterans' Administration, Providence 10 ,
and reimbursement claims, copies of itemized funeral bills and of claims
‘ for disability pensions due at date of death, and related correspondence.
(Daily, official.) 9 x 12 folders, 5 ft., in steel filing case. File
Room. (5562)
Dec. 25, 1922 — Mar. 25, 1955. Records of veterans who are employed
by the Government and whose disability claims were investigated show—
ing veterans' names, addresses, ranks or ratings, extent of war serv—
ice, present occupations, dates of investigation, and names of Vet—
erans' Administration survey representatives. (Daily, official.)
v 9 X 12 folders,-% in., in steel filing case. Mail and Record Room.
June 29, 1956. Dated recommendation received from the Civil Service
Commission showing names and addresses of regular physicians and spe-
cialists recommended for appointment in the Veterans' Administration.
(Daily, official.) 9 x 12 folders, % in., in steel filing case. Mail
and Record Room. (5185)
1924 - Nov. 27, 1954. Dated reports of investigations undertaken in
| this area by the investigation section of matters outside regular of—
fice activities. Cases investigated include operations of impostors
( who were apprehended and brought