Minutes of the retreat ofthe Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky, Saturday
and Sunday, October 1 and 2, 2011.
The Board of Trustees ofthe University of Kentucky began its retreat at 10:00 a.m.
(Lexington time) on Saturday, October 1, 2011 at Donamire Fann, 4151 Old Frankfort Pike,
Lexington, Kentucky and concluded its retreat on Sunday, October 2, 2011 at the Boone Center,
510 Rose Street, Lexington, Kentucky.
A. Members Present
The following members ofthe Board of Trustees were present: C. B. Akins, Sr., William
C. Britton, E. Britt Brockman (chair), Sheila Brothers, Jo Hem Curris, Micah Fielden, Oliver
Keith Gannon, Carol Martin "Bill” Gatton, Pamela T. May, Teny Mobley, Joe Peek, Erwin
Roberts, Charles R. Sachatello, C. Frank Shoop, James W. Stuckert, Irina Voro, and Barbara
Young. Billy Joe Miles was absent during the moming session, however, he arrived in the
aftemoon. William S. Farish, Jr. and Sandy Bugie Patterson were absent.
The university administration was represented by President Eli Capilouto, Provost
Kumble Subbaswamy, Vice President for Health Affairs Michael Karpf; Vice President for
Facilities Management Bob Wiseman, and Chief of Staff Bill Swinford.
The university faculty was represented by Chair of the University Senate Council Hollie
Members ofthe news media were also in attendance at various times throughout the
B. Chair Britt Brockman — Overview of Agenda and End-goals
Dr. Brockman welcomed the Board members and thanked them for attending the retreat.
He also thanked Don and Mira Ball for the use of their fine facility.
Dr. Brockman reflected on President Capilouto’s interview during the presidential search.
The Board asked President Capilouto what he would do in his first 92 days of presidency, and
President Capilouto replied that he would listen. Dr. Brockman reported that President
Capilouto has done this by visiting with numerous individuals and groups on campus and
throughout the state.
Dr. Brockman said that this is a pivotal moment for the Board of Trustees. The title of
the agenda for the retreat is "Continuing Our Ascent.” The Board needs to engage in deep and
broad conversation throughout the two-day retreat. While he is proud of the independent minded
members, he asked that they not steer off ofthe agenda. He encouraged them to engage in open
dialogue and said that everyone needs to be involved. There is a method to the retreat agenda,
and the Board needs to trust in President Capilouto. President Capilouto has developed an
agenda to move the University of Kentucky and the state forward. He then recognized President
Capilouto and asked him to begin his presentation.